There’s set to be even more options for Pandora collectors this Black Friday (November the 25th), as US shopping site Rue La La have announced that they will again be running a sale on Pandora jewellery! The sale offers significant discounts of up to 50% on retired Pandora products.

Judging by the banner from this month’s sale, there will be a few gorgeous festive items on offer, including the Christmas Pudding, the 2014 Black Friday charm Christmas Wish and the beautiful two-tone Winter Wonderland clips. I love the gold colour scheme they’ve gone for, too!

pandora rue la la black friday 2016

There are some gorgeous retired beads up for grabs at the moment, including some coveted limited edition beads such as the 2015 Club charm, and now is definitely the time to get them before they’re gone.

The sale is due to start at 11am ET on Black Friday (aka, this Friday, or the 25th of this month).

Just a reminder, also, Rue La La have just started offering international shipping to a select number of countries, and offer proper integration with international credit cards now! Plus, if you spend over $100 USD, then you only have to pay $9.95 USD to ship internationally.

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my affiliate code to access the website. Happy shopping!

37 Comments on Promotion Alert: Rue La La Pandora Black Friday 2016 Sale!

  1. Thank you Ms. Mora for the update, I would like to know if there’s a Rue La La sale here in the United States ( NYC ). May God bless you always.

  2. Woo Hoo – now shipping to Canada. This is good news.
    I just went to one of the Canadian outlet stores last week, and last chance items were buy 2 get 1 free. I spent all my Pandora money. I’ll have to find more.

    • Aha, I am entirely in the same boat – I am meant to be saving my Pandora money for the Jared ornament promo, but I am sure a couple of things from Rue might slip my way! ^^ There are a couple of things I am hoping will come up!

  3. For the Rue La La sale, I took a look at their website and it sounds like they will only ship to Canada if you buy a minimum of 100$USD. Is this true?

    I also tried to put in my shipping and payment info but it only allows you to choose a state. Was just curious if you knew about the new shipping to Canada :)

    Great blog too!! I’ve gotten some charms because of your reviews!!!

    • Hi Candice! No, I think it’s just that the shipping goes down to a flat rate if you spend $100 USD or over. :) And, for some reason, you can’t change the country when you go into your account and try to input your payment info, but it should let you do it when you are actually checking out. We were all testing it out at the last sale, and that seems to be how it works! ^^

        • Sadly, Rue La La cancelled my order without any notice. When I reached out to their international customer service and the explanation I fot was that the items were not available anymore. Which is inaccurate (or at least it was last time I checked on their website). Anyways, after various back and forht, it became clear that thwy couldn’t do anything about it. So instead, went to a Pandora concept store for a little haul (with the Snowflake Bangle as a bonus!). Great blog – you’re my first reference for anything Pandora!

        • Oh that’s a real shame, I’m sorry to hear that :( how disappointing for you! But I am glad to hear that you cheered yourself up with Pandora from another source, the Snowflake Bangle is super pretty <3
          And thank you, that's so nice to hear! Hope you continue to enjoy ?

  4. I got the snowman, the snow globe, and two of the purple muranos. I am not sure of the official name of those. I had gotten a few of the other Christmas charms at an outlet a couple weeks ago.

    • Lovely haul! The purple muranos are real old school Pandora (if we are talking about the same ones! <3), and one of the very first murano beads I ever got :D

      • I am returning the purple muranos. They had white on them, which were probably supposed to look like flowers but to me it looked like Mickey heads.

        • That’s disappointing! Perhaps yours looks different to mine, it’s one of my favourites ? this is a super old pic of mine:

  5. Love the blog, always my first stop for Pandora news :)
    Just wanted to let you know that the $9.95 shipping rate for orders over $100USD does not apply for orders to New Zealand, that curbs my Rue La La sale shopping sadly, such a pity to spend money on shipping that could be better spent on charms!

    • I’m so pleased to hear that, thank you very much for reading! <3 That is very odd about the shipping. I did ask them about the shipping and I was sure that it applied to everyone... but perhaps not. :( I will clarify that with them if I can!

  6. Went to the sure and bought let it snow 2013 black friday charm, mystic flower pearl ring and the royal carriage charm that i wasn’t very sure to get it or not the last time. Looking forward to my package. Last time it too 2wks, hopefully faster this time. Thanks for the beads up Ellie.

  7. Any idea how long it takes for them from order date to delivery in the UK please? It was my first time ordering on Friday and I hope they won’t take too long…

    • Hi Anso, I haven’t ordered from them directly to the UK so I’m afraid I’m not sure on their delivery times. Certainly their dispatch has been very prompt for me lately :)

  8. Hi girls! I apologize now for my bad English…
    I introduce myself: my name is Lina and I follow you from italy.
    I wanted to thank Ellie and her companions for the valuable information on the world of Pandora.
    It is little more than a year that I discovered these jewels and I am already addicted :).
    Thank you for making me discover the site rue la la Saturday, I bought 3 charm and despite the customs duties I still saved 60 €… practically the third charm I got it for free!
    Now I wait patiently to receive the package:-)
    A big kiss to all of you from italy!!!

    • Hi Lina! I’m so glad to hear that you found some good deals, Rue La La is a great resource for getting retired charms at great prices <3 I hope it gets to you very soon and that you love all your new purchases!

      And your English is great! ?

  9. Aww… I missed out on this being available in Canada? Just wondering if you remember how much were the Winter Wonderland clips? I am hoping to get one in the future still.

  10. This was the first time I have ordered from Rue La La (on Black Friday). I placed two orders, one a few days after the first one. I got my first order on Thursday and I’m still waiting for the other one. Hopefully it will come next week. I’m so happy with my order so thanks Ellie for letting us know we could order from the UK. Can I please ask approx how often Rue La La have Pandora sales?

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