Today’s post brings an overview of some special engravable Pandora charms that were released exclusively to certain stores in the UK with the Pandora AW16 collections! I am really very tardy with this post, but I’ll be honest and say that I had absolutely no idea these beads existed…!


I believe these designs are exclusive to the UK, as I have not seen any mention of them elsewhere – but please let me know if that’s not the case and you have them in your region, too! :)

Pandora AW16 Official Engravable Charms Overview

There are four basic engravable designs offered in this set, with two plain silver designs (so nice to see!) and two clear CZ offerings. Each charm is designed to be engraved with a message of your choice, and I presume that they’re double-sided.

Prices, from left to right: £40, £30, £45, £50

The cool thing about almost all of these charms is that, while they are based on existing designs such as the Radiant Hearts collection, they are still unique charms that you can’t get from Pandora’s regular collection – with the exception of the Mother & Friend charm, perhaps. It’s not like getting an existing design engraved – these beads are not currently offered in any other context!


The engravable charms are available from the following twelve UK stores:

Marble Arch
Covent Garden
Canary Wharf
Oxford Circus
Kings Road

You can’t get the engraving actually done in store, but you can order them from these stores, who will have the finished charm shipped to your address within a week. They’re not currently available online.

My Comment

There are some really pretty designs, although I don’t have any pictures of what the finished engraving looks like – if you have had this done, please let me know! ^^ I kind of want to get one engraved with Mora Pandora, but unfortunately I don’t live near any of these stores! The plain heart charm is particularly pretty, and I quite like the Radiant Hearts-esque one, too. :D

Do you like any of these charms? Do you have any engraved charms in your collection?

33 Comments on Pandora Autumn/Winter 2016 Engravable Charms

    • I’ve not heard anything about these coming to other countries yet – but, to be fair, I didn’t even know for a couple of months that they were out here in the UK haha. I’ll keep my eyes peeled this time!

  1. I saw these a few months ago in the Trafford store. I think it’s a great idea you can personalise the charms. The engraving is the same as the nan heart charm that came out recently. I did take a picture that shows how many letters you can have on each charm too. I’m gutted I didn’t order one at the time as I’m not sure when I’ll be able to go back to Manchester.

    • Thanks Shelly – do you actually have a leaflet with all the details on then? I couldn’t find any promotional material and had to make various enquiries to find out prices & store locations! It’s weird that they’re not really advertising it, maybe this is more like a trial before it gets rolled out proper :)

    • I’ve seen an example of the engraving and it’s not quite so pretty, IMO! I do love my Opera Ball Charm ? have a lovely week too!

  2. Both pendants. Above all the round one. I find the other tow a little too big for my taste. I like and the Radiant Hearts because the richness of their colour in combination withe¡the sorrounding czs make them a beautiful focal point but I´m not a fan of their button-like shape and I´m currently thinking that Pandora should change that mould as soon as possible. By the way, are engravable pieces only exclusive to some regions?. I only know them from checking Uk pages. There is a retailer in London, who does the engraving but perhaps it¨s just publicity. Anyway I´ve always liked the idea of it but never seen that service or those charms here.

    • There are some engraved pieces that are exclusive to certain regions – for example, a lot of the US and Canadian stores will do special versions of the Unforgettable Moments dangle that represent their region or some local event or charity. :) A few retailers offer engraving independently of Pandora, such as the UK’s John Greed, too. The charms pictured here in this post are the only official customisable engravings that Pandora offer, as far as I’m aware.

      • That’s the retailer I meant, John Greed, I had forgotten his name. However, I was under the impression that he had a license from Pandora to to the engraving.

  3. I love this idea! I wish it wasn’t so limited. That would be awesome if you could get your hands on one engraved with “Mora Pandora,” Ellie!

    • I imagine this is some kind of trial and they’ll roll it to other stores and regions eventually – that’s just my guess though! I will wait and see if I’m ever in London with some Pandora pennies to burn, and then I might see about getting my own engraved charm ☺️

  4. Sorry!, I begin with autocorrection. I meant dangles, not pendants. And “the other two”. Finally take no notice of the “and” that I forgot to erase where I say that I like the Radiant Hearts and had added sth else and decided against it.
    PS. There is also an admiration mark which I really don´t know how it got there!

    • Aha, no worries, Marie! I have tried and failed to find a reliable plug in that will let people edit comments, so we will all just have to keep making typos ^^

  5. My store had the plain heart charm engraved with Dad, Son and Nan respectively although I’ve heard these are being discontinued and redesigned :)

  6. Such awesome idea to personalised a gift. I would like to get one for my daughter if it’s available here. Will choose either the radiant heart design or round face dangle.

    • I quite like the Radiant Heart design as well! The only one I’m not so keen on is the dangle heart, and that’s because of the CZ on the bail, which is not a feature I’m ever really keen on.

  7. Ellie,
    Wow! What a great selection of engravable charms! Recently on my travels to a couple Canadian cities I was able to pick up some specially designed souvenir charms that some Pandora stores had made for tourists. The selection was far more limited, the Pandora dangle and murano both were very pricey. I opted for the dangles. Anyway, if I had the UK selection I would order a couple of the radiant heart & button charms. One with my husband’s & my initials on one side & our wedding date on the other side. I would also get one that had the date of our first trip to Paris. A button charm for graduating university with my soon to be completed Masters Degree.

    I hope this catches on, what a great opportunity to have a personalized Pandora charm.

    Thanks for the heads up. If I travel it to Europe next year I will be looking for locations where I could place an order.

    I hope you get to one of the London locations soon.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Yes, Pandora stores in the US & Canada do offer some great personalised beads – some are them are really detailed, with enamel work and everything. Pricey but a great holiday souvenir! There was also a really great sugar skull version of the Unforgettable Moments pendant that was very popular – it’s nice that these engraved charms give stores the opportunity to be a bit more creative and do some designs that Pandora HQ wouldn’t normally go for. :D

      I hope you find one of these beads too if you travel next year! ^^ I’ll be keeping an eye out for opportunities of my own too! <3

      Thanks for commenting!

    • I noticed those – they seemed like fairy random choices of family members to engrave until I realised that there are plenty of mum, daughter, sister, etc. charms and that these are probably just to fill the gap inexpensively. :)

  8. Hi Ellie,

    I am going to Westfields tomorrow for last minute xmas shopping, and can get it the engraved charm for you if want.
    I live next to one Pandora store and work next to four Pandora stores. Lucky me.

    • Hi Judie! I’m so sorry for the delayed reply, it’s been a bit of a busy week and I’m only just sitting down to read through these comments now. That was so kind of you to offer, but I have totally overspent on Christmas presents this month and my bank account needs a bit of a break, haha. :)
      Aha, I’d be terrible if I lived right by a Pandora store! I used to live ten minutes away from one by train and that was lethal enough ;)

  9. Thanks for sharing this discovery with us! i juqt love the concept!! It represents so well pandora spirit of personalization. Now i just wish it came out in france too soon….

    • I will definitely keep an eye out for when these arrive in more countries! :) I was half expecting people to tell me that they already had and that I’d just missed it! ^^

  10. It quite like this idea I would love see some that have be done. I went in the Covent Garden store end of November and I didn’t see a sign or anything.

    • No, it doesn’t seem well advertised at all, it’s strange! I did email Pandora UK to double check with them to confirm the details and it seems that, while they do offer it, they just don’t shout about it.

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