Good news for Pandora fans in the US as shopping site Rue La La will be running a sale on Pandora jewellery from today (Tuesday 30th June)! The sale offers significant discounts on retired Pandora products, and usually includes charms, jewellery and watches. It’s only been a month since the last Pandora sale, and the banner suggests that the discounted items will be largely similar to what was offered before:  
pandora sale north america

The sale is due to start at 11am EDT today and is listed under today’s sales on the Rue La La site!

pandora rue 01-07-15

The best discounts tend to go pretty quickly, so it’s recommended that you purchase the items you want sooner rather than later. Readers should note that Rue La La often take a while to dispatch items – a month is not unusual. When adding items to your cart, take a look at Rue La La’s estimated dispatch date in the items’ descriptions (see below). :)

rue la la shipping

For the uninitiated, Rue La La is a US shopping website, which specialises in offering discounts from designer products. International readers should bear in mind that Rue La La is a US website, and will only ship to the continental US. If you want to participate in this sale, then you’ll have to get a friend from the US to help you! They do, however, now accept international credit cards, if you submit a US billing and shipping address – although it is a bit hit and miss as to whether this works or not.

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my invite code to access the website. Happy shopping!

36 Comments on Promotion Alert: Rue La La Pandora Sale begins today!

  1. Hi Ellie

    I have participated in RLL sales in the past two times, so I’m just gonna pop by later to see what they have. (I have not recovered from the previous sales and they are throwing another one now? lol…)



    • Hi Kelly, I’m also kind of Pandora-ed out after the summer sales and the launch of the Summer and Rose collections here in the UK haha, but I’ll take a look just in case too. It’s also pretty hit and miss as to whether their site accepts my UK credit card! x

      • I was taking a look but nothing was interesting. I was lucky that they shipped Fascinating Aventurescent to me during the last promotion. I don’t need anything else, or at least this is what I am telling myself. x

        • To my surprise, I actually found a couple of pieces that I’ve been wanting :) I got the silver present, which I’ll use if I go ahead and make a Christmas bracelet this year, the Mouse in the teacup and the Beaded Beauty spacer. :D
          The Fascinating Aventurescent is already sold out and I’m not surprised either! x

      • I got the Mouse in the Cup during the last sales. And I just got a couple of items from Perlen last week, one of them being Vino, for my French bracelet. I have also gotten a Rose charm to remind myself that it is this word that enabled me to pronounce the French R like how it’s supposed to be. :D


        • I’ve wanted the Mouse in the Cup ever since it came out but have never got around to purchasing it for some reason. I’m glad I finally got it! ^^
          Ah, I love that – it’s always fun to hear how creative people are with the meanings behind their charms. :D I’m actually on holiday in France right now and my accent is absolutely hopeless. ;) Spanish is more my forte! x

      • On a side note, Chamilia also has a sales going on. And guess what, I think I am all ready for Frozen bracelet after grabbing a moose charm (think Sven) at 50% discount! I am still keeping my fingers crossed that Pandora will make Olaf charm for Disney Pandora AW 2015. Else I will just get the snowman from the regular range. x

        • I’d love to see Pandora make an Olaf charm! If they were going to make one, now would be the time to do it, too. :D Fingers crossed! x

  2. There are a couple that I wanted that have already sold out. I did see that if you want and they get back in they can charge it to you and mail it. Has anyone had any experience with this? Wondering how likely they are to get back in.

    • I’ve only done still want it once. They disappeared off my still want it list last week without them coming in. However, I was lucky enough to get all 4 charms that I wanted last month today. Plus, I have read a lot of reviews where people had success being on the wait list. I guess it’s best to request it as early as possible to be at the top of the list and to constantly check the coming soon page on rue la la. I requested one charm today, so hopefully it comes back in stock. Good luck with the charms you want.

    • The three items I “still wanted” in the last RLL sale arrived today! All three were also in today’s sale.

  3. Wow I have just had a look and they got some lovely charms for sale I wish they would ship to the UK. Do you know if achia is having one any time soon.

    • Yes, there are some lovely glass and silver beads in this time! I had to go for the little mouse in the cup, I’ve missed him too many times before ^^ They had all the Essence fabric cord bracelets as well, which I might have taken a look at too, but they’d all sold out by the time I noticed them. I don’t know when Achica’s next sale is unfortunately, they don’t give much warning before they run a new one :(

  4. Ellie, I wanted to thank you for the post! Being new to Pandora, I have loved finding your posts! Keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks for posting this Ellie. Rue lala has some super cheap prices for their charms and bracelets on sale. I have been eyeing the British taxi cab for a few weeks, I called a few local pandora stores and they both told me they don’t really carry retired items, I was bummed but to my amazement it was on today’s sale so I snaged it up ( they told me it will take a whole month to ship though.
    Ellie, not sure if a sale slipped you by last week but the day after I joined the rue lala website there was a sale and I am so glad I ordered the little silver owl because it was one of the first things to sell out super quickly today. I have not had any experience with this website before so am excited to receive my two new pieces which will be going on my second pandora bracelet.

    • Hi Alex, nice to hear from you again! Glad to hear that you found something you wanted – the British charms are some of my favourites. I have the London Guard and the Bus myself. :D
      Ooh no, I wasn’t aware that there was any Pandora on Rue La La last week. That one must have passed me by. The little silver owl is so cute – it’s another silver charm that I’m sad to see retire. :( I hope it arrives with you soon! Rue is great, but the only downside is that they take so long to ship stuff out. I think it’s because they wait for the sale to finish before they order the required items into their warehouse. You get such a great deal though, if you’re prepared to wait a little while for your items! Thanks for commenting Alex!

  6. I haven’t really been tempted to buy anything from RLL since I bought the sleigh during the after-Christmas sale, but I scored some charms today that I’ve always really liked. I got two of the Open Sky spacers and the black and white Blossom murano. I had always debated getting the murano especially since I love black and white, but I was thinking I’d rather pay RLL’s price; so glad I waited it out :)

    • Oh good, I’m glad to hear that you found what you wanted! :) I haven’t bought from them in a while either, but they had quite a nice selection this time. The Open Sky spacers are probably my favourite spacers I own – they are really beautiful! :D I’m still a little puzzled that they decided to retire them, as they have always seemed popular.

  7. Wow, a lot of these sold out really fast. I just happened to be up right when the sale started. (It’s 1 am my time.) I see that 12 hours later quite a few had sold out. I’m glad I ordered the owl right away. It took 1 month to get the bracelet I ordered last sale to get to my US address. The shipping is $10, but if you order anything else within a month it ships for free. I just got inside the window for this sale, so that was a bonus. :)

    • I know, you’re not kidding – I logged on ten minutes or so after it started and those Aventurescent muranos had already vanished, haha. I always try and put my order in as quickly as possible, as popular items do have a tendency to vanish from your cart if you don’t check out quick enough. I had to pay the $10 for shipping but it should still work out as a good bargain – especially considering UK prices! ^^

  8. I scored the last 3 open sky spacers I needed! I also got a journey charm, its funny how some charms don’t interest me until they’re long retired. I love these rue la la sales, the charm I’ve been debating on whether to buy or not from ebay always seems to come up! It’s nice to know you’re getting an authentic retired product instead of having to worry about all the fakes out there sold second hand

    • Oh good! Those Open Sky spacers are absolutely beautiful. :D I know what you mean – I’ve also noticed that I have recently taken an interest in some of the classic retired pieces, which I never did before. For me, I think it’s to do with Pandora’s recent change in direction lately. It’s made me yearn more for the retiring silver classic pieces as I know that there will be fewer to look forward to in upcoming collections. :)

  9. Someone has mentioned another brand of charms. I’m curious if most of you mix brands or just stick to Pandora. I know Pandora says to only use their brand on the bracelets but who can blame for that.

    • I currently only buy Pandora but I don’t see any problem with mixing brands (aside from the whole warranty issue). :) There are lots of charms that I absolutely adore from other brands, particularly Trollbeads, Ohm and Redbalifrog, and I’m always tempted to give in and start including them in my collection too. My problem is that I spend enough money on Pandora without mixing in other brands too! ;)

      • I have found things I like from them also. I have also found Brighton that I like, however, and this is just my opinion, they don’t seem to be same quality.

        • Which brands do you feel that about? :) The only other brands I have seen in person are Trollbeads and Chamilia. Trollbeads look like a match for Pandora in terms of quality – they have lovely substantial silvers and some beautiful glass. Many of the Chamilia charms seem comparable with Pandora, but I find some of their pavé offerings look a little cheap in comparison.

  10. Hi Ellie! I was just wondering when you are going to post a new charm revidw! I love your reviews! :)

    • Hi Marina! Thank you, it’s so nice to hear that you enjoy the reviews :D I’m not when exactly it will go up but my next review will most probably be of the new Summer 2015 green leather bracelet. I’m also hoping to do the new silver Tropicana bead soon too!

  11. Hi! First I want to thank you for all the information you provide and how you keep everyone up to date on what’s coming and what to expect. I especially love reading your descriptions of of the charms, you give give so much detailed information on them. Anyway, I’m new to your Blog so I’m not familiar with this RLL and I haven’t been able to find the link anywhere! ; ( there are quite a number of retire charms I have been unsuccessfully trying to hunt down! Any direction you could give would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you and I hope you have an awesome day!! ; )

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