Today sees the start of the 3 for 2 ring promotion for the US and Canada, which will be running from today until the 12th of July! Pandora rings are becoming ever more popular, and this is a great opportunity to either start or add to your collection. :D

pandora us canada rings promo

The Promotion

The promotion rules are as follows:-

  • Buy two rings in a single transaction, and Pandora will give you a third one of equal or lesser value to the least expensive ring purchased for free!

Unfortunately this promotion will only be available in-store and will not be running online. Many stores do take telephone orders, so that is always worth considering if you can’t make it to a physical store! :)

pandora us canada rings promo

International readers should bear in mind that Pandora’s retailers are not permitted to ship outside of their geographical regions; if you wish to take part in the promotion, you will have to find a friend in the US or Canada to help you.

My Comment

I only have the one Pandora ring (a  classic two-tone floral design) but I am eyeing up more – consequently I am rather envious of this promotion! ;) The recent floral designs that came out for Spring 2015 are gorgeous and I also adore the Pandora Rose version of the Sparkling Bow – there is no shortage of beautiful pieces to choose from, whether you want to go for some statement pieces or to create a stacked look. 

In any case, happy shopping! Are you planning on taking advantage of this promotion? Are you a fan of Pandora rings?

28 Comments on Promotion Alert: Pandora 3-for-2 ring promo for North America starts today!

  1. And here comes the third post in the last 24 hours!!! Ellie you are a treasure -and for sure Superman’s sister or cousin!!! :-))
    Ok so now, there are plenty of Pandora (and not only) reasons to move to North America: Rue La La, Rose collections, Disney collections, Rings promo!
    Happy shopping to all Pandora friends in US and Canada!
    Ellie, you’ve spoiled us, thank you! I think you deserve some relaxation now! Have fun! ♥♥♥

    • Haha, thank you! I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying the posts and not wearying of them :P
      I know! You have to admire Pandora’s North American branch for making things special for Pandora collectors. The US and Canada have some lovely gift sets and promotions for each season – and I love the special jewellery boxes that they create for each gift set! Here in the UK, I think Pandora is popular enough that they don’t have to try that hard. ;)
      Lol, thanks Chrysa! I promise that there will be no more posts for a little while :P I have actually had a very lazy day today, haha – it’s been so hot! Thanks for commenting ♥♥♥

      • I think North America is Pandora biggest market so that they can afford to have many promotions and GWP. U.S. business style is very aggressive, they motivate customers keep spending on credit card or in debt, we have detached house, garage and basement as storage. The whole world export product to U.S. cheap price because of the BIG volume, they just sell as fast as they can here. After couples month they send the left over inventory to outlet mall for discount price. This is why our price is cheaper and have many promotion other market don’t have. U.S. just need to print money when they need it ( they don’t really have enough gold reserve ) . Ellie, concept store keep open here in Toronto, it is a franche jewellry shop here. Pandora become like Coach style, everything 2 month a new release. We have all type of brand name in outlet store, it really hurting the small business owner.

        • Ah okay, thanks so much for the explanation! :) The aggressive business style makes sense; the US strategy does seem focused on consistently having promotions/new collections/gift sets to push. Pandora sells incredibly well here in the UK and I see so many people wearing it out and about. So I think that they are quite secure in our market and don’t need to put on extra promotions to get people in. :(
          Yes you raise a good point there – Pandora do seem to be consistently shutting their accounts with smaller businesses :( I’ve read articles about a number of disgruntled jewellery owners who have had their accounts cancelled and one of my local shop-in-shops who were always fantastic have stopped stocking Pandora. It’s a shame as the concept store is not as good!

      • Weary?? That’s a totally unrelated word to your posts and a totally unknown word to us who enjoy them! I couldn’t agree more with Charmaine! There are people all over the world that are excited every time a new post comes, and I think, in a way, most of us regard you as a friend! Thank you for your great work Ellie! ♥♥♥
        PS: Please, don’t keep that promise for long! :-)

        • Wow! Thank you so much – between you and Charmaine, your comments have really made my day! ^^ I’m thrilled that you enjoy the blog so much and it’s always a pleasure to chat each post over with you. ♥♥♥

      • Michele is right about the hard-sell style of North America, but Pandora, at least on the West Coast of Canada, isn’t well marketed. Travelling for work, I’ve not seen one woman wearing the brand in the last year, but a few wearing imposters. And yet, every concept store I’ve visited has been crowded beyond belief. Mysterious discrepancy! :-) Shop-in-shops here are losing money not only to concept stores, but to online sales. If a shop can’t get people in the door, naturally the door has to close. We have enough options though, so I’m not worried I’ll go into withdrawal any time soon.

        • Ah that’s interesting! Pandora is so popular here in the UK and pretty well-marketed, even if they don’t bother with promotions. There are ads in all the women’s fashion mags, ads on all the buses and on TV; and even in my home town, which is very small and rural, I see many ladies wearing Pandora. It’s huge here. :) My OH works in a school and he says that loads of the school girls love Pandora rings, too.
          Yes, that’s true, and Pandora is altering its strategy regarding shop-in-shops.. I was chatting to my local and they said that apparently they want to maintain a greater sense of exclusivity, like other expensive jewellery brands.

    • Totally agree with you, Chrysa. Ellie has been nothing short of amazing with all her detailed posts and in-depth reviews. It’s no wonder that she has won the hearts of so many fans internationally. Keep up the good job and I’ll be looking forward to many more awesome posts from you! (:

      • Thank you so much Charmaine! I am rather bowled over by your lovely comment- I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoy the blog, and honestly it is my pleasure writing these posts and talking Pandora with you. ^^ Thank you again! <3

  2. I have been waiting on this promo for 6 months! I bought 3 stack rings from the promo last year and I’ve been dying for more! Thanks to people like you Ellie who give us the scoop before it happens, I have been saving my money for a free one! I plan on getting the rose version of the light as a feather, the crossing paths clear cz, and the white pearl everlasting grace to stack with the other 3 I have. If all your rings are around the same price, then the ring promo is better than the bracelet promo. I’m very excited to get an $80 ring for free! Thanks for your blog and all your inside information!

    • Ooh lovely choices! The Everlasting Grace would look beautiful stacked or worn on its own I think – and I was just looking at the Rose Light as a Feather ring in the store a couple of weeks ago and was struck by how beautiful it was. :D You certainly do have the potential to save a lot of money with this promo (especially if you able able to bite the bullet and go for the 14kt gold!), and I have my fingers and toes crossed that we will get something similar here in the UK. ^^
      You’re very welcome! I’m so pleased to hear that you were able to get what you wanted. <3

      • I went and got my rings yesterday and they are beautiful! Especially the ever lasting grace ring. The pearl is set high and the sterling silver that surrounds the bottom of it is almost like a little cage. The crystals around the pearl really sparkle. Also the rose gold feather ring is very feminine and light. The color is very pretty and goes well with my rose gold watch. I can’t wait to get the pendant and earrings to match!

        • Yay! Glad they didn’t disappoint! I’m quite tempted by some more Rose Light as a Feather pieces myself, although I think the Rose Sparkling Bow is top of my list for now. You picked some beautiful pieces; enjoy! <3

  3. I love pandora rings and have quite a few in my collection already. I have seen some more I like and will be buying from the autumn and winter collections. I love how you can stack them all together and create lots of designs.

    • The only ring I have so far doesn’t stack very well but my plan (when the UK actually hurries up and has their promo :P) is to get three that will stack nicely together. I love the Rose Sparkling Bow ring and I think maybe one of the plain silver stacking rings would look nice with it!

  4. I got 3 staple rings today: star trail, cloud 9 and floral elegance. that’s pretty basic, but I’ll probably get a focal ring another time. (or next year)

    • They may be simple, but those are all lovely rings nonetheless! I particularly love the Star Trail of the three you chose. <3 When the ring promo finally goes ahead in the UK, I'm planning on going for a couple of the more simple stacking rings, too (I'd love the Rose sparkling bow ring and maybe a simple silver design to go with it) – and maybe one of the Spring 2015 floral rings for a third!

      • ideally, I guess it would be best to have one of the flowers you mention, and 2 bands to stack it with. Or you could pair the rose with one or two sparkling rings (the marquise, brillant, or another of that family). I was not looking for that kind of ring, but I have to admit they look pretty good!

        • Mm, thanks, both those are good suggestions and they both work much better as stacks in themselves! I particularly like the idea of stacking the Rose with one of the new Marquise rings. Maybe the answer is to do the promo twice (just kidding!) ;)

      • Getting the promo twice is not that unrealistic!
        You could get 3 flower rings (they’re all the same price) and 3 sparkling bands. That would allow the maximum discount of 33%.
        I was actually going to get a second set (the forever rings + the her majesty, all in purple), except that I got myself something else for my birthday while waiting for the promotion to arrive ;)

        • Ooh it is tempting! I was hesitant as, with the Pre-Autumn collection coming out at round about the same time (apparently the UK promo is now happening on the 29th of July) it’s going to be rather expensive! ;) But both those combinations would be lovely… and we only get one ring promo a year. I’ll mull it over! ^^

  5. Not really into the rings (I just don’t really wear rings anymore), but I love all of your posts, Ellie! I will never be “weary” of reading your blog ;-)

    I think Pandora has lots of promos and new product launches in North America because of all the competition from other stores and brands (not just charms, but jewelry and other products in general). It helps them stay relevant and gives customers a reason to seek out a Pandora dealer if there is a promotion going on. Sales are a very big deal here, stores always have signs up about sales and run ads about them.

    Pandora is definitely the most prominent charm brand in the US, I really don’t see any of the other major brands for sale where I live (although it is likely different in other areas of the US). It’s basically Pandora at concept stores, other jewelry stores, and department stores; or private label charm lines (that are still sterling silver) at discount department stores or jewelry stores. Pandora is definitely much busier when a promotion is happening, and I bet people spend a lot more too, especially when they do promos with a $500 spend. There is no way I would spend that much at once on charms normally, but when you get a free two tone bracelet that’s something to save up for.

    • Yay, thank you Natalie! That’s so lovely and encouraging to hear <3 You always leave such detailed and thoughtful commentary, too; it's a pleasure to read your comments.
      Thanks for that – it's interesting to hear how it varies from country to country! It's interesting that Pandora don't run official sales in the US or Canada, considering how big a deal sales are for you then. It's become the norm in most other regions for summer and the new year! Here in the UK, Swarovski and Thomas Sabo are pretty popular as well, and it's not uncommon to see their concept stores parked near Pandora. They are always much emptier than the Pandora concept stores, though – it's not unusual to see queues out of my local Pandora. We don't really have promos here in the UK so the only time that I tend to spend really big in one go is when someone is helping me out with one of the amazing bracelet promos you guys get! ;)

      • Aww, thank you Ellie! :-D

        Yeah, I think no Pandora retired sales here like you have in the UK because they apparently have a contract with RueLaLa for that, as well as their own outlet stores. I know the stores here get to send back retired charms and get full credit on them toward new product, so the stores probably prefer that to selling items at half price!

        Pandora also did that promo last December after Christmas where if you spend $100 you could pick one of the newly retired charms for free, so maybe they will go that direction more?

        • Ah, that makes sense! I wonder if they will change that when (if?) the contract with Rue expires.
          Yeah, it would make sense to have one bracelet promo and one charm promo a year. I’d love something similar here! Or, actually, they did trial loyalty schemes in some regions I think; that might be the thing to induce me to brave the UK prices a bit more! ;)

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