It’s an exciting day on the Pandora calendar, as today sees the global launch of the Pandora Winter 2015 collections! Entitled Crystalised Embellishments, Pandora’s new winter collection features both cool icy motifs and warm holiday reds – there are also some new charms for the Pandora Disney line! There are no new pieces for the Rose and Essence lines with this release, however.

pandora winter 2015

As usual, I am celebrating the launch with some lovely live shots! ^^ In this post, I’ve listed all the new releases that are out today and included some live photos and additional details for each! :)

Pandora Winter 2015 Collection Release

The Pandora Winter 2015 collection offers a mix of dramatic wintry blues, cheerful Christmas reds and some delicate pastels and feminine motifs – so there should be something for everyone. For stock images and other live shots, please have a little look through the Winter 2015 tag. :)

pandora winter 2015 preview

As usual, stores have been uploading some lovely live shots and inspiration for the new collection pieces to social media. This one beautifully shows off the new Blue Fascinating Iridescence murano, which looks like a combination of the Fascinating Aventurescent and the blue Fizzle muranos from last year. ;)

pandora winter 2015
Image by condalchic

You can also pick out the new Abundance of Love pieces in this lovely design. I love the effect of putting them with some gold and two-tone charms, including the new 14kt Tumbling Hearts charm.

pandora winter 2015
Image by Pandora Orchard Park

Here’s a selection of my other favourites!

We also have some gorgeous reader images, which give us some more detailed shots of the individual charms! They are also super useful in terms of size comparisons (note, for example, that the Christmas Puppy is quite a lot smaller than last year’s Christmas Bear). These are courtesy of Pandora Vaughn, so please do not reproduce without credit. :)

Pandora Winter 2015 Gift Sets

I’ve mentioned these UK bracelet bundles before, but just to confirm – the Ice Crystal charm will only be available in the UK as part of a bracelet bundle retailing at £125 for the time being (see below).

I was also told originally the the Dainty Bow safety chain and the Heart & Bow would only be available as part of a gift set – I am just checking on that. :) The Dainty Bow safety chain & clip and the Heart & Bow will initially only be available as part of this bracelet bundle for £199. I will be getting mine from abroad!

It also seems like a few pieces are missing from the UK’s current launch. I can’t see the new Abundance of Love pieces, synthetic ruby Geometric Facets, or the new opalescent Eternity spacer. :/

Just to recap on the North American sets – you can choose from the Glistening Wonder gift set, which features the Radiant Bloom, Layers of Lace clips and the new pavé clasp Moments bracelet.

pandora winter 2015 preview

Or, the Delicate Sentiments gift set, which offers the pearl earrings and necklace as a bundle. This is also available as a set in the UK.

pandora winter 2015 preview

Pandora Disney Winter 2015 Collection Release

It’s only a small selection of charms for the Disney Winter 2015 collection, but they are rather pretty nevertheless! The bulk of them consist of four new designs celebrating Princess Jasmine, including her signature murano, dress, tiara and slipper (for stock images and prices, please see my post here).

pandora disney jasmine 2015
Image by Pandora Orchard Park

They are a rather gorgeous turquoise colour – the murano is particularly beautiful! It would look lovely with some two-tone pieces, I think.

pandora disney jasmine 2015
Image by Pandora Rockaway

In addition to the Princess Jasmine collection, two new limited edition Disney charms are coming out for the holidays. These are pavé Mickey and Minnie designs, complete with rather nice limited edition gift boxes. I’ll admit that I’m more fond of the gift boxes than I am of the charms themselves, so hopefully they’ll make a reappearance in the future!

Finally, there will be two of the new Disney Parks exclusive holiday 2015 charms making their début today, too. These are the Minnie’s Holiday Wreath and Minnie’s Holiday Bow charms (pictured in the campaign bracelet below). For a full overview of the AW15 Parks collection, please see my post here.

pandora disney parks holiday 2015

These designs are already available from the Disney Store, along with the limited edition Mickey and Minnie charms (although I don’t think that you get the special boxes with them if you order from Disney).

My Comment

I have a very healthy wish list from this collection and will hopefully be getting to a store later today to check out all the new pieces! My favourites are the pretty bows and the cute festive pieces – my must-haves are the Dainty Bow clip & safety chain, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the Christmas Puppy and the Holly murano. I have also already ordered the Disney Parks Minnie’s Holiday Wreath with its cute green tinsel design. ^^ The Jasmine pieces are beautiful, but I’m not quite sure that I have a use for more teal in my collection currently so I will shelve those for now. ;) I am starting my first Christmas bracelet this season (as I am sure you are all tired of hearing about by now) and will be featuring some festive ideas and reviews closer to December!

I am a little concerned to see some pieces missing from the UK’s initial launch, especially the Abundance of Love charm and spacer. All these partial collection releases are becoming confusing / frustrating!

Are you excited for these collections? Will you be purchasing anything?

109 Comments on Pandora Winter 2015 Collections Debut

    • I am not 100% on this. From what I understand, the ones that are still left to come out are the Wishes, 2016 and Fantasia charms (the rest such as the Disney Cruise Line Anchor or the Disney Cruise Line Heart are special releases and won’t be available from the online store apparently). Apparently there will be another couple released later in November. I really like the Wishes and the Fantasia charms myself, and I’m disappointed not to see them out today! I’ll update you when I know more :)

  1. I’ve seen the “ice crystal” charms in stores (Canada) available for sale… Actually the winter collection debuted on the 27th in Canada and I ended up seeing the Christmas puppy, Fascinating Iridescent and others. The xmas puppy is smaller than the most animal charms except maybe Eeyore. The fascinating iridescent murano is glow in the dark but to be honest I was not impressed with it at all when I saw it in real live. The ice crystal charm is pretty but chunky (in my opinion) in person. The “all wrapped up” open work gift charm looks better in person, and actually ended up on my wishlist!
    I also ended up taking pictures of xmas puppy and all wrapped up charms :)

    • Aw what cute pictures! Thanks for sharing. I saw the Puppy today as well and thought he was so cute (if a little smaller than I’d have liked for the price). Eeyore is a good point of comparison. :) I thought the new Blue Iridescence murano was very pretty (my OH liked it as well) but seeing as I got most of the dramatic blues from last year, I wasn’t too tempted to get another murano along that line. It’s a great alternative for anyone who missed out on the Aventurescent though!

  2. Oh no not more charms missing it so frustrating when I can’t get them. The petit geometric and the blue murano that’s really pretty I would like that to go with my fascinating murano. I’m really excited to see the Christmas charms. Hopefully I will able to see the collection on Saturday. I also like the jasmine and bow safety chain.

    • Lol I know. This season has been a mess in that respect. Apparently the Abundance of Love pieces will be out for Valentine’s in the UK, so all hope is not lost. ;)
      I hope you get to see the new collection this weekend. I’d be interested to know what you thought! I went today and thought it was very pretty overall, although my wish list hasn’t changed from what it was originally. No last minute charms have caught my eye, thankfully! ;) The bow safety chain is really nice, but quite heavy-looking.

      • Hi Ellie I saw the collection today I love the Christmas charms the puppy and stocking are a lot smaller than I thought they would be the holly murano is gorgeous. I only saw the snowflake which I like and also the dark blue murano I think that would go really well with the fadicinztor murano for the snowflake collection. I didn’t see any of the petit faceters which was disappointing isn’t the uk getting them. I got the new bro her and there not in there neither are the snowflake pieces. While I was there I got the Pudsey charm which I love the assistant asked her colleague something about can they sell them because of the date or something. Anyway I got it they did run out of the sleeves those.

        • Hi Nicola! Yes I know – the Puppy in particular is tiny. He’s on a par with Eeyore for size. I still like him a lot, but feel like the £35 price tag is steep for what he is. Happily I won’t be paying that, thanks to my brother being in Australia and able to get one there for me. ^^
          The UK is getting the Petite Facets – I saw both the sky blue and the opalescent versions in my store. We don’t seem to be getting the ruby facets though for whatever reason, which seems a shame. Possibly it will be released for Valentine’s day along with the pearlescent Abundance of Love, which is currently missing for the UK. :)
          Oh right, I think they have to stop selling Pudsey after Children in Need airs! It’s a shame that you missed out on the sleeve. Some people have had success just writing to Pandora and asking for one, providing you have a receipt to show them. You could try that :)

      • Oh that’s interesting, I looked online yesterday and I could see the blue and white petit facets my store couldn’t of had them In. It’s a shame about the ruby one because that couloir was beautiful fingers crossed it will come out with the valentines collection then.

        • Well, seeing as the Abundance of Love was delayed until Valentine’s, it seems possible that the ruby has been as well, so I’m hopeful! <3 Fingers crossed!

  3. Hi Ellie,
    The Jasmine charms are really a nice color. Do you know when the Fantasia charm will be released? I was waiting for that one, but I didn’t see it online.

    • Hi Stephanie! I agree – the Jasmine charms are beautiful, especially the murano. I’m sure at some point it will come home with me! ;)
      I hear that there will be more Disney Parks charms released later in November, so the Fantasia may well make it out then. It seems like the Disney Parks collection has been released in stops and starts this season, it’s a bit of a pain. :/

  4. Ellie, as always, I’ll get my list of items during the debut. Today’s bill was outrageous. The following items came home with me;
    1. Dainty Bow Safety Chain
    2. Dainty Bow Bangle
    3. 2 Dainty Bow Clips
    4. Heart & Bow Pave Charm
    5. Shimmering Sentiments Charm
    6. Prancing Reindeer
    7. Red-nosed Reindeer
    8. Sparkling Surprise Red Enamel Charm

    I’m still contemplating about Radiant Hearts and Radiant Bloom. And I realized that I spent the most for Disney and winter collections. Sadly, these two are also the more expensive collections.

    • I love the bow ones as well. :) I think that the radiant bloom looks better and also looks great with the gift set.

    • Hi Charmaine! Wow, that is a rather wonderful haul. I do approve of your shopping list – it matches mine rather nicely, although I haven’t purchased many off it yet. Are you popping all those pieces on the same bracelet? I am trying to limit myself to the Dainty Bow clip, SC and bangle, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the Christmas Puppy and the Holly murano. So far, I just got the Holly murano (which is lovely!) but I was so tempted by the Prancing Reindeer and to a lesser extent some of the beautiful icy pieces. For now I’ve managed to stay on track ;)

  5. Any idea when the Disney Wishes Firework Show charm will be available? It wasn’t put on the Disney Store site with the LE and Christmas ones this morning.

  6. Ellie, I love all of the live pics!! I got a Fall/Winter book when I participated in the promo in September but seeing the jewelry in live pics is so much more exciting!! I love that blue fascinating iridescence murano!! I will have to see how dark it is in the stores and see how well it goes with the icy blues I want to add to my Cinderella bracelet (which I’m sure you are tired of hearing about, lol). I also think the Jasmine charms are so cute!! The Disney princess charms are some of my favorites in the whole Pandora collection and I’m so excited to get my Cinderella bracelet done. It is my third moments bracelet and I think it might become my favorite one!! I like to do themes with my bracelets. I have a shades of purple one and a shades of clear/white one. I’m going to the store tomorrow to get two bow clips and the sky blue radiant hearts for my blue Cinderella bracelet. I’m so excited to get them!!

    • Yes the live pictures always make a difference don’t they? You can get a better feel for the size and colours of all the pieces, and which stylings they look best with. I saw the Iridescence murano today and it was very blue – the sparkles were almost electric blue, I’d say. You will have to see what you think, as it is quite dramatic compared to all the pretty icy blue facets. I am not all tired of hearing about your Cinderella bracelet, it sounds delightful and it’s fun to hear what you’re thinking of adding to it! :D I like the Disney Princesses as well but have not designed a whole bracelet around any of the Disney themes yet… I find it difficult to try and design a bracelet made primarily of Disney charms when I can’t go into store and see/buy all the beads for myself. If they come to the UK some day, perhaps I’ll go all out and really work on a dedicated Disney design. ^^
      The bow clips sound perfect for a Cinderella design! Really elegant and pretty. Let me know what you think of the murano, I’d be interested to know whether it makes it on to your bracelet or not! :)

      • I did see the murano in the store yesterday and it is so gorgeous!! The blues in it change depending on which direction you look at it, I thought. The store clerk and I were undecided if it would look good on my sky blue Cinderella bracelet or not, lol. I’m far from buying them so maybe Pandora will come out with a lighter blue version in the Spring. That would be perfect!! Meanwhile, the bow clips and sky blue radiant hearts I got look great on my bracelet!!

        On a side note, I was at Jared also getting my wedding rings worked on yesterday. I was checking out their Pandora collection and the sky blue pendant and earrings set exclusive to them are gorgeous!! They are selling the set for $150 USD and I’m tempted to add them to my wish list. I love the baguette style crystals they put into the sterling silver. The tear drops are smaller than I thought they were too which I think makes them prettier and less gaudy.

        • Yes, I think that the murano varies a lot as well! I’ve seen some gorgeous ones online, but the one I saw in store was so vibrant it was almost like an electric kind of blue, haha. I can’t quite picture it with the lighter blues and more delicate Cinderella pieces – I think I’d have to see a picture of it to decide whether it would work or not. ^^ A light blue sparklier murano does sound perfect!
          Oh yes, I’d completely forgotten about those Jared pieces! They did look lovely in the campaign images, such a nice vibrant blue. I forgot to look for them when I was in store, I will keep an eye out next time ^^

  7. Oh, no! Not another partial release! Even though, I must say Arabian Coffee pots were a life-changer for me. After I shipped 80 of them worldwide, we became friends with the Pandora sales associates and I am helping them now get some Disney :D
    The missing charms can be a website error. I don’t see the blue geometric facets on our site, but I saw them already in the store, so don’t give up hope.

    • Aha, I know. Ridiculous isn’t it? On the other hand, I hear you – I do really enjoy how happy the Pandora community is to help each other out, and how fab that you’ve got to know your SAs! 80 is a heck of a lot of Coffee Pots haha, bravo! ;) I’ve helped some people out and been helped out many a time, and there’s something so fun about shopping for other people too.
      I think the opalescent spacer might be a website error, as I am sure I saw one today in a UK store. The Ruby facets were definitely not present though, neither were the Abundance of Love pieces, unfortunately.

      • Yes, Czech Republic was lucky again and got the complete collection. Let me know if I can help you with something. :D
        But check some life shots of Abundance of Love first, for me it was quite disappointing IRL…

      • OK, I need to correct the previous info. I spoke with Pandora staff today and the dangly snowflake is the only charm that got delayed. However they have no info that there should be production issues.

      • 59 EUR. Shipping is 5 EUR registered mail. UK, Canada and Australia do not provide tracking info eventhough the letter has a tracking number.

  8. Oh no, I hope no trouble with the Ruby geometric facets as I really like those! My store had a lot of the new pieces but none of the ruby facets yet. I did like the Heart and Bow charm in person, I may get it. I am waiting for the Dainty Bow Bangle promo to buy any Pandora.

    • I have not explicitly heard of any production issues with the ruby facets, but a number of people have mentioned that their store haven’t received them yet etc so perhaps it’s worth keeping an eye on them. The UK just doesn’t seem to have received some full-stop, for now.
      That’s some will power there, Natalie! ;) I am going to use that promo to get hold of the Black Friday charm, I think. Otherwise I’m going to do the bulk of my Pandora Winter shopping before that. ^^

      • Yes, luckily there is not too much Pandora on my list as I’ve been buying from Red Bali Frog and Elfbeads lately! RBF has a great buy 3 get 1 free promo going this weekend, and Elfbeads is doing Deal of the Year next week where if you buy any 4 beads you get 3 special items free :-D

        • I saw those promos – the Elfbeads one is particularly fantastic! But I think going for a few Chamilia Christmas beads will do me in terms of other brands for now. I’ll take it step by step, haha. :P

        • There will indeed! :) I have my Chamilia Rudolph now (unbelievably cute in person) and am waiting for my Gingerbread House to come from overseas. So excited! ^^

  9. saw the new collection yesterday ,the ice crystal was rather large the blue radiant heats is now on my have to have list along with the ice blue facet and the opal facet waiting for the dainty bow bangle promo here in the US,probably will end up getting 3 free bangles by the time I am done. hope they let you presale since they told me they will be opening up at 8pm on thanksgiving and it will be a zoo at the mall for the first few hours. thanks ellie for all the info and pics that you share.

    • Oh good, I liked the blue Radiant Hearts a lot as well in person! I thought the colour was beautiful, and made even more so by the heart silhouettes beneath it too. Aha, three bangles sounds very nice indeed! They usually let you pre-sale in the US, so fingers crossed you can avoid the madness on the day. I would like to do that promo as well, and I’ll probably use it as an opportunity to get hold of the Black Friday charm I expect!
      You’re welcome Debbie – thanks for commenting! :D

  10. I have took off the radiant embellishment ring from my list, as I’m not keen on the colour and it looks bigger than I thought it would be. I was thinking of getting the abundance of love charm, but it’s not been released over here. I’m not sure on it, now I’ve seen the live pics, so I’m going to leave it.
    I going on Saturday hopefully. On my list now is the single star ring, radiant bloom charm and starshine spacers.
    I do like some of the Christmas ones, I might start a Christmas bracelet in the future. Look forward to hearing what you think of the collection.

    • Ah, I don’t remember seeing that ring in store today actually. Interesting that you didn’t like it, as the colour looked so stunning from the live images. I actually like the Abundance of Love more having seen the live images, but am not sure that I have a use for it. It’s beautiful, but I don’t need more hearts right now!
      That’s a nice wish list! I wish I’d paid more attention to all the rings, I was distracted by how pretty the bow rings were. The Delicate Sentiments ring was a lot smaller than I’d thought it would be, but it was lovely. My favourite was the two-tone Petite Bow. :)
      Oh you should! Building my Christmas bracelet has been quite a departure from my usual style and a lot of fun. :D I really liked the new collection in person, but my wish list has pretty much stayed the same. I really love the new Christmas pieces, particularly the holly murano, puppy and reindeer. The Holly murano is definitely one to pick out in person if you want it, as the detailing on the leaves varies a lot, and so does the balance of white/red/green in each bead. The wintry pieces are gorgeous (especially the radiant bloom) but I am focusing on the festive stuff for now and leaving the icy pieces, seeing as I did a whole midnight/winter themed bracelet last year. :)

      • I’ve heard the rumour as well, that the abundance of love might come out in the Valentine’s Day collection. If it does it will give me chance to look at it and see whether I’d like it or not.
        I just worry how much usage I’d get out of a Christmas bracelet. I like the Christmas bauble from last year, this years Christmas bauble with the reindeer on and the Christmas tree from this year. I quite like the idea of the bauble on my bangle on it’s own. That might be one way of starting a Christmas bracelet for now. I’ll have a look tomorrow and make my mind up.

        • Hopefully it will! I do like the look of it from the live photos.
          I am going to be wearing my Christmas bracelet throughout November and December – however, I do just quite like its red and green colour scheme, so you never know I might wear it occasionally in the rest of the year! I think your bauble idea is a good compromise. It’s a particularly pretty charm, with a little hint of red that is fun but not too OTT. :D

      • I saw most of the collection today in store and there are some lovely pieces. I only bought the radiant bloom charm, which I love and is the centre piece on my pave clasp bracelet and fits perfectly. I was disappointed with the star ring and spacer, they weren’t anything special, so I didn’t buy them. I did like the Christmas tree from this year and still like the bauble from last year, but have decided to not do a Christmas bracelet for now.
        I liked the ice crystal charm, but it’s only available in the gift set bundle, so I might look at that in the future, if I can buy it on its own. Do you know when it will be available to buy on its own? It’s frustrating when they do this.
        There’s some old charms still on my list, which hopefully I’ll get at some point in the future, maybe when I can match them with new charms from the new collections. I’m going to try and be good and wait till next year, till I buy anymore Pandora. I’m interested to see now what they come up with for next years collections. I hope the abundance of love comes to this country, as I would like to see this.

        • Oh good, I did love the Radiant Bloom when I saw it in person! It must look lovely with the pavé clasp, too. I am tempted by the reindeer bauble myself, I must admit. ;)
          I doubt that the Ice Crystal will be available on its own until January – at the earliest, possibly after Christmas when the Boxing Day sales start. I find it incredibly frustrating too, and they always pick the most popular charms to do it with. I was really looking forward to all the Dainty Bows and they’re only available as a v. expensive bundle too :(
          Next year is a very strict target! ^^ Over the four years or so I’ve been collecting, I have managed to get most of the older charms I like – I have a little wish list left to tick off, and sometimes ones I hadn’t considered before catch my eye. Most of my spending these days are on the newer collections though, which is why it is disappointing when they rehash all old themes. I’m looking forward to next year too though – hopefully they will do something original! :)

  11. Finally, I can get the last piece for my Christmas bracelet, the Christmas tree! Apart from that, I’m only interested in the Dainty Bow clips which I thought I wasn’t going to be able to buy in the UK on their own for a while… but I’ve just bought them via the Belgium Pandora store! They also had the safety chain if anyone is interested.

    • Yay! Congrats on finishing your Christmas design. ;) Good shout on going through the Belgium eStore, that’s a very good alternative for those who can’t get them individually in the UK. I do get fed up of Pandora UK bundling some of the most popular items, haha. It puts me off spending in their stores ;)

  12. I’ve already seen the bow safety chain and clips and they are soooooooo cute.
    ^^ I actually love all the bow pieces. Will you do a review on the safety chain?

    • I certainly will! ;) I just have to get my paws on one first, haha. My brother is in Australia right now and I have given him a list of Pandora I’d like him to get me. :P Hopefully he’ll be able to get me a safety chain, seeing as it’s only available in a bundle in the UK right now.

  13. My two favorites from the entire collection are the red-nosed reindeer and the opal geometric facets (actually the opal color is my favorite from all the facets Pandora has done thus far). A few beads which i also very much liked although will not be getting at this time are the Holly murano and the white abundance of love. I loved the white opal eternity spacer as well as the white heart enamel spacers, and hope to get a pair of each eventually, when i find a good place for them on a future bracelet. perhaps one of them would look good on my new green leather ? ;) i also think the jasmine murano has a gorgeous vibrant color. Overall i enjoyed this collection, more than the autumn release i believe and that note i would like to end with saying hands down my least favorite charm from them all was the open work present. ugh so not attractive for me, especially when they have done 3 amazing presents in the past and they were all so cute.

    • Aw, glad to hear you like the little reindeer as well! I’m looking forward to adding him to my bracelet. :D I liked the opalescent facets, but don’t really have any use for it in my collection currently. I am trying to stick to my wish list this season and not get sidetracked as I usually do! ;) Ooh yes I think both those spacers would look lovely on the green leather! I hadn’t thought of that, but their shimmeriness would go with its metallic finish perfectly.
      I like this release as well – I think it’s on a par with Autumn for me. I ended up liking more of Autumn than I thought I would, although I know you were good and didn’t buy anything! ^^
      I do like the original enamel presents best I must admit. I need to track down that Black Friday red enamel one!

  14. My store still hasn’t gotten the opalescent spacers, the pink enamel sweet sentiments bead and the snowflake beads. I was told they would not be available until the end of November.

    • Oh no! The Opalescent spacers were available at my store in the UK, but there do seem to be supply issues with them as lots of the online stores hadn’t received them yet. The pink enamel Sweet Sentiments is a shop in shop exclusive, so concept stores won’t be getting that one in the US.

    • It appears these charms that Lisa identified are not yet available in stores or any of the websites in the US. This is disappointing, as I was very excited for the Crystallized Snowflake dangle and ring and the opalescent spacer.

  15. Hi Ellie,
    Did anyone get the new snowflake pendent charm and the
    new White abundence of love?
    Neither one is avaliable in Aus?

      • I was told there was a production issue, that’s why we didn’t get any of the snowflake dangly charm really wanted that one ? But I did notice that mist other regions have it and the abundance of love charms, so I don’t get it !!!!

      • Awww….. Well my store doesn’t have the abundance of love either. :( I hope the missing charms ship in your store quickly. :) Good luck <3

    • Hi Julie! I hear that the Abundance of Love is being delayed until Valentine’s for both the UK and Australia… so hopefully we will be able to purchase them next year! As the Snowflake pendant, apparently there are some supply issues and lots of stores haven’t received them yet… it should be available in Aus, as there’s a price listed for it on!

      • Yes Joanne, they did say we still should be getting the snowflake in Aus, but they are unsure when? Like you that charm was on top of my list!
        Thankyou Ellie, I did quiz my Pandora sales lady about the abundance of love charm, she did say it was being released here in Aus for Valentines? Lucky I’m friends with afew Pandora stores, lol

  16. I bought a pair of the holly muranos last week–so pretty! The shop-in-shop near me does not yet have the Ice Crystal, Crystalized Snowflakes, Sky-Blue or Opalescent Geometric Facets or matching spacers. I hope to see them soon. The shop ordered a Glistening Wonder gift set for me in my preferred size this morning. I still have something to look forward to besides the Black Friday snow globe!

    • Oh lovely! I got my Holly murano yesterday and have popped it on my Christmas bracelet as a centre piece. :D It seems like the Crystalised Snowflakes have been delayed in a number of places – I didn’t see them yesterday in my local store, either. I did manage to see the Sky Blue and Opalescent facets & spacers – the opalescent spacers were particularly lovely!

  17. Hi Ellie,

    Today I made it into my local shop in shop & purchased the Glistening Wonderland set with the radiant bloom & layers of lace clips. It was the only way I could get the pave clasp bracelet & layers of lace clips before Jan 2016. The gift set comes with a faux leather zip case that is great for travel,has a bracelet compartment & other storage sections including removable Velcro pouches. I look forward to using it when I travel. Very elegant & is rectangular in design which makes it a better fit in my carry on luggage than the square care Inhave been using.
    I also purchased the red enamel Sparkling Surprise charm. Had to buy it earlier than I wanted because our shop in shop can take a while to get restocked. I put the radiant bloom on my 19 inch necklace I think it would work on most chains as a pendant. I decided to put the sparkling surprise red enamel on the pave clasp bracelet so it floats between the two layers of lace clips. I am very happy with my investment. Love the selection in this years winter release.
    Thanks for posting the photos of the winter release they were very helpful.


    • Hi Lisa!

      Glad to hear that you came away with something from the new collection! I have to say, the gift box that comes with the Glistening Wonder gift set is one of my favourites they have done to date. It looks very functional as well as pretty! ^^ Pandora here in the UK never do anything so exciting, haha. Our bracelet bundles don’t come with any special boxes, but it’s fun seeing what Pandora NA come up with each year!

      I can imagine how pretty the Radiant Bloom looks on a necklace! I was admiring it in the shop yesterday. I am going to go for some Christmas reds as well (in the form of the Puppy, Reindeer and Holly murano), and I’m planning on adding the Dainty Bow pieces for just a touch of delicacy and prettiness amongst all the quirky festive charms on my bracelet!

      Enjoy your new pieces, and thanks for commenting! <3

  18. I just saw that Rue la la is having a ring sale soon. It seems like they always have Pandora stuff right after a new collection is released. I was hoping it would be bracelets this time because I want to get another fabric cord bracelet. I really like those for some reason, but at Rue La La prices. :)

    • Oh yes, thanks for the heads-up! I am also waiting for their next batch of charms and bracelets, myself. They still haven’t had any of this year’s batch of retired pieces – I’m hoping to be able to get the two-tone teapot at some point. :) I expect there’ll be a bigger sale for Black Friday!

  19. Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has any of the persona beads or persona leather bracelets? If so, would you tell me if you are happy with the products or if there was any issues with the products? Thanks, I would appreciate any feedback..

      • In the states Zales carried persona, i actually went to see it in person as i was interested to see their leather bracelets as well as some of their silver and glass beads and to be honest, i was impressed at how much of the stuff i liked. I liked the leather and thought the clasp was pretty unique and i liked their silver pieces as well as some glass beads. Although im sure the quality may be under pandora in regards to some stuff (probably the glass for sure) i thought some beads were up to par with Pandora, some of their silvers were so cute and detailed. also i agree some of their enamel and strong cz/enamel combination stuff does look tacky, so i would just stay away from that. either way, i may get a bracelet sometime soon as i am interested to see if they have decent quality stuff.

  20. I saw the shop in shop exclusive Sweet Sentiments Pink Enamel which is nicer than the Shimmering Sentiments. Very pale pink and quite lovely, you see the bow more clear without cz on. Ellie, I know you like pink.

  21. I always look forward to the latest from your website. Thank you. My closes Pandora store changed hands and oh dear hard time getting charms! I know there are websites that sell Pandora but for the life of me I can’t remember the names and wondering if you could help me.
    Thank you.
    M J

  22. Hi Ellie!
    I was waiting to see the new collection in person, before commenting and now I don’t know where to start! I was so disappointed they kept day schedule so strictly this time! :-( The last couple of days I didn’t have the chance to visit my Pandora store, so (as you often say) it seemed everyone had seen the new pieces but me!!!
    Yesterday, at last, I spend an hour exploring the winter collection and I have to say I was thrilled! So many appealing pieces! My wishlist seems endless since yesterday evening! :-) This time, there were no exclusions and no bundles, which is really good!
    I took home the Abundance of love charm, which fortunately (despite my doubts due to comments I’ve read) looks stunning! The combination of pearls/pearly colour and gold has always been one of my favourites! It ended in my Cinderella’s bracelet, which after the gorgeous picture you posted with 2-tone, gold and off-white pieces, lost his blue colour! I only left Cinderella’s dream, which has tiny light blue stars, not too prominent, and I intend to add 2 white facets sometime later! I think I prefer this new concept; it now looks less fairytaly and much more elegant and classy! I’ll keep my blue pieces for the blue leather sea/summer themed bracelet! :-)
    I also took the Blue Fascinating Iridescent murano, to make a mini midnight love theme! It was kind of inevitable after so many midnight combinations I’ve admired in your posts! ;-) The murano is just gorgeous in person, and it seems that, just like most muranos, no one is identical to another! I chose the one that had more of those little shimmering particles inside it, so it has a quite shiny effect! Having seeing both, comparing to last year’s version, what’s your opinion on having them both on a bracelet? Are they different/irrelevant shades of dark blue? Perhaps would the Fizzle murano match better?
    New entries in my wishlist:
    1. Dainty bow SC (elegant but bigger and heavier, which explains the higher price)
    2. Holly murano ( you’re so right about the colours’ proportions-I’ll try to find one with more red details)
    3. Red enamel sparkling surprise (at last a great amount of real vivid red yeaaahhh!!!)
    4. Last year’s Christmas tree (I think the way leaves are represented makes it look better than the new one)
    5. Two white facets, as mentioned! (I also found the Ruby version really attractive if someone loves different shades of pink. I think it would match perfectly the summer Orchid and that old design with enamel butterflies you’ve got in blue colour)
    Thank God, all my friends and family intend to reduce my desirable charms for Christmas, so my Christmas bracelet will be ready soon! ;-)
    I think I overdid it… Sorry if I was too tiring with such a long comment! Thank you for the great post and lovely photos, Ellie! You are a constant source of inspiration to me! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! I’ve been excited to read your comment on the new collection, you always have some fun insights into all the new pieces. :D
      I’m glad that it didn’t disappoint you in the end, even though you had to wait a little longer this time! It is frustrating isn’t it, when everyone in North America gets to see the new beads a little early. ^^
      Yay, I haven’t managed to see the new Abundance of Love as unfortunately it has been pushed back until Valentine’s Day in the UK :( I’m glad to hear you like it, as I thought it looked very pretty in the live shot pictured above. Your Cinderella bracelet sounds like it has had a very pretty facelift – I do love pearls, gold and a little white detailing too! So elegant, and it keeps your Cinderella theme feeling grown-up and classic, while being a lot of fun too. I like that you left just the tiniest hint of blue though, as it is her signature colour. ^^ Do you have some pearl pieces on there?
      Aha yay, I’m glad you finally decided to make a midnight theme! You are going for some rather sophisticated colour themes ^^ You mean, how would the new Iridescence look with last year’s Fascinating Aventurescent? I think they’d look very nice together, in terms of the sparkliness and the contrast in colour – however, if you’re looking for something a bit more matchy-matchy (so to speak :P), then perhaps the Midnight Fizzle might be better. I think the new Iridescence is something of a combination of the Aventurescent with last year’s Midnight Fizzle, so either one should go well with it haha.

      Your wish list sounds very comprehensive, you have some nice pieces on there! I hope your friends and family get started soon :P I like your thought with the Ruby Facets and the retired enamel butterfly – that sounds lovely! I haven’t managed to see that one myself as it is not out in the UK yet. The Dainty Bow SC is on my list as well – and, funnily enough, I also went for the 2013 pavé Christmas tree instead of the new one. I prefer its more traditional design. I am a little impatient as I have limited myself to the Holly murano for now, and I’m waiting for my brother to come back from Australia to bring me back the Christmas Puppy, Reindeer, and the Dainty Bow pieces. ^^
      Aha, of course not, you were not tiring at all! I was looking forward to hearing your thoughts. :) Your comments are always very inspiring as well – enjoy your new pieces! <3

      • You’re always so kind, Ellie! Thank you!
        Well, my Cinderella bracelet has the Heart mother of pearl charm(which appears on your picture and I think was the excuse I needed to transform my bracelet!) and the Pearl drop charm (791017PNP), which I was lucky to receive as a birthday present in its closest to cream colour version (I’ve seen it in different shades of pink)! I can’t afford gold pieces but there are little touches of gold: the crown on the pumpkin coach, the word love on the Message of love openwork(791425) and now two of the hearts on the Abundance of love charm! The new white facets I think would be nice on it- it’s the next best option, since the essence pearl bead doesn’t fit moments bracelets!
        Oh, I think you often read my mind!!! Well, I admit universe’s balance is better preserved when symmetry is being respected and colours match! :-)) If I got it right, the Iridescence murano matches the Fizzle in colour and the Aventurescent in shape, and you prefer the first one! Those 3 together would probably solve this dilemma, but it’s too early for more muranos on my mini (5 pieces!) midnight theme!:-)
        I hope you get your things soon! Thank you for your lovely answer and recommendations! ♥♥♥

        • Not at all; I meant it! :)
          Oh lovely, I must get that beautiful pearl drop charm as well. It’s such a pretty one! I’m hoping that at some point they will make a Moments pearl charm like the Essence. I would have to have a couple to go on a two-tone bracelet :D The white facets should look nice on it though, they are beautifully shimmery!
          Haha, I think you summed up my incoherent thoughts rather well! ;) All three would look rather pretty together. I was tempted to sell one of my two effervescent muranos and swap it for the new one but have decided against it for now.
          Thanks Chrysa! <3

  23. Oh Ellie, the item I wanted the most from the Winter collection was the LE Dainty Bow bangle, and it’s bundled as a set with the open work version of the “All wrapped Up” charm =(. As you guessed, when I received my free bangle in the October promo – I was doomed, haha. I’m now hooked on bangles, they are so very light to wear!

    I have my eye on the ring with the bow and pearl (sorry I forgot it’s name…), Dainty Bow SC and clips, Abundance of Love, Blue Iridescent murano, and the Crystallised Snowflake! I’m sure items will slowly creep their way into my list later when I see more reviews and how everyone else has styled their bracelet!

    My absolute must-have charm of this season, is still the new snow globe charm, I can’t wait! Thanks for another lovely post Ellie!!! =DD

    • Oh no! :( Perhaps you could get one from overseas? The bangles are lovely, it’s very tempting to try and collect them all… especially as they look so nice stacked together!
      Oh, the Delicate Sentiments – yes I’m after that one as well, and the two-tone bow one too! I’m not adding any of the new icy blues to my wish list for the moment, seeing as I just finished my midnight bracelet from last year and I’d like to do something a bit different. :D
      The snow globe is top of my list too! I need the opalescent version :D Thanks for commenting Suzy! <3

  24. The abundance of love (white), delicate sentiment and dainty bow SC and dainty bow bangle were on my top list this christmas. Will the new abundance of love be available in Australia?? Can’t wait for the bangle promo

  25. Hi,

    I’ve been looking for the crystallised snowflake ring in Pandora stores in Mexico and online in US without luck. Do you think is gong to be available again?

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