It’s only a few days until the launch of the Pandora Autumn 2016 collection on Thursday, and today I’m celebrating with a detailed preview of all the Autumn 2016 charms and charm bracelets! We’ve got high quality images, pricing for the US & UK, and detailed commentary on all the new pieces! :D

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

This collection is really quite a big one and, much like last year, there are a fair region-exclusives. These can be confusing and so I’ll finish off with a section on the country-exclusive beads & bracelets, just for clarity’s sake.

The collection has already hit many stores in the UK and North America, and live shots have been leaking on to social media already – but I’ll feature a comprehensive round up of these on Thursday! :D Read on for HQ images and pricing! :)

Pandora Autumn 2016 Bracelets

Just as a reminder – this post is only covering charm bracelets & charms, so all other jewellery bracelets won’t be covered again here.

First up, we have the new gold Pandora bangle. Super pricey, but oh-so-pretty!

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

Next, we have the new Pandora Signature charm bracelet, which offers a more affordable option for people who can’t quite afford the regular two-tone bracelet. It’s a winter release in North America, but Autumn for everyone else. I saw this in the store on Saturday and it was really quite beautiful!

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview


Pandora Autumn 2016 Charms

The Shimmering Medallion is one of my favourites of the sparkling charms; it’s just gorgeous. I love the pretty patterning and the soft colours. It’s a little more than I’d like to pay, however, at £65 or $85 USD – so I guess we’ll see! It would make a beautiful focal point.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

The Floating Locket charm is a smaller version of Pandora’s new charm locket concept – the really cool thing about this little charm version is that you can actually open it and take the charm in and out. So hypothetically, you could replace this little heart charm with another one of the Petites, if you so wished! It’s £55.


There are also two new colours of the Radiant Hearts charms coming out, in cerise and opalescent pink:

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

These would be great for fairytale designs, I think.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

We also get a new shade in opalescent pink for the Geometric Facets:

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

I am always pleased to see new safety chain designs, even if the sparkliness of this one isn’t quite to my taste – the Pavé Inspiration safety chain is $75 USD.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

Next, we have two silver decorative clips. I’d have been more excited if these were silicone-lined and designed for the threadless bracelet. The Shining Path clip is £35 or $40 USD.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

The Row of Hearts is plain silver, and a bit cheaper at £30 or $35 USD.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

The Alluring Cushion spacer is £30 or $40 USD.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

The Ribbon Heart charm is £45 or $50 USD.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

A couple of the charms are darker in colour and style, with a kind of a Gothic feel. It’s nice to see a bit of a change from Pandora’s usual pastels and softer themes – the Opulent Heart is $75 USD or £55.

Pandora Autumn 2016 PreviewPandora Autumn 2016 Preview

I noticed that the new Dark Purple Shimmer murano is priced at £40, unlike the rest of teh Shimmer murano collection, which are currently £35 each. I wonder if we’re about to see a price hike on the rest of them?

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

The Vintage Allure charm, priced at £55, is due out for Autumn 2016 in most regions – the only exception is North America, where you’ll have to wait a little longer. It’s out for the US & Canada as part of a holiday gift set.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

Finally for this section, the Steady Heart pink CZ clip is £40 or $50 USD.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview


The Precious Prince & Princess are rather cute, with their snub noses – and it’s nice to see more plain silver options. They’re surprisingly affordable at $30 USD or £25 each, which makes me wonder if they’re a bit small in person or something like that?

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

The Fairytale Treasure charm is very sparkly, but I can imagine it looking beautiful with some of the classic two-tone fairytale beads, such as the Happily Ever After Castle. The gold and the purple would look great together. This bead is £60 or $75 USD.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

The Fairytale Bloom is more to my personal taste, however – it may have a fair bit of glitter, but the detailing is rather delicate and I can imagine the whole effect looking beautiful in person. It would be nice with soft pinks. It’s £50 or $65 USD.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

The Charming Owls are the only animal bead of this collection, but luckily enough they’re beautifully detailed and rather adorable! I love the detailing on the back of the charm, and the owls’ cute big eyes. This one will definitely be coming home with me! The only thing I wonder about is how much room it takes on a bracelet, with the little baby owl off to the side. It’s £30 or $35 USD.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

The Interwining Radiance charms feature large cubic zirconia, entwined with strands of silver – really great as a focal point or for adding points of colour to your bracelet design. They are on the more expensive side, however, at £55 or $60 USD.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

It’s available in clear or purple.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

The Nature’s Radiance is similar, but a little pricier, as it has extra CZs, at £60 or $65 USD.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

The Princess Crown Heart follows other similar offerings, such as the My Princess tiara, and is priced at £40 or $45 USD.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview


Hobbies & Inspiration

This charm for book lovers got slightly mixed reviews when the first preview images came out, but I love it. It’s got whimsy and a fair bit of detail, and the quote inside is rather delightful. It’s also more affordable at £35 or $45 USD. I’ll definitely be getting this one! If dangles aren’t your style, make sure you check out the existing Fairytale Book charm as an alternative.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

The Heart of Freedom is another of my favourites from this collection – it’s a bit different from Pandora’s usual heart charms, and I love the bird motifs. I’m not as keen on the quote itself, but the side with ‘free’ and the bird flying off is lovely! It’s £30 or $35 USD.


The Shopping Queen charm has a dash of baby pink enamel, and I can imagine it’ll be popular with a fair few teenagers. It’s £40 or $50 USD.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

Family, Love & Occasions

The Loving Sentiments is going to be part of a bracelet gift set in the UK for the time being, but will retail on its own elsewhere, as far as I’m aware. It’s $40 USD.


The Birthday Celebration charm is like a balloon in its brightness – perfect for getting into the birthday spirit, but maybe a tad hard to style. It’s retailing for £45 or $50 USD.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

No Pandora collection seems complete with another variation on their popular present charm design, based on the 2012 Black Friday charm (how many variations are we up to now?). I quite like that this one is plain silver, and that it has a little star on top – I hadn’t noticed that before! This one is £30 or $40 USD.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

The Family Roots offers a little 14kt gold and a really pretty classic locket design – I just don’t feel like the pavé was necessary at the top of the charm. It’s £85 or $150 USD, so pretty pricey – but there is a lot of gold!

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

The You & Me Forever charm is a really cool two-tone design, with three separate discs making up each part of the message. They form a little cut-out gold heart at the back. Again, the only thing that spoils this one for me a little is the pavé at the top. :/ It’s £60 or $95 USD.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

The Celebration of Love, priced at $75 USD or £70, is a more sophisticated offering, with a healthy dash of gold.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

The Happy Anniversary charm is £50 or $55 USD.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

Pandora Autumn 2016 Country-Exclusives

The following three beads will be available in Europe and Asia, I think, but not North America or the UK – I’m not sure about Australia/New Zealand.

My favourite of them is the amazing Origami Crane, and I will definitely be needing help getting this one! It’s plain silver, detailed and such a cute design.


The Lock of Longevity is another twist from Pandora on a heart-lock design, with amber CZ to accentuate the design’s curlicues.pandora-autumn-2016-lock-longevity The Protection murano is a really interesting bead, and I love the vibrancy of the colour. It would be a great match for the existing Watchful Eye dangle or as a souvenir of a Greek holiday. pandora-autumn-2016-protection-murano

Finally, the Fairytale Fish is a Russian exclusive bead (and totally amazing) – more details here.Pandora Autumn 2016 Russia Exclusive

Now, for the country-exclusive bracelets. A little while back, I posted an updated preview of new versions of the classic CZ barrel clasp bracelet, in pink, blue and purple. Now, the UK will not be getting these, or at least for now – the only place I have seen receive them so far has been the US. But please shout if I’m wrong, or if you’ve seen them for sale in your region!

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

Finally, we have a sneak peek at something of a mystery bracelet. As I was browsing through some campaign images recently, I noticed a model wearing a bracelet I hadn’t seen before. It looked pretty cool, with a textured chain and a spherical clasp:

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

I did some digging, and turned up this stock image for it – it’s like a textured version of the threadless bracelet. I kind of love it, and it reminds me of the 2011 Nostalgic Rock collection Pandora put out. However, I have no idea which countries will be selling it, or whether it’s been postponed or what – I have not seen it listed in any official catalogues yet. Again, shout if you hear anything about this piece or see it for sale in your region! ^^

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

These days blogging about Pandora is becoming something akin to investigative journalism, haha, with all these country exclsuves!

My Comment

There are a lot of beads in this collection that, to be honest, don’t really interest me as a long-term collector: the family-themed beads, the hearts, the more generic decorative pieces – I’ve seen most of these types of beads before. However, there are some individual beads that really are must-haves for me – I adore the Origami Crane, the Love Reading charm and the Fairytale Fish, to name but a few. :D I also quite like the textured bracelet and will keep an eye out for that, should it crop up anywhere!

The UK had a ‘soft launch’ of the collection last Thursday (although the collection is not out officially online, stores have quietly put it out and some are even giving out Autumn 2016 catalogues), and I had a quick peek at it on Saturday. My first impressions (it was only a quick peek and I didn’t see everything) – I loved the new Essence mosaics, but found the new cerise enamel Freedom bead a bit bright :( The new floating locket necklaces are not as big and clunky as I was imagining and are actually quite cute in person. I didn’t dislike them at all.

Which beads are your must-haves from this collection?

149 Comments on Preview: Pandora Autumn 2016 HQ Images & Prices

  1. The crane and lock of longevity are both available in Australia. The fairybloom is sold in gift set with pave barrel bracelet for $169. The shimmering medallion and fairytale bloom is gorgeous even though it’s very sparkly but the detailing are beautifully.

    • Thanks for the heads up! :) That’s a shame that the Fairytale Bloom isn’t sold on its own there yet. It’s so pretty! I think it’ll be one of my first acquisitions from this collection. :D

  2. Hi,

    I visited the Southampton Pandora store today and they had the new Autumn collection already out! I didn’t buy anything but I did get the Autumn/Winter catalogue, so I will be making a wish list. I asked about the Pudsey charm and that’s not released until the 8th Sept. He is in the new catalogue and looks super cute, I’ll definitely be taking him home with me once he’s released! Love the new collection.

    • Hi Debbie! Ooh I’m envious. I’ve not managed to get a catalogue yet. I’m hoping to get one this weekend. Pudsey will definitely be mine too! <3 I'm hoping that they do some fun packaging or certificates to go with him again like last year.

  3. I LOVE the textured bracelet. Nothing else catches my eye so I guess that’s a good thing this time around! Looks like the pave is here to stay unfortunately. The all-silver charms are basic and generic looking to me. Thanks again for your wonderful updates – I love seeing them!

    • I love it too! It would be so perfect with the older Nostalgic Rock pieces, or some of the Autumn 2012 collection, if you can track it down. Looking forward to finding out more about it – I’d be gutted if it never did come out! Thanks for commenting, glad to hear you’re enjoying them! <3

  4. Will all these be sold in North America too mostly all the bracelets or at least the last bracelet that’s pictured on here

    • As I said, I don’t know much at all about that last bracelet so Idk where and when that’s coming out. Hopefully everywhere at some point! The signature charm bracelet will be out in the US for winter.

  5. The Opulent Heart totally made me think Sailor Moon. Not in a negative way or anything, I’m a big fan, so it’s def going on my wishlist. I really like the dark purple shimmer murano so will probably get that along with the white one from one previous releases but not until next year. There are some Xmas ones that have to get first in the upcoming winter release.

    • The dark purple and white would look so pretty together! I’m not familiar with Sailor Moon tho. But I do like the pretty detailing on the Opulent Heart. Even prettier in person of course!

  6. The textured bracelet looks nice, but I think it’s going to be a nightmare to clean once it gets a bit tarnished.

    • I hadn’t even thought of that! I’m not that good at keeping up my bracelet cleaning these days, there are too many charms haha.

  7. I am intrigued to see the floating locket, but to me the lettering on it looks the wrong way around. Maybe as it reads anti-clockwise instead of clockwise? There is more in this collection I like than I remember from previews. Love the origami crane, prince & princess, gleaming gift & ‘I love reading’. I like seeing more clips in the older style. Also like the 2 tone bracelet. Disappointed we didn’t get the star/sun clasp bracelet from last release in Australia

    • The zodiac bracelet was definitely available in Australia, though it appears to have disappeared off the website. You might need to call around different stores to see if any have stock left. I got one for my birthday.

      • I got it on the Gold Coast, QLD just 2 weeks ago and got really lucky because the jewellery shop had it at 50% off!! Yeah. I was really surprised because it’s so new but I wasn’t complaining!

        • Wow… What a deal. Which one is it? Robina? It’s 3hrs drive for me to get there. Anyway, I reserve one at my local Pascoe jeweller after I saw in this blog that they were removed from website. What a shame. I plan to get it later but now it’s on my top priority list. Hopefully the 50% off is across all stores.

        • Hi Starlight, I think it was just that jewellery shop, it’s a local one called Kazazz, they have shops in 4 different places, a loyalty program and sometimes really good deals. I’ve never been to the Pandora one in Robina, live up the other end of the Coast. Are on the Sunnie Coast?

    • I really quite liked the floating locket when I saw it in stores! Maybe not enough to pay £100/£120 plus x amount for the charms to go inside it, but it really was more delicate than I thought it would.

      I already have the Origami Crane on its way to me from Australia! <3 You guys did receive the stars bracelet, I'm pretty sure, but for some reason it's vanished recently from My store were still selling it last week, so idk what's gone on there!

  8. & I can’t believe some of my favorite Disney pieces are already retiring this year and some of my other favorite pieces have already retired and some of the Disney Mickey Mouse ones that first started the Disney collection are all soon retiring as well and the princess crowns too but I can’t believe most of the old classic Mickey ones are leaving the Disney collection this fall I’m hoping that they’ll bring more nice Disney charms in this year sense the old ones are retiring

    • Oh my God!! That really is a bad news!! Nobody in the store told me about the Disney collection retirement!! :( And my budget can’t afford more charms for a couple of months!!

      • I know right I thought so too and I can’t afford to get the missing pieces that I don’t have either so your definitely not alone on that one like I can’t afford it buy anymore now till Black Friday which is in November but that’s really chancing it whether the pieces I want will be there or not like I know I want about 3 of the charms and the Mickey silver ring too which is all leaving the collection

        Actually funny thing is that I had the ring at one point in time but I had to return it cause I desperately needed the money cause there was something that I had no choice to buy but now I kinda regret it but at the same time I HAD to get the item I needed first so I had to lose the ring as I had no other money for the stupid item that I needed to buy
        It totally sucks that that had to happen that I needed the money back to buy something else and find out later that I can’t keep the ring and had to return it and I didn’t even wear it before I returned it though that kinda would of been a wrong thing to do but still it’s disappointing that I couldn’t keep it

    • I just randomly happened to have asked for to see the Disney pieces and they just told me which ones were leaving the collection and they brought out all the classic Minnie and Mickey ones and the princess crowns out as Pandora has a new rule as of now that the people that work there aren’t allowed to bring out the whole tray of charms out anymore like they used to I guess they’ve had item stolen from the stores which I always thought was impossible but anyways

    • I’m not surprised that they’re getting rid of the Disney princess crowns, as they were so much less easily distinguishable from each other than the other princess charms, such as the dresses. I’m kind of surprised by the retirement list overall, as there are so many pretty pieces on it from when I first started collecting :( but I’ll be keeping an eye on Rue to see if any end up on there…

  9. Hi Ellie. Although I wasn’t initially that interested in this collection, after seeing so many beautiful images of the charms and jewelry on social media, I have changed my mind on a lot of the pieces. I am now interested in creating a bracelet with purples and the rich ruby reds from this collection, and now I have no idea what I am going to get in the upcoming “spend and save” promo. I noticed you didn’t list U.S. prices for the Radiant Heart beads, Floating Locket charm, new colored pave clasp bracelets, and Dark Purple Shimmer Murano. Do you have the prices for these? I’m a bit disappointed in the high price point for the Family Roots charm because I really want it, but–you’re right–it does have a lot of gold, so I can’t say I’m surprised. Finally, I adore the “mystery” textured bracelet you have shown here, so I can’t wait to find out more about that!

    • Hi Joanne! I went into store again yesterday and a lot of the sparklier pieces are so much more pretty in person! I loved the Intertwining Radiance and Nature’s Radiance a lot in person – they just don’t really fit in with any of the designs I am working on or plan on doing at the moment.

      According to one source, the textured bracelet has been pushed back for a Spring 2017 release in NA at least, so hopefully we will be seeing it at some point! I love it, too. Reminds me of some of the older, edgier Pandora pieces!

      • I’m glad you’re at least hearing about a date when the textured bracelet could be released, even though we will have to wait a little bit. I was concerned it was a leaked photo of something that would never be released, like the opalescent version of the Black Friday charm from last year!

        • Yeah, Pandora have done that a couple of times now – included images of pulled jewellery in with pre-release images. But it looks more promising for this bracelet, which is a relief as I love it! ^^

  10. I do hope they do not increase the price of the muranos again……
    With all the fabricated stones and enamel most prices have gone up quit a bit, which makes it harder to ask for charms as gifts…. Not everybody has a £60 or £70 budget….
    I do love the origami bead though, now need to find out if it will be for sale in Holland… Even when it says availeble in Europe it doesn’t mean that it will be availeble in every European country, that’s what my jeweller told me. So with every release I’ll send him an email asking if he will get the beads I am after…. Being a Pandora fan is hard work these days ?

    • I’m a little apprehensive too! The overall price of each collection creeps up every time. So far the other Shimmer muranos are still £35 each as far as I can tell, but I’m slightly bracing for an increase. Luckily I think I have all the murano glass I want from what’s out there, but going forward it might be pricier.

      That’s right – distribution in Europe is really very fragmented. I notice that France and Belgium, for example, usually get very good coverage and the vast majority of the new pieces, while regions such as Spain or the Netherlands often miss out. It’s so hard to keep track of, I do agree with you haha!

    • I know! I remember thinking it was small when the first pre-release images first came out, but more pieces kept trickling out and being revealed, and now it’s kinda huge!

  11. I live the opalescent charm and the Opal facets. Think would look really nice with white facets or the October birthstone charm which happens to fall in my birthday. Hopefully its,as vibrant in person as you show in th e,stock image.

  12. I also like how the family reel charm opens as a locket but that is quite a lot for one chsrm for the us. The you and me not too crazy about. A little plain for me. The owl and the fish are absolutely adorable. Also I like the idea live reading charm and I live the saying. The shopping queen charm I still might get not to crazy about the pink but might look good with my Opal themed bracelet to break it up along with the reading charm.

    • Glad to hear that there is lots you like! The fish is proving pretty hard to get hold of though. :'( The Love Reading charm is gorgeous, and I’m hoping I’ll get it for my birthday at the end of the month. It would be nicest if someone got that one for me as a present, I think, as being a bookworm is something of a cornerstone of my personality and something that I share with my family and my OH, too. ^^

  13. I still want my original picks from the first previews, the Opulent Heart and Charming Owls. I also really like the Fantasy Fish but not sure how easy it will be to get from Russia. I love that new textured bracelet too!

    • I’m envious that you can keep your wish list down so nicely! I started out with this collection thinking, ‘Oh good, I can just keep it small and simple’. Now I want two Essence beads, the Origami Crane, the Russian fish, the Love Reading charm, the Charming Owls and the Fairytale Bloom! Ouch! ;)

  14. The two tone bracelet will be available in Australia from 1st September as well. The origami and lock of longevity will be available in Australia but I haven’t seen the protection murano. ?

  15. Hi Ellie, I love the Autumn collection, the prince and the princess are a must have for my Narnia bracelet, also the pave safety chain, the Cz barrel clasp bracelet, the charming owls and love reading charm. But, except for the owl, I have to wait because the last weekend I went to the store and they show me the Garden Cleaning List, that is enormous, and they had a lot of charms that I wanted, and finally bought 16, so now I’m broke. :( Maybe for Christmas!!

    • Hi Priscilla! Oh, what a wonderful idea – a Narnia bracelet! Although, what are you doing to represent the wardrobe? ^^ The King of the Jungle is your Aslan, I suppose.
      I know, there are so many beautiful charms retiring and such great deals in the sales at the moment that I have not got anywhere near as much from the new collections as I usually do!

      • Hi Ellie, in this moment I don’t have the wardrobe represented in the bracelet, because I can’t find anything similar, I accept ideas!! :) Effectively the King of the Jungle is Aslan, it’s with the Unicorn that Peter used in war, a boy and girl represents Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy, a snowflake represents the Witch, a Santa’s sleigh because Xmas return with them, a red and yellow muranos… I’m thinking to get Mrs. Hedgehog to represent all the animals, and trying to find a Polar Bear. It’s a little difficult this theme but I keep trying. :)

  16. I am going to Germany next week, so I think I will snatch up the crane, absolutely love it and have a soft spot for whooping cranes!

  17. Hi Ellie,

    The gold bangle is listed in the US as a November release. I love the new twotone bracelet and the textured bracelet, though I haven’t seen the textured bracelet listed anywhere in the sales book of my concept store. The origami necklaces haven’t shown up here yet, but I have seen the little charms for it, and they are cute. Also, the little prince and princess charms are pretty large.

    I bought some of the essence and the new Pandora rose bangle and heart bracelets, which I love. I also bought the pink and blue pave clasp bracelets and the owl, fairytale bloom, opulent heart and cerise and opalescent radiant charms. And I did it all by selling some gold jewelry I never wear! I plan to sell more to get the gold bangle!

    • Hi Lisa! May we know the price of the pink/blue pave clasp bracelets you bought from your concept store? Do they have a price now for the two tone bracelet? Thanks.

      • Hi Emy,
        The colored pave clasp bracelets are $80USD each. I don’t know the price of the new two tone yet because it’s a winter(nov) release. Hope that helps!

    • Hi Lisa! Thanks – I noticed that a lot of the bracelets are down for Winter release in NA. I guess they’re going to do a push on bracelets for Christmas. The textured bracelet, apparently, has been pushed back to Spring 2017 so hopefully we will see it next year! Guess the prince/princess are just good value then :D

      Oh, lovely! I am envious of your new Pandora Rose bracelets. :D I am still so tempted by that lovely heart clasp bracelet. Sounds like you got a great haul – and even better that you don’t have to feel too guilty, seeing as you sold some jewellery you don’t wear. I am such a hoarder that I can never bring myself to let go of anything, it’s terrible!

  18. Love the protection murano- wish it was available in the states. Is there anyone who would be able to get this one for me? Thanks in advance!

    • Are you a member of any of the Pandora selling groups on Facebook, such as Pandora’s Angels or Pandora’s Tribe? I’m in the U.S. and was able to purchase one from a great seller from Spain.

      • Yes I’m in both of the selling groups and have asked in a listing for that item but no one has gotten back to me ☹️ So far

        • Hi Emma, If you search “protection” in Pandora’s Angels, that first post tha comes up is Monicah Carey’s post selling the Protection Murano. She is a great seller. I bought this from her and received it already! The last comment in the post is from August 31st, so I don’t know if she still has them available or not, but it’s worth a try.

    • Hi Brittany! As Joanne says, try the Pandora FB groups. Once you manage to get into one of the good ones, they are such a great resource!

  19. Hi! I like the two tone bracelet too! Do you have any idea of the price? I also love the crane origami, the lock of longevity, the cute fish, the precious prince, vintage allure and the cerise radiant charms. Can’t wait to see them all in person! Thanks for the post! ?

    • Hi Emy! I don’t have a price for that one but your store may well have the latest booklets in now anyhow :) Those are some great picks – I hope you have fun collecting your favourites! I love the Crane and the fish too – the crane is already on its way to me from Australia :D

  20. Hi Ellie!

    I am so excited for the upcoming releases; I really love both autumn and winter pieces this year! :) Fairytale Bloom, Charming Owls, and Family Roots are definitely on my wish list.

    I am actually retracting my statement I made previously on the Love Reading charm. I am starting to fall in love with it due to the charming message inside the book and the fact that it actually opens up! I want to apologize for stating it was flat. I misspoke. The Love Reading Charm is a new addition to my wish list as well! Thank you for kindly providing a few pictures revealing different angles. :)

    I am so happy there is a new Gleaming Gift charm for a reasonable $40! If I am not mistaken, I currently see only three charm options for a gift present charm at $65, $70, and $375. I love the concept of this gift charm, so it’s great to see this same concept in a variety of price ranges. I feel the cheaper $40 gift charm is a wonderful gift for a memorable occasion/holiday, or perhaps a safe choice for someone with whom you are not familiar with their charm “style” or even someone who you aren’t that well acquainted with, or for that picky charm addict like myself. ;) The Gleaming Gift was a wonderful surprise this season and I am so excited it has a little star on the top- something I had not noticed before either!

    Well Ellie, I cannot thank you enough for putting together this amazing post with beautiful pics of all the new charms! If no one has chimed in before, I’ll let you know how that owl fares in size on my bracelet once I purchase it. I am a bit curious myself! :)

    Margaret :)

    • Hi Margaret!

      It’s so nice to hear how excited you are! I’m glad to hear that you’ve come around to the reading charm, too. The quote is a big part of the appeal for me, too, and the cute little spectacles. I’m hoping I might get one for my birthday later this month!

      Ah, there have been a few more than three… although some are retired now, I think. By my watch… there have been:

      – the 2012 Black Friday charm, in enamel
      – All Wrapped Up in Pandora, with pink enamel
      – Sparkling Surprise in plain CZ
      – openwork sparkling surprise in clear CZ
      – red enamel present with clear CZ
      – this gleaming gift, plain silver

      Can’t think if there are any more I’ve missed! Either way Pandora have sure milked that design for all its worth aha. I love the star on this version too!

      You’re very welcome! I love doing the HQ previews. It’s so fun picking out your favourites and looking at all the detail in the various charms. Glad you enjoyed it too! Hope the owls aren’t too chunky on the bracelet :)


  21. Ooh, love the lock of longevity. Pleased to hear from above posters that it will be available in Australia.

    Having seen them on instagram, the Prince and book lovers charm are must haves. Love the shopping charm too but I dont need 2 dangles. I am disappointed by the owl charm, the eyes are vacant and the baby looks weirdly off centre.

    Looking forward to seeing the new release in store. Thanks for the update.

    • Yeah, I get what you mean about the vacant eyes. Should have some black enamel on it to resemble eyeball or something to give it some life. Other than that the feather details are nice.

    • It’s gorgeous! My CNY/Asian theme bracelet is full up currently but I do like that charm very much.

      I’m sorry to hear you don’t like the owls! I still found them quite cute in store, and I’ll be getting them at some point for my Flower Garden murano bracelet. I love the book lovers charm, too, though – especially the quote inside!

  22. Oh I’m really sad the coloured sparkly bracelets aren’t coming to the uk I really wanted the purple one. I wonder why they are not coming to the uk.

    • Hi Ellie I also love the prince and princess charms they are so cute. I don’t think there any room on my fairytale bracelet lol. I will just have to make another bracelet lol.?????

      • Hi Nicola! Aha, I am making room on mine for the fish on my fairy-tale bracelet – provided I can get hold of one! Another bracelet sounds good though :P

  23. Hi Ellie.thanks for this post. The Pandora signature bracelet os absolutely gorgeous. Ive gotta gave it.. hope we get this one in Mauritius. I really like the dark purple murano and the petite facetted murano charms. Wow so nice.gotta win the Lotto to get them all ??. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Christelle! I hope you found one of the bracelets – I saw it in person yesterday and it’s beautiful! <3
      Haha, thank you! I think we Pandora collectors could make short work of a lottery win when it comes to collecting beads :P

  24. Hi Ellie,

    This autumn collection is full of beautiful and gorgeous pieces. I love the fairy tale bloom charm, the vintage allure charm and wait to see in person the alluring cushion spacer. But i definetly get the love reading charm. It is a must have to me as I am a reading lover :-) And i love the fact that it opens up and love there is someting write on it…. Anyway, even if I like some pieces a lot I think i’ll get only the love reading dangle. It’s a good thing so I could wait for the winter collection and save some money for my new bracelet on the winter theme…. By the way, like some other I noticed that the starry sky bracelet seems to have dissapear from all the pandora website. Any idea why ? I’ve already have one and I was thinking on buying a other one to start my winter bracelet. It will be too bad if it is already retired….

    • Hi Ellie,

      I made a quick stop to my local pandora store and get the autumn/winter catalog. And i also could take a look on some pieces. Too bad, I should not do that :-) Some pieces I like on photo….. now became pieces I love and want…. especially the fairy tale bloom, the nature radiance charm and the vintage allure charm…. I found these absolutely gorgeous….. And for sure the love reading dangle….. My wish list become bigger and bigger ;-)
      And one more other thing on the top of that, there is a promo going on until the end of September. When you buy a bracelet and two clips, you get a free charm. You could choose the charm in a pre-defined list for the value of the clip you’ve bought. So, for exemple if your clip is 35 EUR, you could choose a free charm in the list for a value of 35 EUR…. and if you didn’t find a charm you like on the pre-defined list for the price of the clip, you could get one at a higher price and you only have to pay the difference between the one you chose and the price of the clip….. I’ve take a look at the list of the charm you could get for free and there are some beautiful pieces which actually on my wish list ;:-) … ok fine there will always be some gorgeous pieces I want ^-^ then it’s not a surprise :-) …. So I am going to take some time this weekend to work on what I call “my pandora project” :-)…. and maybe I will review my pandora budget planning….again :-)… It’s really amazing how each time a new collection is out or a new promo could make me change all my plan about what I want to purchase and when I will get new pieces…. Pandora company is a “devil” but I love it :-)

      • Hi Valerie, thanks for the tip on the promo! Sounds like a good opportunity to plan out some Pandora purchases :D It’s really fun, I think, when a promo comes up and changes all your plans and you end up with something exciting that you didn’t even know you wanted before ^^

        • Hi Ellie,

          This week end I worked like crazy on my Pandora budget. At first, I thought It was not reasonnable but at the end I was not able to convince myself to not take advantage of this promo ;-)…. So I finally decided, it would be a great opportunity to start a new bracelet on the winter theme like I want for a while. So today I went to my pandora store…. and I get out of the store with something totally different from what I had on my mind in the first place… Of course ;-) (not serious I know) I bought a new bracelet and two clips and get the free charms but instead of starting a winter theme bracelet, I ended up with a Keep Calm/No stress/Seize the day theme bracelet…. During my holiday in France, I get the meditation charm (retired here in Belgium) even If I knew then that I’ve have not a use for it on my current bracelets designs. But I wanted it for a while… I find it really cute and most importantly this charm is meaningful for me. I am a really anxious person and I was keen of the idea of the meditation charm will be a reminder to stay calm and not being stressed….. So yes, I bought it even If I didn’t know what to do with it… The issue was the same with the love reading dangle : love it but nowhere to use it on my current designs…. and then suddenly comes THE idea : a Keep Calm/No stress theme bracelet :-) …At the end of the day, I came home with a new regular bracelet,2 clips (the shinning path clip) and as the free charm I chose the iridescent blue faceted glass for my starry sky night bracelet……plus the infinite shine charm and 2 muranos : the field of daisies glass murano and the pink glass cherry blossom murano…..I was not plan at all to get these 2 muranos but when I saw them at the store, It seems obvious that they would be a perfect match to the meditation charm and the love reading dangle …. These muranos makes me think to a Japanese garden where I could go for a walk, sit somewhere with a book or meditate, relax and enjoy a peaceful place….. And it was really exciting to see all these charms perfectly match (for me at least). …. I still want to start someday a winter theme bracelet but I decided to postpone it a bit :-)…. I will wait until the winter collection get out, go to the store to see it in person and chose what I want to put it on my wish list for christmas ;-)….. Sorry for the long reply and thanks for the reading :-)

    • Hi Valerie, I’m a book lover too (my degrees are in literature) and I can’t wait to get that charm too! I think the glasses are so cute. I’m hoping to get it for my birthday this month :D

      It’s weird about the Starry Sky bracelet and to be honest I don’t know whether that’s a mistake or not. It’s still in the new UK catalogue and my store were selling it this weekend, so I don’t know why it’s been erased from the website. Normally, if they retire something, it’s still there but listed as discontinued – it doesn’t normally just vanish. Which makes me think maybe an error of some kind..

      • I went to a concept store on the weekend and ask about the starry bracelet. They are still selling them, at full price too. I’m disappointed that they ran out of the catalogue but had a quick look at the in store one. Not much rose gold are coming to Australia, only the older ones. No heart clasp, just the barrel ones. I’m excited that the Jasmine, aurora and tinkerbell muranos are coming in on 10 Nov. Love to get that Jasmine one.

        • Hi
          I went to my Pandora Store today and also asked about the Starry Sky bracelet. Same here in Belgium : still selling it but the Pandora Store manager don’t know why it disappeared from the website…. And the new catalogue is still showing it as a new piece from the autumn collection…. It’s weird :-)

      • Hi Ellie and Valerie. The starry-night bracelet has dissapeared from the spanish catalogue too. However it was still in the spanish website a few days ago. I´m not sure but I also think that it´s still on sale.

  25. I am so excited to see this collection!! I’m jealous that other people have seen it before me, lol!! I have an appointment tomorrow right beside the mall where my store is and I’m going to check it out then. There is so much that I like!! That gold bangle is just WOW!! I would wear it just as is with no charms on it stacked with my sterling silver bracelets (if it were more affordable that is!!). The bracelets that realistically top my wish list are the purple CZ barrel clasp bracelet, the Essence bangle (which isn’t new I know but I still want to get it during the promo), and the new signature bangle. And now after seeing this post I’m really hoping my store has the textured bracelet!! That is really cool looking. I’d like to wear it with the opulent heart charm on it. I’ve been more into stacking lots of bracelets and adding just a few charms to each. I will let you know if I see it in my store tomorrow. I can’t wait to see it all in person and get an Autumn/Winter book!!

    • I don’t think any country has received the texture bracelet unfortunately! :( It appears to have been delayed until next year, but at least we should be seeing it eventually! It would be too cruel if they cancelled it completely :D

  26. Pandora Las Vegas has added some photos with new CZ red, blue and purple bracelet…so maybe they won’t be available only in UK?

  27. Hi Ellie!

    Thank you for these lovely HQ images! The Shimmering Medallion remains at the top of my list. I’m planning to use it as a focal point on my multicolored Cosmic Stars and Pave’ Lights bracelet. The Family Roots dangle is quite stunning in the HQ images and would make a nice addition to my LE Family Forever Bangle. With a price of $150 USD, it may have to go on a special occasion list. My Autumn must haves continue to grow after seeing the HQ images! I’m loving the mystery bracelet!!! Hope it makes it to the US.

    Thank you for the prices of this Autumn collection. Sure helps in making my “spend more/save more list. I appreciate your dedicated work putting everything together for this Autumn, as well as, Winter collections. I understand it’s been quite confusing this time around, but as always, we can count on you, Ellie. Thank You!!!

    • Me toooo! I’m waiting with bated breath for more news ;) Apparently it has been pushed back until next year!

  28. Hi Ellie I’ve sent you an email, don’t know if you’ve seen it. I couldn’t believe when I saw we had the collection here early in the UK, when I was shopping on Saturday. I bought the alluring cushion spacer and fairytale bloom.
    I’m going to start my first essence bracelet soon, with the new appreciation charm, as I really liked this charm. Then I’m not sure which other charms I want to get in the future, to go with it. My possibles are the new mosaic ones in cream and pink and some crystal ones in loyalty and appreciation. Hope they keep bringing out some different ones for the essence line.
    Look forward to your reviews of your new pieces, when you get them.

    • Hi Sarha, I know, it was a nice surprise wasn’t it? I still haven’t bought anything in the UK stores yet though haha. I do a lot of my ordering from abroad.
      I loved the new mosaic beads in person! THey would be a great start to your new Essence bracelet. I hope they continue to innovate with the Essence collection too – I think it’s such a great line, and I really hope it catches on more. <3

      Thanks Sarah! <3

  29. Lots of pretty beads! I like the Shimmering Medallion, Floating Locket, Opulent Heart, Fairytale Bloom, Charming Owls, and Happy Birthday. I’ll probably get 2 or 3 beads at the Spend and Save promo. I’m looking forward to seeing these in person in a few days. Thanks for the crisp stock images!

    • Ah that’s a nice healthy wish list! <3 I'm still deciding about the spend and save - it's an open field at the moment, it could be anything currently. It's an exciting feeling! ^^

  30. I really don’t get it with CZ on the top for dangle!!
    I love some of recent dangle charms and wanted to purchase but I still not getting them because of the CZ part
    I really want to see them with simple silver topped

    • Yeah, it really puts me off too! I don’t normally come down too hard on things, as I don’t want to upset people who do like it, but I really do dislike the superfluous CZ on dangles.. :(

  31. Great article , thank you. I love the locket. I have the gold bracelet so will definitely be getting the gold bangle for sure, it’s lovely. No new earrings? I feel they need more earrings!

    • Thank you! There are more new earrings and other jewellery pieces – they’re in a previous article. If you have a look through the Autumn tag (click the link for Autumn 2016 in the side bar), you’ll see them!

  32. Charming Owls for me and the Textured Bracelet, if available. The Winter collection will be the budget buster for me. Thanks, Ellie!

    • I picked up the Charming Owls (so cute!) this morning and asked about the Textured Bracelet. Apparently it is not available here, at least not yet. Another day when I have more time, I will look at the Colored CZ Barrel Clasp Bracelets. I would prefer red to pink or purple, but I might consider the blue.

  33. Would really love the lock of longevity to bad its not being sold in the UK! Can anyone from europe help me get my hands on the lock of longevity? would really appreciate it thanks!

    • Hi Emma! You should join one of the Pandora groups on FB and try for some help there – they’re more set up for that kind of thing. Pandora’s Angels or Pandora’s Tribe are good, if you can get approved :) Good luck!

  34. I really like the origami crane! I’m glad it is in Australia. That textured bracelet is cool, but I think I like the colored pave bracelets more. I like that you can open the floating locket charm. I might get that one. I think the princess and prince charms are so cute for moms or grandmas! Although my oldest daughter has never liked anyone to call her a princess, so maybe not for me. :)

    • Yes I was pleasantly surprised that you could open the Floating Locket charm too! A really cute idea :D
      I agree about the princess/prince charms being good for fond mums and grandmothers! I was always wanting to play at being a princess when I was little, so it would have been appropriate for me and my mum. She always had to be the wicked witch or the ogre or something awful and I would always be the beautiful one, aha.

  35. Hi Ellie.

    What are your thoughts regarding the floating locket charm in a bracelet? Or would it just be suitable on a necklace? Thank you!

    • Hi Gayle! I think it would be beautiful on a bracelet. It would make a gorgeous centrepiece – that’s how I would style it :)

  36. Thank you for this detailed preview!! There are so many gorgeous charms for the autumn/winter collection. So many that i can not decide which one i want…. I definitely need the origami crane and ribbon heart as i got a crush at first sight. But i also might consider getting the charming owls as they are so cute, the family roots charm and the birthday celebration which are nice too…
    Anyway can’t wait for tomorrow to get the new catalogue and start my wish list for this new collection :)

    • You are very welcome! :) The origami crane seems to be a general favourite – and it’s the first one I ordered, too. It’s on its way to me from AUstralia! <3

      Hope you enjoyed your visit to the store!

  37. Which princess crowns are retiring and when, any of you ladies know? I saw the comments but don’t know the details of said retirement?

  38. I have stopped by my Pandora store and I fell in love with the owls, opulent heart and the princess crown dangle. Reluctantly I left empty handed. I’m holding out for September promotion. The detail in the opulent heart was even more breathtaking in person.

    • Ah, that’s some will power! ^^ I’m going to get a few of these in the spend & save – I just don’t know which though ^^

  39. Hey Ellie…..thanks for doing so much digging around for us. I’ll be looking for the textured bracelet, the Love Reading and the Lock of Longevity charms, and a couple of the eye catching blue protection muranos.

  40. Anybody know when the floating locket charm will be out in stores in the US? On the pandora site all I see is the necklace option. Please help. Around what month?

    • Hi! Unfortunately that one has been and gone – it was recently pulled from sale after issues with it coming open while people were wearing it. Apparently it will be re-released, we just don’t know when :(

  41. Dear Ladies, I have seen the three beautiful clasp bracelets, which are unfortunately not available in Germany. May I get any help? :)

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