Today’s post offers another Pandora Summer 2015 review, with a closer look at the new double-wrap green leather bracelet! This is one of two new leather bracelets for Summer 2015 (pictured below). Both leathers really appealed to me with their fun summery shades, but I ultimately decided that the blue’s brighter colour probably wouldn’t match my style quite as well as the more delicate pastel green.


If you’d like to read my thoughts on the leather bracelets in general, please check out my review here! Otherwise, read on for some close-up shots and styling inspiration for the new green leather.

The bracelet

The stock image makes the green leather look quite matte and dull, but it actually has a very pretty shimmer and is much more subtle in colour when you see it in person.

pandora summer 2015 green leather bracelet

In person, the colour of the leather is a lot lighter. It’s more of a very pretty pastel green, with a pearlescent shimmer running through it. It’s summery and fun, but neutral enough that it looks great with a variety of different outfits.


The green leather only comes as a double wrap bracelet, as Pandora have recently been discontinuing almost all of their single and triple wrap leathers. I personally find the double leathers slightly less comfortable than the single leathers for wearing charms on, as I find that the double leathers ‘hang’ more when the charms all group together. Nevertheless, you barely notice this effect when you only wear it with one or two charms!


It is beautifully light and easy to wear, which makes it perfect for the summer season as an alternative to the heavier silver bracelets. It looks great worn either on its own or with just a couple of charms, so it’s very simple to style too.


I don’t like to overload my leather bracelets with charms, although Pandora do state that you can have 7-9 charms on the leathers. I tend to go for about five as my absolute maximum, as I am very conscious of the fact that the leathers are more prone to breaking than their silver equivalents. Consequently I’m opting for some more minimal stylings for this review! ^^

pandora leather bracelets size guidelines

I think that there’s a lot you can do with a central use of colour, even with just a few charms. Here I have used one of the Sea Glass muranos (which just launched worldwide for Spring) as my focal point. The green and the delicate purple complement each other really nicely I think!

pandora green leather bracelet review

The pink Cherry Blossom murano looks surprisingly pretty on the green pastel leather, too. I was drawn to use the Frog Prince, as the combination of the pink murano and the light green bracelet really reminded me of lily pads – even though the crown detracts from that more naturalistic idea, haha.

pandora green leather bracelet review

In this shot from my review of the Summer 2015 Orchid pendant, the bright fuchsia and the green leather go well together to make a pretty, tropical styling:

pandora summer 2015 review orchid

I will be wearing my green leather with the lovely green Petite Facets and the new Tropicana silver openwork (which I just got myself while on holiday in France, but haven’t had the chance to photograph properly yet ^^). I’ve also added the gorgeous Sparkling Pineapple, which was offered at a nice discount in the ROJ sale – clear pavé goes really well with the metallic shimmer of the leather bracelet!

pandora green leather bracelet review

Another favourite summer combination of mine is the green leather stacked with my teal-and-white travel bracelet. :D I don’t like the faceted Teal murano actually on the green leather (it causes a bit of a clash for me), but it looks great worn nearby in a stack with it.



I just got back from a week’s holiday in the south of France and I wore this lovely leather pretty constantly; it was much more suited to the hot weather (and my it was hot!) than my classic bracelets, which felt a bit heavy and oppressive in the heat. It also looks very pretty stacked with other Pandora bracelets, especially the Moments bangle or the simple silver Essence chain. I’m not sure how much I will wear it during the cooler months of the year, however; it does summon up the idea of beaches and tropical summers very nicely for me.

The Pandora Green Leather Bracelet is $50 or £45. If you’re in the UK, you can purchase it alongside the rest of the Pandora Summer collection from authorised retailer John Greed. 

Have you bought either of the new Summer 2015 leathers, or are they on your wish list? Are you a fan of Pandora’s leather bracelets?

48 Comments on Review: Green Leather Bracelet from Pandora Summer 2015

    • I found it tough to choose between the two, as well. Both are lovely summer shades. I made myself choose one though, although it was really tempting to get them both ;)

  1. Hi Ellie!
    It’s always a pleasure to receive a new post of yours! I’m glad you had a great time in France and really happy this post has a so summery mood! I think I was able to hear the see waves and feel the hot sun, while reading it! :-)
    I must say I love blue and all its shades so much, that I always tend to choose the blue option between different colours of same things! That’s why the major colour in my wardrobe is blue and that’s how I ended in choosing a blue car several years ago, and inevitably the blue bracelet!
    I have to admit though, that the way you presented your green bracelet makes if much more appealing than even Pandora marketing team could ever think! (By the way, how come Pandora hasn’t “grabbed” you yet? They could take some styling advice for their campaigns!)
    I can’t choose between your different stylings! The combination with the bangle is gorgeous, with the orchid marvellous ( oh, I’m totally obsessed with this charm!) and the one with the frog completely fairytaly ( I got the picture of the frog in a green background surrounded by flowers and butterflies, waiting for the kiss that will transform him into a prince…) :-)
    Your lovely review was a colourful break in a grey afternoon! Thank you Ellie!!! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa!
      You always seem to get exactly what I’m going for with these reviews and pictures; I was in fact day-dreaming about holidays on the beach all the time I was writing this post! ^^ (I wrote most of it before I went away!)
      The blue leather is absolutely beautiful too and if you wear a lot of blue, then it’s perfect! <3 I don't really have a dedicated blue bracelet yet, but I really should think about starting one… I'd like one with some delicate soft blue glass charms. :)
      Aha, thank you! It would be great to have Pandora's entire range to play with when putting together bracelets; I imagine their stylists have a lot of fun when they do photo shoots. ^^ I used to want to get a part-time job in a Pandora store but I think the blog would inevitably be a conflict of interest these days, haha. I love your take on my Frog Prince styling; that is definitely what that bracelet is all about!
      Hope all is well with you Chrysa! :) Thanks so much for commenting; I am so glad that you enjoyed the review! ♥♥♥

  2. I am really tempted to get this bracelet the colour is beautiful I’m going on holiday next week so I might see if it’s a bit cheaper over there. I also love the blue leather I think that would be great for a sea beach theme.

  3. hello, i’m an italian pandora addicted!! i like silver bracelets more than leather because i like them full of charms. i have one purple leather one from winter collection and i don’t wear it often…i can’t wait to see the autums and winter collection!!!!
    sorry for my enghish. kiss

    • Hi Giorgia! I used to feel the same way about the leathers (I was initially disappointed you couldn’t fill them up more) so I totally get where you’re coming from! I have since grown to love the leather bracelets, however, and they look great in combination with the silver bracelets and bangles. I like to use them to showcase particular charms and colours as well. :)
      Your English is great! ^^ Thanks for commenting Giorgia! <3

  4. You make me want more leather! But I don’t even wear what I have. I find myself bypassing it everyday for the classic silvers. Though you’re right, they really aren’t comfy in the heat, I wear them daily anyway. Pandora leather is not well made. I suggest anyone buying a bracelet also buy leather jewellery adhesive to repair the bracelet when the ends pop out, which is the common issue, so common Pandora should be aiming for a new design.

    • I used to do the same- as much as I loved my leathers, the silvers just called out to me more. Nowadays I tend to stack leathers and silver together, so they get a lot more wear; I only tend to wear leathers on their own when it’s really hot outside!
      Good advice re the adhesive. Pandora leathers are a lot more fragile than the silver bracelets, which is why I am always so careful not to overload them. :( My OH’s mother had hers break a couple of months ago in exactly the way you describe and had a bit of a nightmare trying to get a replacement as they’ve now retired most of the single leathers!

    • Hi Lola
      100% agree. Had my first leather bracelet break as u described.
      I had only been wearing it a month with just one lightweight charm.

      As much as I love the new colours and I do love them, I am reluctant to invest in another leather. The fact that they are not waterproof also puts me off.

      • I’m with you there, Lozzie, I love the leather look, especially in Ellie’s photos–she’s a marketer’s dream photographer. :-) My daughter had the leather problem and she glued it back in herself. Thankfully she had o-rings on it and didn’t lose any charms. The middle threads on the snake chain are also glued in place. We’ve had those come unstuck as well, but in warranty, and had the bracelet replaced without issue. That’s why I keep saying Pandora has to find a better jewellery adhesive. :-)

        • Wow, thanks, Lola! :D I particularly love putting together leather designs. They’re so easy and fun to style. <3
          That's terrible about the threads coming unglued on the snake chain bracelet, too. I hadn't even considered that as a possibility. :(

      • My husband is a real estate photographer, so I know how hard it is to make people want something they really don’t want, just from a photograph. Lol. You manage that!

        When the threads came loose, we tried to figure out how to get them off without harming the chain. No luck. It would have been nice to have those threads gone. I wish Pandora would give us a Moment’s snake chain bracelet without them. Clips with inserts would work in place of those threads, if women wanted separation, and then the double hazard of the threads coming unglued and charms getting stuck would be gone.

        • Haha, thanks! I think it probably helps that it’s always my personal collection that I’m photographing and so you know that my enthusiasm is genuine! ;)
          Yes, that does seem like a logical alternative to offer doesn’t it? I suppose a lot of their patent and USP is the threading system; Chamilia bracelets don’t have the threads, but their clips have silicone in them to hold them in place. It’s quite a good system, really – although I am used to designing my bracelets with the Pandora threads in mind these days. ^^

  5. Your combos look so pretty Ellie! The green is a really nice color and I like the charms you picked to wear on it. I don’t think I want anymore leathers though, I have just 2 from Pandora, the single champagne and single brown, and I rarely wear them as I worry they will break or stain and I also don’t like the charms sliding around so much. Even when they just had the free leather promo, I paid the $10 extra to get a bangle instead. I’m kind of glad they are going to do free charm instead for the next promo, it will be a nice change.

    • Thanks Natalie! <3 I also find the charms sliding around the leathers really annoying, especially if I want to wear more than a couple. I'm always conscious of them bunching up and putting pressure on the bracelet. I don't really like the little silicone stoppers that you can get for them either to hold the charms in place; I'm constantly rearranging my bracelets for these reviews and they're difficult to get on and off without straining the leather so I've given up on them for now! I just lump it, haha.
      Yes, the free charm promo should be interesting – people seem a little mixed as to whether they're on board with that or not. I have enough bracelets for now so I'd be quite tempted by it too!

  6. Is Pandora Denmark brand? I like the purple double leather at first but exchange it to the oxidized silver. I like the oxidized much more with the $ 20 upgrade fee.

  7. I got the green. I think it is just a beautiful shade of green. Sometimes I put charms on my leather bracelets, but I really like to put the charms on the bangles & wear the leather with it to add color!!!
    Also, wanted to add…….I bought a few things from the recent Rue La La sale. Just happened to have things my daughter wanted ( anything with stars!) for her birthday. I also got 3 rings , earrings, & a couple of charms. Can you believe I have already received them??!!! Thank you so much for letting us know about those sales!!!!

    • I completely agree with you! It’s so delicate and fresh. I love it! I wear my leathers both ways – I love that the charms are so easy to take on and off them compared to the silver bracelets, haha. It’s a lot easier to wear them plain or with charms as you like!
      Yay, you’re very welcome!! That was super speedy ^^ Sounds like you got a great haul too! Just after I read your comment, I just got an email to say that my buys have shipped too. :D Hopefully it won’t be too long before they make end up here in the UK!

  8. I have been wearing the green leather bracelet ever since I bought it. One of my favourite combinations is the bracelet with the green petite facets charm, the white primrose meadow charm and the galaxy openwork. I also love the pink petite facets on it. I only own one gold charm (I can’t afford more), and it looks really good. When I was in the pandora store recently I tried two of the sparkling leaves clips on the bracelet (as I am looking at getting new clips) and it worked well. Thanks for all your beautiful photos!

    • Your bracelet stylings sound beautiful! I also love the Darling Daisy pieces with the green leather and the green Petite Facets, and would have included a styling for the review, if I hadn’t already used them so much in my reviews already. ^^ They do look beautiful with so many different combinations! I don’t own any gold at all (I’m looking at maybe getting a couple of gold spacers, but I don’t see myself being able to get any proper gold charms in the foreseeable future!) but I can imagine how pretty the gold and the green looks together.
      Thanks for your styling suggestions, too, Claire! <3

  9. Thanks for this review Ellie. I’m excited as my friend who let me use her USA postal address is returning to me in Sierra Leone at the end of the month, bringing my Pandora goodies with her which include the green leather bracelet. I am planning on wearing it with the palm tree and green sea mosaic and green petite facet which I also have arriving. I think it looks great on your picture with the orchid too which I have also bought so I may try that also. I like the idea of the white primrose meadow on it as well, maybe on its own for simplicity. I won’t wear many charms on my leather bracelet to make it last. I’ve seen lost of pictures of leather bracelets on Instagram nearly full of charms and it makes me feel worried for them in case they break and they loose their charms. I think they look nicer with only a few on too.

    Thank you as well for posting the size guide for the leather bracelet up too. I just received two triple smooth leather bracelets (teal and purple from the Achica sale) and I had been getting worried about ordering the correct size. I read some reviews online about the smallest size being too small even for someone’s child and it had me panicking as I had ordered the smallest size for the smooth bracelets as well as the green one arriving this month. But I had measured my wrist and followed the directions on the size guide to pick the size and am please to say they fit perfectly. I made me wonder if the reviews I had read were people buying fake Pandora or not taking the time to measure their wrist.

    Thanks for another great review

    • Ooh that’s so exciting! Not long to wait now for those to arrive. ^^ The white floral enamel pieces did look beautiful on the green leather, too, so I’d definitely recommend trying the Primrose Meadow with it. I’m sure the Primrose would go nicely with the other green pieces you’ve bought, too, as it would provide quite a nice contrast to all the greens. :D And yes I always wince a little inside when I see people post pictures of their full leather bracelets. They’re just not made to take that many charms! I much prefer them with just a couple of charms on them anyhow, as it keeps them feeling nice and light. :)

      Oh good I’m glad to hear it! That teal leather bracelet is particularly lovely! <3 I have to say that I've never had a problem sizing my Pandora bracelets. I do wonder if some people forget to measure the clasp or just mis-measure their own wrists. As you say, if you follow the style guide, you should be fine!

      Thanks, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :)

  10. Hi,
    Is this bracelet Limited edition? Only it appears that this bracelet and the blue leather bracelet have been retired? They were in the retired section both on the website and the app, and I found it a bit odd, as I don’t recall it being limited edition!

  11. I am so happy as I finally got my green leather bracelet today. I absolutely love the colour and can’t wait to wear it. I’m going to wear it with the ocean mosaic and green petite facet with the palm tree in the middle.

    On a side point I noticed that the green stones in the green ocean mosaic match the green eyes in the wise owl charm. It looks like the blue colour on it will match the peacock which has blue and green cz. So I’m thinking of wearing those together to make a blue and green forest theme bracelet.

    • Glad to hear you love it :D A lot of people have gone for the new cornflower blue leather instead, but this light green shade is my favourite. Your design sounds lovely – very refreshing and pretty!
      Ooh what a nice idea! I hadn’t noticed that, but it does match those two birds perfectly. That’s especially great, considering the upcoming Autumn 2015 collection has a lot of forest themes in it too :)

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