It’s an exciting day on the Pandora calendar, as today sees the global launch of the Pandora Summer 2015 collection, with its oceanic blues and greens, tropical animals and palm tree designs! Additionally, the limited edition Pandora Club charm for 2015 is being launched today, offering the perfect commemorative charm for dedicated Pandora collectors.


I’ll be celebrating the launch of the collection and Club charm with some gorgeous live shots of all the lovely new pieces! For a full overview of the Summer 2015 charms and jewellery, please take a look through the Summer 2015 tag. :)

Pandora Club Charm 2015 Live Shots

The limited edition Pandora Club charm for 2015 offers a classic heart design, with a real 0.01 carat diamond as an accent! There is no voucher system in place, unlike last year – you can just walk in and buy the charm, no code necessary.

pandora club charm 2015
Image by Pandora Town Center

It seems that it comes with a limited edition sleeve, like last year:

pandora club charm 2015
Image by Pandora Northpoint

This design has grown on me since it first came out, and the UK RRP is less than I feared at £55 – it’s definitely on my consideration list! For more details on this charm and its launch, please see my post here.

Pandora Singapore Summer 2015 Preview

Last week Pandora hosted a Summer 2015 for media in Singapore, and the pictures from the event showcase the new Summer jewellery just perfectly!

pandora summer 2015 preview
Image by yinagoh

These events look like so much fun to go to, and the decor is always gorgeous. For the summer release, they’ve gone for a tropical look, with beautiful pink flowers, shells, pineapples…

pandora summer 2015 preview
Image by jaim

some adorable inflatable Pandora ornaments…

pandora summer 2015 preview
Image by nellielim

and beach-themed cupcakes!

pandora summer 2015
Image by yinagoh

The event offered a number of different styling ideas, also accented by the gorgeous beach-themed backdrop. The look of each design is mostly quite casual, with a focus on the fun animals, tropical palm jewellery and bright tropical colours.

pandora summer 2015 preview
Image by leequiaoer
pandora summer 2015
Image by nellielim
pandora summer 2015
Image by cleo_singapore
pandora summer 2015
Image by barcodesg

In this shot, at least, the green Petite Facets does an amazing job of recreating the look of sun and shadow on the surface of water – it really does look like the surface of the ocean here.

pandora summer 2015
Image by female_singapore

In this picture, you can also spot the Club charm for 2015 on the bangle!

pandora summer 2015
Image by renztan

The cornflower blue leather bracelet is the perfect candidate for a nautical-themed bracelet! The dolphin is very cute, but it does look quite large compared to other charms.

pandora summer 2015 preview
Image by NUYOU Singapore

The Orchid charm is the only pink offering in the collection, but it is a particularly beautiful one! I love this fuchsia bracelet design, which offers something a little different in amongst all the oceanic blues and greens.

pandora summer 2015
Image by harpersbazaarsg

Pandora Summer 2015 Live Shots

In addition, retailers have been uploading their own live shots of the Summer collection to social media! My favourite of all these is this amazing shot created by Pandora Rockaway, which uses the new Turtle charm and palm tree jewellery as part of this fun summer scene:

pandora summer 2015
Image by Pandora Rockaway

The country flag charms have received less attention than the other nautical-themed charms, but they look gorgeous showcased together on this bangle design by Pandora Town Center:

pandora summer 2015
Image by Pandora Town Center

The Summer 2015 Petite Facets make a fun and colourful combination with the pink and purple Spring 2015 versions:

pandora summer 2015
Image by Pandora Masonville

The beautiful Orchid charm looks great here paired with the pink Petite Facets from Spring, if the more tropical colours aren’t your style:

pandora summer 2015
Image by Pandora Towncenter

The Twinkling Forever bangle, which was originally scheduled for release with the Spring 2015 collection, has now been released for Summer:

pandora summer 2015
Image by Pandora Rockaway

It looks gorgeous stacked here with the pastel leather bracelet!

pandora summer 2015
Image by Pandora Town Center

Finally, this shot offers a great shot of the three new Summer rings for 2015:

pandora summer 2015
Image by Pandora Orchard Park

The rest of the stylings, which focus on the collection’s primary colours of tropical blues and greens, I’ve collected into a gallery:

My Comment

I’ll be off to town later to see all the jewellery in person – on my wish list for the Summer collection are the lovely new Orchid pendant and the green leather bracelet. I’m also thinking about the silver Tropicana openwork, which has caught my eye at the last minute. ^^ The new Club charm for 2015 is a possibility, too – I’m pleased that the UK RRP has come down a little from last year. :D

If you’re in the UK, you can buy these latest charms – alongside the rest of the Pandora Summer collection – from authorised retailer John Greed.

Are you excited for this collection? Will you be purchasing anything?

59 Comments on Pandora Summer 2015 Collection & Club Charm 2015 Debut

  1. The dolphin is quite large and personally I wanted him but got the turtle instead because the dolphin would go better on a chain I think.

    • Yes I thought that about the dolphin too! I don’t like heavier dangles on my bracelets, so I’d probably opt to put him on a necklace as well. He was still very cute though!

  2. Thanks for the great pictures. I am definitely going to go see the orchid this afternoon! And it may be coming home with me ;)

    • Aha, did it make it home with you the end? ;) I went in yesterday as well – loved the Orchid and the Tropicana, but my OH persuaded me to come home with the green leather and a green petite facets. :D They didn’t have the Club charm out to look at, which is probably a good thing as I spent enough!

      • I did have a look but managed to hold off buying until today as it is the start of the leather bracelet promotion. The orchid looks lovely with the Anna muranos. I have it with two Anna muranos on my rose gold bracelet. I got the blue bracelet with the promotion and I’m thinking of putting my two Cinderella muranos on it with maybe the Cinderella slipper. It was a great Pandora day! ?

        • Ah, that combination with the Orchid does sound lovely! I haven’t managed to get hold of the Orchid but I will definitely be trying it with my Anna murano! I haven’t decided what to wear mine with yet. It does look pretty with that Sea Glass murano in the pictures, and I’m quite tempted to do something along those lines. Love your Cinderella idea too! <3

  3. In Russia the club charm is put on release today and I can’t wait to see it in person. Hope I won’t be disappointed and it will turn out to be as beautiful as it is in all photos. Unlike the UK you still need a code to get it which many find very annoying. Don’t know why, though. The price is reasonable- good news!
    I wish you added this charm to your collection , too! Then I will be able to admire the new stylings of yours;)

    • Eugh, having the code for the Club charm does seem a bit pointless, especially as other countries aren’t bothering with it – at least the price seems to have come down a bit for everyone! :) I didn’t get to see the Club charm yesterday, as the store didn’t have it out, but it is definitely on my wish list! I may just order it online ;) I did go home with the green leather and the new green petite facets though – both are really gorgeous in person!

  4. Thanks for sharing all the photos with us Ellie.

    The new turtle looks surprisingly cute but the new sparkling bangle looks dull in these photos.

    Wish the blue leather bracelet was single rather than double. Beautiful colour but dont like doubles.

    This year’s club charm is $20AUD cheaper than last years charm so thats good news.

    Look forward to seeing everything in store soon.

    • I saw the bangle yesterday and, while it doesn’t look like much in the photos, it is quite delicate and pretty in person. An SA had it stacked with some other bracelets and leathers and it looked great worn like that! :)
      They seem to be mostly stopping the single leather bracelets, which is a shame – I prefer them to the doubles as well, especially when you want to wear charms on them. I still went for the green one though, as the colour is really lovely. The blue was very nice as well!
      Hope you get to see it all in person soon!

  5. I ordered the club charm and will get one more charm (?) . Will pick it up on 4th June to get the free silver leather bracelet. We have the free leather promotion in Canada from 4th to 14th June.

  6. Hi!!!
    We can officially wish “Happy summer!”, can’ t we? :-)
    I’m really excited for summer collection! Yesterday evening I visited a new shopping center, where I discovered a new Pandora corner! I asked the cute girl working there about the summer collection and she told me she already had it there! She was so kind and let me have a look but she couldn’t sell anything until today. The point is I was lucky to see in person my favourite ones and today evening the Orchid, the Club charm and the Twinkling Forever bangle are coming home with me!!! Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
    Later this month I hope I’ll be (financially) able to pick the blue leather bracelet and two blue facets!
    Congrats on your great post! Your pictures travelled me to beautiful beaches this rainy day! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to enjoy your styling and detailed comments on your preferred things from this collection! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! :D It’s so nice to hear that you’re excited for the collection; it’s really got me in a summery mood as well, aha. When I was putting together this post, I was getting all nostalgic for beach holidays and sun too ;)
      You’ve picked some beautiful pieces from the collection – I thought the Twinkling Forever bangle was lovely when I finally got to see it! I also really liked the blue leather and blue PF in person, but the green versions stole the show for me ^^ I took home the green leather with a matching green facet; but I’m definitely planning on going back for the Orchid and the Club charm as well I think! <3
      Thanks so much Chrysa, I'm looking forward to reviewing some of the new pieces! ^^ thanks for commenting, as always! ♥

  7. I’ve purchased the bangle and the orchid! I didn’t think much of the bangle from the promo pics or those that I’ve seen online, but it’s stunning!
    The palm tree and dolphin are quite large and I’d say they’d look nice as pendants. I was surprised how much larger they are compared to other dangles.
    I’m wearing my orchid on a chain as I don’t like dangles on my bracelets.

    • Yes, I was pleasantly surprised by the bangle too! I hadn’t paid it much attention either, but it’s really quite delicate and glittering in person. Really pretty!
      The Orchid is on my list too, but I’m not sure how I’ll wear it yet – I’m tempted to wear it as a necklace, too. :) For now, I just got the new green leather and a green facet charm. The colours are so pretty in person!

  8. The summer collection looks all bright and beautiful, is there anything from the summer sale you would like or have purchased.?

    • I just bought myself the green leather bracelet – I was going to get the silver Tropicana to go with it, but my OH persuaded me to upgrade to the green Petite Facets ;) I also loved the Orchid in person. Has anything caught your eye Nicola?

      • I have yet to see the summer collection in person so I’m going tommorow mainly to see what in the sale. Have you purchased anything in the sale?.

        • I did! In the end, I went for a couple of moonstone cabochon, rock star clips and the Chinese heart. I’m still considering getting a couple of birthstone blooms! What are you hoping to get?

      • So yesterday I managed to get the hot air ballon charm, the camera and the Korean doll charm. And I ordered the elves charm and the letter to Santa charm from Republic of jewels they were £10 each a complete bargain I could not get them. I am also planning to go to the sale another day I really want the Japanese doll as well. I also saw some of the summer collection the leather bracelet are beautiful I love the colour I also like the small murano ( I can’t remember what there called hehe.)

        • Ooh that’s a great haul! I was rather surprised to see the Asian dolls in the sale so soon – especially as I think they’re so cute. It’s funny that they obviously haven’t sold well. I’m quite tempted to get the Korean Doll too!
          Yes, the leathers and the Petite Facets stood out most for me as well, the green versions especially. Just perfect for summer!

  9. Great and exciting review. I see in the Image by nellielim there are blue charms that look kind of thin. Do you know what those are! On a Pandora page it was posted that they are stoppers. I guess Pandora got tired of people using the ones from eBay lol. I wonder if this is true and if it is when will they be released.
    Do you plan on doing any reviews on the facets or the palm tree?

    • Thanks Linda! Yes, I’ve known about those spacers for a while – they are silver spacers with silicone inserts, like the Essence collection. There were meant to be silver versions of them in clear, pink and purple for Spring, and then a gold one with clear cubics as well. However they never made it out for some reason, and I think they must have been recalled – it’s a shame as they’d be so useful to keep charms on place on the bangles and leathers! I’d definitely buy a couple. :) I only have a stock image for the gold one, in addition to the blue and green however.
      You can see the purple version in this picture by Vickyliebtdich:
      And the clear silver and gold versions here:
      Yes, I’m planning a review on the Petite Facets soon! I don’t have the palm tree though, although I am planning on getting the Tropicana openwork at some point. :)

  10. I was a tad disappointed with the palm tree charm in person. Expected more from it since it’s 88sgd here. But only to discover that there’s only one side and not double sided design to the charm. But then again, summer collections have never been my favourite all these years. Looking forward to autumn and winter now. Especially the upcoming Disney and Christmas collections!

    • Oh no, I know that you were looking forward to that one :( I much prefer it when charms are detailed on both sides, too. I am more enthusiastic for the Summer release than I was previously now that I’ve seen it person – I absolutely love the green pieces, and the Orchid is very pretty too! :D However I’m also ready to see what’s next too now, haha.

      • You are absolutely right, Ellie! It’s the only charm that caught my fancy for this collection. In fact, truth be told, I only have a pave item till date. I’m never a fan of the pave items but the snowflake pendant had me cave in. Or maybe it’s Christmas season and the time to be jolly so I just splurged on that. It has a hefty price tag of $141sgd for it. I was stunned since the other pave pendants are usually $53sgd. Right now, I’ve just officially graduated and awaiting my convocation ceremony in late aug so I checked out the graduation charms but I dislike owls. Over here in sg, convocation ceremonies are all about graduation bears, so I do look forward to see a graduation bear charm in the near future, best would be by my convocation ceremony Haha! Pandora has really adorable bear charms and my favourite is the Santa bear, so I think the graduation one would be a hit for sure. Are u graduating soon too?

        • Wow, you’ve done well to avoid the pavé, haha! I have a few pavé charms now, but they only make up small proportion of my overall collection and I do choose quite carefully which I go for. The Snowflake Pendant is absolutely gorgeous – it costs more than other pavé pendants here, too… I suppose that’s because of its size.
          Ah, congratulations on your graduation! :D The graduation bears sounds very cute – they should definitely make a charm like that, even if it wouldn’t be out in time for your ceremony haha. I don’t finish my Masters course until September, so I won’t be graduating until December :) I got myself the Graduate Owl a little early though, haha – just for some encouragement!

      • Haha indeed. Been practising a lot of self control. All the best for your upcoming graduation!

  11. I love the club charm! I’m going to get it today. I have a bracelet with heart charms so it’s going to have a perfect home!M

  12. Went to my local Pandora Shop today was able to see the entire Summer 2015 Collection. I loved all of them, I will be waiting until the Leather Bracelet Promotion next Thursday to purchase them. Absolute favorites would be the Sea Turtle and the Sparkling Snake.

    • Good plan! I couldn’t wait to purchase the new green leather (that came home with me on day one), but I’m still considering taking part in the US promo. I’m loving the leather bracelets at the moment, haha! ^^
      The Sea Turtle was really very cute in person! It would look great on either of the new leathers :)

  13. I’m on the other side of the globe in Australia, so it’s winter here. However, I love the Pandora summer collection and have been doing some spending already! I bought the green leather bracelet, one green petite facets and the orchid. I’ve been wearing the orchid as a necklace. I might wait a little while longer and get some more green pieces when I can afford it. I want to get one more green petite facets, the ocean mosaic pave and I want to get a hanging charm to go on the green themed bracelet too, maybe the palm tree. I already own the love and guidance hanging charm which would probably work, but feel that the palm tree works better with the theme.

    • Ah, your first picks are very similar to mine! The green PF and bracelet were my first buys, and the Orchid is my next purchase. Your ideas for a green bracelet sound perfect; I wasn’t that keen on the palm tree on its own, but since seeing it paired with the green leather, it’s caught my eye. While the Love & Guidance would be nice, the palm tree sounds like it would be great.

  14. Hi Ellie, I’m thinking to get a friend to help me with the leather bracelet promotion in US/Canada. I would love a pink one as I just love how you styled yours. Could I please get some input on whether the pink leather gets dirty with the charms moving around on it? I had a multi strand bracelet and I noticed the insides of the charms darkens the strands. This will help me decide if I should go for a darker colour leather bracelet instead. Thanks!

  15. Love your blog! It’s the best I’ve read for this product; not just in terms of information, but also in terms of writing style and professionalism.

    The 2015 Club charm is mostly disliked, I know, with people saying it has no originality or vision, but I love it. I see the originality and vision in the concept follow-through from last year — the boxed heart charm from last year is out of the box this year. And don’t we all love to unbox our charms?! I do. I have the 2014, (I have it on my marriage bracelet between the happily ever after castle and frog prince) and I’ll for sure be getting the 2015.

    • Hi Lola, thank you! That is wonderful to hear; I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying it. :D

      I have seen quite a few people saying that they much prefer this year’s Club charm as having a more classic design, so you are not alone! I absolutely love your unboxing concept of the relationship between the 2014 and 2015 charms, too – that’s perfect! You should have written Pandora’s PR copy for it, haha. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be getting the 2015, too – and I’ll probably wear it on the same bracelet as the 2014 ^^

  16. Hi ellie. Hope you are well into summer. I thought i would not be purchasing much from the summer or fall collections. Nothing really caught my eye. My local provider called me to come and check out the summer collection in person, and i dont know what came over me (insert pandora majic fairy dust here)!! I somehow ended up with the new green leather, turtle in the centre, flanked by the green spacers, palm tree on one side and anchor on the other,petite facets and ocean mosaics to balance it all off. I had the vintage allure charm from before that i loved but couldnt work into any of my bracelets until now. The greens go fantastically together as well as the chrisopase charm which i understand will be retired. It all looks very summery, beachy and soft. Love love it. It sparkles or maybe i should say “shimmers” just like the ocean. Pandora did a great job with this bunch. I see everyone thinks the dolphin and palm tree are too big but compare them to the peace dove or even some of the heart dangles and the size is equal. I also purchased the blue bracelet which i absolutely hated the first two times i saw it but then after seeing it with the dolphin in the middle and the mosaics in blue, i was a gonner. Haha. Also added two white effervessence and two clear cosmic stars along with the pearl seashell and silver starfish to finish it off. Went from not going to buy anything to being out of breath from shopping. Your sneak peeks of angels and feathers for AW are killing me. Awesome! Does it mean i have a problem if i like to go in the shop to handle the beads over and over lol. Your reviews, pictures and stylings are my daily fix. Keep up the good work. As a side note, i will be wearing my orchid on my black leather with the tropicanas, pineapple, apple and cherry blossom murano. Works for me. Talk to you soon. Have to go play with my charms.

    • Hi Cheryle! It is just starting to get summery here in the UK, hope it’s nice where you are too :D
      Aha, I am all too familiar with that scenario! You go into the store, entirely confident that you are not going to buy anything and come out with half the stock. :P Your bracelet sounds gorgeous, very fresh and beachy – I noticed how well the greens all blended together too. They remind me more of the ocean than the blue version actually! I have just the Green Petite Facets on mine but I think I will add the silver Tropicana and maybe another beachy silver – perhaps the pearl seashell or the sparkling Pineapple. ^^ The Dolphin does look gorgeous on the blue bracelet, and I imagine that looks fab – especially with the White Effervescence being like surf on the sea! :)
      Lol if it means you have a problem then I am sure that many of us have it, too. :P I am constantly rearranging and coming with new stylings for review at the moment haha. Thanks for commenting Cheryle, it’s always a pleasure to talk Pandora with you!

      • I noticed your styling wearing your leather with the always in my heart bangle. I too tend to wear mine like that. Looks very clean and refined. Love it. Noticed the comments about this being the last leather bracelet promotion. Is that forever or just this year? Any notices whether there will be a bangleBracelet promo in Sept. As previously done? Hope so. Going to pick up my club charm next thursday. Excited for that. It will be my first. May also pick up the dark blue (navy?) leather bracelet. Could probably get it free if i pick up another charm. I guess i already have my answer lol. Have a good weekend Ellie.

        • Thank you – I do love to wear the leathers and the bangles together, especially in the summer. It feels very light while looking rather elegant! ^^
          This is the last bracelet promo full-stop for North America this year. There will be other bracelet promos next year :) There is not going to be a September bracelet promo this year unfortunately – instead it will be a free charm promotion, up to a value of $65. So you could always buy the bracelet and get the charm free instead!
          Aha, sounds like a plan! I haven’t got my Club charm yet but it is very near the top of my list ;) I was also tempted to get the navy leather in this promo but – for once! – I was good and decided against it haha. It gets a bit tiresome having to import everything from Canada to the UK too! Hope you had a great weekend to Cheryle – thanks for commenting! <3

  17. I’ve bought the blue petite facet two days ago.
    Actually i want the green petite facet(my first choice), but they are out of stock here, so i chose the blue one instead of the green.
    I know the blue one is very pretty and the colour is cooler than the green one, but i really like the green petite facet, so i’m very dissapoint when i did not get that….
    I wish i can get the green one in future, but i don’t want to have two quite similar colour on my bracelet and i don’t want to have any colour theme on my bracelet too, so i’m feeling very confused right now……..
    *PLUS : it is very pricey in my country*

    • Oh no, perhaps you should just take back the blue one and wait for the green to come back in? Is there anywhere you could order it from? :) If not, the blue is really gorgeous too, and it’s a great substitute for the green. I do think that they would look very nice together but I get that you don’t want any co-ordinating colours on your bracelet. Perhaps you could separate them with a charm of another colour, to stop it looking too ‘matchy’?

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