Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for November 2015! The holiday season is beginning to get under way, and there’s a whole host of festive promos this month. The highlight  is undoubtedly the limited edition Black Friday charm, which I have some more details on today!

pandora christmas 2015

Coming up on the blog will be my first Winter 2015 reviews this month – there is lots to love in this new collection!

Pandora Disney Release for Asia and Australia

Last month we heard the exciting news that the Pandora Disney collection is coming to Asia and Australia, and that it was due out in both regions for this month. We now have some more specific information, and concrete dates for both the Asian and Australian launches!

pandora disney parks exclusives spring 2015

The collection is slated for release in Asia on the 5th of November and in Australia on the 12th of November. I mentioned before that I had been told that not all of the existing Disney charms and jewellery would make it out for this initial launch, and that has now been confirmed.

In Australia, 28 pieces will be released, including the Mickey and Minnie mouse charms and the Cinderella pieces to start with. This will include the limited edition Sparkling Mickey & Minnie charms that just launched in the US and Canada.

Asia will see a similar selection, but with the addition of the Frozen and Snow White pieces. A recent Pandora Disney preview was held in a variety of Asian countries, featuring stylings very nicely combines the Disney pieces with the new Winter 2015 collection:

pandora disney asia launch
Image by Femalemag

Pandora Black Friday 2015 Charm Release & Black Friday Promotions

The highlight of November is usually the annual launch of the limited edition Pandora Black Friday charm: it’s slated for release this year on the 27th of November. We had an early sneak peek of the Black Friday charm this year, revealing it to be a rather cute pavé snow globe design – but intriguingly, two different versions of the charm leaked online!

I can now confirm that this two-tone version of the snow globe will be the North American Black Friday charm for this year. I don’t know if it will make an appearance in other regions, or what the plain silver opalescent version is intended for; perhaps for an equivalent limited edition release elsewhere in the world?

pandora black friday 2015 charm

In addition to the release of the Black Friday charm itself, Pandora will be running a rather special GWP for North America. From the 26th to the 30th of November, spend $125 USD ($150 CAD) and get the LE Dainty Bow bangle for free. This will also be offered online for Cyber Monday. After the promotion has ended, the bangle will be sold on its own for $75 USD.


This offers the perfect opportunity to pick up the Black Friday charm, and I’m considering doing this myself!

In the UK, we will be getting a special Black Friday bracelet bundle at a special price of £99 (that’s quite a saving on an estimated RRP of ~£165) featuring the barrel clasp bracelet, the silver logo clips and the new Winter 2015 openwork CZ present charm. Hat tip goes to Shelly for sharing this deal on my Facebook wall! :)

pandora black friday 2015 uk bracelet bundle

Pandora Christmas Gift Bag 2015

Every year, Pandora design a special gift bag to celebrate the holiday season – this year’s has been revealed as a lovely pastel blue/grey, with a matching ribbon:

pandora winter 2015 christmas gift bag

It has a rather pretty snowflake design printed on it, which you can see in this close-up shot. It matches nicely with the whole ‘crystalised embellishment’ theme Pandora have going on this season.

pandora winter 2015 christmas gift bag

I love to collect the special bags, I’ll admit, and so I’ll be making sure I get this year’s! ^^

Pandora Promotions for November 2015

The UK have already started the Pandora Christmas Ornament gift with promotion with the launch of the Winter 2015 collection, and it will run whilst stocks last. The ornament for 2015 is a gorgeous white porcelain snowflake, hung from a blue Pandora ribbon:

pandora christmas ornament 2015

It’s a £125 qualifying spend, which shouldn’t be too hard to hit with the all the new jewellery that has just come out! I am very tempted (and I could very easily spend £125 on the new collections…!). Other regions will not be running this promotion until later in the month at least –

  • in Australia and New Zealand, this promo will begin on the 19th of November
  • in North America, it will begin on the 1st of December.

pandora christmas ornament 2015

Other notable promotions include this gorgeous travel jewellery box GWP from Pandora Germany: spend 129 euros and get it for free. I would love one of these boxes!

pandora germany christmas 2015 box promo

It looks very functional as well as very pretty:

Meanwhile in Spain, Pandora are offering the new Christmas Puppy as a free gift when you purchase any 3 charms or more from now until the 19th of November:

pandora christmas 2015 spain

*UPDATED – thanks to Marta and Lily for the information* In Portugal, Pandora are currently running a special promo in celebration of the 2nd anniversary of the Pandora Essence collection. From the 31st of October until the 30th of November, spend 84 euros on the Pandora Essence collection and receive one of the star-sign Essence beads for free.

If you know of any promos going on in your region, or starting soon, please let me know and I’ll add them in! :)


There are some really fun promos running this month, and I am very tempted to get myself one of the Christmas ornaments. It looks gorgeous in the live photos I’ve seen, and it’s one of my favourite promos that Pandora run every year. :D The highlight of the month for me is undoubtedly the Black Friday charm, however. This year’s design is really beautiful, although I would like to know more about the opalescent snow globe, as that is the version I would most like to have!

What are you most looking forward to this month? Will you be getting the Black Friday charm or taking part in any promos?

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  1. I got one of the Christmas gift bags the other day, when I bought my charm. Whilst I was in store I saw the Christmas snowflake ornament and it was lovely.
    I’m trying to be good now and not buy anything else now, till next year. My next purchase will be the ice crystal charm from the winter collection, but I’ll have to wait till it’s available on it’s own to buy. I just thinking now what I’d put with it.
    I like the travel jewellery box that’s in the Germany promo. Shame it’s not available here. That’s two jewellery boxes I have seen, that I would love, but not available in this country. Never mind, we might get some here eventually.
    I’m hoping were on the list next to get Pandora Disney. It would sell well here.
    Look forward to reading your winter reviews.

    • I didn’t get one when I got my Holly murano… the shop hadn’t unpacked them yet, which was a little disappointing! ;) I guess I’ll just have to buy something else aha. The Ice Crystal is really pretty – I was also drawn to the Radiant Bloom in person. But I’m focusing on the more festive charms this year!
      I love the travel box too! I wonder if they’ll offer it anywhere else, as it seems like such a pretty box to just limit to one country. The US and Canada usually get the nicest boxes, but this one is lovely too!
      I think the sticking point with launching Pandora Disney in the UK is contractual issues, as Chamilia currently hold the licensing here. It may not be resolved for a few years yet, from what I hear. :( Nevertheless, my fingers remain crossed that they might sort it out sooner!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful post and updates! Pandora sure are running some great Promos to entice their loyal customers. I luv the free puppy charm promos, that is such a fun and cute idea! I really like the two new available bracelets, I thjnk makjng the bow bangle as well as the pave silver bracelet is great for people looking for something fresh and new. I must admit I am more and more tempted to join th Xmas festivities and get myself that adorable red nosed reindeer charm… ;)

    • Pandora do run some great promos, although a lot of that varies depending on which country you live in. The puppy promo is a particularly cute idea! ^^ The bow bangle is super cute; I do like this new tradition they have of releasing LE bangles with each season. It’s a rather obvious money spinner, but it still appeals to the collector in me lol.
      Aha, you totally should get the reindeer Alex! ;)

  3. An excellent post yet again! Working at a store I knew about a lot of the promos early but had to wait to take part with the rest of the U.K. I was desperate for the snowflake ornament and with all my Christmas collection purchases ended up with several! I now have a dedicated Christmas bracelet filled with new and old pieces although I’m sure I’ll be able to find a space for the US Black Friday snowglobe, it’s lovely!!

    • Thanks Jonny! Glad to hear you’ve got your snowflake ornament(s!!) – I was on the fence as to whether I should spend the money, but it looks so pretty in all the pictures that I might have to do it! I bet your Christmas bracelet looks great. I’m so enjoying building mine, red and green are not colours I’ve really played with before. Do you happen to know how long the UK’s Black Friday bracelet bundle will be available at £99 for please?

  4. Ellie,

    Thanks for the update on the Black Friday Charm. I had my fingers & toes crossed for the two tone pave version to be released. I’m not a huge enamel fan. Truth be told I prefer all silver or two tone charms to pave but the extra bling in the snow globe works. I guess the answer for me is a huge yes to the Black Friday charm which I hope to make part of the qualifying bangle purchase. I’ll,have to be strategic in picking a time to sendi hubby out shopping for my Christmas gift so he can hopefully pick up the ornament. Last year I received the sleigh but it is bulky, almost too heavy for my tree but lovely non the less.

    Ellie, do you have the prices for the Black Friday Charm?

    Thanks again for the very informative post.

    • Hi Lisa! Glad to hear that was the version you wanted. ^^ I am still keeping my eyes peeled for any info on the opalescent version. I may well end up with both versions, as they are both lovely, but the opalescent one is my favourite. :D I’ll probably be doing the North American bangle promo to get the Black Friday charm, as I can do the snowflake ornament promo here in the UK! I have the sleigh from last year as well – I love it too, but I was too scared to actually put it on the tree in case it fell and smashed. I settled for having it displayed on my shelf. ^^ My dog is always very intrigued by the tree and I don’t trust her near breakables either haha.

      Yep, the two-tone Black Friday charm is going to be $75 USD ($85 CAD)! I don’t have any more info on the plain silver one unfortunately.

    • Ellie,

      Thanks for answering my question, again, you are a fabulous source of info. This year Sleigh will sit on my sofa table, and fingers crossed if I get the snowflake ornament that will go on the tree instead. My darling kitty sits under the tree but lord knows what she does when we aren’t home. She actually runs the house, my husband & I are staff.

      Thanks again, I am looking forward to adding to my holiday bracelet.


      • Hi Lisa, you are very welcome! Aha, your kitty situation sounds familiar. My Billycat only arrived a couple of months ago as a tiny little kitten but he already rules the roost. He always wants to know whatever you’re doing, which usually means interfering with it haha. I’m sure he’d try and pull the ornaments off too. ;)
        Thanks for commenting :D

  5. Thank you for this wonderful post and updates. By any chance, you know what are the 28 pieces of Disney charms Australia will be getting? Thank you.

    • Hi Celina,
      I have had a chance to see the new Disney pieces coming to Australia, they are mainly the Minnie and Mickey pieces and some Cinderella, eg: shoe, murano, dress, Micky snowflake, Micky ears, afew of the round charms with Minnie and Mickey in black enamel on them, like Ellie mentioned the limited edition pave pieces! I saw them awhile ago so I can’t remember the full list, sorry:) hope this helps a little!

      • Hi Julie, that definitely helps. thank you so much :) Looking forward to add them to my collection. Do they have the Mickey and Minnie Silver Charm (similar to the limited edition pave pieces but without the sparkling) ? :) xx

    • You’re welcome Celina! :) This is the list of the Australian Disney launch. You might have to google some of the names but at least you’ll know which pieces are coming out!

      Mickey & Minnie
      Mickey’s Portrait
      Minnie’s Portrait
      Mickey & Minnie Kiss Heart
      Be Magical Heart
      Minnie’s Cupcake
      Mickey & Minnie Hearts
      Sparkling Minnie Portrait
      Sparkling Mickey Portrait
      Classic Minnie murano
      Classic Mickey murano
      Mickey Icon Pendant
      Mickey’s Sparkling Snowflake
      Heart of Mickey safety chain
      Mickey Pavé clip
      Minnie pavé clip
      Mickey All Around spacer
      Minnie’s Bows
      Mickey & Minnie Double Heart pendant
      Mickey headband pendant
      Minnie headband pendant
      Mickey icon black and red enamel pendant
      Minnie icon black and red enamel pendant

      Cinderella’s Dress
      Cinderella’s Sparkling Slipper
      Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach
      Cinderella’s Dream heart
      Cinderella’s Signature Colour murano
      Cinderella’s Wish

      Hope that helps!

      • Hi Ellie! Thank you so much for the list ??? It definitely helps a lot! OMG I’m so excited! The Mickey and Minnie portraits and the safety chain and the muranos ?????????
        I’m a new subscriber of yours. Love reading your posts. xx

        • You’re welcome! :D I’d be very excited too if I were in your shoes!
          I’m so pleased to hear that you’re enjoying the blog – thank you for subscribing. <3 xx

      • Exciting to get the list. Thank you Ellie. Would like Minnie’s cupcake and a murano to start.. I have the be magical heart charm which is quite sweet.

  6. Hi I love reading your posts I think I’m abit Pandora obsessed I’ve just ordered some charms to get the free Xmas orniment can’t wait till it comes I would love it if us in the uk would be able to get the Disney charms too and I can’t wait till the Black Friday bracelet is released Thankyou for writing these posts also have you seen the fake websites all over Facebook selling plastic charms saying there Pandora for 10 pounds I keep commenting saying it’s fake but my posts keep getting removed xx

    • Hi Julie! You are definitely in the right place if you’re Pandora obsessed! ^^ Ah I’m envious – the ornament is beautiful! I’m hoping I’ll be able to get one too. Enjoy your new pieces, which did you get? :D
      Yes the amount of fake Pandora circulating is terrible. :( It makes you very edgy about where to buy! So many of these people use my pics (and other people’s) to sell their fake stuff as well. It’s beyond frustrating, but there seems to be very little you can do about it. :(

      • Hi I’ve ordered the family tree one and a couple from the older range I’ve just read one of your posts about getting charms from
        Abroad is this possible cause the Disney ones are on eBay but not sure if there fake I would love the two toned snow globe

        • Cute! :) It is possible, yes, and your first port of call would be the Pandora Facebook pages. Try Pandora’s Angels or Pandora’s Tribe. They are such a great resource for getting help with country exclusives. It can take a little while to get approved, so you should message an admin to get the process sped up if it’s lagging. I would avoid eBay if you can. :)

  7. Thanks for the updates Ellie! Definitely looking forward to the Dainty Bow Bangle promo, just not totally sure what I’ll get. I’m leaning toward 2 Ruby Facets and a cheaper clip or something to round out the promo, or maybe I need to do 2 sets and have a $75 charm (like if I want the Black Friday charm, not totally sold on it yet, maybe I actually like the opalescent version better?) plus $50 Ruby Facet…decisions, decisions! I also still like the Everlasting Grace pearl dangle and Heart and Bow for pricier charms. Probably will depend what the store actually has, I’m definitely presaling this time!

    • I’m looking forward to the bangle promo too! I need it for my Chamilia Christmas charms ^^ I definitely prefer the opalescent version, but will probably end up with this two-tone one as well (the bangle promo just seems like too good an opportunity to get it!). The Ruby facets are a nice choice, I’m sure you could make something beautiful to showcase those! :) The Everlasting Grace pearl is another lovely one – it might look quite nice with the deep ruby colour as well, actually. You’ll have to let me know what you decide! ^^

  8. It’s been a while but I would love to get the bangle I just love them I also love the black Friday charm. I’m waiting to see what you think of them or the charm when you get it.

  9. Thanks for the post Ellie I love the Black Friday charm and the bandle bracelet is such a good promo. The American bracelet bundle pictured is so pretty very sparkly I wished the uk would of had that one.

    • Hi Nicola, the North American bracelet bundle is so nice I agree, but at least we can purchase all the different items in it separately! :) I’m glad I didn’t have to wait to get the Layers of Lace clips, as they are beautiful.

  10. Love reading your posts Ellie :)
    Australia has the snowflake ornament as a gwp when you spend $150 starting on the 19th November :) then a couple of weeks later another gwp the bow bangle, also $150 spend required!
    So, I’m saving my purchases for those dates so I can get the free pieces, like you mentioned Ellie, not hard to do, lol
    But I did have to make one purchase early, the crystallised snowflake charm finally arrived here and I just had to get it, half an hour after they put it out I had it in my hands, good timing :)

    • In Canada they have an upgrade of the free bangle :D spend 125, get the silver one, spend 550, get the two tone bangle :) do you happen to know if Australia will have the two tone bangle promo too ?

    • Thanks Julie! <3 And thanks very much for that updated info on the Australian promos – I was missing the dates on the snowflake ornament GWP. I will update the post! My brother is in Australia right now, and I've asked him to get me some Pandora as it's so much cheaper over there, but unfortunately he is just going to miss the ornament GWP. ;)
      Aha, half an hour is very good timing! It must have been serendipity. ;) I saw that one the other day in store – the blue in it really is beautiful. Enjoy your new charm!

  11. Hi Ellie,
    I just saw on the Disney Parks Blog that they have some really nice pictures of both sides of the Wishes and Fantasia charms. Hopefully they will be on the website-they haven’t answered if they will be there in November yet (they just said parks locations in the post). The Fantasia one is limited release. I hope they have it on the website, but even then it may get sold out right away. It is really cool looking. Mickey’s sorcerer hat is glittery blue enamel.

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for the heads-up! They’ve posted a date now for the Wishes and Fantasia charms – the 13th of November. I am rather tempted by them both, as the glittery enamel looks so pretty, but I will wait a little to get them as I am planning on spending a bit on the Winter collection. :D Hopefully they will still be around when I can afford them!

      • Thanks Ellie! That is awesome that you gave us the list of Disney charms for Australia. :) I really want both of those charms too, even though I haven’t seen the specific fireworks show that the Wishes charm is based on. I really like the glitter enamel on both charms. The Fantasia one is a limited release, although limited may mean they made enough for one year since Fantasia just turned 75. I’m going to get that one as soon as it’s available on the Disney Store site though so I don’t miss out. I really wish they would do that kind of charm for more movies. I would love to have a bracelet with a bead from each of my favorite Disney movies.
        I ended up getting the Mickey Wreath charm from the October release. I couldn’t resist getting something from that group. I like that one the best of all the Christmas charms, although I really like that round Santa face as well.

        • You’re welcome! It’s a nice initial set of charms for Australia. :D I haven’t seen Fantasia and I hadn’t heard of the Wishes show before I previewed the charm, but they’re such nice designs that I also would like them. I could see them going really nicely together on a navy blue leather as like a fun new year’s starry bracelet. Hopefully there will be plenty of stock of the Fantasia – or maybe I’ll ask for it for Christmas from someone haha.
          Oh lovely, I got that one too! I can’t wait for it to arrive – a friend in the US is going to forward it on to me, but USPS is being incredibly slow delivering it haha. It’ll be a lot of fun to review it I think! :)

  12. I love alot of the Christmas and winter charms. Definately want the bow bangle bracelet, red present, stocking and snowflake charms. I really love and definitely have to find the opalescent snowglobe !! I will probably get the black Friday charm if I don’t know where to get the other. I have the new reindeer charm and it’s really cute! Love your post. In the US.

    • That’s a nice mix of charms on your wish list! :) The bow bangle and reindeer will be coming home with me as well, eventually. The opalescent snow globe is top of my wish list this season too. I like the two-tone version, but love the opalescent one that bit more. I just wish we knew anything about where it’s going to be available, and when! ;)

  13. Hi Ellie! Thanks for another great post. It’s informative and interesting to read about (and see!) all the different promotions. I’m planning to get two Jasmine muranos and another bead, perhaps the starshine spacer, so I can get the LE bangle. I’m undecided on the Black Friday bead right now. Generally I’m not a pave fan, but it is a nice looking bead!

    • Hi Judy! Glad you enjoyed it. The Jasmine muranos are rather lovely. As soon as I think of a design in which I can use them, I’m sure they’ll be coming home with me, haha.
      I think the pavé works quite well with the Black Friday bead – especially with the opalescent version. The stones just look like snow falling, so it’s rather effective! It’ll be interesting to see some live shots of it!

  14. Two toned Snow globe and Family heritage together in order to get the free Dainty bangle. I am thinking of one pair of new Abundance of Love as earrings ( I have to try on to see the effect then decide ) to get one more free Dainty bangle. I like to wear 2 bracelets or bangles without any charm on it. I have 2 Rose gold and 2 Heart clasp bracelets to wear as a set.

    • Lovely choices! I do like to wear bangles without any charms, and I would wear the bracelets empty too – it just takes so long to screw all the charms off. My bangles never have very many on to start with.

  15. Thanks for the wonderful post. Just wondering if the GWP bow bangle promo is available online in Australia? We are away overseas for holiday during that time and I will not be able to make the purchase in store. If it’s available online, I can easily make the purchase and have it posted. Thinking of getting the Cinderella pumpkin coach and the red sparkling present.

    • It should be – as far as I can remember, Australian online retailers such as CharmMe always used to offer the GWPs too. Of course, you have the official Australian eStore instead now, and I’d be surprised if they left it out of the promo. :)

      • I’m thinking of doing a fairytale Xmas bracelet using a mixture of Disney princess charms and festive ones. Do you thing that will work well together?

        • Absolutely! That sounds like a really original design. Are you going to go for a more wintry colour scheme or something more festive? Because I could imagine two ways of doing it – going for something very elegant, and icy in theme, and using the classic Pandora Christmas silvers with the princesses. Or going bright and festive and mixing all the colours up. :D

      • I’m thinking more festive red theme. But I like your idea of mixing colours all up. I think I will start with a few must have pieces and work from there. :)

    • Michelle,

      Thanks for this info I’ll check with the person I deal with at my location.
      I have done this before with the bracelet & charm promo but didn’t think of checking for this promo too.
      Lisa K.

  16. Nice update Ellie. Love that you included the new gift bag. I have a collection of Pandora gift bags – a sure sign of my Pandora addiction! Not long now until the Disney release which is very exciting. I am surprised they are not including the Snow White charms in the initial release here in Australia. I bought the Snow White red apple charm in New York. It’s a gorgeous red colour and the green leaf has a lovely sparkle to it. Might buy the Pandora GWP Christmas ornament this year. Havent been interested previously but I have so many charms on my wish list, I should make some purchases when the offer is on. Of course, I am looking forward to the bow bangle promo next month too.

    • Thanks Lozzie! I always like to do a little bit on the LE gift bags, I think they’re a lot of fun to collect as well! ^^ I have all of them dating back to Christmas 2012 haha.
      I expect that they will release some of the missing Disney charms next year for Australia. Although I’m surprised not to see Frozen in the initial launch tbh. Perhaps it’s because of the seasonal discrepancy? The ornaments are very fun to collect too, you should definitely consider getting one! :)

  17. In Portugal there is at the moment a campaign that runs until 30th of November. When purchasing 84€ or more on Essence Collection you receive for free a zodiac essence bead (value: 39€)

  18. I desperately want the two tone snow globe – why can’t the UK have that version?? I can sort of see the point of having region exclusives, but it annoys me hugely when it’s one I really love and I can’t get it. Ho hum.

    • I’d settle for either version launching in the UK at this point! I really love the opalescent version as well. Have you considered getting some help from overseas to get the two-tone version? It’s very easy to do these days! :)

  19. Thank you for this very exciting piece of article! Am so glad I found your page which connects me to pandora news worldwide and getting to know other pandora addicts. Love reading your posts, keep them coming!

  20. Hi Ellie!
    November is definitely a Pandora month, with so much going on! Today I found in my Pandora store some pieces from last Christmas’s collection in 30% discount, and I bought he Christmas tree! :-)) I prefer it to this year’s, as it is smaller, cuter and with a discreet use of pavè! They didn’t gave me the new light blue bag though; they haven’t received those yet!
    Coincidentally, during the last week of November I’ll be in Germany! Do you think the promo with the leather box is worth doing? Any idea of its size? Oh, I’d rather they had a bracelet promo! I really need a new one for the midnight theme, which temporarily is being formed on the “Always in my heart” bangle. I think I ‘ll get the new one with the pave clasp and the Dainty bow SC, if I’ll find the box nice enough!
    The opalescent version of the Black Friday is still a mystery, I guess! Weird decisions with partial releases and exclusives this year!
    Thank you for the wonderful super-informative post Ellie! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa!
      Oh it definitely is – I love November, as it’s when all the Pandora holiday fun starts and we have all the LE gift bags and the ornaments etc to enjoy. ^^ Funnily enough I also got myself the older pavé Christmas tree on sale when I was on holiday in Amsterdam. I prefer the older design to the new one, it has clearer lines and it’s just a bit cuter!
      Oh how nice! That’s good timing. I don’t have the dimensions for the leather box, but it certainly looks like a really pretty & functional little travel box to me. I think I’d probably do it, as it would be a nice souvenir and it might be something of a collector’s item in the future. If you’re going to actually be in Germany, you could always ask to have a look at it? The pavé clasp would be excellent for the midnight theme – the darker blues look so great with a little clear pavé. It really sets off the sparkle. :)
      Lol it is. I keep getting questions about it and I just don’t know. Pandora seem reluctant to proffer any information, even though it’s featured in their own Autumn 2015 campaign video! Perhaps that was a mistake.
      Thanks for commenting as always Chrysa! <3

      • Hi Ellie. Im back and no i didnt fall off the end of the world lol. Will be going in to hospital for major back surgery at end of month and i have been painfully dealing with these issues. The only thing that helped keep my mind off the pain was looking forward to and reading your lovely blog. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and enthusiasm about all things Pandora. I know we all tell you that but truly it is the bright spot of the day. To update i am looking forward to the Winter collection. I have purchased a few things already, the new Fascinating Irridescence, blue crystallized snowflake, braided clips blue eternity spacers and Christmas tree. I have already phoned my Concept store in the City and ordered the Snow Globe as well as the Glistening wonder bracelet set, abundance of love, Jasmine slipper and murano and a few other pieces. I will have enough “buys” to get 4 or 5 free bow bangles. This should keep me going with space as well as take care of a few Christmas gifts. Once i design my bracelets i tend to leave them that way and not tear them apart, although that is fun too coming up with new designs. I also managed to complete my Autumn list. I took part in the free ring promo last month and purchased 5 groupings and received 5 free ones. This was my first foray into rings and i am so enjoying them all especially the cherry blossom which i was attracted to from your very own collection. Still upset about the olive muranos and arabian coffee pot unavailability in Canada and holding on to a faint hope that eventually they will be released here. Not happy with Pandora on that score. Anyways I will be waiting patiently to pick up all the new goodies and looking forward to reading more of your insight from my hospital bed. Incidentally my local store told me last week they were already placing their orders for Valentines. Apparently more pink and more hearts. Who would have guessed haha. All the best Ellie.

        • Hi Cheryle! It’s lovely to hear from you. I’m so sorry to hear about your surgery and the discomfort you’ve had, I hope the surgery will hope to ease that for you. How wonderful it is to hear that the blog has helped you – I was so touched to hear that, and I hope it continues to do so. <3 Your comment made my day just a little bit. :)
          Oh wow, you have gone for it again with this collection I see! That’s a lovely set of first purchases – so far I only have the Holly murano, but hopefully that will change very soon. ;) I do love the Jasmine pieces from all the photos I’ve seen. What do you think of the Iridescence? It’s really striking, but I am trying just to stick to the festive charms this year. Are you going to get any of the Christmas charms? Did your store let you pre-order the Black Friday charm then? I guess they’re just being up front about it haha. I keep all my bracelets together for the most part as well. The designs themselves get associated with memories and events that happened while I was building it, and become associated with specific times in my life – I tend to only ever make very minor changes, like swapping out a plain silver etc. Once they are finished, they tend to stay that way! I’m quite a nostalgic person, haha.
          Oh lovely, how fun that you’ve started with the rings! I did that as well this year, as you know. I only have four, but I wear them a lot and they are so fun to stack. I’m glad that I inspired you to get the Cherry Blossom, that one is possibly my favourite. It goes with so many of their other rings as well! The Arabian Coffee Pot and the Olive facets are a big shame – we don’t have them in the UK either. I am planning to get the Olive facets at some point – perhaps in the new year, as I suspect that I will not be getting too much from the new Valentine’s collection. I have heard exactly the same as your store – lots of pink, hearts and a LOT of pavé! A bit similar to what we’ve seen before, haha. I like the idea of a pavé heart clasp bracelet though – I might do that and do some other colour scheme other than pink! ^^
          It was so nice to hear from you Cheryle! Best of luck with the surgery, and keep enjoying your Pandora! ^^

      • Hi Ellie :) A friend was kind enough to show me the Valentine’s pave clasp collier <3 and I'm definitely getting one! <3

  21. Thank you for your kind wishes Ellie. Have pre-ordered my winter wish list items including the snow globe (tt version) from my concept store in the city. Excited to pick it up on the 29th which is the day before my surgery. I will have that to play with while recovering yayyy. Yes i will be purchasing a few Christmas charms but have not definitely decided which ones. I will have the holly murano, sparkling surprise teamed up with the older bow charm and thats as far as i got. Love the little round “bell” charm on your bracelet and the stocking and possibly considering the red present. I have the red and green fascinating muranos on other bracelets that could be moved as well as the Christmas tree(new one). Too many possibilities haha. The new blue irridescence is lovely and very sparkly. I will be putting it on my starry night bangle with all charms pertaining to the night sky. A variety of stars, star and moon, gallaxy and angels etc all in blue. I decided to go all out on the winter collection but only during the free bow bangle event which will give me enough free ones to ladt quite awhile (i think ). Haha. Looking forward to the glistening wonder set as well. The lace clips look stunning and your review excellent once again. I think u have talked me into buying another set of them in January. You are bad hehe although it didnt take much convincing. Sorry for all the lengthy babbling. Look forward to the next wonderful review.

    • Oh, well the Black Friday charm will be a very nice thing to wake up to! ^^ I’m still holding out some hope that I can get hold of the opalescent version. The TT is so pretty but the opalescent would go best with my bracelet. :D
      Thanks Cheryle! <3 The original silver stocking is one of my absolute favourite Christmas charms. It's plain silver and quite small, but full of such lovely little details. You should definitely consider that one! My brother is bringing me back the Puppy and the Reindeer from Australia, as it's so much cheaper to buy Pandora there than in the UK. I can't wait to add them into the the Christmas design, I'd like to put a bit more colour next to the holly murano in the middle.
      Yes the blue iridescence is perfect to go with last year's collection. :) In my local store, they have a lot of last year's collection out to go with it in all the windows. They don't actually have that much of the new collection on display haha. I can just imagine how pretty and sparkly your bracelet looks! I have my own midnight-themed bracelet from last year and I wish there was room for the Fascinating Iridescence. I did consider selling one of my midnight effervescence to swap with it, but another Pandora friend told me off for thinking of selling any beads. I think she's right, I would probably regret it ! :P I've never sold a bead in my life before, haha.
      Aha I'm sorry if I've convinced you to spend more! ;) Unfortunately I don't ever seem to need much convincing to spend money on Pandora, I seem to have that taken care of myself. :P At least the Layers of Lace clips aren't too expensive – although I suppose if you get the Glistening Wonder set (and you should :P) then it starts to add up.
      A new review will be coming soon! I'm loving all the new charms, I'm just waiting on my brother to bring them all back for me. ^^ Talk soon Cheryle and best wishes once again!

        • Thank you :) also, not sure if you knew this but they’re discontinuing the ‘First dance’ charm :( I was very lucky and got the last one in store put on hold…had to check a few stores. Do you know of any more that are being discontinued soon?

        • Oh no, I hadn’t heard that. did post a preliminary list of the next retirement for the US and Canada, but no First Dance on there as of yet. Perhaps that’s just an Australian thing, as sometimes retirements vary between regions. Interesting though – I thought that one would be popular for weddings at least!

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