Halloween is just around the corner, and so today I’m looking at some ghoulish inspiration using my existing Pandora collection! Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, and I’ve been celebrating with my very first dedicated bracelet design – it’s seen a lot of wear this month. ^^ In this post, I’ll share my favourite Halloween charms and offer some ideas as to how you could style them!

pandora halloween inspiration

Read on for some close-up shots, ideas for future Pandora Halloween charms and some bracelet inspiration! :)

Pandora Halloween Charms

Pandora have only made three Halloween charms in the entirety of their history, and it seems a big shame to me that they have retired all those designs this year without replacing them (so far).

pandora halloween inspiration

Of those three charms, I have two: the ghost and the pumpkin.

pandora halloween inspiration pumpkin

Both feature quite ‘cute’ detailing, and are relatively simple in their design, but I absolutely love them both – particularly the friendly little ghost!

pandora halloween inspiration pumpkin

I’m disappointed, though, as I was hoping that Pandora would make a couple of new Halloween designs this year to replace these retired silver ones. :( Consequently I would be thrilled to see Pandora release some new spooky charms next year, and my wish list would include:

  • Cobweb openwork charm (possibly with delicate pavé shimmering web and a cute little spider tucked away somewhere)
  • Cauldron
  • Bat dangle
  • Book of Spells
  • Witch’s hat (although the Disney Parks Sorcerer’s Hat charm might do!)
  • Vampire
  • Crescent moon
  • Broomstick dangle
  • A new pumpkin design
  • A new witch design

Halloween Stylings

This year, I actually went out and made a dedicated mini-Halloween design, based on a black leather bracelet. I wanted to do something bright and fun, and obviously Halloweeny, and so I went for traditional spooky colours of black and orange. The Curious Cat makes for an excellent witch’s familiar, while the Pumpkin and Ghost complete the look! ^^

pandora halloween inspiration

I like that all three of the silvers have quite cute detailing, as it captures all the fun of Halloween without too much of the horror. The Orange Candy-Stripe murano is a recent acquisition of mine, and I was thrilled to be able to find one that’s new after it being retired so long! The idea of candy is great for representing trick-or-treating, and the orange shade is perfect.

pandora halloween inspiration

I’m also including some pictures I took for a Halloween inspiration post last year (which I ran out of time to actually put together at the time). When I made this design last year, I didn’t really have any of the traditional oranges, blacks or greens that you associate with Halloween and, consequently, I was thinking outside the box a little!

It’s possible to make many charms take on a creepy look when paired with the right things – for example, the windmill can become a creepy abandoned location, or the little girl and little boy charms, when paired with the witch and pumpkin, could be the hapless heroes of horror movies. ;) Consequently this Halloween design features some dark colours on the oxidised chain – a dark purple is great for evoking a midnight sky.

pandora halloween inspiration

I absolutely love the black enamel Mystic Floral for Halloween – the tendrils of the leaves are delightfully evocative of an enchanted forest, while the black petals are perfect for evoking a funereal effect.

pandora halloween inspiration

The traditional Ghost and Pumpkin charms remain front and centre of this design, while the oxidised finish and dramatic star motif of the Stella charm are also perfect for Halloween! Finally, I’ve added the Owl and Feather charms, as representations of a witch’s familiar and magic. ;)

pandora halloween inspiration


Pandora is often all about unusual and fun combinations; there are lots of different colours and themes you can do, even just for Halloween. Cute and quirky with black and orange, or ornate and funereal with black and purple – it’s up to you! There’s so much that Pandora could do going forward to celebrate Halloween, but I do wonder sometimes if doing this kind of quirky/spooky charm is too far removed from their hearts & flowers aesthetic these days. Pandora do sometimes still have the potential to surprise though (I think the upcoming CNY 2016 pig charm is adorable and delightfully quirky), so you never know. In the meantime, I do love my lovely solid silver classic Halloween charms and hunting down retired gems to go with them is always fun too.

Have you put together any Halloween-themed bracelets this year? What Halloween charms would you like Pandora to come out with?

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  1. Like you, I love Halloween so am in the process of putting together a special design to celebrate.

    The ghost & Jack-o-lantern are going to be my centre pieces & I had ordered the discontinued Midnight Stardust murano but unfortunately there is an issue with the thread & it won’t go onto my bracelet properly, I hope the replacement arrives in time! I did almost order the current orange murano but ultimately decided it wouldn’t get enough use during the rest of the year. Also I felt that the stardust represents a dark Halloween night!

    I love your orange candy stripe though, I think it’s a much more subtle way of adding the orange & wish I could get my hands on a new one too.

    It’s a shame that they haven’t brought out any more designs, Halloween seems to be a big thing now so the market surely is there?

    • Oh good, glad to hear you’re also doing a Halloween design! That’s such a shame about your Stardust murano though, at least you can get another one, even if it doesn’t arrive in time for Halloween. I didn’t think of using it for a Halloween design, but now that you mention it, it is kind of perfect! ^^

      Thanks, the orange candy-stripe seems like it was made for Halloween to me! I found mine on the Canadian site Charm Junction and got a friend to ship it over to me, but they seem to be sold out now. :( Some of these older beads are getting quite hard to find!

      I’d have certainly thought there would be a market for Halloween beads. The fact that almost every other brand are still coming up with great designs to celebrate it suggests that there is. I don’t really know why Pandora aren’t tapping into that :(

  2. Hi Ellie!
    Although we do not celebrate Halloween in my country, I enjoy watching movies and learning more on traditions related to it!
    How wonderful pictures you took! I loved that glittery black background for your styling, and the decoration with the spider and the pumpkin! I prefer the orange-black version of the festive bracelet instead of the purple one, it’s so cute! And that little ghost, oh it’s so adorable that I doubt it could scare anyone! :-) It’s sweet like that old cartoon, Casper!
    Always a pleasure to read your posts, Ellie! Happy Halloween! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa!
      Halloween is quite widely celebrated here in the UK these days so I think some spooky charms would do quite well here. I think the ghost always used to be quite popular – as you say, it’s got such a cute face! Very Casper-like! ^^ I’m glad you like the pictures, thank you. :) I used this little Halloween house ornament that I found out shopping a few weeks ago, it worked quite well haha.
      Happy Halloween to you too Chrysa, and thank you for commenting! <3 <3

  3. Love your Halloween design Ellie, i must admit to doing one myself this year as well, I have the fascinating orange , the pumpkin and the block letter A and O ( hey, there IS a a and o in both Halloween and jack-o’-lantern) I too feel Pandora jips us with no new pieces, halloween is such a fun and festive tkme of the year! I really love your cat on this bracelet for some reason it has a mysterious spooky feel and I think it pulls your bracelet together perfectly, the candy Murano is gorgeous as well. The owl would be another great piece to add to your simplified design as well

    • Thanks Alex! I like your reasoning for the ‘A’ and the ‘O’ ^^ I was tempted by the Fascinating Orange, as it’s such a deep gorgeous colour, but in the end I was swayed by the fact that the candy stripe was so great for the trick-or-treat theme. :D
      I think the cat has a spooky feel due to the fact that it is just a head :P and that it has a slightly vacant expression as well, haha. The owl would be great, and maybe also that retired snake too?

  4. Love your black, orange and silver design, think it looks very Halloween. I agree with Alex V. And think the owl would look nice with this design.
    I’d be interested in seeing a post with your ideas on different Christmas braclet designs, once you’ve bought your new ones. I haven’t bought any Christmas charms so far, though I am tempted. Maybe some point in the future I’ll buy some and put a bracelet together.
    Looking forward to the winter collection release this week. I’m hoping to go next weekend.

    • Thanks Sarah! The owl would be nice – I have the retired silver snake, as well, and perhaps I’ll do a fuller silver bracelet design for next year with them both!

      I’ll be definitely doing lots of Christmas inspiration! I’m planning on a series of festive reviews closer to December, as I want a few of the new charms. You should definitely consider a couple of Christmas pieces – they’re a lot of fun, and you can wear the plain silver ones all year round too! I’m looking forward to the next collection launch as well. I’m hoping to be able to go on Thursday!

  5. :-) That’s a cute Halloween combo! I like the idea of the orange and black”candy” charms mixed with the little ghost, cat and pumpkin.

    I’m sad too, that Pandora haven’t issued any kind of Halloween design. Thomas Sabo released some last year and I had waited for Pandora to follow suit. But since nothing happened, I went for an orange pumpkin and a black bat by TS, which I’ll be showing on my blog in a couple of days.

    Well, who knows…maybe next year?

    Have a very HAPPY week! :-)

    • Yeah, the Halloween charms do go really well together. :) It would be nice to have some new designs to add in with them though! I’ll look out for your Thomas Sabo post. ^^

      Have a happy week too and thanks for commenting! <3

  6. Halloween is such an important holiday here in the US. I’m so sad that I decided to not get any halloween charms. Your designs are so cool! . Now I’m in the process of searching for retired charms.:)

  7. I love your Halloween bracelet! I would add your owl in too, though. Maybe it is just in the US, but owls are often featured in Halloween decorations. I wish Pandora would make some more Halloween charms. It is such a popular holiday in the States, I would think the charms would be good sellers in North America at least. I’m still hoping Disney makes some “Nightmare Before Christmas” charms.

    • Thanks Stephanie! I will definitely think about trying to make a full silver design out of it for next year… I’m thinking the owl and maybe the plain silver snake would be nice to go on it too.
      Nightmare Before Christmas would be amazing! I’m sure Halloween charms would sell well here in the UK, too. That little ghost always seemed popular.

      • I think the snake would fit in well too. I was just thinking it would be amazing if they made a sugar skull charm. That would fit with their more elaborate designs.

  8. Happy (early) Halloween Ellie! Your leather and oxi bracelets are adorable :-D I love the candy stripe murano, so cute and perfect for the theme! Your ideas for Halloween charms are great, let’s hope Pandora makes some for next year ;-)

    I posted an updated pic of my Halloween bracelet for you to see, I had to add the Ohm Deadhead I won from Great Lakes’ Facebook contest! I also changed to orange and black glass since Halloween is closer (I wanted to be more subtle when I was wearing my charms so early before Halloween).

    I am still checking all the time for pics of the Valentine collection! It’s got to be any day now, right?!

    • Happy early Halloween to you too Natalie! Glad you liked the designs ^^ The Candy-Stripe murano is really pretty, it makes me want to track down more in that style. I have the pink one as well, but it is quite pale and not as striking in person.

      I just saw it! The Deadhead is an amazing piece! The black and orange looks great on your bracelet too. :D Maybe I’ll have to graduate to a full silver bracelet design for next year.

      Aha, I have no idea regarding Valentine’s to be honest. Going by last year, then yes we are overdue for pics. But I never know when pics are going to come out before I get them/they surface online. Hopefully soon though! I have heard rumours about it – more hearts and sparkle apparently.

      • I like mini designs, I just have trouble containing myself when I’m looking through my charms, usually I have more pulled than would actually fit on a bracelet, so I have to do full bracelet + mini design or even 2 full bracelets!

        Yes, Valentine collection will be coming out before we know it (it’s usually mid January right?) so I would think press/store previews and therefore leaks will be imminent!

        Hearts, sparkle, pink…I wouldn’t expect anything less from Pandora! Actually, I’m okay with their pave now, I can get my non-pave fix from other brands. Pandora do pave so well, I can see why it sells for them. I like a few pave accents on a design.

        • Aha, What are you hoping to see for the valentines collection? I don’t mind a little pave or heart themed pieces either, but as Pandora is the main brand I collect, I do always hope to see some original solid silver or two tone designs with each collection :)

      • I would like some burgundy colored beads, or the lovely “red” crystals like on the pave ladybug and apple that are more magenta to me. I like the Red Geometric Facets that look like the magenta color, I might get a couple of those. I like light pink and it is pretty with rose gold, but I do have quite a few already (I posted a latest pic of my rose gold and light pink bracelet for you yesterday under your radiant hearts post). I have a lot of hearts too, I like hearts but I like to have different things too. Some original 2 tones would be nice, not that many brands do 2 tones and I do love that little bit of gold!

        • Ooh I’d like burgundy as well. It would be nice to have something more on the red side, as it has been rather baby pink for the last couple of launches. Like you, I’m fond of light pink but there’s only so many new charms in that shade I can use! I saw your Pandora Rose bracelet and it is lovely. <3

  9. I love Canada Fall season with so many different color of the landscape. Pandora can have some charm for Fall season, like squash, pumpkin, apple in the basket, color changing maple leaf, fall style wreath, scarecrow…etc. This kind of charm can be used for the whole season and for some country don’t have Halloween.

    • Ellie, i love some of your Halloween recommendations such as the spider web and new witch/cauldron idea, however Michele I have to say that i absolutely love your scarecrow idea, and you are right it would be appropriate for Halloween, autumn and Thanksgiving! ugh how cool would that little guy be (a full bodied one, not a portrait head version LOL)

  10. I love the design with the bright orange murano it looks really vibrant with the orange and the black leather and then with the silver pieces. I was planning on doing a mini Halloween design and getting some of the charms but never got round to it. I saw a few of them on ebay but never purchased them.

      • I agree. Halloween is definetly one of my favorite nights of the year, and it would be great to have charms that represent that on some of my bracelets. :)

  11. Hi,I was also sad to find out the pumpkin was retiring, and I think the ghost is adorable. What they really need to do is a skull, not a creepy one, a representation of the sugar skulls from the Mexican tradition, it’s becoming a big thing here in the US market it would be a hit!!

    • Same! I love skulls and scary stuff. I on the other hand would love to see a scary skull. :) Or other scary stuff. :)

    • Hi Susana, the ghost is one of my favourites too! Such a cute way to represent the holiday. I think they’d do well with some more cute Halloween designs! Sugar skulls seem popular with other brands so you never know! Maybe Pandora will catch up with their Halloween stuff next year ^^

  12. I love your idea for the cobweb charm! I am partial to enamel charms. How about a pretty orange pumpkin and a black cat with glittering green eyes?

    • Thanks, the cobweb idea is probably my most-wished-for Halloween design! I absolutely love enamel charms too, so your ideas are spot-on for me! I would definitely add both of those charms to my Halloween bracelet if Pandora were to make them ^^

    • Hey Cindy! Great question. ^^ I am probably missing some but I think my favourites of the regular collections have been the Arabian Coffee Pot, the Forest Fairy, the Sparkling Ladybird and the London Guard. All very cute / original solid silver offerings with great detail. I also loved the new Rose versions of the Darling Daisy Meadow, Butterfly and Love & Appreciation. But my absolute favourite is probably Eeyore from the Disney line. So cute and so incredibly detailed! <3 how about you?

  13. The scary charm like dead head, skull, snake… etc. are hard to sell in Asia market. Halloween is not big there. Ladies there buy jewelry as a beautiful accessory to match their fashion. Asian lady like thing sweet, cute, sparkling, good luck symbol, bring good mood or health…etc. I think you understand what I mean, :).

    • I get that, and to be honest I go for the cutesier Halloween offerings too. But I think Pandora could easily release some more fun offerings like the ghost without getting too deep into the super creepy stuff. If it really wouldn’t sell in Asia, then they could just not release them there? I’m sure we’d only be talking like two or three pieces in any Case!

  14. It really is a shame that the ghost and pumpkin are now retired. I’m glad I have them. Maybe next year we’ll get a pave pumpkin and a pave ghost! Hopefully Pandora will create some new Halloween beads next year. A little trick or treat bag would be cute. I like your idea of a cobweb openwork bead. So many possibilities…

    • I’m glad I have them too, as they are increasingly hard to find in new condition! I was expecting Pandora to come out with new pave versions this year tbh, as that seems to have been the trend with other silver designs previously, but no luck it seems. A trick or treat bucket is not something I had thought of before but I absolutely love that idea! Really original and fun. It would be so great if they did a little spooky collection for next year. The only thing is that it’s pretty hard to imagine Halloween beads on display in store amongst all the soft whites and flowers and hearts. Perhaps they’re just headed in a different direction :/

  15. I have a mini bangle combo. It has the Chamilia over the moon dangle which is a witch on a broomstick with a moon, Ohm Beads pumpkin ring with four mini jack-o’lantern faces, the Trollbeads snake, and a Chamilia oxidized spacer. Ohm Beads also has a wizard hat and a pestle and mortar charm.

    • That sounds like great fun, Martha! It is frustrating to see nothing from Pandora when other brands are doing such great things to celebrate Halloween. I loved the trollbeads trick or treat glass from this year and the Chamilia Halloween gift set. If Pandora don’t do anything by next year, I’m defecting and adding other brands to this leather design! ^^1

  16. I love the ghost! It’s fab that it is double sided too. I find the witch a bit creepy though. The purple murano on oxidized bracelet works well for Halloween!

  17. Hi Ellie,

    I too love Halloween, one of my travel goals is to drive down to the US and spend a long weekend in October exploring Salem Massachusetts. When Pandora retired their Halloween collection I purchased the witch and ghost charms (if I make the trip those charms might make it temporarily onto my travel bracelet). The witch has great detail and reminds me of the Grimm Brothers Fairy tales that I grew up with. The ghost is just plain cute.
    I had a read through the comments and the request for Pandora to create a Sugar Skull charm so I forth or fifth that motion. I loved what they did with the Arabian Coffee Pot so they have the capability of repeating that . With Thanksgiving being so huge in the US I am surprised that Pandora hasn’t created more harvest designs to celebrate that fact that way those of us North of the US Border could also benefit.
    I am a believer in multi-purpose charms, they are quite an investment. When possible my charms represent 2 or more things when possible for example when I purchased the Happily Ever After Charm (Canada) or as it is called in the UK the Crowne and Castle charm it represents my recent trip to the UK: my visits to the Tower of London, Edinburgh Castle and for a Harry Potter inspired moment, Hogwarts. So this year when I saw how you used the Black Glass Cherry Blossom charm I thought what a great idea especially against the black leather bracelet – very clever. The photos were fantastic too, Pandora should be taking notes on how you created that look, should they decide to do another Halloween release.
    I noticed that someone mentioned Charm Junction in Langley BC. I have been shopping with them for a long time – they are a great source for retired charms and ship throughout North America.
    Thanks Ellie for taking the time to do a Halloween post! In answer to you original question what Halloween charms would like to see in addition to so many already mentioned are some Harry Potter charms, such as the sorting hat or wand. Oh to dream.
    As for my own design in addition to my to the witch and ghost I incorporated two beaded beauty spacers but I do have the purple vintage enamel and will try those next year.


    • Hi Lisa!

      Ooh that’s such a fun idea! I’ve always wanted to go there ever since I read The Crucible. ^^ And I love the Brothers Grimm, too – perhaps making a bracelet based on their fairy tales would be rather nice?

      I do wonder whether Pandora has moved away from doing charms that don’t have a more global appeal, as some others have theorised. Harvest and Thanksgiving aren’t such a big deal outside of the US I suppose, and Asia doesn’t celebrate Halloween, so perhaps they are just going other routes. You’d think just one or two charms each year couldn’t hurt though!

      Thanks so much Lisa, I’m so pleased that you liked the styling! :D I also like to purchase charms that can be re-used, and I like to put together themed designs from charms all across my bracelets. That’s a very clever variety of uses for the Happily Ever After charm – how nice that you can look down at it and see any number of special moments and meanings. The Black Blossom is really lovely (I managed to get mine on sale from Rue La La). Yes I got my orange murano from Charm Junction and they were fantastic. I’ll definitely go back again should I want some more retired charms – they have a great back catalogue. Teklaestelle is another site that someone has recently recommended to me, and they also have a pretty good range of older Pandora if you’re looking!

      Harry Potter would be something of a hit, I suspect. ;) I’ve seen a few people attempt designs based on it and they’ve looked great – you can use primary coloured muranos for all the houses and the Pandora Disney Parks Sorcerer’s Hat makes rather a great sorting hat charm these days! A wand would be a great idea for a charm too.

      Thank you for your lovely long comment, it was very interesting to hear all your thoughts! The purple vintage enamel spacers are gorgeous – I’d love to add those, and maybe the grey versions, to a Halloween design. <3

      • Ellie,
        Thanks for responding to my rather long post. This was my first ever post on a blog, I had no idea how long it would turn out. In the future I’ll aim for more concise posts. It is nice to exchange ideas and thoughts. I’ll give Teklaestelle a look. I passed on the grey/black vintage spacers and regret that I didn’t purchase them. Perhaps I’ll win the lottery some day.

        Cheers & Happy Halloween Week!

        • Hi Lisa, not at all, I really enjoyed your detailed comment. It makes for a nice change! I missed out on the grey spacers as well, but I do keep an eye out for them on the preloved pages. ^^
          Happy Halloween week to you too!

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