Today’s post brings a little update on the Pandora Disney Parks collection for this season, with some new information on release dates and lovely HQ images of the entire release! The collection features a nice variety of different motifs and themes – there are a couple of beautiful holiday-themed pieces, fireworks, and lots of Mickey Mouse.


A number of the charms from the collection have been released at various points over the last couple of months, and a good number of them remain unreleased even now. What follows is a preview to clarify the launch dates for the currently unreleased charms!

Pandora Disney AW15 HQ Images and Updates

The first charms I’m featuring in this post are those that are already available. The Disneyland 60 Years bead was launched to celebrate the D23 Expo a few months ago, and retails for $60 USD, available both from Disney Parks locations and the online store. It has Disneyland written on the back of it.

pandora disney d23

The Chef Mickey charm is priced at $65 USD and was released ahead of the rest of the collection in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival (spot the ’20’ on Mickey’s hat?). This one is rather adorable in person!

pandora disney parks autumn winter 2015

The next two festive charms were released just last month with the Winter 2015 collection, and offer some sparkling holiday designs.

My favourite is the Minnie Holiday Wreath (although its name now appears to have changed to the Mickey Holiday Wreath on the Disney Store website. I’m still calling it Minnie’s wreath as that appeals to me more, haha). I love its pretty green tinsel detailing! It’s priced at $75.

pandora disney parks autumn winter 2015

The Minnie’s Sparkling Holiday Bow offers a red and green festive version of the existing Minnie’s Sparkling Bow charm, and is also priced at $75.

pandora disney parks autumn winter 2015

The next set of charms are yet to be released, and feature some of the best designs from this collection – particularly the Wishes and Fantasia charms, which are due out on the 8th of December.

The Wishes Firework Show charm has been a popular one with Pandora collectors, and features gorgeous black sparkly enamel detailing. I can imagine this one looking great with charms such as the new Fascinating Blue Iridescence or the retired Fascinating Aventurescent. It will retail for $70.

pandora disney parks autumn winter 2015

The Fantasia charm is being released in celebration of the 75th anniversary of Disney’s Fantasia, and will be a limited edition piece at $65. Its sparkly blue enamel matches the popular Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat charm, and I’m sure this one will be very popular too. I’m certainly tempted!

pandora disney parks autumn winter 2015

The Disney Parks Vacation Club bead will be out a little later on the 8th of December. It will be available from Disney Parks stores and the online Disney Vacation Club Member Marketplace, retailing for $60.

pandora disney parks autumn winter 2015

The 2016 bead is another limited release to celebrate the new year, offering a blue enamel design and accompanied by swirling music notes. This one is priced at $70. I have no release date for this one yet, but I suspect that it might be coming out in December as well.

pandora disney parks autumn winter 2015

Finally, we have a set of location-exclusive charms, which as far as I’m aware will not be offered generally in the Parks or online at the Disney Store website.

There are two new Disney Cruise line exclusive charms – a heart, and an anchor.

pandora disney parks autumn winter 2015

Both of these are $60 USD. The Anchor pendant appears to have a little two-tone detailing, too!

pandora disney parks autumn winter 2015

Finally, this pendant is another exclusive charm for the Disney Parks Aulani resort, priced at $50.

pandora disney parks autumn winter 2015

So, just to recap – these are the dates you need to remember:

13th of November – Wishes and Fantasia
8th of December – Disney Club Vacation Bead (and possibly the 2016 charm).

This is a collection with some really nice individual pieces – even though I have never seen the Disney Parks Wishes fireworks or the film Fantasia,  I am very tempted by both their charms as they’re so nicely designed. The glittery enamel is rather beautiful, and I could imagine them together on a navy blue leather with maybe the new Fascinating Blue Iridescence murano to celebrate the New Year.

In terms of the charms that are already out, I have already ordered the Minnie’s Holiday Wreath charm from the Disney Store, and I’m rather excited to be adding that to my Christmas bracelet! ^^ It’s not that explicitly Disney, but the tinsel is such a cute design anyway.

Are you planning to get any of these beads, or have you already added some to your collection?

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  1. I love the cruise charms even though disney really isn’t me thing. ^^ Some are just so cute though. :) Thx for sharing this.
    ps will you do a review if you get some of these???

    • I will definitely do a review of any I get! The Minnie Wreath is already on its way to me, and I keep thinking how nice a Wishes charm review would be for a New Years celebration post. ^^

      • The Minnie Wreath is so beautiful! Sometimes I don’t really notice it is disney, but it still reminds me of my first time going to disney in the Holiday season. :) The wishes is nice, but sort of expensive for what it is I feel. :/ Pandora I realized is really increasing their prices as of recently. :(

        • Agreed! I’m hoping it’s as pretty in person, I haven’t really seen any proper live shots of it yet. I quite like that it’s not too explicitly Disney, as it’ll blend right in to my Christmas bracelet. :D The Wishes charm is pricey, but then all the Pandora Disney line is a little more expensive due to the licensing costs. Pandora have definitely upped their prices though, and they’ve been rather aggressively retiring a lot of their cheaper plain silver designs too and replacing them with sparklier/enamel versions, which of course cost more. I’m on a bit of a hunt for my favourite silvers I’ve left to get at the moment :)

    • Haha, wouldn’t that be nice? There are a few personal shoppers and people who help out with these beads. I luckily have a friend who can forward them on to me from the US without too much extra cost. :D
      Have a lovely evening too!

    • Yes, that one is my favourite of this collection! I will definitely review it – I’m really looking forward to doing that one, actually. :)
      You’re welcome – glad it was useful! This Parks collection has been all over the place in terms of release dates. :S

  2. Hi Ellie! :-D

    I’m not as into Disney but these are all really cute, especially Minnie’s wreath you are getting! Can’t wait to see your review of it. I did break down and get my first Disney charm, Minnie’s sparkling ear hat! It was too cute I couldn’t resist <3

    • Hi Natalie! I am on and off with the Disney collection – there are some characters/charms that I love and have to have, and others that don’t really interest me. I really like the Wreath, Wishes and Fantasia charms, but mostly because the designs and colours are pretty rather than explicitly because they’re Disney. ^^ The Ear Hat is totally cute, glad to hear you got your first Disney piece! How are you going to use it?

      • Well, so far I have just worn it by itself on a bangle with my red faceted muranos, I think I will put together a general theme park bracelet with Pandora Carousel, my new RedBaliFrog Ferris Wheel, Individuality palm tree and cocktail, maybe some cute animals thrown in there, some sparkly charms and muranos to fill it out. I might also try a Christmas carnival theme and use some of the above plus some Pandora Christmas classics like the retired silver santa, snowmen, sleigh, etc. You know me, I always have so many ideas :-D.

        • Oh that sounds so much fun! I love the idea of a funfair-themed bracelet. How fun! You could put some candy stripe muranos on there too. ^^ I also love the Christmas carnival theme. You have a knack for taking tried and tested ideas and give them an interesting take. :) I am envious of all your ideas – I have been trying to think of new bracelet designs for my next ‘dora bracelet, but have been coming up empty. I’m hoping that next year’s collections might provide some inspiration. ^^

      • Aww thanks Ellie, I so enjoy sharing my bracelet pics with you and looking at yours too! :-D I know you will come up with some good inspiration, sometimes all it takes is getting 1 new charm and you start seeing other charms in your collection to fit the new idea! I use the same charms over and over, I just combine them in different ways.

        I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s next for Pandora, Valentine of course coming up soon hopefully, but then 2016 spring and summer pics will be out before we know it!

        • Absolutely, your ideas are always very inspiring! <3 I used to have a gazillion bracelets I wanted to build, but I feel like I have done most of the ideas I had when I first started. I don't have much blue, red or green in my collection – perhaps it is time to explore those colours. ^^
          Aha don't mention Spring and Summer yet! :P You'll jinx getting the Valentine's pics lol. Looks like they're doing a much better job of keeping it under wraps this season.

    • Fair enough! They’re not always the easiest to blend into your collection if you’re not doing a Disney-inspired bracelet. I tend to go for ones that will match other charms I have – Eeyore, the Wreath, the Cinderella Coach etc. :)

  3. Hi Ellie,
    Like Michele I am not tempted by that Disneyline, I prefer the charms which refer to the tales of our childhood like the carosse of Cinderella : most beautiful charm carried out to date with my taste…
    So I put a spell on Pandora to realize my wishes aha
    Nice day Ellie

    • Hi Isabelle! I get that. I love both the Cinderella carriages – the two-tone one with the pearl is probably my favourite, but the sparkling Disney one is also beautiful.
      Have a nice day too, Isabelle, and thanks for commenting!

    • Hi Nicola! Those are some of my favourites as well. I can’t wait for the Minnie Wreath. I finally tracked down some live photos and it looks so cute! <3 Unfortunately the Disney Store are taking a million years to ship it though haha.
      You could always get a personal shopper to help you, or use a mail forwarding service to order from the Disney Store (I wouldn't recommend ordering directly from them as their international shipping charges are frankly ridiculous).

  4. I love Pandora but this Disney line is my all time favorite. This blog has really has been a great tool to keep up with what’s going on so THANK YOU!!! I want to share that I found out on the Disney Parks blog if you download the Shop Disney Parks app, you can buy Fantasia and Wishes RIGHT NOW!!! I would say they’ve been available or three hours at the most. Plus shipping is free until November 20th. Again, tr hank you for all,the work you put into this blog. It is genuinely appreciated!! :-)

      • Ugh! I’m so sorry to hear that. I know how frustrating that can be. I tried to buy the sorcerer’s hat for 7 months. However, I have noticed Disney had been MUCH better with replenishment so I’m sure you’ll get one next week!

    • Hi Lori-Ann! Thanks so much for the heads-up, I’d missed that! I’m in the UK so it won’t let me download the app but US ladies should be able to grab them now if they’d like! I hope they get enough stock in for the main launch on the 13th, seeing as they’re already sold out of the wishes charm on this app pre-release. Did you go for either of them? :D
      And it’s so nice that you’re enjoying the blog – I love writing it. :D Thanks for taking the time to let me know!

      • I think maybe that presale was just to encourage people to download the app and not to sell the whole supply. They put the Fantasia charm on the banner for the new arrivals section. They got me to do it. :) I hope that is the case because I only got to it after they were sold out.

      • I got both Wishes & Fantasia and cannot wait!!! I have been drooling over them since seeing your photos!! LOL. My Disney bracelet is almost full now. Given the orientation of the letters on Wishes, I think I will put that on the leather chord with some blingy charms and wear like a necklace once in awhile. I have the sorcerer’s hat and think Fantasia will pair wonderfully with that on the blue leather double with the Disney pave Mickey & Minnie clips.

        I actually called WDW when I hadn’t seen the charms on the app. The rep told me the offering was to drum interest for the app so I’m sure it was only a small offering and there will be more next week. However, the Disney Parks blog also said Fantasia is only “while supplies last” so I encourage those wanting that charm to check the Disney Store online early. This is quite a popular line!!!

        • Yaaay that’s so exciting! Your blue leather bracelet sounds perfect. <3
          That's great news, I'm glad there'll be plenty available for the 13th as well then. I'm sure there'll be a rush on the Fantasia charm… hopefully there will be one left for me when I can get to it haha. Congrats on getting yours in any case, I'm sure they'll look lovely! :D

        • Hi, my friend is at HK disneyland and managed to get fantasia bead and sorcerer hat for me… I hope they really match… Will share the pic in mora pandora Facebook once i got it tonight.. :))))

        • You will LOVE them!!! I get complements all the time. I have a full Disney bracelet with those two next to each other. People are drawn to the hat but then notice Fantasia. The detail is amazing!! Enjoy!!!

          I didn’t know there was a FB page for Mora. Gotta check that out!!!

        • I cannot find this post in facebook and i cannot find your name.. Hmm.. How… Ellie, can help???

  5. Hi Ellie!
    I imagine how stunning will Minnie’s wreath look on your red-green Christmas bracelet [ I’m going for a red-white theme :-)]. We hardly ever see so vivid green in Pandora’s charms!
    I love the Wishes Firework Show charm, it must be gorgeous in person! I wonder if there’s anything written on the other side of it or it’s full of those little yellow stars, which in my opinion would be nicer! I’ll wait for some live shots before trying to get it! :-)
    Thank you so much for another Disney trip, Ellie! Have a great weekend! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Yes I’m so excited to be adding the Wreath charm. :D I have already chosen where it’s going to go, so hopefully it’ll look good when I actually try it on. Pandora don’t do many greens, and this is the first thing I’m doing a bracelet with any significant amount of green in it haha.
      Yes I wonder what the other side of the Wishes charm looks like too! :) I suspect that it is the same on both sides, with Wishes written on it? I do prefer your idea of little clusters of stars, that would be beautiful. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for live shots ^^
      Have a great weekend too Chrysa!

  6. Just ordered one of the Wishes charms on ebay. People located in Florida are offering them prior to their release on November 13. I assume they will pick them up early on the release date, because mine is to be delivered Nov 16. Was a bit more money than the charm retails for, but I really want one and don’t want to risk them selling out immediately on tbe Disney website…still cheaper than a trip to Disney I guess!!

    • Oh good, well at least this way you’ll know you get one. :) I’m hoping they will have restocked and have plenty in when the 13th rolls around and it goes live. I think it’ll be a popular one, and I won’t be able to get one straight away as I have spent enough on the Winter 2015 collection and I have Christmas shopping to do! ;) I’m looking forward to seeing some live photos of both the Fantasia and the Wishes charms though!

    • Hi Cheryle, just very quickly as I have to head out – just in case you didn’t realise, your comment went through on my winter round up, it’s near the end. :) I replied to you!

  7. My favorite is the Wishes bead. I like the black enamel. (The bead reminds me of Pandora’s rhythm bead, which I like quite a lot). The Wishes bead is expensive at $70, but I know it has the Disney mark-up! I’m looking forward to seeing live shots of it.

    • It does look pretty from the stock image – as Chrysa mentioned, it’ll be interesting to see if it is the same on the other side as well! I think it would go really nicely with the new sparkly Fascinating Iridescence murano as well – they’d make a great new year’s bracelet. :D

  8. Hi :)
    I dont think the minnie wreath is only available until a certain date as on the website it would say so, link: if it did, but it mentions nothing about ending sales on the 31st december.
    It does with the minnie and mickey limited edition charms and i imagion fantasia should also have a end cut of date when its listed online but the wreath one, no. so I am basically just confused about where that piece of info came from but other then that, excellent blog like always, thank you :3

    • Hi there! You are absolutely right, thank you for pointing that out. I got the info (or I thought I did) from the Disney Parks blog. But I misread it and thought the 31st of December date was talking about these two holiday charms, as their picture was above it. Thanks for pointing that out, I’ve corrected that detail now. :)

  9. I’m not usually into the Disney charms but the Holiday Wreath is so cute!

    It’s such a shame that the UK don’t have easy access to it; out of interest I went to the US Disney Store to find out how much it would cost & the shipping was $61! I think I’ll leave it for the time being…!

    Are they definitely able to ship the charms out of the US anyway, given Pandora’s restrictions?

    • Isn’t it just! I knew I had to have it as soon as the first preview pics came out. It will be on its way to me in the UK soon, thanks to the help of a very kind friend. ^^

      The Disney Store are able to ship Pandora internationally, yes – they are the only exception to Pandora’s rule. I ordered two Disney charms from there to the UK back in March, but oh my gosh was it expensive. Not only did they charge extortionate amounts for shipping (as you have found out), I then got charged a lot in customs fees. Never again! ;) A lot of people have found personal shoppers to help them out with the Disney beads – have you thought of trying that?

      • I have looked into getting a US address via a forwarding company but tbh I don’t really order enough yet to make it worthwhile. I’ll just have to have fun shopping for the charms on my visit holiday to the states ?

        • No that can also be an expensive way to do it. I tried Comgateway but they use Fedex, and I always get super high customs charges/handling fees. I’ve given up on them now!

  10. I can’t just buy Pandora only so I just pick something really like. No Disneyline & Essence, make thing easy. I have to leave some budget for some other jewelry.

  11. The Fantasia and Wishes charms are back on the Shop Disney Parks app if anyone is interested. They were still available as of 9:50am EST.

  12. Both charms are restocked on the app and FREE SHIPPING. Heads up in case anyone was particularly wanting either of the charms. :)

  13. The Fantasia Mickey is on my Christmas wishlist ! I sent the link to the Hubs for the online Disney store, and I know he was on there, because he was commenting about all the Star Wars stuff. Here’s hoping! I’m hoping they eventually release something for Bambi; it’s another favorite Disney movie of mine. It was released in 1942, so 2017 would be the 75th anniversary.

    • Ooh fingers crossed he gets you one, then! I was so tempted by both the Wishes and the Fantasia charms (they’d look so great with the new blue murano for a New Year’s Eve bracelet) but don’t think the funds will stretch for them.
      Bambi is one of my favourites too! I would love it if they made some charms based on them. I love cute Disney animals, so it would be great if they went down that route. Dumbo is another one I would love to see in charm form!

      • Dumbo with his Mama would be so sweet for Mother’s Day, wouldn’t it? I always sang, ” Baby Mine” to my girls when they were small.

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