Great news for Pandora Disney fans in both Asia and Australia, as Pandora have just announced that their Pandora Disney line will soon be launching in both regions! Up until now, the collection has been exclusive to North America, much to the disappointment of Disney charm collectors around the world. The Pandora Disney collection will launch for both Asia and Australia this November.

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The press release runs as follows:-

PANDORA announces that it has expanded the Company’s strategic alliance with The Walt Disney Company (Disney), to include the Asia Pacific. The extension of the alliance with Disney will begin in November 2015, with PANDORA launching its Disney jewellery collection in 13 markets in the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, China and Japan. 

As part of the alliance, PANDORA will be designated Official Charm Bracelet of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and the upcoming Shanghai Disney Resort. PANDORA products will be sold in multiple locations inside both resorts and the Disney collection from PANDORA will also be available in PANDORA concept stores and shop-in-shops throughout the region.

In connection with the new agreement, Anders Colding Friis, CEO in PANDORA, said: ”The reception of the PANDORA Disney collection in North America has been amazing, and following discussions with Disney, we have together decided to expand the collaboration to include the Asia Pacific. We believe that the collection will fit well with the population in Asia and Australia, and look forward to offer our Disney inspired products to our customers in the region.”

Exciting stuff! If you’re looking for any Pandora Disney inspiration, including collection previews and reviews, please take a look through the Pandora Disney tag. :D

My Comment

I had heard rumours about this a month or so ago and am very happy to hear that they have proven to be true. It has always been a source of contention among collectors that North America alone had the Pandora Disney line – this was due to the fact that other brands in other regions held the rights to make Disney jewellery and Pandora has had to negotiate new contracts to sell their Pandora Disney charms. It’s so great to hear that Pandora have made some progress with their Disney negotiations in other regions as well.

pandora disney parks exclusives spring 2015

I was told that not every single piece from the Pandora Disney line will make it to the initial launch in Asia and Australia – Mickey & Minnie will be included for sure, as will the Frozen charms, but I hear some princesses (possibly including Jasmine) may not be included to start with.

As for us collectors in other regions such as the UK or Europe, at least we have more options when shopping abroad for Pandora Disney charms! ^^ Hopefully Pandora can sort something out in terms of selling Pandora Disney in the UK soon….

Are you excited to hear this news?

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  1. Uber good news! One after another, I meant the piggy and now, Disney coming to Asia. <3

    I'm just a little disappointed that it will only be launched in Japan this November. I'm going to be in Osaka end of this month. :X But that's alright, I am already planning to add Hong Kong to my next destination next year! ;-)

    Ellie, thank you so much for a timely news. xx

    • Yes it’s fantastic news! Hopefully other regions will follow. The Pandora Disney line is such a fun one, it always seemed such a shame that it was so limited in availability.

      Aha, oh dear! It would be good to know when exactly in November we can expect this release as well.

      You’re welcome, I’m very happy for all the Pandora collectors who will benefit from this! ^^ xx

      • I’m also going to Hong Kong with my family first week of November, I wonder if it will be available in Hong Kong Disney land? hopefully…

        • From the press release, it will be sold in Disneyland:
          “As part of the alliance, PANDORA will be designated Official Charm Bracelet of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and the upcoming Shanghai Disney Resort. PANDORA products will be sold in multiple locations inside both resorts and the Disney collection from PANDORA will also be available in PANDORA concept stores and shop-in-shops throughout the region.”
          What we don’t know is when exactly in November they will be out. Fingers crossed it is in time for your trip! :)

  2. Yay it is good news! I’m not big on Disney but I have recently had someone buy the Frozen Snowflake charm for me in America. It will take a while for it to reach me but I’m excited that I’ll be getting it. I didn’t want it because of the film Frozen (although it is a good film) but I really like the design. I’m going to use it with galaxy and stardust muranos either side of it for a sparkly starry design. I don’t think that I’ll be buying many Disney charms in the future but I like the colours of some of the muranos and as you say it will open up a few more options for us. Maybe they will make them available in the UK soon too.

    • It is good news! :D I have the Frozen Snowflake pendant and wear it often as a necklace. It’s beautiful and not at all obviously Disney. I’m sure you will love your charm version :) It’ll be amazing with the Stardust muranos, what a lovely idea!
      I do like my Pandora Disney, I must admit, although I am quite selective about which pieces I get. ^^ It would be so great if the pieces came to the UK but at least they should be a little easier to get hold of now they are available in more regions.

  3. Thank goodness I only bought 2 Disney charms whilst in New York last month. With the low Aussie dollar they were a tad pricey.

    Hopefully this means we will get the Pandora Rose collection one day too.

    • Yes, I can imagine that shopping abroad is pretty pricey for you! I bought a couple of charms from Australia recently and was shocked at how much cheaper they worked out compared to everywhere else. It’ll be interesting to see what the RRPs for Pandora Disney in Australia will be like.

      It still puzzles me that you guys haven’t had Pandora Rose yet, seeing as Australia was one of the first test regions and it seemed to do as well there as everywhere else!

  4. That’s good news that it’s is expanding my only wish is for it to come to the UK that would be amazing. Is it because chamilia have got Disney at the moment. I do buy the Disney off eBay but you have to be so carefully with fakes and it’s not the same like going to the shop. I may possibly be going to florid this summer hopefully so I will be able to see it there. I am in desperate need of a Disney bracelet.

    • I would love it if it Pandora Disney came here, too. It’s frustrating having to buy from abroad without having seen the pieces in person yet. Yes, Chamilia have the UK contract right now… I like a lot of Chamilia charms, but I am not at all keen on their latest Disney offerings unfortunately. :( Hope you find your Disney bracelet this summer, that will be an amazing trip :D

  5. Great for Asia and Australia, always nice to see any Pandora collections become more widely available! I hope with the future Pandora regular collections they release most pieces worldwide like they used to and not have all of these limited releases like they did for fall.

    • I completely agree with you! Working out what is available where has been a total nightmare this season and I can’t see how it benefits Pandora to only release collections in pieces for each region anyhow!

  6. It’s good news that they are releasing them in more countries. I just hope one day it will come to the UK. I would definitely buy more from the Disney range. I find it hard buying from online, as I like to see them in the shop, before making my decision to buy or not. I have four from eBay UK, but have to be so careful because of fakes. I don’t order from abroad, because of costs.
    I hope for news soon of Pandora Disney coming to the UK.
    I’ve got family going next year to Disney in America, so I might see if they can bring me some back.

    • I have the same thing – it’s tough to make a decision about which charms to get when you can’t see them in store or try them on your bracelet first. It’s often hard to properly gauge how big the charms actually are or what colour they are in real life :( I don’t really trust myself with eBay sellers, although I do get help from personal shoppers or friends in North America which is such a help. :) I ordered from the Disney Store once but the additional shipping and customs charges were actually crazy so that won’t be for me again haha. That sounds like a good opportunity with your family next year – you’ll have to stock up! ;)

  7. Hi Ellie-Supergirl! :-)
    Although these are distant places, it’s great news Pandora Disney managed to expand!
    Does this perhaps explain the blink blink faces of Mickey and Minnie, as pave is said to be popular in Asia?
    It’s strange they didn’t include France (because of Eurodisneyland), but now we can truly hope!!! As we say here, the first step is half of the work that must be done! Fingers crossed!
    Thank you for letting us know, Ellie! It’s really an exciting moment in Pandora’s world I think! ♥♥♥

    • Hello Chrysa! :D It is good news, even if it hasn’t quite made it everywhere yet! You are probably right about the pavé Mickey & Minnie heads – I assume they will be launching in Asia and Australia as well as North America!

      I imagine that the only reason they didn’t include Europe will be for further contractual issues. Selling Disney-branded merchandise seems to be something of a headache and there are probably a lot of hoops you have to jump through! It would seem like a no-brainer to sell it in Disneyland Paris but hey ho. I’m sure they would if they could!

      As you say, fingers crossed that Pandora get the go ahead to sell the Disney line in Europe and the UK soon! :) Thanks for commenting Chrysa! <3

    • Yay, I’m glad you’re excited! It is really good news – I’m very pleased for you all and hope we in the UK and Europe will have similar good news eventually! ^^

  8. Hi there, thanks for the interesting read. Do you know if New Zealand is included in this Asia and Australia release? I buy my pandora in New Zealand and Australia (when I go on holiday) but I’m planning on getting the Disney charms when I go to Disneyland in November. However if it’s available here in NZ or Aussie I’d buy them here to save on the currency exchange. Thanks!

    • Stevie- Some are resort exclusives in North America including the bracelets with the Disney castle on the clasp. They list the resort exclusives on the US Disney Store website (although Olaf is listed as a resort exclusive, but is available at other Pandora stores, but I think that is the only one like that). I am guessing the resort exclusive ones won’t come to Australia. Mickey’s fun wheel is a really cool charm that represents the California Adventure park for example so if you like any of those you should probably get them when you are in the park.

      • Thanks for commenting Stephanie, good point about park exclusives. I think I’ll buy them as I see them…that’s the fun thing about being on holiday and getting to treat yourself ?

    • Hi Stevie! I would have thought New Zealand would be included, yes, as Australia and New Zealand share the same head office and distribution policy so both countries usually receive the same products and promotions. As Stephanie very helpfully says, this press release is vague as to whether the US Disney Parks exclusives will be coming to Australia – so it might be worth stocking up on those at least when you go the US :)

  9. I am reallllyyyyy excited to hear this as im in malaysia. And have been hoping to get the cinderella carriage or the princess’s crown/tiara.

    This is a great move by PANDORA as it will appeal to the younger groups and the “forever young at hearts” group.

  10. Nice promo running here in Sydney and online for the next ten days. Buy the essence bracelet and get a free essence charm to the value of $39 dollars.
    I need a new bracelet and want the love charm so it suits me perfectly. And I can fill the bracelet later in the year when they are running the GWP bow bangle promo. :)

  11. Free shipping for Disneypark Pandora or Alex & Ani exclusive line end Sunday. If you need any charm from Disneypark and has friend in U.S. can get the special charm this time.

  12. Wow! I just have time to check it out, Disney fans will go crazy. Mickey & Minnie safety chain. Minnie Sparking Ear Hat, Mickey Sorcerer’s Hat, 60th Ear Hat, Epcot Spaceship Earth, Magical Day, LE 2015, Cinderalla Castle, Mickey Moise Ear a Hat, Kingdom Theme, Mickey Swirls,… I like the Wonderful World Bracelet, you know I like to collect different type of bracelet. Oh! There are two murano glass Pink Murano Glass Mickey Mouse for $20 and one blue one but not from Pandora. Ellie, this is a 3 days only promotion, hurry!

  13. I’ve been looking around for the exact release date in November and it sounds like it is November 12th in Australia and New Zealand. There will be 28 pieces in Pandora concept stores and the online store. Cinderella’s gown, glass slipper and coach will be 3 of them. (Pandora’s fairytale partnership –

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for the info! I saw that too. The Frozen charms are also confirmed as coming out with this launch, but I think other princesses might be missing for now. It’s a good selection for the initial launch though I think!

      • I’m glad the Frozen ones will be there too. :) I think it’s a pretty good selection also. Cinderella and Frozen have the nicest collection of charms for the princesses. I’m excited to see all of these in person. :)

        • Yes I’m very envious! :) that’s the most annoying thing about the Disney line – having to order charms sight unseen. I’ve loved all the charms I’ve got so far but it’s still something of a gamble as to whether they look right with the bracelet design you pictured!

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