A very Merry Christmas to everyone who’s celebrating today! :D I hope everyone’s enjoying/has enjoyed their day ? Today’s post covers, as promised, all the Pandora promotions and sales running from Boxing Day and beyond – there are a lot of fun deals coming up, which should to assuage any post-Christmas blues!

Pandora UK Sale Begins Today

Many retailers in the UK have begun their sales early this year, beginning either on Christmas Eve or today, and Pandora UK are no exception! The sale has gone live on most online retailers, and will begin in store tomorrow.

There are a fair few things that I’d like to get – I’ve already indulged in two of the long-retired silver Leaf spacers, the Flower Hat two-tone dangle and the Floral Nostalgia two-tone dangle (I’m clearly on a bit of a 2012 Floral Nostalgia kick!). I’m also wanting to go back for the Teal Lattice murano and the silver Teddy Bear charm <3

 Pandora North American Promotion & Rue La La Sale

The Pandora sale on Rue La La has been extended, and is running for another six days – so there’s still a chance to blow some Christmas money on some amazing Pandora deals! I can’t believe that some of the beautiful classic pieces are still available – including the Happily Ever After castle two-tone charm, the Birthday Blooms, some gorgeous murano glass and the 2014 Black Friday charm! It’s a members-only website, but you can sign up using my affiliate code.

I’m still tempted by a couple more things myself (the list is never ending, it really is), including that gorgeous black spinel Viola Bloom pendant! Decisions, decisions…!

The other exciting offer for Pandora US shoppers (and, I think, Canada, too) is a free jewellery event! I was first told about this yesterday, and I’ve had all the details confirmed for the US today.

The promotion is running in the US from the 26th of December to the 1st of January, and the rules are as follows:

  • Spend $100 USD in a single transaction on any Pandora purchase and receive one free Pandora item of up to $75 USD in value

It’s quite a good offer compared to their usual promos, with a lower qualifying spend, and a more generous free gift! Again… I’m tempted…

According to my source, there will also be a ring promo for North America in the new year – more details to follow on that, hopefully! :)

Pandora Official Boxing Day International Sales

Sales will be starting in other regions around the world from Boxing Day (the 26th) and the 27th of December. Much like the UK sale, they will offer up to 50% in discounts on retired or soon-to-be-retiring items. You should check with your local estore or local physical store to see what’s on offer! :)

Pandora Australia Summer Sale 2016

The Pandora Australia & New Zealand sale has now begun, and offers some very interesting bargains, including on a variety of Disney items, including Mickey & Minnie and Alice in Wonderland

My Comment

There are lots of lovely offers going and I am depressingly tempted by them all! I’m already planning my UK sale indulgences; I still have my eye on that Rue La La Viola Bloom pendant; and I’d very much like to pick up a couple of Disney pieces in the US jewellery promo. Oh dear!

If I’ve missed any promos out, please do drop me a comment and let everyone know! :)

I hope you’ve all had/are having a wonderful Christmas day – it’s been really lovely here, and I’m looking forward to the Bake Off later. I got my Pandora Rose heart clasp bracelet from my OH – he had been briefed in advance, I’ll confess, and I had some charms all lined up ready to go on it ;) I’m doing a little sunset theme on it, but I’m not sure what else I’ll be adding in the future!

Are you planning on doing any sale/promo shopping? Did you get any Pandora goodies today?

91 Comments on Promotion Alert: Pandora Boxing Day 2016 Sales & Offers Round-Up

  1. Hi Ellie
    Merry Christmas! I just found out about the promo today. I may be tempted to take advantage. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

    • Hi Ashley! Thank you, and to you too! Hope you enjoyed your day yesterday, mine was lovely. Are you going to do the promo?

      • I think I will do the promo. I’m leaning towards a smooth clasp bracelet. I’m still trying to decide which charms to get. I put my disney bracelet on hold until we go to disney world.

        • Sounds like a plan! I’m wanting to get some Disney charms, which obviously I can’t get hold of here in the UK, and this would be a good opportunity to get some :)

  2. Merry Christmas, Ellie! Thanks for the promo update. That’s a great promo for the US. I was planning to get the starry night sky murano and galaxy bead to go with the vintage night sky beads I got for Christmas. I’ve been “needing” another bracelet, so I’ll get a regular clasp bracelet as my promo item. Have fun with all your after Christmas shopping! (And your new Pandora Rose bracelet looks great!)

    • Merry Christmas to you too Judy! :D It is a good promo, isn’t it? I think I’ll get a regular bracelet as well as the free gift – I’d like another oxidised blet for that forest theme. I’m heading off to the shops to go sales shopping tomorrow, and I’ll see if there’s anything else in the Pandora sales tray in store catches my eye, too… ;)

  3. Hi Ellie hope you are having a good Christmas I’m being very spoilt I got a rose gold bracelet, two Disney piece and some earing I love everything and I’m excited about the sale.

    • Hi Nicola, had a lovely Christmas thank you – glad to hear you did too! :D I saw your goodies on Instagram, they looked lovely! Am excited to see what you do with the Rose bracelet :)

  4. Merry Christmas Ellie! I checked out the sales online today but there is nothing for me. I think i have all the charms i want now. However, I really want a gold Pandora or Trollbeads bracelet so i think i will stop buying silver charms (unless there is something i really want) and save us for a gold Pandora bracelet. Do you know if they ever have a large discount (like 50% off) for the gold bracelet?

    • As far as I know they won’t have it on sale until they discontinue it and put it on rue lala. You could buy it during a promo and get a lot of free items with it. That said, there’s tons of trollbeads gold on sale, including bracelets, at very deep discounts from sellers in the UK. They will ship abroad to you. Hope that helps…

      • That’s a good point – if they ever run their free bracelet promo again in the US/Canada, the gold bracelet is available for free with a pretty huge spend (I can’t remember how much off the top of my head) – if you are seriously wanting to do gold, you could always just buy a selection of the gold charms you want to put on it then and get the bracelet for free!

    • Merry Christmas to you too Judie! <3 I have never seen Pandora offer big discounts on the gold bracelets, no - I can only see that happening if they decide to permanently discontinue the 14kt gold range. No news of that being any time in the immediate future!

  5. Merry Christmas Ellie and to all of my fellow blog readers! I’m pleasantly surprised by the U.S. promo and will definitely be partaking. This is much better than the usual post-Christmas US promo. It’s nice to hear there will be an earring promo to look forward to as well.

    Are there any UK sites that have the sale and will ship to the U.S.?

    • Merry Christmas to you too, Joanne! :D What are you planning on getting in the US promo? I think I’m mostly going to go for Disney items, if I do it. There’s that lovely Minnie polka dot murano that I’ve been wanting for a little while, and the TInkerbell dangle, too. Unfortunately none of the UK retailers ship internationally anymore :( the only ones who did have stopped selling online!

      • I was planning to get the Droplet ring in ruby and the Vintage Allure ring, with the Snowflake Heart as my free gift, but my store was out of all the rings in my size (and I had two back-up rings as well that’s were sold out!). I guess the store got cleaned out from Christmas shoppers haha! I know there is a ring promo coming up, but I really wanted to save my money for the Valentine’s Day collection after the New Year. Oh well. I’m going to try to call a couple of other stores in my area to see if they have any of the rings in my size.

        Ellie, your picks sound great. I have the Minnie Polka Dot Murano, and it’s such an adorable charm.

        • Ah, that’s annoying! Good luck finding one in the right size, I hope you managed it!

          Thanks, I’m quite excited to get the Minnie murano – it’s the last bead I need to finish off a bracelet that I’ve been wanting to complete for a little while! ^^

        • I was able to get what I wanted from the online site that I order from all the time: Reeds Jewelers (phone order)! It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow–just in time for New Year’s Eve! The downside is I wasn’t able to use the Pandora gift card I received for Christmas, but I’m sure I’ll be able to put it to good use when the Valentine’s Day collection is released haha!

          Have a Happy New Year!

        • Joanne, Hey I did the same thing, ordering from reeds!! I went to the mall fist but after that I still wanted to take advantage of this sell by getting some essence beads so I called reeds and they allowed you to take advantage of the promo over the phone, I thought that was great cause it is not always easy to get to a store now especially with them closing so many! I wonder if they will do this for all promos cause if they do I will keep using them.

  6. Guess I wasn’t paying attention. I logged onto Pandora UK and shopped only to find out I couldn’t get the items shipped to the US. Major disappointment. Will try to console myself by shopping online tomorrow (I am currently out of the country) on the Pandora US site. May have to buy one of those beautiful charms I didn’t win on the advent calendar!!

    • Oh no! :( What items were you after? Are any on Rue La La? That is a shame :( if you’re wanting to do the US promo, a lot of stores do accept telephone orders so that’s definitely worth checking out!

      • I am going to do a bracelet of the Pandora gift boxes. I already have the retired red enamel with the crystals on the ribbon. And I am closing in on the 2012 BF gift box charm. Then I will get plain silver boxes. I love a hunt so I will see how lucky I can be! I already recently got three charms on RueLaLa for a pink bracelet I am doing also.

        • I just found the 2012 BF gift box myself, with its original packaging (which is an aspect I get rather excited about, I love special boxes aha). Good luck tracking down yours too!

        • My 2012 BF gift box in the original box is in the mail and should be here early next week! I now have two gift boxes for next year’s Christmas bracelet. Not sure yet what I will put between boxes yet but I have a whole year to get it done. I am doing a pink bracelet and want the Wrapped In Pink gift box for that bracelet also. I just got from being out of the country and need to make a trip to the mall to take advantage of the free item promo!

  7. Hi Ellie,

    Hope you are having a nice holiday. I’m all shopped out but of course can’t resist this great promo…I will be trying out the medium floating charm necklace, with the christmas beads, and will buy a new bangle to get 2 honeysuckle pink droplets beads (can maybe use with spring charms!). Can’t resist saving $140! I’ve been ambivalent about the necklace, but I feel it’s worth a try during a promotion (it’s a $140 value so it’s really my free item). Have you tried the necklace? The spring petites might also be a possible purchase to use with it. I don’t know why I’ve resisted it; I guess I feel like it may spend a lot of its time in a drawer:(. I guess I won’t know til I try it!

    • Hi Lisa! I got the medium floating locket as my Christmas gift. I only had seen pictures of it online, and found it to be really pretty and dainty in real life (meaning its smaller than it appears on pictures and thus much more wearable). I’m in love with with só I though I’d share my feelings with you. Happy shopping tomorrow!

      • I thought exactly the same about it being much prettier and daintier in real life than the stock image would have you think! I was imagining huge medal-type things in my head at first I think, haha. :)

    • Hi Lisa! Ah, you have some exciting purchases lined up there :) I have not tried the necklace yet, as it’s quite expensive (the promo is a great time to try one out though, I agree!). Just from looking at it in store though, I do like it much more than I would – the Pandora branding isn’t that obviously and they’re not as large as I feared from the stock images. The customisable aspect is also pretty fun! I wasn’t that keen on the Autumn 2016 Petites, but was then sorely tempted by those adorable Christmas petites. I also much prefer the Spring petites that will be coming out next year!

  8. I noticed that Swag started their sale last night (Christmas Eve) so I bought a load of stuff, penguin, 2 black flower enamels, 2 sparkly butterflies, daisy Murano, blue leather bracelet and a safety chain. I was disappointed that the Christmas Tree of lights hadn’t gone in the sale but today when I was looking to see if other places had different things I found that Beadazzled did have that tree reduced :-D, so I’ve ordered that too. I’m looking at the carousel on Jewel Hut, it’s in the sale section but it doesn’t seem to have been reduced :-/, but I’ll keep my eye on that as I think that would complete my Christmas bracelet nicely :-D. It looks like my latest bracelet is going to be black, lol ;-).

    • Oh wow, that’s an amazing haul :D Although I’m sure my total balance of sales damage will rack up before they’re over, haha. So far I’ve gone for just the three pieces from Argento, but am very seriously considering the Teal Lattice murano, the Up & Away Balloon charm and maybe the Teddy too. Well done on hunting through all the retailers and finding the right deals, haha, that is definitely the way to do it – I noticed as well that The Jewel Hut haven’t discounted all the things that are available under the sales tab, but hopefully they will do!

  9. Merry Christmas Ellie and to each of you who follow this blog. I hope all of you found Pandora under your tree.

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve commented, but I have been checking the blog regularly. I’ve enjoyed each post, reviews and lovely designs, Ellie. Thank you for the heads up regarding the free jewelry event for US. Good deal…may have to take advantage of this one, too. I’ve had a nice Christmas and my husband gave me the Pandora charms I’ve been wanting for my Starry Sky bracelet. In my search for a scarf to match the Moonlight Blue Radiant Hearts and Vintage Night charms, I found one called Cosmos and it actually has silver studded stars. Pretty neat!

    Thanks again, Ellie, for keeping us informed during this busy time of year. Looking forward to the next post.

    • Hi Emily! Nice to hear from you – I am glad to hear you received some Pandora also! ^^ Hope you had a lovely day yesterday. And yes, the promo is a great deal! A bit more generous than previous terms in promos, and I hope that continues to next year. :D
      You are very welcome, Emily – it’s always fun blogging Pandora over Christmas, with all the sales going on. Glad you’re enjoying the posts!

  10. Merry Christmas Ellie. I woke up at 6am this morning to check out the sale online. So many pretty things that i want. In the end i try to scale it down to the honeysuckle leathet bracelet that i would gladly pay $40 for it rather than $75, zig zag safety chain and a pink drop butterfly dangle. Now im kicking myself for not getting the minnie mouse cupcake. Its out of stock instore and estore. Hopefully will appear on rue la la.

    • Merry Christmas to you too! <3 The sale was pretty good for Australia, although the best I've seen yet is the German sale on estore-de. Lots of interesting pieces on there, including some extremely recent ones like the Heart of Freedom!
      Great choices, I have and love all of those :D Rue La La haven't offered any Disney stock yet, but it would be great if they did! I wonder if there are restrictions on how Disney pieces can be offered at a discount in the US or something.

      • I went back to check the estore again and end up with another haul. Disney believe heart charm, tropical sea glass murano and two bevelled barrel clips. So much for my scaling down.haha… End up buying things i did not initially want and miss out those i wanted badly now. Its a buy not or regret, so i sort of just get them first and work on the design later. I suppose i can never go wrong with clips, tropical seaglass will look good with my green leather.

        • Oh amazing!! I love the Sea Glass muranos, they are beautiful :D especially the tropical and shoreline beads!
          I’m in the same kind of bead space as you, haha – there are too many things retiring at the moment. If I’ve ever wanted them at any point in the past, I am pretty much getting them as they go on sale (if I can afford them!) as I know that I’ll regret it later! I think you picked some gorgeous beads, they won’t be hard to style :)

  11. I took advantage of the USA in-store sale event. Sadly the free item could only be chosen from a select group of items. Luckily I found one I liked but I was not able to select the original charm I had intended to get. This was a bit frustrating and I thought you guys should be aware that you may not be able to select any item you wish. I don’t know if it’s Pandora who is setting this or if each individual store is getting to pick and choose what can be chosen. Again – just a bit frustrating if you don’t know this ahead of time.

    • At my store, I was able to get any item of my choice up to $75 value. I purchased 4 murano beads & picked 2 $70 items for my freebie.

    • I also wanted to get a Disney charm as one of my free charms but was told the Disney was off-limits. Purchase of the Disney charms could count towards the free one but couldn’t be a free one. Is each store different?

      • Hi Louise, that’s correct – no Disney items are allowed as a free item, although you can use them as part of the actual $100 spend, which is a bit strange!

    • Lucky ladies who could pick anything other than Disney. I’ll go visit a different dealer or a Pandora mall store and see how it goes there. Having only one tray to choose from just did not seem right to me. Thanks for all the responses.

    • Hi Evie! It depends on the store, i think – the only specification Pandora have set is that the free item of jewellery can’t be a Disney piece. I’d seek out another store and try elsewhere! :)

  12. I went to a Pandora store in the mall, the two shop in shops in my area had to send all their Pandora back and no longer sell it anymore. The one owner was quite upset over this. I bought the queen bee and the forget me knot spacer to get the pave safty chain, Then I bought two alluring cushion spacers and one shining path clip to get an celebration of love spacer and then bought the fascinating white Murano and looking glass white Murano to get another celebration of love spacer. I ordered along list from rue la la, have not received everything yet. Some of the charms I was not interested in before cause I always thought this style of solid siver or two tones would continue and was waiting for better styles that suited me. But I don’t think that is happening with all the openworks and czs, so I am buying more of the older charms as of late. Even the ones I was not interested in before. I am also waiting on my fairy fish coming from Russia, he was a Christmas present!!

    • All silver level Pandora shop has been terminated by Pandora, they can’t sell Pandora anymore. If they are gold level they can stay in the business, gold level mean they carry 14k items.

      • I have a question not related to this, but does anyone know where I can get a list of all the retired essence beads? I have wanted to start collecting them and just got around to it now and am unsure how many have retired that I might want to search for, I know all of the zodiacs have already retired. thanks

        • Hi Tammy, I was trying to look on Pandora.net but they don’t offer a ‘retired’ tab under the Essence section, annoyingly. You can see retired Essence beads by going into the regular ‘Retired’ section and scrolling through al the charms, but there’s no filter specifically for Essence :/

    • If you live in Toronto area, retired item will send to Cookstown Tanger Outlet & Niagara on the Lake Premium Outlet. I go Cookstown for retired charm all the time, 40-50% off, I got ton of two toned retired charm there.

      • Hi Michele, thanks for the info on outlets but I live in Western Pa and I don’t know if we have an outlet I can go to or not. I did try a search online but could not find one near me. Maybe I did not do a complete search though.

        • Hi Michele, Thanks for the information, I am not on the west coast I am in PA, but that is ok thanks for all your help I appreciate it

        • I live in Western PA also. I’ve done a search before, and I don’t believe there is an outlet store in our area, sadly. Although that would be quite dangerous for my bank account haha!

        • Hi Joanne, Cool that you live Western pa also! And yes a outlet would hurt my bank account also. I went to the Westmoreland mall to take advantage of this promo and spent over three hundred!! I was only gonna spend two but my husband said go ahead and spend another hundred so I did. Oh well I really liked this promo cause you could choose anything for the free item, Wish they had this one more often. Yesterday I spent more on the essence line! I am just starting that collection, so wanted to get some of the older ones before they are gone. I went alittle crazy on the rue la la sell also but then again If Pandora keeps making charms the way they are with the czs and paves and openworks, I fiqure I better get the siver and two toned while I can cause I wont be spending a lot on their new line. I am not crazy about the openworks charms I really like the solid ones. Hope to get some essence bracelets for the next promo, I thought I should get into this line in case it disappears in the future at least I would have some bracelets from it to enjoy.

        • Hi Tammy. I went to the store at South Hills Village–my usual store–to take advantage of the promo. However, they were sold out of my size in all of the rings I wanted and didn’t know when they would get them back in stock, so I ended up instead placing a phone order with an online Pandora retailer I use quite a bit. I got three of the Droplet rings–in Pave, Ruby, and London Blue–and the Snowflake Heart as my free gift. I agree with you that it’s one of the best promos Pandora has done. I would have done more orders, but I’m trying to save some money for the Valentine’s Day collection. It’s great that you were able to take advantage three times over! I’ve also been buying more charms on Rue La La lately, especially since Pandora seems to be really retiring pieces at a fast rate the last couple of years. That’s a good idea about investing in some of the Essence pieces, as I’ve heard mixed things about its popularity. You will love Essence

    • That is happening a lot lately, unfortunately, Pandora are really cutting back on the smaller retailers :( it is a shame!
      You got some lovely beads – the Queen Bee is a true Pandora classic, and one of those beads that you always used to see in everyone’s collection back in the day! It’s so weird to see beads that were once Pandora staples retiring. I’ve done the same as you, lately – I’ve been collecting so many older beads as they go on sale, as often the prices are good, and it would be really annoying to want them later and to not be able to get them! Pandora are being so much more ruthless with their discontinuations than they were before, including with the newer beads too.
      Hope your Fairytale Fish gets there soon!! He is a lovely chappie! ^^

      • Yes I was disappointed cause I do not like to go the Pandora store in the mall, it is always busy during promos and I like the people at the jewelry store better. I was excited about the queen bee, I was gonna wait until she ended up on rue la la but I thought maybe I better get her in case she sells fast on the rue sale. I bought a lot from this last rue sale, but I justify it by fiqureing that the newer charms may not be to my liking. They are mostly the same it seems, and I do buy some to have something from their current line, but how many flowers and hearts does one person need? And I really liked the gemstones better then the czs. Some sparkle is nice but not at the cost of the other charms. I guess this is a good time to get more expensive charms cheap though with all these sells. I am excited about the fairy tale fish, he should be here around the middle of jan, so a couple more weeks. One thing too I have been collecting for a while now and have nine completed bracelets and a bunch of charms not on bracelets, but I have not ventured into collecting earrings or rings yet, so with all the same charms coming out over and over again, I think I might start collecting other jewelry from Pandora, I have already started on the essence line, But then again that Is not as fun as working on a bracelet is, I really love the creative side of putting them together, It just seems to me the newer charms are cheaper looking.

  13. Merry christmas!! No promo here in france for the moment have to wait until valentine’s day event… But i got some pandora beads for christmas!!
    How lucky you are to have the rose heart clasp bracelet. I really hope it will be released soon in france maybe for valentine Who knows… How about the rose qualityi saw somewhere it can chip….

    • And to you, Kelly – wishing you a happy new year, too! Aw, I’m glad to hear that, which ones did you get? ?
      I have not had a problem with any of my Rose pieces, with the exception of the Big Smooth heart charm, which hasn’t chipped but shows up scratches very easily. The rest all look as nice as the day I bought them! My original Rose bracelet is coming up for three years old :)

  14. Thanks for the heads up, Ellie! I got the new two-tone Signature bracelet for my spend and the Vitage Night Sky charm for my freebie. I’ve had my eye on both for awhile. The Signature bracelet will be Pooh themed, and I may even splurge on gold ( honey colored!) clips for it down the road, perhaps from a RueLaLa sale. I’m looking forward to more Pooh charms this year too. As always, thanks for all the great info, and have a great new year!

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