Today’s post brings my next holiday review, with a closer look at the Pandora Black Friday 2016 limited edition Poinsettia charm! :D

Pandora Black Friday 2016 Review PoinsettiaThis is Pandora’s sixth Black Friday charm to date, a tradition that started with the two-tone Midnight Hearts charm back in 2011. This, however, is the first time that Pandora have offered the charm outside of North America, with the Poinsettia also being available in the UK, Europe and Asia!

The only one I’m missing from my collection is the 2012 red present enamel charm (if anyone is selling one for a good price, let me know! ?).

Read on for some close-up shots and styling inspiration for this year’s bead!

Pandora Black Friday 2016 Poinsettia Review

In some lights, the red of the charm can look quite flat (as in the first photograph in this article); however, when you catch it against the light, the depth of the colour really sparkles and the whole design takes on a new subtlety. It looks prettiest in natural light – I was particularly admiring it on a walk the other day!

Pandora Black Friday 2016 Review Poinsettia

A poinsettia is a nice choice for the Black Friday bead, I think; it’s Christmassy without being over the top, meaning it’s versatile and very wearable all the year round. Previous designs, such as the Christmas Wish dangle and the Wonderland snow globe charm, have been much more explicitly festive and harder to wear all year round. The CZs are a pinky-red and a little more subtle than the other red enamel Christmas beads. The CZ for this charm extends all round the charm, so there’s actually very little silver in this bead – it’s almost all CZs set in a silver framework.


pandora-black-friday-2016-poinsettiaLike all the limited edition Black Friday releases (with the exception of the 2012 red present bead), the charm has the date engraved on it for extra collectability! This is usually placed pretty subtly, and this charm is no exception – it’s on the opposite side to the hallmarks, in a small typeface.

Pandora Black Friday 2016 Review Poinsettia

It also comes with a special limited edition box, although this one is a little different to the small circular cream boxes we’ve seen in the past. This one is much more similar to Pandora’s regular charm box; it’s just coloured a pretty silver and lettered in rose gold. The inside is a bit fancier too!

pandora black friday 2016

The charm, being all pavé, is not threaded – it definitely feels very light in person. The upside to that, however, is that a bracelet full of pavé charms is nowhere near as heavy on the wrist as a bracelet full of older Pandora beads..!

Pandora Black Friday 2016 Review Poinsettia

And, if new Pandora pave beads really aren’t to your taste, you could always track down the retired silver Poinsettia (which is sure to be more affordable, too!) With its detailed oxidised finish and old-fashioned aesthetic, these two beads really do sum up the difference between Pandora’s style back in the day and their style back now. I have, and love, both! ^^


I previously mentioned how much I like the fact that this charm has festive connotations but is also rather versatile, and, on that basis, my two bracelet stylings for this post are not explicitly Christmassy. I’ll be doing reviews of two very festive charms next week, and you can expect those stylings to be full-on holiday fun! ;) For this charm, I wanted to do something a bit more subtle.

My first bracelet design goes for something a little more opulent, mixing classic and new-style Pandora to make a winter garden design. The CZs of the Red Robin and Ladybird charms match that of the Poinsettia exactly, and the red looks beautiful with the yellow gold of the retired Dragonflies and Saturn Flowers beads. The Darling Daisies are always very pretty, subtle additions to a bracelet design, and their white colour gives it a crispness that seems right for a wintrier styling.

Pandora Black Friday 2016 Review Poinsettia

This is how I will actually be wearing my poinsettia! I have finally put my Dainty Bow bangle from last year to good use, and created a mini Secret Garden design. The Cherry Blossom murano has both red and pink in it, and really brings out the subtlety of the red-pink of the Poinsettia stones.

Since taking these photos, I’ve actually bought a plain silver clip and used a silicone insert inside it to hold these beads in place. I don’t like the charms to just slide around my bangle!

Pandora Black Friday 2016 Review Poinsettia


I feel like this charm is definitely a grower; my initial reaction was somewhat lukewarm, but after seeing live images I really fell for its beautiful colour. The colour and effect of the CZs needs to be appreciated in person; pick it up and take it outside, and see how the colour changes in nature light! :) The stock image does not do it justice. I like, also, its versatility – it blends in fantastically with Christmas reds, but also works with Pandora’s other floral beads (and there are lots of those!)

The price is a bit of a facer – £70 in the UK or $75 USD – but this has become the standard for Black Friday releases. It’s wonderful that Pandora have decided to release the charm in more countries, and that the limited edition gift set boxes seem to have been launched in all regions, rather than just North America. ^^

Did you like this year’s Black Friday design and, if so, have you added it to your collection? How are you wearing it? ?

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  1. I absolutely agree with you 100% about the 2016 Black Friday charm. I was in a Jared store last week to take a look at the Mrs Santa Claus charm and saw the poinsettia charm. It is really beautiful and must be seen in person to appreciate. The color and shine from the charm are outstanding. I am new to Pandora and I have started collecting charms to do a Christmas bracelet. So far I have the retired red enamel gift box and the red bead with the silver crystals on it new this year. Mrs Claus and the poinsettia might be next!

    • That’s a great start to your Christmas bracelet! That red enamel Black Friday bead is top of my retired charms to find list ^^ Mrs Claus and the Poinsettia would be great additions, I heartily support that idea! ?

  2. The Poinsettia charm is really cute and who knows if when the summertime comes, you can wear the charm even when the weather is hot.

  3. I am not that keen on this years black friday charm even thou i love sparkle and red! I do however own it thou since i received it as a replacement for the black friday bangle. Locally they were offered as an option once they ran out of the free bangle and since the bangles are tight on my wrist i didn’t see a need to get more than one for myself and opted to get the bead instead.

    • Shop out of free bangle so got Poinsettia free, I like it more than bangle. I am wearing it on my mini X’mas bracelet with 2014 & 2015 Black Friday charm.

    • Ah, yes, I thought it was rather nice that stores offered that instead of the bangle when they ran out :) at least you got it as a freebie, even if you’re not that in love with it!

  4. Hi Ellie the charm is so pretty in the shops I love the shade, it’s just that it’s a bit price. I’m really glad we got it in uk.

    • Hi Nicola! I know, the price is a bit steep, especially in GBP ? but I’m always a sucker for the Black Friday beads, I’d like to have the whole set going forward really. I’d have to really not like a design not to get it at this point!

  5. I love the poinsettia, I plan to wear mine all year long! Love how you are wearing your Ellie, I’ve paired mine with the Red Robin too in a winter garden combo, they look great together!

    • Ah, great minds, Natalie! ^^ It does match the Red Robin rather perfectly, and the Ladybug is another cute addition.

    • Ah, I’m sorry to hear that – it seems a bit random as to which countries didn’t get it. I’m surprised that Australia didn’t either!

  6. I agree – wasn’t too keen but once I seen it in person I bought it. I bought one for my daughter too. She said she didn’t like it but when she seen it in person she loved it!

  7. I absolutely love this charm, I even stayed up until 12am to buy it (thinking it would sell out fast ?). I was also worried about the points on it scratching the other charms but fortunately it doesn’t, which is really good! I thought it was a little pricey but like you said in your review that is the standard price. Overall I love this charm because I like to have colour on my bracelet ☺️

    • Aha, Pandora LE items never sell out quickly these days – they make lots of them! Some of them even end up on sale. Glad to hear you’re a fan of it too, it is a really lovely, subtle pop of colour ?

      • I’d never gotten around to starting a Pandora Christmas bracelet.Then I found a several retired Pandora holiday charms listed in late April/early May 2018 on RueLaLa. I bought a few, including three Good Friday charms on sale: the 2016 Poinsettia, the 2015 Wonderland Snow Globe and the 2014 Christmas Wish. :-)

  8. Hi Ellie, love both your Styling, especially the only with two tone. Unfortunately its not available in Australia. If I am ever getting it, seeing how rue seems to keep stock on previous years BF charm, I will wear it the way you do.

    • Thanks so much, really glad you liked them! ☺️ Rue does seem to keep stocking previously LE items, I wonder if they’ll get the snow globe at some point from last year!

  9. Hi, Ellie! I currently am wearing my poinsettia on one of my Christmas bracelets, but I can see wearing it as a star or fireworks during the summer, as well. It is an especially pretty shade of red. I really like it, and I already am looking forward to next year’s charm. The 2015 snow globe, however, is still my favorite Black Friday charm.

    • Hi Angie! Oh I love that idea of it as a firework in the summer, too. It is quite sunburst-like in its design, I can totally see it working as a bright, summery design too. The 2015 Snow Globe charm is lovely, too, but I think my favourite might be the 2013 Snowflake or the 2014 Christmas Wish dangle. ?

  10. Hi Ellie,

    I do have this years BF charm, like you I found it to look a little flat, not as blingy as other pave charms. The fact that the crystals were more subtle appeals to me. This charm was a gift from a friend, had she not bought it for me I think I might have passed on it altogether.
    Since receiving my BF pointsetta I have been wearing it on my necklace with other Christmas themed charms. It looks great as both a centrepiece or offset by the red fascetted murano. Your non Christmas design really caught my eye, until now I hadn’t considered wearing this charm passed the holiday season, I am now rethinking how to use this charm. Pointsetta plants are sold during the holidays but typically last a lot longer than that in your home. I think in Spain they are an Easter plant. Originally they came from Mexico. Pandora was smart to release this charm to countries outside NA.
    I love the red Pointsettas mixed with the white. So I guess I will have to get more creative with this charm.
    Thanks again for another inspiring review. Your photos are great! I can’t believe it is a week to Christmas Eve!

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! I received my BF charm as a gift, too, which is nice as I was a little apprehensive about paying full price for it with all the other shopping I had to do! If I hadn’t been so kindly gifted it, I was planning on getting as part of my spend to get the Jared Christmas ornament. I agree with you about the poinsettia theme being quite versatile – and the other thing is that I don’t think it necessarily *has* to be a poinsettia – it can just be a pretty red flower for summer, or a sunburst or firework as Angie says. Poinsettias are Christmassy but the floral motifs are more enduring I think. Which is the nice thing about it !

      So pleased you enjoyed the review! This one was very easy and fun to do. I can’t wait for Christmas Eve and Christmas day – one more week of work and then some lovely time off! ?

      Take care!

  11. Ellie, you have done it again. I did not think much about this Black Friday charm but I really like how you styled it in a non-Chrismassy way. I love both stylings, paticularly on the bangle as these days I like to wear just three charms on my bangle. Like you, I used a clip too as I don’t really enjoy them sliding all around too. Can’t wait to see your upcoming Christmas stylings.

    • Aha, thank you! :D I don’t like to overload the bangles, either, and I’m always a little conscious of some of the threaded beads scratching the bangle when they slide around. So I like to clip them in place where I can! ^^ The most charms I have on a bangle is my Christmas bangle, which is around five or six, I think, but that’s unusual for me!

      • I can’t believe the coincidence. :) On my Christmas bangle (the dainty bow), I have around six charms too and it is definitely the one with the most. I was feeling a bit guilty overloading it and thus took advantage of the recent free bangle promotion with the intention of splitting the charms on the snowflake bangle. The truth is I am eyeing Santa’s House, the sleigh with Santa on it and Mrs Claus and I think these charms will end up on it. Just yesterday, I finally managed to wrestle two silicone stoppers onto the leather bracelet and couldn’t be happier to finally being able to stop the charms from sliding around.

  12. Hi Ellie,
    Wow! I love your designgs and the name you give to them!!!!
    Ihaven´t seen the poinsettia in person. I know we have it in Spain and it´s the first time the BF charm is sold here but just now I don´t remember if it´s an online exclusive here or I just haven´t paid any attention to it while shopping as I wasn´t keen on it at all. I like the idea of a poinsettia because I like them and I haven´t been able to have one for many years becase we have a cat and are terrified at the idea of him eating from it and being poisoned, so we banned every plant from home!
    However this charm hasn´t found its way to my heart, being all red pavé. I´m sure that it looks much better in person, since all of them ususally do, but from the photographs I wasn´t really impressed. I think it looks a lot like the Christmas present box and I keeping my fingers off reds this year ( I don´t want to go bankrup,hehe).
    Thanks for posting. I´ll try to have a look at it if it is in shops. Have a nice weekend!

    • Autocorrection. I’ve checked the online shop and it doesn’t say anything about being an exclusive. The adornment was, so I was mistaken.

    • Hi Marie ! Thank you :D So pleased you like them! Ah, I didn’t even know poinsettias were poisonous to cats! Our cat is very fussy and wouldn’t dream of eating any of the plants we have around, aha, (he turns up his nose at most brands of cat biscuits most of the time..!) but it’s good to know that if we ever did get a poinsettia.
      Haha, I think you’re being very sensible to stick to the colours you like best. I used to be the same, but since starting the blog, there are just too many temptations thrown my way!
      Hope you had a nice weekend too and thanks for commenting! <3

  13. This bead is so much prettier than the stock image suggests. I am on the fence about getting it. After spending a lot on the Rue sales, I shouldn’t be buying another expensive bead. But maybe I’ll reconsider. Your stylings look great and this bead does have more versatility than prior BF beads.

    • I’ve spent a lot in the Rue sales as well, but they’re such beautiful beads and I’d hate to miss them before they retire, so I can’t bring myself to feel too guilty, haha. It would be a shame for you to miss out on this Black Friday bead, though, if you do like it – but I don’t imagine it would be too hard to find one if you still decided you wanted one in a couple of months time. Limited editions tend to hang around for a while these days (and even end up on Rue themselves!) ^^

  14. Hi Ellie, beautiful post! I love your photos and your styling, it’s a good way to show the versatility of the charm. I’ve to confess that when the first photos appeared I didn’t like this charm, but I got it with the 12 days of Christmas set, and I was very surprised with it, it’s more prettier than in the images. In this moment not sure how to use it after holidays, but I’ll find out ;) Actually I’m using the poinsettia as a center piece in my Christmas bracelet and put a Eternity synthetic ruby spacers at each side, with the rest of the set, the Red-nosed reindeer, the plain silver snowman and the Christmas bear and puppy. Thanks for your post, and have a nice weekend!!

    • Hi Priscilla! Thank you, I’m really glad you enjoyed them ☺️ it was one of those beads that I thought would be really tricky to style but actually turned out to be really pretty and easy to work with in person! I’m sure you’ll think of a way to use it after Christmas is over :D Your styling sounds gorgeous – some fun festive beads and a little elegance with the Eternity ruby spacers, too! Hope you had a lovely weekend too and thanks for commenting!

    • Hi! I’m just talking about the little rubber clip inserts that Pandora sell themselves in concept stores :) you can buy silicone inserts on eBay but I haven’t done that for years and wouldn’t know who to recommend I’m afraid!:)

    • I either buy the little silver spacer beads that already have silicone inside them or buy clear rubber stoppers and place a Pandora clip over top of them. You can buy either one of these from Amazon or eBay. The silver beads that have the rubber inside them can be tricky to get on the bracelet, but once you get the hang of it, they are great cost-effective options if you don’t have extra clips lying around and look better than the plain clear rubber stoppers. Also, if you have a black leather bracelet, the plain black rubber stoppers are excellent, as you can’t even tell they are on there. I have a lot of experience with this, as I have lots of bangles and leathers and hate my charms rolling around haha!

  15. I agree with everyone that this charm is much prettier in person and that it is very versatile and can be worn throughout the year. Right now, I have the poinsettia on my Christmas bracelet, but after Christmas, I plan to start a new design around this charm and the Cerise Radiant Hearts–two charms that pair so well together.

    I am surprised by how long the LE edition items are lasting this year. I was in my store a couple of days ago and was shocked that they still have the snowflake bangle–the LE bangle sold out so quickly last year–and the ornament as well. I’m not sure if they still had the BF charm.

    • On a side note, Ellie, have you heard if there will any type of promo in the U.S. on December 26th this year? I asked the SA the other day, and she said they are not usually notified until a couple of days before. There has been a promo the last few years though.

      • Good question – and unfortunately I’ve not heard anything so far. Pandora do often keep their cards close to their chest with the post-Christmas promos but I’ll update if I hear anything of course!

    • LE items in the past few years have often stuck around – I was surprised to see the LE Mother’s Day charm just out on display in a local store here, still for sale! It surprises me a little, as you’d think that they would want to make these LE beads seem more exclusive, like they used to be in the old days. I remember the rushes for LE purple zebra muranos, haha, and the indsamling limited edition beads. I would love to find one of those silver feather charms!

        • Yes, they were just a limited edition set that was released alongside the regular Tame the Wild muranos! There was a rumour that they were actually the result of a production error relating to the regular zebra muranos, but I can’t remember whether that was confirmed to be true.

  16. Hello Ellie!

    This years Black Friday charm is absolutely beautiful! I am sort of relieved this charm is not threaded; though not for the weight issue. I feel, if there were threading, it wouldn’t allow as much light through each stone, thus not allowing to sparkle and shine to its fullest potential.

    I absolutely adore the heart shaped openings at either ends of the “threading” as well! I probably will not get this charm at the moment (never say never- I have been known to purchase charms I swore I’d never collect), but I I unequivocally admire this beauty. The poinsettia looks glamorous and festive; can be worn as a Holiday theme and goes well with other non-holiday charms. I adore the way you have arranged them to showcase that feature. Stunning arrangements!

    Thank you for such a beautiful post! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful Holiday! Cheers to 2017 if I don’t correspond with you until then! ;)

    Margaret :)

  17. Hi, wondering if anyone could please source the Black Friday poinsettia for me. I know it’s really late but it’s one of those charms I didn’t want until I couldn’t have it, and then I wanted it. Help please.

        • Tracey, I can still get the Black Friday poinsettia charm here in NA. I was wondering since you are in Australia could you find out if you can get the Dancing Dragon charm? We could make a trade depending on what each one costs. Let me know if you’re interested in doing this.

        • Susan, yes please. My local store had sold out the other day but I’ll try others. I’ll make some calls and get back to you with price ?

        • Tracey, On the site for Australia it lists the charm as $79.00. There is also two additional charges listed at checkout which are probably tax and shipping. In case you can’t find it in a store you could possibly order it online. I am going to a Jared Jewelry store tomorrow to pick up the poinsettia charm…or two since I don’t have one yet either! Can’t wait!

        • I’ve phoned and they have a dancing lion , so I’ll go and buy it later today. I’m very excited about getting my poinsettia.

        • I’m really excited we can do this for each other! I would also be willing to get any other charms here in NA that you might not be able to get in your country. Do you want to exchange email addresses? I will let you know tomorrow when I am back from picking up the charm for you and one for me. I have seen this charm in person and I really don’t think the pictures do it justice. It really is very pretty.

        • No Tracey, it is called the Chinese New Year Dancing Dragon charm. It is NOT a Dancing Lion. Check out the picture on this link or on for Australia to see the actual charm.

        • I’ve commented on Moras post about the lion where you’ve commented. Can you see that?

  18. Ellie, did you ever get a 2012 Black Friday charm yet? It is the red enamel box with the little tag on the top. I just got mine and it even came in the original little round, white case. It is so cute! Gonna look good on my bracelet of gift boxes for next Christmas!

  19. Thanks a million to the lovely Susan, who made my poinsettia dream come true. You’re a star, Susan. ✨

    • You are quite welcome Tracy. But you’re a star also because you’ve done the same thing for a few others. I love it that we can come together across this big distance with a love of Pandora to unite us!!

  20. Went to Pandora store for 40% off sales, sew one pair Poinsettia as earrings, love it. Look very nice as a pair of earring, I had one free one last Black Friday promotion. Bought one more 40% off.

  21. Went to Pandora store for 40% off sales, saw one pair Poinsettia as earrings inside showcase, love it. Look very nice as a pair of earring, I had one free one last Black Friday promotion. Bought one more 40% off.

  22. In Toronto Canada. Very beautiful as a pair of earrings, even nicer than those round charms used as a pair of earning. You have to use hook and barrel to hand it as earrings.

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