It’s finally here – today marks the start of Pandora’s September spend and save promo for the US and Canada, which offers you money off your total bill if you hit certain spend thresholds (starting from $100 USD). This promo encompasses all of Pandora’s jewellery – charms, bracelets, rings, necklaces – and offers a great opportunity to dive into the new Autumn 2016 collection, or simply to stock up on previous items you’ve been needing!

pandora north america spend and save

This is something of a departure from the usual free bracelet promo – Pandora have been trying to move away from the traditional bracelet giveaways for a little while now, having also tried a free charm promo this time last year, which wasn’t a great success. It remains to be seen whether the free bracelet promo will be back next year. :(

In the meantime, read on for details of how this season’s promo works!

Pandora Spend & Save Promo September 2016

The promo lasts from today until the 18th (Sunday), and is in store only (although some stores might accept telephone orders). The rules are as follows:-

For the US:

Spend $150 USD and save $50 on your bill; spend $350 USD and save $125 on your bill; spend $550 USD and save $225.

For Canada:

Spend $150 CAD and save $50 on your bill; spend $400 CAD and save $150 CAD on your bill; spend $650 CAD and save $250 CAD on your bill.


pandora north america spend and save

Just as a reminder, international readers should note that retailers are not permitted to ship outside of their geographical regions – if you want to take part, you will have to find a friend in the US or Canada to help you out!

My Comment

I already have my beads for the promo all picked out, and my helper is actually a Pandora credit holder and so managed to get access to my beads early! :D The format of this promo is actually fine with me as, even though you don’t get as much discount as you do with the free bracelet promo (a $65 USD free bracelet for $100 spend), I like the flexibility that comes with this one. I could choose whatever I wanted!

I’m getting these two beauties (the Essence safety chain and the Luminous Floral), plus the new Autumn 2016 Charming Owls (not pictured). I thought I would end up going for a lot of Autumn beads, but in the end I still had a few SS16 things on my wish list that I wanted to get!

pandora september 2016 promo haul

Are you taking part in this year’s promo? How do you feel about the change in format?

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  1. I would love that as I could then choose the higher value bracelets that I want ;-). Do you have any details yet of what we’re getting in the UK? I’m guessing it’ll only be another two weeks now :-D. I feel like I’ve been wishing the summer away :/. I’m really hoping that they’ll let us have a higher value bracelet for a larger spend :-). I’ve been saving up over the summer and there are 3 bracelets that I want/need, lol, but if I can’t get them on a deal then I will stick to just one and hope that we get a better deal next year :-/. Just doing my little bit to make Pandora realise that we feel hard done to here in the UK when we see what good promos they give the US :-(.

    • Pandora is a franchise business now so I think different region has their own policy. North America is a big market so they can afford to give us more goody.

      • That’s right – each region’s head office makes their own scheduling. They also get some say, I believe, over which products they offer in each region – hence why we get all these odd country exclusives now and again, with certain products not available everywhere!

    • Hi, no – not yet, sorry! Info is always super late coming out for the UK. Last time we had a promo I didn’t actually know until the night before!
      I probably won’t do the UK promo as I’ve just done this one, and I’ve been focusing on getting retired stuff on sale or some of the more fun country exclusives. But I know that a lot of UK collectors have been waiting very patiently for it, so I hope it’s a good one..!

  2. Wish Pandora had promotions like this in Belgium. I would have loved to receive a price reduction on my Autumn collection spend. Having said this, I’m delighted with my white and grey mother-of-pearl Essence charms and the Passion charm too. “Unfortunately”, the Fairytale Bloom, Charming Owls and Origami Crane found their way home with me too.

    Any styling ideas for the Fairytale Bloom and Origami Crane would be most welcome!

    • Oh, lovely choices Brenda! You picked all the things I like best, too! I’m wanting the new Essence Mosaic charms as well, but will be good and wait a little before getting them. I wanted to get the Essence safety chain first, as I’ve been having problems due to a fault with my two-tone Essence bracelet clasp and I don’t want to lose it and my new charms! (When I say ‘fault’, it’s not a production issue – I fell and smacked the clasp, which has weakened it.)
      I just got the Origami Crane and the Fairytale Bloom, too, and the Charming Owls will be on their way tome soon. I will do reviews for them soon!

  3. Hi Ellie,

    While I do miss the bracelet promo only because Pandora as recently released some lovely bracelets I don’t miss the free charm promo. The free charm promo was too restrictive & the selection way too limited.
    I have already participated in the Spend & Save promo. Pandora had a VIP invite that allowed me Spend & Save on the 13th!!
    This was an opportunity to pick up some Gold charms and really Save!
    I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of this promo often but I held off spending throughout the summer to make this work.
    I love that the discount was taken off the bill total. That is what sold this promo for me.
    Ellie, I hope you enjoy your purchase.

    I have a friend who is currently in London for a conference. They have kindly picked up a Pudsey Charm for me. I think it is an awesome cause.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa!

      I agree with you, I can see why the charm promo fell on its face a bit. This is a much better solution, although I’d be sad to see the bracelet promo go for good, too.
      Ah, Pandora gold! I am envious ^^ what did you get? I have yet to get any Pandora gold, and I probably never will as I couldn’t commit to filling a gold bracelet, but I know exactly which ones I’d get. :P I love the gold Cherry Blossom clips, and the gold and pink sapphire Golden Radiance charm. Oh, and the gold Butterfly Garden openwork. Those would be my picks, for sure!

      Hope you enjoy your new pretties, too, Lisa! <3 And yay, congrats on getting Pudsey. No matter how hard something is to get, Pandora collectors nearly always find a way ^^

      • Ellie,

        Well since you asked I am happy to share I decided on a couple of pieces that would look nice mixed in with my silver or rose charms, so I wouldn’t have to commit to doing a bracelet with all gold pieces. The gold Galaxy has been on my list since it came out but couldn’t make it a priority until this promo. I also picked up two Mystic Serenity spacers that are larger and look lmore like a charm than a spacer and for the price point are a nice value. I plan to use them with my Muranos. That will be it for the hold charms for a long long time.

        I agree the butterfly open work & Sapphiire Golden Radiance are both superb. I would love to see a gold Infinity charm.

        The Pudsey Bear is pure fluke a friend of ours just happened to have a conference that week in London. I think Pudsey found me!

        Lisa K

        • I got three 14k Links total Can $158 instead of $491 in outlet store, 68% off. My first 14k items, very happy with it. I put it with my two toned clips and dangle together, very beautiful.

  4. Hi Ellie!

    Nice to see your post this morning. Glad you were able to take advantage of the US Spend More/Save More Event. You will love the Luminous Floral for sure. It’s one of those charms you need to see in person to realize just how elegant it really is. I bought them along with the Luminous Pearls back in the spring and love them! I wore them one day with my Wild Flowers murano as a focal point and they looked amazing together.

    My store was allowing those who held Pandora credit cards to shop on the 13th and 14th as well. No pre-sales for this event. I started my buys yesterday. My birthday is tomorrow, so I’m hoping for a little extra cash for the sale event. I’ll let you know what I end up getting. I’ve always looked forward to the free bracelet events, but I, too, love the flexibility of this event. It’s nice getting my charms at a pretty good discount!

    Hope you are having a good day!

    • Hi Emily! Oh, definitely – I saw the Luminous Floral in store properly a few weeks ago and just fell in love. Before I had liked it, but didn’t see the ‘need’ for it – the shimmer in person is just lovely. I’m going to put it with my Flower Garden muranos, but I can just imagine how pretty and soft it looks with the Wild Flowers murano, too.

      Oh a very, very happy birthday for the 16th! I hope you had a lovely day, and that plenty of Pandora goodies materialised to help you enjoy it. :D

      Hope you’re having a nice weekend!

      • Hi Ellie!

        Thank’s for the Birthday Wishes! I did have a lovely day and my new Pandora was the “icing on the cake”!!! Nothing like a little Pandora to brighten any day.

        Now that you mentioned it, I’ll have to try my Flower Garden murano with the Luminous Floral too. Sounds pretty!

        Hope you are having a nice weekend.

        • Hi Emily! Very glad to hear it :D

          I can’t wait for my Luminous Floral to arrive so that I can try it too. Have a lovely week ahead!

  5. I went on Tuesday here in Canada. They were extending the offer to everyone as the tablet scanner automatically gave the discount.
    I went for the full spend and got some older gift sets (Glistening Wonder and Stargazer), a safety chain, an extra galaxy charm, 2 of the loving sentiments and some cleaning cloths.
    They had 3 full retirement trays so I guess I am going back today to have another look :)

    • Well I didn’t go back to the concept store. I went to my local gold store. Let me tell you it was amazing! I got mostly items that are being retired, but they gave me the store copy of “Tie in the moments of your life” booklet – because I purchased a leather lariat. They also gave me a sweet gift box and the leatherette wristlet!!!
      What a week for my Pandora collection!!

    • Oh awesome! Yay for technology fails, haha. Great choices – hope you got the boxes with the gift sets.
      And your gold store sounds amazing! Those extra goodies do make all the difference when it comes to making a purchase feel special. We don’t get much stuff like that in the UK.

  6. Hi Ellie, in CR we had the bracelet promo last weekend, but it didn’t includes the new ones :(, I bought some retired charms and got 2 heart clasp, one for me and the other for my best friend, and a bangle for my mother. I know that many people preferred that promo, but I really was hoping for the spend and safe promotion that’s not running in my country, because in this moment I have enough normal bracelets, and need the new ones or charms… My US contacts are out of the country in this moment, and the promo is only in stores, not on line, so I can’t take part of it. :(

    • Hi Priscilla, aw that’s a shame. The UK promo always only includes the basic bracelets, which is a bit disappointing, so I know how that feels!
      Sorry to hear that you can’t take part this time :( if it goes well, they may well run it again next March instead of the bracelet promo, so there’s always that to look forward to! At least it comes around regularly :)

  7. I did the promo on Tuesday because I am a credit card holder. Between the discount and the offering of spending a certain amount and getting it interest-free for a while, Pandora managed to entice me to buy way more than I initially expected. Plus, I wasn’t fond of the Autumn collection at all when I first saw it, but almost all of the pieces I purchased were from this collection! I bought the Balance Moasaic Essence bead, the Cerise Radiant Hearts, the Dark Purple Shimmer Murano, the Shining Elegance clip, the Alluring Cushion spacer, a new dangle that is exclusive to my city, the Sparkling Elegance stud earrings, the Signature Bangle, and the Blue Pave Barrel Clasp bracelet. I also took the opportunity to buy a few gifts: the I Love Reading charm (which I want for myself too!) and Crystalized Snowflake dangle for my mom and the Best Friends enamel dangle (which I get to keep half of, of course!) for my best friend. I really liked the flexibility of this promo. I will not be doing to the earring promo now because I got the earrings I wanted anyway.

    Ellie, I would really love if you could do a review on the Luminous Floral charm if you had the time. This charm is one that I am on the fence about getting, as I’m not sure how I’d style it.

    • Ah, isn’t that often the way? I thought my Autumn list was going to be so small this year as well, but I’ve ended up with loads! The Origami Crane, the Fairytale Bloom and Fish, Pudsey and the Charming Owls – plus, I’m still after the two Essence mosaics and the I Love Reading charm! Sounds like you got an absolutely amazing haul – must be so much to get home and start styling!

      Sure, I will try and fit one in when it arrives. I have something of a review backlog currently but I will make a list and get started soon haha!

  8. Hello I ‘ m Marcela from Chile I love Pandora but I wonder why this great promo, it’s not avaivable in Chile ? ?
    See you ?

    • Hi Marcela! Each region sets their own promo – this one is for the US & Canada only. Unfortunately some places get better deals than others! :(

  9. I think this promo is way better than the free bracelet promotion! I don’t really care for Pandora’s bracelets (I like trollbeads’ or Ohmbeads’ much more), and the discount allows for more freedom than the free charm, where you had to buy $100 of charms and find a $65 charm to get the best discount.
    Plus, if really someone wanted to get one of the new bracelets, you could buy a bracelet and $85 worth of charms and get the discount ;)

    • That’s a great point! It definitely gives more freedom for followers of other brands to dip into Pandora’s charms without committing to the bracelet. :) It’s true that you could just buy a bracelet and make up the spend to get some money off, although it’s less discount than the regular bracelet promo.

  10. Hi Ellie,

    I went to the store on Tuesday with my pandora card. I liked the promo much more than I thought I would. I did the $550 with the $225 off, and I got the Prince and princess, the purple mosaic and blue sky mosaic paves, the barrel pave clasps and a few others. Really, it was all stuff I probably wouldn’t have bought without the promo. The only “problem” was finding a last bead to fit the remaining amount I needed to spend. It was nice actually to choose what I wanted, not just get more bracelets…

    • Hi Lisa! I’m hearing some really positive things from collectors who were on the fence with this promo before, too. :) I actually quite enjoyed having the freedom to choose whatever I want, too, and the savings do get better as you spend more! So I agree with you.
      Great choices! It must be so much to actually be able to go into store and pick out all those goodies yourself. :D Although waiting for the package to arrive is one of the fun things about shopping abroad, too – knowing you’ve got Pandora in the post to look forward to is always a highlight!

  11. Hi Ellie!

    Thank you for posting the details of these promotions! ? I participated today at my local store and so happy I decided to since I had been debating whether I should wait. While I have yet to purchase any new charms, I was happy to pick up a few I had been eyeing for a few years.

    I am also happy to report, thanks to one of your latest posts, my Pandora store is now informed on the earring promotion in October in the U.S. You educated a woman who has worked for Pandora for 14 years; she told me she is grateful you had that info on your site and that she will start following your blog. ?

    Thank You again for taking the time in publishing such informed and detailed posts! ?


    • Hi Margaret! Oh good, glad to hear that you got some new goodies – I only went for one from the new collection as well. I needed to catch up on spring 2017! Which did you go for?

      Aha, really? That’s a bit surreal, lol! Thanks for recommending the blog :D and for reading and commenting along, too! <3

      • Hi Ellie!

        I decided to get the gold trinity spacer and the locked hearts bead. ?? I have become increasingly interested in two tone and gold charms within this past year (even though I have purchased many two tones in the past.) Trinity spacer is my first solid gold piece (Yay!), so I am hoping (fingers crossed) that 2017 keeps the momentum going with releasing more two tone/gold pieces, especially with all the recent retirees (My main bracelet looks ancient ?). And I absolutely adore locks because to me, it symbolizes my school major: IT Security. ❤️ Both charms are just lovely additions. I did not pick up any autumn releases because I know I will be purchasing at least 5 Winter 2016 charms and I’m currently budgeting for those items. So I’ll purchase the winter charms before the autumn- I would have been in trouble had they done this promo in December! I really would have gone for the $550 tier! ? My wishlist though is ever growing ? Though it may be some time before we get news, I am so excited to read what Pandora has in store for Spring 2017! ???

        Margaret ??

  12. Hi Ellie! I was very excited to participate in this promo today! I ended up getting the Starry Sky bracelet (since I plan on starting a second celestial bracelet) and two Elsa muranos for my Christmas bracelet. ?

    • Hi Carol! Oh lovely!! The Starry Sky is gorgeous (and better to get it sooner rather than later, seeing as no one seems to know whether it’s being retired or not!) and the Elsas will make for such a delicate and pretty Christmas design. :D

  13. I’m so envious of the promo the north americans are getting. I’m looking forward to the VIP event at my local jeweller next thursday. Spend $120, get $20 off + 20% off for first pandora piece purchases then 10% off for subsequent pieces. I’m going to get that new TT bracelet. Cant wait till then. Pls do the review on the MOP flora charm. It is so pretty.

    • Oh well that sounds like it will be a fun evening! :D and the TT bracelet will be a very exciting purchase! I used to get invited to the VIP events at my old store but since I’ve moved I tend to order online and not go into store so much.
      It’s on my list of reviews to do! <3 Need to get cracking! ;)

  14. I wonder why Pandora makes such differences between countries. You american ladies are really lucky!
    For my part I´m learning a lot from your blog Ellie. and I´ve already sent several E-mails to Pandora´s official online shop in Spain complaining about the lack of promotions here. I think I´m telling the SA at my store about your blog and asking them WHY we don´t get to have all those discounts you have in every other country!. After all Pandora sells well in my region.
    Sorry for my tirade but sometimes I need venting when it comes to Pandora.
    And, please if any other european fells like me, please let Pandora know. Perhaps if we all sent a ot of E-mails of complain, we can achieve something!
    Many thanks for this blog!

    • Yeah, it’s definitely NOT every other country! We hardly get any here in the UK either! It really annoys me that they get so much more in America and they don’t even have to pay as much in the first place either :O. When they get a free bracelet promo they have to spend $100, we have to spend £125, and $100 is more like £85 :O. I am getting pretty fed-up with it, TBH, if they don’t give us a decent promo this October I think I’ll switch to Thomas Sabo :-/. They have a free bracelet promo ATM for a £109 spend, which is very tempting ;-).

        • oh! sorry!!!!!! Another typing mistake and i´ve JUST seen it. I meant “threaten” to switcht to ….. in mass. Sorry for my typing, it´s always been awful!

        • Do Pandora moment beads fit on it? The free one looks more like the Essence to me :/. How do the beads keep from sliding off and does the clasp have CZ on it?

        • Karma clasp has no cz on. Stopper get bead not sliding around. Moment bead can put on a Karma bracelet but I won’t because I like karma bead on karma bracelet. Pandora and Thomas Sabo Karma are both nice, Karma luxuary line can be very expensive with real diamond and real semi precious stone, I am saving for it.

        • I will keep Thomas Sabo Karma collection without any cz or synthetic stone on, it will be my expensive charm bracelet.

    • Hi Marie!

      I understand your position! I wish they allowed this discount on their online shop; I feel this may solve problems in all countries.

      My mom, who lives in a U.S. city that does not have a Pandora Store (although she can shop at Pandora Authorized Retailers), would have to travel 6 hours to the nearest Pandora store (in a different state mind you) to partake on this discount. Gas prices to travel would make up for these “discounts”, so she might as well save in time and order it online at full price. Not everyone in the U.S. gets to partake in this discount. If my mom asked, I’d rush out to my Pandora store and purchase it for her and ship it to her (since I live 7 states away from her), but she hasn’t and won’t. It sucks not all Americans can partake in the discounts and we will never have access to some of the amazing speciality charms that are released abroad. It’s a give and take, I suppose.

      I WISH there is a third party site where someone can partake in these amazing deals/exclusive charms in that country and have it shipped to their home, no matter what country that might be. I lucked out because one year ago I lived near my mom. Had I still lived near her today, I would not have been able to participate in this sale. I hope Pandora changes this in the future.


      • I wish I could get the colour CZ barrel clasp bracelets but they are US exclusive :-(. As far as I’m aware we’ve only ever had the two Pudsey charms exclusive to the UK :-/. It looks like Pandora are annoying everyone with their tactics, it doesn’t make very good business sense, really :-/.

        • I completely agree with you, Pat. Pandora has become such an international sensation, it doesn’t make sense to suppress certain markets. They offer charms worldwide, they need to have comparable discounts across the board for everyone- in my opinion. I agree with you 100%.

      • accepts phone orders, ships for free, and charges no sales tax if you’re not in MN, where the store is located. I placed an order with them today. Easy peasy.

        • That’s Awesome Hrhdhd! Thank you for informing me! Shoot, I wonder if it works for international orders as well! I will surely tell my mom about this site! A third party vendor accepting promos does exists! I really appreciate your info! Thank you Thank you! ?


      • I totally agree with you!. I can´t understand either WHY Pandora doesn´t ship abroad. You can be sure that I would be ordering from North America if they did.

    • It depends on what each region decides to offer, I’m pretty sure – promotional events and things like that are all organised by each region’s localised HQs for the most part, or so I understand. I get frustrated (or I used to, before I had help with the NA promos) by the lack of UK promos on offer, and the fact that they’ve actively cut down on them! So I understand how you feel.
      I guess all you can do is what you suggest, and let Pandora Spain know that you’d like more on offer. :) And you could always try and get help with the NA promos in the meantime.

      • Than you. I think I´ll do that. The fact is that I´ve been spending much money on charms for a year( yes, I´m quite new to Pandora) and will keep doing it, as my never-ending wishlist gets longer and longer with each release. Every one of them bought at full price. No discounts during the sales. Never ever. And ….. what do I learn when I beging searching abroad just to see what beads are being sold out there that perhaps we are missing …. That “out there” in EVERY country, you have promos on a regular basis. Some countries more than others, but at least you have promos!!!!
        Believe me, I´m totally mad at Pandora Spain and I´ve already sent them several E-mails. And I will send more!
        And for you lucky ladies, enjoy your promos!!!!

  15. I totally agree with Pat & Marie it is so frustrating when I have a big long list of things I’d like but no incentives to get them yet. I love reading the reviews on the new charms, etc but it is so deflating on this wet horrible day reading about what all the lucky ladies in America are buying. Fingers crossed we get something good soon or may have to get collecting something else. Sorry to moan btw

    • Aw, I’m sorry to hear that Nicola! And no need to apologise, everyone needs to vent sometimes. Hopefully the UK promo will materialise soon and you might feel a little better! <3

  16. We Americans may get good promotions, but then we don’t get sales. Even when the charms are retiring, we have to pay full price. And there are a lot of country and regional exclusives we want but will never get. I guess we all get frustrated with the way Pandora does business at times. Heaven knows I do!

    • We get sales for retired items at Pandora outlet store across North Anerica, please google Tanger Mall for Pandora outlet. I got Can $491 3 14k Link for Can $158 this afternoon, I bought many discounted retired charms from Pandora Cookstown outlet in Toronto, I got sth from Pandora Premium outlet in Las Vegas last year.

    • Yep, there are pluses and minuses to each (although Rue La La is a great resource for the US, if not Canada). Everyone needs their fair share of promos and sales ^^

    • They go on sale when they go to the outlets. The problem is the selection can get quite narrow as the sales go up. They start at 20% off and go to 50%. I have gotten some deals but it is luck of the draw just like any outlet store.

  17. As much as I like the bracelet promo, I think I like this one even better! I was able to get a better bead/bracelet mix with the flexibility of the promo. I know we get great promos in the US, but this is the first time I recall ever getting to buy at a discount. I hope the promo goes over well and we get it again! (From the Autumn release I got Fairytale Bloom, the mini floating locket, and Shimmering Sentiments in rose gold. My other purchases were from earlier releases).

    • It is a good promo in practice, I agree! It was fun picking out all my beads and having complete freedom as to my choices. It sounds like it’s been popular, reading feedback online, but then you never know. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what pops up next March!

  18. I think the free charm was a flop because you could only pick from selected ones and then only what the store had in stock of the selected ones. Spend and save allowed more freedom. I went for the full $550 get $225 off. My store let me call ahead so they were ready when I go in tomorrow. I have several bracelets so while it looks like I picked random stuff, it was all things I wanted for various bracelets, plus a charm that I want to be a pendant, a ring and the Starry Night bracelet to go with the new zodiac charm.

    • From what I remember from the charm promo, you could choose any charm up to a $65 value as your free charm. However, at the time, they had recently raised the prices of many of the charms in the US, so most of the charms that had been $65 were increased to $70 and were ineligible for the promo. The one big issue was that, at first, Pandora wasn’t allowing upgrades to higher priced charms, but then changed the rules halfway through the promo and began allowing upgrades, which was unfair to those who participated early on. I wouldn’t mind the charm promo too much if they raised the price point a bit on the free charm’s value–say, $70–and allowed upgrades.

        • Uh oh, sounds like I might have a new obsession coming on, lol :-/. I think they sell those in Samuels too, so way easier to come by ;-).

          I do need another bracelet, though, and possibly two if I am able to get the sale Christmas charms towards a bracelet as well ;-), but I’d really rather have the rose heart clasp and the starry night clasp :-/. I was thinking of getting the rose heart bundle since it’s unavailable on its own but then I’d end up with an extra bracelet which I don’t really need :-/. Oh well, it shouldn’t be too much longer now :-).

      • That’s a pretty good summation of the issues with last year’s charm promo. There was a fair amount of negativity surrounding it, due to those various grievances. The price increase put a lot of people off!

    • Oooh that’s exciting! I often am building different bracelets at once as well, so I do the same – picking out various beads for various projects. ^^ The Starry Sky bracelet seems to have been a popular choice this time around!

  19. Totally understand Pandora’s fan in other country, we always get best promotion. As I know Canada and U.S. under same head office in U.S. I am lucky in Toronto but spend a lot for Pandora since March 2015. I always spend more than I want, especially in outlet store buy 2 discounted retired charm get 1 free, Can $158 for $491 worth 14K Link spacers this afternoon.

  20. FYI,

    Jared The Galleria of Jewelry has the Starry Sky bracelet as well as all three new colors in the Pave’ Barrel Clasp bracelet. I noticed a lot of you were having a difficult time finding these bracelets.

    Lots of nice perks shopping at Jared. I did the 550 promo today and received a Pandora jewelry roll. You not only get the Pandora boxes for items, but also really nice Jared ‘s jewelry bracelet or bangle boxes. Also received $100 reward card to use with a $300 spend toward Jared jewelry (not Pandora) good through January. My first time shopping Jared and it was a nice experience. Not only were all the extras a pleasant surprise, but they exchanged a bracelet that had defective threads that was purchased in a Pandora store. My Pandora store was out since it was a limited edition, so I was very greatful for the exchange!

    • Hi Emily!

      Just to confirm, you were able to take advantage of the promo at a Jared’s store, correct. If this is correct, I’ll let my mom know since she doesn’t live near a Pandora store. Thank you!

      Margaret ?

    • Ooh lovely! I often hear negative things about Jared, so it’s nice to hear something positive for a change. Sounds like your store is a very good one!

  21. I know that I’m off topic but, what happened to ROJ (Republic of Jewels)? Their site is offline and their deals were really the best…

    • I noticed that, too, it’s been down for weeks now. :( Although a lot of the deals in their last couple of sales weren’t that great, it was still a great resource for international fans to be able to shop for items in the UK. That’s gone for now…

  22. I like this promotion. 225.00 is a lot to get taken off the bill of 550.00. That’s 225.00 worth of Pandora for free! I got 2 fairy tale treasure charms, blue petite quartz, 2 pave`safety chains, starry night bracelet, Alice’s tea party and Alice’s potion charms. I also couldn’t help but get something else the next day. The opulent heart and the pink pave` clasp bracelet were calling to me!

    • Oh, very nice – sounds like you got a lot of fairy-tale beads, which are always my favourite! <3 And I very much approve you going back for more, haha. I did that in the March promo and got the Disney bracelet!

  23. Hi Ellie! I also took part in this pandora promo with the help of my sister in NA. Spent $550 to enjoy the $225 discount. I got 4 bracelets, a pair of earrings, a ring, a pendant and 4 charms. The lady who assisted her in the nearest concept store gave her the option to apply and use the pandora credit card instead. She got an approval and opted for 0% interest payment scheme. She went there with my niece to get my pandora items but they went home with a handful of pandora rings, earings and necklaces for themselves with a spent of $550 and got the $225 discountt as well, ?

    • Hi Emy! Wow what a haul! You’ll have fun filling all four bracelets :D :D that’s assuming that they’re charm bracelets, that is. I like that you have family who enjoy Pandora, too – in mine I am pretty much the only one!

      • Oh yes, I got the pandora rose heart clasp, pave heart clasp, the smooth silver pandora clasp and.the purple signature clasp. I am new to pandora so these are all my very first purchase bundled with huge discount. I skipped the essence promo last time. Back home only charms are being on sale from time to time, bracelets are always in full price (and overpriced!)?

      • Funny because they were not into pandora before and missed all the free bracelet events! And when they were asked how did they learn about this promo she told the lady ‘ thru my sister from
        Phils’. And I learned about this promo from you, thank you very much Ellie!?

  24. Change my mind, went in my concept store spend Can $400 but pay $250 + 13% tax. I got Ironic set with 2 Braids clips and I Love Reading dangle ( book can open with scrip Ignore the things u have to do and just enjoy a book or two, so delicate ), two toned Family Roots which is why I go for this promotion, two Smooth hearts . 40% off total value.

    • Hi Michele,

      I had a feeling you would give in to the promotion. Family Roots is a lovely charm and on my list. It will be beautiful with the 14K pieces you’ve been getting at the outlet. So nice you have one near by. I’m in Alabama and the closest one to me is in Tennessee.
      What did you think about the Celebration of Love spacers from the Autumn release? I thought about using them with Family Roots, but couldn’t decide if I liked them well enough to buy.

        • I’ve had my eye on the Mystic Serenity spacers for a very long time, but have never been able to commit to $430 for a pair of them.

  25. I went in with a strict budget since I’m having work done on my house. I got the parrot and the shimmering droplets in teal for my beach/vacation bracelet. I already have the seahorse and turquoise zen charm I was going to get my Leo charm for it but I saw the Japanese doll was on the retirement tray. I had to get her to complete my collection. She will go on my Minnie Mouse/Epcot bracelet to represent the countries along with the Chinese doll. I only went over budget 20 dollars.
    I’m not sure how well this sale did since we went Friday evening and the store was empty. We were there for an hour and only four people came in. I’ve been there before and the line was out the door for the free bracelet event. How were the lines at your stores?

    • Same here, Nina. I went by Pandora mid afternoon on Thursday. I only saw three other ladies. A lot of credit card holders probably shopped on Tuesday and Wednesday to get the best selection. I hope the event went well as I rather liked the flexibility of this promo.

      BTW, I got the parrot, too. One of my very first Pandora purchases was the Teal Pave’ Lights as well as the Studded Teal charms. I had been using the clear paved charms with the teal. The parrot ties everything together quite nicely and I’m so glad I decided to get it! The Shimmering Droplets are lovely, too! Enjoy your new purchases!

  26. This promo benefited me more than the free bracelet promo because I really like collecting the jewelry now besides just the charms and bracelets. I actually have been saving money and working overtime to be able to splurge on this promo. I went to two different stores and saved the $225 twice!! That was just a deal I had to do more than once!! I was able to get two coveted bracelets for me: the rose gold clasp bangle and the purple CZ clasp bracelet. My store just got the purple bracelet the day before the promo started so that was lucky!! I was also able to add two of the new dark purple shimmer muranos, two of the purple intertwining radiance, and one of the fairy tale bloom to the purple clasp bracelet. It is stunning!! I am wearing it right now stacked with the new signature CZ bangle and the twinkling forever bangle. The rose gold clasp bangle is so pretty also. Especially stacked with the sterling silver bangles. I also picked up the new appreciation bead with another essence bracelet. My goal is to put all of the new Essence beads on it because I love them all equally.

    Pandora is pretty much the only jewelry brand that I will wear because it is just my exact style. That’s why I benefited so much from this promo and I hope they keep it up in the Spring!!

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