Today’s post celebrates Black Friday with a round-up of the best of the Pandora Black Friday promotions! ? This year sees the release of Pandora’s sixth limited edition Black Friday charm – this bead is usually exclusive to the US & Canada, but this year has seen a wider release across many regions – meaning that there most probably isn’t going to be the usual scramble from collectors worldwide to find a North American friend to help them! ^^


What follows is a round-up of some of the biggest Pandora Black Friday promotions, with live shots of the BF charm, bangle and boxes! <3 And, of course, please let me know if there are any deals I’ve missed out!

Pandora Black Friday 2016 Poinsettia Charm Launch

While there are many promotions and offers running for Black Friday weekend, one of the most special Pandora traditions is the limited edition Black Friday charm! <3 The BF charm for 2016 is a red CZ Poinsettia, and retails for $75 USD / $85 CAD / £70.

pandora black friday 2016 poinsettia

The exciting thing about the 2016 Black Friday charm is that, while traditionally it has been exclusive to North America, this year it’s been released in multiple regions this year, including the UK, Asia and some European countries! <3

The charm comes in a pretty LE box, detailed in a metallic colour scheme.

Image by Pandora Market Mal
Image by Pandora Marketmall

Rue La La Pandora Black Friday 2016 Sale

Don’t forget that designer shopping site Rue La La are running a Black Friday sale on Pandora jewellery today from 11am ET! The sale will offer discounts of up to 50% on some simply gorgeous Pandora charms & other jewellery.

pandora rue la la black friday 2016

Rue La La is members only but, if you need an invite, you can sign up via my affiliate code here!

Pandora North America Black Friday 2016 Bangle Promo

In North America, the Winter 2016 Unique Snowflake bangle will be a gift with purchase running from today until the 27th of November. It will be available with spends of $125 USD or $150 CAD or more!


I was originally put off by the inscription, which I found overly sentimental, but I’ve since been won round by the beauty of the snowflake clasp, and how nicely the words tie in with the idea that every individual flake of snow is different. ❄️

Image by Pandora Marketmall

The bangle comes with a special LE box, also!

pandora Le bracelet box

This promo offers the perfect time to pick up the Black Friday charm and maybe a couple of extra things for Christmas. :D

Jared Exclusive Pandora Christmas 2016 Gift Set

The Twelve Days of Christmas gift set returns to Jared’s Galleria again this year, a chain of stores exclusive to the US – starting from today, you can purchase a gift set containing twelve of Pandora’s latest holiday beads for the special price of $500 USD! The set includes the Black Friday Poinsettia and the Jared exclusive Mrs Claus bead (she’s only a Jared exclusive in the US – she’s available as usual in other countries).

The set also comes with a gorgeous box set, which is decorated with a pretty snowflake on top!


Pandora Black Friday 2016 UK Gift Set

As previously mentioned, we will be getting the LE Black Friday charm in the UK for the first time this year – it’s retailing for £70.

However, in addition, we’ll be getting an exclusive Black Friday bracelet gift set. This will retail for £149, offering a saving of £50 off its RRP.


The major draw for me with this set is the gorgeous travel jewellery box that comes with it, detailed in beautiful silver and rose gold colours!


Pandora Singapore Box GWP

This is not strictly a Black Friday promotion, but it’s so cute that I couldn’t not include it. This adorable box GWP started in Singapore on the 14th of November as a gift to Pandora VIPs who spend $400 SGD or more in one transaction. It’s available while stocks last.

Images courtesy of Patty Ng - please do not reproduce without crediting! <3
Images courtesy of Patty Ng – please do not reproduce without crediting! <3

The box is based on the same design as the Hidden Gift tree ornament, and has the year engraved on the base.

Pandora Australia/NZ Christmas Ornament 2016 GWP

Pandora Australia do not seem to be taking part in Black Friday promos, or offering the BF bead, but you can currently get the beautiful Hidden Gift Christmas ornament as a gift with purchase, with spends of $150 AUD or $180 NZD. This promotion started on the 17th of November, but will run until the finish of Black Friday weekend on the 27th (this Sunday).

pandora australia christmas ornament

My Comment

A very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrated it yesterday – and happy Black Friday shopping today! I think it’s rather nice that the Black Friday promotions have been so much more inclusive this year, with more specials across a variety of regions and the launch of the BF LE charm in the UK and elsewhere. ? I’ve been on the fence about whether to get this year’s Black Friday charm or not (I recently got the original retired silver Poinsettia charm, which I’m rather fond of), but – as usual – I was totally won over when I saw some gorgeous live shots of the new bead and have decided that I will, of course, have to have it.

My plan is to wait for the Jared exclusive ornament GWP, which starts next month, however, rather than to go for the Snowflake bangle GWP.

I will also be stalking Rue La La at 11AM ET sharp! ;)

Will you be getting the Black Friday charm or taking part in any of the offers?

106 Comments on Pandora Black Friday 2016 Charm & Promotions Launch

      • Dear Mora Pandora
        I’m new to Pandora but definitely hooked and find looking at all the websites, brochures and blogs quite addictive. Thank you for all your reviews they’re great and pictures and ideas for themes etc have been very useful, as I seem to have a bit of a mish mash of things atm. I have been onto Rue La La and wondered how much the charges are on delivery for taxes etc.? Looking forward to purchasing some new things with some birthday money soon, the only problem is what to choose!

        • Hi Tracey! Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the reviews – welcome to the super addictive world of Pandora ☺️ how do you mean regarding taxes? Do you mean import taxes? If so, it depends on where you live and what the rate of taxation is – Rue La La don’t have any control over what customs charge :)

  1. Some nice offers out there! ? We have a 4×3 charm promo running for three days. If you buy three or more charms, you get a 29 € one free. However I won’t be taking part in it, as I’ve just found out that the charm you are given is a pendant number and I’m not interested ?. Anyway good that the seem to be starting running promos. Let’s hope there will be better ones in the future!
    Thanks again for letting us know!
    By the way, my favs are the Jared exclusive, the bangle for NA and the british set & jewelery box!

    • Hi Marie, thanks for letting us know about the 4for3 offer! :) I hope there’s one that you like better in the future – it is always a tad frustrating when there are amazing sales going on elsewhere but in your country they’re only offering something a bit lacklustre. The BF charm was a nice surprise for us in the UK this year!

      • I should have added that we have the poinsettia here, too. However I didn´t considered it because I´m not sure I like its shape and being all red pave and all … I simply forgot. Once again I was pretty mad at Pandora Spain for the free charm they had chosen. Last year they gave the Xmas puppy for free!!! Sorry!

        • Aw I loved the Christmas Puppy from last year, but I totally get that he’s not the most versatile charm to be giving away for free! I was surprised that they went for red for this year’s BF charm, too – normally they go for something a bit more generic.!

  2. Hi Ellie I had a look on the Rue La La website there doesnt seem to be much Pandora? Just wanted to see what they have on offer, thanks

    • HI Ab, I see you commented below – the sales almost always start around 4pm UK time, just for reference! <3

  3. Hi Ellie,
    Here in Canada Black Friday started yesterday! I got the Black Friday Pointsetta and the Promotional Bracelet :)

    • Hi Tara! Wonderful – I am still waiting for the Jared promo to get my BF bead, I hope they still have one at the start of December! :D

  4. If we had the snowflake bangle as GWP here in the UK I would definitely be going for that promo. As it is, my money is staying in my bank account :-/. I can’t even find the heart rose bracelet bundle in 20cm anywhere so I won’t be bothering with the ornament promo as I don’t think it’s right that we have to spend the same amount to get that as we do for a free bracelet :-/. There are some more charms that I need for my lilac bracelet but I’ll be waiting until next October, most likely, when we have our next free bracelet promo in the hope that they let us have the new two tone one for a higher spend.

    • Mm, the ornament is intrinsically worth much less than the bracelet (£15, they value it at) but I guess they know that it will seem rather special and worth the spend, especially to those who are buying gifts. I am always much more inclined to spend the money for the ornament than the regular bracelet, I’m not sure why! ^^ It’s a real shame that the bundle sold out before you could get the ornament, I can’t find it anywhere either :(
      October is a long time to wait! :( Perhaps they’ll run some kind of impromptu promo that you can do in the meantime… we can hope!

      • It is a long time to wait :'(, I wish we had more promos here like the do in America :-/. I don’t want another regular bracelet either, it was good this year when we could spend more and get a more expensive one ;-). I got the barrel clasp in rose so I’ve put my dahlia clip and dangle on that and they look nice but I really wanted to put them on the rose heart bracelet. My plan was to get the rose heart bundle and swap them over ;-); I’m not sure what I’ll do next October now as regards the free bracelet as if I get the rose heart for free I’ll need rose clips for my barrel clasp :-/. What I really want now is the two tone new gold bracelet and a bangle with a nicer clasp. I like to stack bangles, so far I have 3 ordinary ones and the pink heart one that came with a heart charm. I want 5 bangles (got 4) but I want the final one to be a fancy one, any fancy one, lol, I’m not that fussy ;-).

        I got the sleigh ornament a few years back and I do like it but I prefer to get jewellery for free rather ornaments or jewellery boxes :-/. I don’t buy Pandora as gifts as I’m the only female in my family now my mum has gone :'(, apart from the cat but she’d rather have tuna, lol ;-).

        • Yay, Beadazzled has just got fresh stock in of the rose heart bundle :-D, so it looks like I’m getting the ornament after all :-D. I also managed to track down a gingerbread man for my Christmas bracelet, today was a good day, lol ;-).

        • That’s such good news!! So glad you found it, sounds like a truly wonderful Pandora day. My helper in the US will hopefully be getting my Jared ornament promo haul tomorrow so that should be a good Pandora day for me too haha :)

        • Will it arrive in time for Christmas? Not that it matters really, it’ll be nice to open something after Christmas too ;-). The rose heart bundle is lovely, I’ve taken off the clips and charm that came with it and put those on the barrel rose bracelet with the orange and orange flower I got in the sale earlier, and put the dahlia on the heart bracelet :-D. I’ve put the sleigh from 2 years ago (OMG! it can’t be so long ago :-O) on the mantle piece with the new porcelain gift on the opposite side; they look really nice together, I must get the rest of my decorations down now ;-).

          I’m going to get another two of the gold Muranos as I think my Christmas bracelet could use those, plus they’re only £15 ;-) and I’m really hoping that the Christmas tree of lights goes in the Boxing Day sale. I’ll need one more festive charm after that but I’m not sure which yet :-D.

        • I’d have thought it would, the post between us is normally pretty speedy, even during December! :) But it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t quite make it, as it’ll be there for next year too! <3
          I'm getting the Rose heart bracelet for xmas from my boyfriend (:D :D), can't remember if I told you or not aha, and I've also but the orange flower with it - orange and rose gold looks surprisingly beautiful! So warm and sunset-like.
          I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for some good Boxing Day deals - there's lots retiring so hopefully they won't be stingy this time around! ;) Last year's Boxing Day sale was kinda rubbish haha.

        • Last Boxing Day was rubbish all round for us :-(. We were supposed to be going over to see my dad in Harrogate but he phoned up at 9:30am to say that there had been a major flood at the bottom of his road and no one could get in or out :-O. Oh, well, I thought, I’ll just have to look at the Pandora sale, but no, within 10 minutes we had a power cut that lasted until 10:15pm :-O, and even when the electric did come back on we had no Internet for another hour :-O. I thought maybe all the good stuff had gone earlier in the day :-/. Plus I was just recovering from pneumonia and a blood clot on my lung :'(. Boxing Day this year can’t be any worse ;-).

        • Pat, that sounds just horrendous! I hope that you are 100% better and looking forward to Christmas this year (and that there are no more floods!!) ??

        • Thanks :-D. I do supply work in various schools, so not the healthiest of occupations ;-). I’ve been invigilating mock GCSEs this last two weeks and I’ve managed to start with a cough and sore throat now :(. I may not be able to go to work (if there even is any) this next week as I really need to avoid catching anything else ;-). Less money for the Pandora Boxing Day sale but I suppose my health even comes before Pandora, lol, :-O.

  5. The inscription on the bangle put me off too, but I liked the clasp and recently filled my Xmas bracelet so a free bangle to start another seemed a good idea. I figure with enough charms the words will be covered over. The poinsettia is lovely, I got mine last night.

    • Definitely, the clasp in itself is gorgeous – I saw it again in person and it is lovely. I just have no need at all of another bangle, as I still haven’t got any charms on my Dainty Bow bangle and Always in my Heart bangles from 2015, so I had better give it a miss! ;) It might pop up on sale at some point, too. Glad to hear you like the Poinsettia – I have still not managed to see it myself in person! :o

      • OMG, do think so? :-O. I got the pink heart bangle with a charm for £99 but I’ve never seen a bangle just straight up in the sale :-O. I like to stack the bangles without charms (well just the one pink heart) I have 4 and I want 5 ;-). I think they look great like that as the clasps are interesting just on their own.

        • A couple of them have shown up on sites like Rue La La yep :) and other LE beads such as the Black Friday charms, so it’s always worth checking each sale!

  6. Hi Ellie
    Thank you for another great post and update. I’ve been waiting for this promo for a while. I love snowflakes so really wanted the bangle. I wasn’t too fond of the script on it when I first saw it but had decided that the clasp made up for it. Still feeling a bit battered from a multi vehicle accident a few days ago, I wasn’t able to get to the store myself. My dear hubby, armed with pictures and item numbers, braved the crowds over the lunch hour yesterday and got it for me. The bangle is lovely. The script isn’t anywhere near as bold as it looks in the pictures and can simply be ignored. I had been prepared to put charms over it if I really didn’t like it, but there’s no need. The clasp is truly lovely.

    For the spend I got the new Back Friday charm and a Crystaluzed snowflake clip. I had been of the “wait until I see it in person” mind about the poinsettia but since that wasn’t possible, I decided to just get it. Not being a big fan of pave, I was pleasantly surprised by how small and elegant it is. The stones are very small and give it a shimmering effect rather than the blingy look I feared. Right now it’s the centrepiece of my Christmas bracelet. It would also look lovely matched with the new hatbox present charm. The snowflake clip is also lovely. I intend on getting a second one during the ornament GWP next week. Those will go on my winter themed bracelet. I just have to decide what else to get to reach the spend. Decisions! Decisions! ? ?

    • You have a wonderful hubby. ? I got the poinsettia charm and this year’s red present, thinking they would balance each other out. I also got the Merry Christmas bauble and the Christmas petites for my locket, so I ended up with two bangles. ?

    • glad to hear you are going okay what a great hubby to go and pick it up for you. I got mine on black Friday two bangles the le charm and a couple other charms that I have been waiting to get with this promo. I was to keen on the inscription either but it is so light you can barley see it which is fine by me hope you are feeling much better soon.

    • Hi Janet – first of all, I’m so sorry to hear about your car accident. Hope that you’re on the mend and on your way to feeling better – and that your Pandora goodies went some way to helping! ^^ Lucky that hubby was there to go to the rescue – he does sound like a keeper. <3

      I am of the same mind about the Poinsettia! I'm not 100% sold on it but the live pictures I've seen have been very encouraging, and I need to make up the $125 USD spend for the Jared ornament, too. I'm really glad to hear that you were pleasantly surprised by it in person. I do like the shade of red they've used for it (I have it in the Red Robin and Ladybird charms, for example!), and think that, in addition to Christmas designs, it would look beautiful in a winter garden themed bracelet or something else more floral themed - so it does have that versatility, too!
      Aha, I'm doing the same regarding the spend for the GWP next week! I have narrowed it down to a few choices, including the silver Winnie the Pooh portrait charm and the pave inspiration safety chain. There are too many pretty things to choose from!

  7. Got the poinsettia, 2 crystallized fluorspar charms, and the free snowflake bangle. It’s all prettier in person! The crystallized floral looks like a snowflake when paired with winter charms, but it also looks very springy when paired with other florals! It’s versatile.

      • Aha, it’s got me as well today by autocorrecting someone’s name, which I typed to correctly, to something completely different on two occasions! So embarrassing!

    • Beautiful haul! The Crystalised Floral is another one that really really tempted me, but I’ve managed to be good and resist so far ;)

  8. :-) Dear Ellie,
    thanks for the update!
    I’ve still not made it to the local PANDORA store. Have been too tied up in my everyday life, a.k.a. work :-D
    Hope I can check them out tomorrow.
    The Snowflake bangle comes as a gift here in Austria with any purchase over 149 Euros!
    Have a very HAPPY weekend xo :-)

    • Hi Claudia! Hope you got to see the new things over the weekend <3 thanks for the heads up on the promo, glad to hear that Austria got something too!

      Have a lovely week ahead! x

  9. Hi Ellie, thanks for all your information!
    I’ve went to the Rue La La site, I’ve added a few charms to the bag (total around nzd500), tried checking out to see what’s the shipping fee, and it’s a whopping amount of nzd 60, so I presume that with spending of usd100, the shipping fee would become $9.99 doesn’t apply to New Zealand!

    • Hi Belgi, I feel like I might have already replied to this on another post but cannot for the life of me find it (perhaps someone else asked the same thing!) – I did think that the international flat rate applied to every country, but I will try and find out for you!

        • Hi Belgi, no I don’t own any Pandora 14kt gold at all! It’s just a little bit expensive for each piece for me and I don’t want to commit to a whole bracelet :) I am occasionally tempted by gold spacers though! ^^

        • I know right! I totally understand how you feel, the 14k gold is really overpriced for me. You are such a good role model for me!

  10. Hi Ellie I’m not sure about the Black Friday charm I think I need to see it in person first. I wish the snowflake bangle was a uk promo the clasp is sobeautiful and I going to have to purchase it,

    • Hi Nicola!

      The Black Friday charm is really lovely in person. I didn’t like it at all when we first saw pictures, but it’s quite elegant and perfect to pair with the Shimmering Gift. I have to have them both. Got the Snowflake bangles (beautiful) with my purchase today. I’ll wait until Dec 1st to purchase the Poinsettia and gift charms for the free ornament. Hope you like it, too!

      • Hi I saw the charm yesterday and it really pretty I love the colour it would make a great center piece. I think I will purchase it it a bit pricie thought.

        • I went to the store yesterday but they didn’t have it out to look at unfortunately, although it was on all the posters. I didn’t want to ask to see it though, as I’m planning on buying it from the US and I didn’t want to be a time waster haha.

      • I’m waiting for the 1st to get the Jared ornament myself Emily! Hopefully Jared will still have the poinsettia then!

  11. I snagged the poinsettia, but missed out on the Unique Snowflake bangle, which sold out early. I really am not devastated, since I value sleep more than bangles. I prefer snake chains and generally give away any bangles I get as gifts with purchase. However, I am glad I got the poinsettia! It is very pretty.

    • Ah, that’s a shame – and I’m kind of surprised, since usually they stock up loads on LE items and they don’t sell out for days. We still have plenty of bangles here in the UK! Glad you got the poinsettia, though <3

  12. I went to the store after eating Thanksgiving dinner last night, as I recall the special bangle selling out early last year. I got the BF Poinsettia charm and the Snowflake Clip and received the Snowflake Bangle for free. All three items are gorgeous! I have paired the Poinsettia and the Cerise Radiant Hearts charms and designed a Christmas bracelet around them. I hope to eventually add the Shimmering Gift–though pricey–which complements the BF charm well. I added the Snowflake Clip to my blue winter/starry night bracelet, removing the Clear Cosmic Stars Clip and adding that to my new red Christmas bracelet. In addition, I ordered the Light as a Feather and the Symbol of Insight Evil Eye charms from Rue La La. I can’t wait for the upcoming promos; I plan to get both the regular ornament and the Jared ornament. The trinket box is adorable, but the spend to get it is quite high.

    • Now that you and other have mentioned it, I do remember that stocks were low of the LE bangles last year, too. It’s nice that some stores will offer the Black Friday charm itself instead!
      Glad to hear that you love all your new pieces! I am dying to see the Poinsettia charm in person myself, but the store I went to yesterday didn’t have it out and I wasn’t actually planning on buying one then, so didn’t feel I could ask to see it. The Shimmering Gift would be beautiful with it, and I would totally go for one too, if the Gift wasn’t so expensive too!
      The Jared ornament is next on my list, too! I’m waiting until that starts to get the Poinsettia – hopefully there will still be one left for me :D

  13. Hi Ellie, today my Black Friday was very good, when I arrived to the store the girls told me that they had some charms at same price of US!!!, so I change my wish list and bought the Bound by Love and Love is Forever charms, Ice Crystal, Tropical Parrot, Glittering Heart soft pink, Mother Heart and Infinite Shine, and got 3 snowflake bangles :), so I’m going to keep one for me, the second is for my mother and the third maybe I will give it as a Christmas present to my cousin. I spend a lot but the prices were good, and now I’m trying to find the way to purchase the 12 days of Christmas from Jared. How was your Black Friday???

    • Hi Priscilla! Oh that is very good news – what a lovely and eclectic haul! And three snowflake bangle is very very good going indeed – I’m sure your mother (and maybe your cousin) will love their bracelets, too. My Black Friday was very good, and I got a couple of bits and pieces from Rue La La on the Pandora front – but nothing else so far. I’m waiting until 1st December to get the Jared ornament, which I just adore! Hope you manage to get hold of that lovely gift set, too!

  14. Thanks for the updates. The other countries have some great promos!
    I went a day early with no problems and I purchased a regular bangle, my princess ring and matching earrings to get the free bangle. On the way out of the store I noticed that there was a special gift set for sale. I think it is called “Family Love” it’s the new signature clasp bracelet with pave heart clips and two tone family dangle for $220 can. They told me I could switch out the clips and or charm. I thought that was a pretty good deal, but it will have to go on my Christmas list.

    • They do! It’s kind of a shame that you can’t just take your pick across the board ^^ That pretty box from Singapore is rather tempting!
      Ooh I hadn’t hear about that gift set before. Perhaps it’s a Canadian exclusive? That does sound like a good deal. Hope you get one for yourself come Christmas time! <3

      • UPDATE – They were offering the free bangle in store today so I went back and bought the gift set and swapped out the charm for the new snowflake heart one. Turns out the gift set was priced wrong, but they gave it to me for the $220 cdn.
        I asked last week about the care kit and was told very rudely that they did NOT have anything with a brush included in the store, got the kit today for $20!!!

        • Oh well that’s a good Pandora shopping day! :D :D And nice of them to honour the price they misquoted you, too. The care kit is really pretty, although I haven’t indulged in one yet. Cleaning my Pandora is something I’ve become rather slack about over the years, there’s too much of it!

  15. I got the snowflake bangle! Its so pretty. When I walked into the store my heart fell because it was so busy. However they were very organized. Everyone wrote their name and emailed address down and they called you when it was your turn. In the meantime there were fancy tea, cupcakes and christmas chocolate to enjoy while waiting. It was pretty fun!

    • That sounds great! Cupcakes and hot chocolate sounds like a very good way of keeping everyone happy, and they should definitely make that a thing across Pandora stores globally, haha. It was quite busy at a store I went to last week, and they were making people queue outside in the cold to get in and even browse – no cupcakes, or hot chocolate either, haha – so I didn’t go in for that reason. And we didn’t even have a promo on! I can only imagine it’ll get worse in the run up to Christmas.

  16. I was so pleased to see the travel jewellery box with the gift set, as we don’t usually get the nice boxes in the UK. I would definitely have bought it if I hadn’t really overspent a couple of weeks ago! I got the pave heart clasp bracelet free in the bracelet promo, and couldn’t resist buying two barrel clasp pave clips to go on it, they looked so nice together, and I wanted a bit of sparkle for the Christmas season. I also got the red sparkly murano to go on my Christmas bracelet and so qualified for one of the last Christmas ornaments they had in the shop, which was great! But it means that I definitely cannot afford to splurge on the Black Friday pretties, although pairing the poinsettia with the red gift sounds amazing! Thank you for the review Ellie!

    • I also received the snowflake bracelet and love it. I on the other hand love snowflakes and the inscription. Snowflakes are unique and all are different, which describes all of us. If we were all the same, the world would be boring.

      I picked up the shimmering present, 2 starry night murano beads, 2 poinsettia charms and since the 12 days of christmas launch, I have purchase it every time so I can get all the new christmas charms and save money at the same time.

      I would love to hear if anyone know information about the Pandora cruise. It would be nice to meet other Pandora FANdora’s!!!

      Happy Holiday to All the Pandora FANdora’s in the world

      • As far as I’m aware, they’ve discontinued the Pandora cruises :( I’m not entirely sure why, but it definitely didn’t run this year and they indicated that it wouldn’t be going ahead anymore. I’ll post if I hear otherwise though!

    • I know – I felt the same about the jewellery box! It’s nice to see a bit more continuity across the different regions – normally the nice gift boxes only go to North America, so it’s wonderful to see them expanding that this year and making sure that they get offered in more regions. Your haul sounds just lovely, and more than enough to compensate for not getting any of the BF offers. :D Love the idea of a bit subtle sparkle with the pave heart bracelet and the barrel pave clips. Enjoy your new jewellery, and thanks for commenting!

  17. My husband went to the store to get the 2 vintage night sky beads, charming owls, & free bangle. I did not see the beads and bangle & will see them at Christmas! I also did some shopping on Rue and got too much! I was pleased to see beads from the previous sale plus some new ones. I haven’t seen the BF charm yet. I don’t think I’ll get it, but maybe I’ll change my mind after seeing it.

    • Ah, that’s exciting!! It’s good to know that you will definitely get the beads, but you’ll still enjoy the excitement of seeing them for the first time when Christmas arrives. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of the BF bead in person – I’ve not seen it yet either. The store I went to yesterday had it in but didn’t have it on display (which seemed odd), so I had to leave without seeing it!

  18. The free bangle is available online via the Pandora website today for those who may have missed it. I just placed an order to get a third.

    • Hi! Sorry for the delayed reply – and thanks for letting people know. I should have checked myself, seeing as they did the exact same thing last year. Glad to hear you have scooped up another! :D

  19. I indulged in 2 snowflake bangle promos! I got the Poinsettia charm and a purple CZ barrel bracelet for 1 and the Delicate Sentiments pearl and bow necklace/charm for the other. Love it all, wearing my 2 snowflake bangles today <3 I posted a pic for you to see on Facebook Ellie :-D

    • Sounds like you made some absolutely beautiful choices – I hope we get those coloured CZ bracelets here in the UK soon, as I’d love to see them person.
      And as you know, I loved your beautiful bangles! Pearls are just my favourites, I wish they would do something like the Essence Dignity bead for the Moments collection – they’d make for beautiful little spacer beads, too!

  20. Your 2016 Black Friday charm is pretty on your 2015 LE bangle, Poinsetta is not red red in person very soft can go with anything, I was lucky got it free, no regret!

  21. Hi, I just recently got this promotional bangle with a snowflake when I bought some charms for my friends. I’ve never had Pandora before so I bought a couple of charms for myself as well and they won’t go on my new promotional bangle. What kind of charms would fit on this bangle? I’m very disappointed because I wouldn’t care about the promotional bangle if I knew that not every charm fits on.

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