Finally, we have some concrete news on the Pandora Spring 2017 collections with a smattering of sneak peeks from the Pandora’s Angels Facebook page!

pandora spring summer 2017 sneak peek

The Spring collection is usually due out in mid-March, and often features an array of floral designs – read on for a few sneak peeks at some upcoming pieces!

Pandora Spring 2017 Sneak Peeks

First of all – these pics all come from the Pandora’s Angels Facebook page, so please do not reproduce them without proper credit!

The most exciting revelation for me so far is that there will be a – wait for it – Pandora Rose safety chain! Finally, eh? This is a clip design, which also means that it’ll be perfect for the treadless bracelet, too. Also pictured are matching Handcuff clip spacers in silver. I’m also told that the safety chain will be available as a plain silver design.

Image by Pandora’s Angels – please do not reproduce without credit

The Radiant Droplets come in a series of pretty colours, ranging from delicate lilacs to a deep navy blue. These we spotted previously in the Spring 2017 campaign image pictured at the top of the post!

This variety of colour will also translate into the Spring 2017 accompanying jewellery, with some bright enamel rings and bangles:

Image by Pandora’s Angels – please do not reproduce without credit

I had already been told this, but now we have visual confirmation – you might remember that, back in 2016, Pandora held a competition to allow fans to decide between two different potential Club charm 2017 designs. It has now been confirmed that the locket dangle has won!

Image by Pandora’s Angels – please do not reproduce without credit

Other tidbits of information leaked by the Angels page include:

  • more pink blooms
  • a plain silver disc charm to go inside the Floating Lockets

I’ve heard a couple of bits and pieces myself and hope to have a fuller preview soon, but these are a great start to preview season! ^^

My Comment

The Pandora Rose safety chain for me is a must, as I’ve just started a new Pandora Rose design:

I would put it on my original Pandora Rose bracelet, but I’ve no room on it for the clip designs to go on the bracelet itself, which I’ve filled since I took this photo:

pandora autumn 2015 majestic swan

The bright colour scheme Pandora have often for probably won’t work that well within my charm collection, but I do love the look of the bright enamel bangles – particularly the cerise pink and the turquoise colours!

What do you think of these initial sneak peeks?

62 Comments on Pandora Spring 2017 Sneak Peeks

  1. Hi Ellie thanks for this post on Spring 2017 which I am waiting for the blooms and flowers and pinks .?i’ll be saving till March to get some of the beautiful charms. Wont be getting anything from Valentine’s collection.i cant wait to your next post on Spring 2017… thanks again take care?

    • Hi Christelle! I love blooms and pink too but I’ll probably hold off on buying more unless they’re particularly stunning as I have so many <3 take care too and thanks for commenting!

  2. Thanks for the update Ellie, I can’t wait to see more. Hope we get to see some more soon. Always love the Spring previews.

  3. Hi Ellie, the enamel bangle i’ve seen previously looks entirely different to that one its double enamel with CZ stone in the middle making it 3 rows, maybe that one is just for the US market and we won’t be getting it here.

    • Hi Carol. Based on your description, I think I’ve seen the same image as you, and I believe it is actually of three different bangles stacked. I believe it is two light pink enamel bangles with a clear CZ bangle in between the two. It looks like the two light pink bangles are shown with the enamel facing up, while the middle bangle is with the clear pave part facing up (perhaps the enamel part of that bangle is white to match the white Radiant Hearts of Enamel Ring?).

  4. I love the look of the new safety chain, I don’t have any Pandora Rose, but the silver one looks nice. Like you Ellie, I haven’t really got designs that go well with the new colours, but I think there will still be enough pink white and cerise to keep me happy ?! I managed to see the new Valentines Collection today, and I was impressed! The charms I thought I’d like I really did like – and I tried on the new bow bangle which I thought was really stunning! I haven’t bought anything yet because I am having a no-spend January after I spent a lot on my Christmas bracelet in December! But as soon as I build up my savings again, I definitely want the bangle, the Amo Te which I found really appealing in person, the Lace Bow and the cerise Murano!

    • I was impressed by the Valentine’s pieces in person as well! I stuck to my specified two items (bracelet and cerise hearts murano), but I am very impressed by your complete abstention, haha. I was also quite tempted by the Lace Bow Heart, it’s such a pretty colour.

  5. Hi Elli,
    As always lots of thanks for keeping us informed (much better than SAs at Pandora sores, I must say)
    I saw the Valentine’s collection today and yes,I’m afraid I’m safe. As I had anticipated there’re beads I like to look at but that’s all. And either they had not displayed all pieces yet or we will be missing out on some items here.
    As for the spring collection I’m looking forward to seeing more of it. Those Radiant Droplets look an interesting concept. Let’s wait and see their colours, I admit I can’t make much from the pics. And I can’t wait to see the pink blooms!
    Until them I’ll try to catch up on my wish list!
    Have a nice weekend.

    • I wonder if that blush pink will match the pink Radiant Hearts?. Or perhaps they’re not compatible because they seem to have the same shape but a slightly different design??? ???. At this point I’m all at sea!

    • Hi Marie! Aha, you’re welcome :) I’m also being good with the Valentine’s collection, although I did buy the Cerise Hearts murano ? sorry for the delay in reply – have a great week!

  6. Love the new Rose Gold safety chain, definitely getting it, it’ll go great with my bracelet. The club charm looks nice also can’t wait! Thanks Ellie for the updates!

    • Me too! I’d have preferred to see a regular screw-on safety chain for the Rose collection but I will take this over nothing at all aha. You’re welcome :)

    • Hi Virginie, it’s too early to say at this point :) these are only just some low-res sneak peeks, no additional information yet!

  7. Hi Ellie, thanks so much for all u do in keeping us up to date. Your post allows me to plan ahead. As i don’t have FB I’d be lost without all your emails. Love the new safety chain in rose n hopefully ss. Will I assume the safety chains n new clips are all silicon lined? And hopefully matching clips in rose? Either way can’t wait. It’s been forever n stopping people investing and using the smooth bracelet. Not sure why they are making a clip safety chain for rose thought instead of threaded. Maybe a rose threadless is coming? And they will be nice on the new necklaces to match.

    • Hi leanne! You are very welcome <3 I like to be able to plan ahead too, it makes waiting for new beads all the more fun. I assume that these new safety chains are silicone lined, but I don't know for sure. We'll have to wait for more info!
      I would also love a regular Rose safety chain, too. It would be perfect for my first Rose bracelet!

  8. Hi Ellie. The Radiant Droplets look interesting, but it’s hard to tell what they really look like. I don’t like button style beads, so I hope they are round. Also, if they have a smooth surface like a cabochon, that would be pretty, but I suspect the “droplets” are faceted.

    Although I’m not interested in the rose gold safety chain, I’m hoping for some good spring release Pandora Rose beads. I got a rose gold bracelet at the after Christmas promo so I “need” some new beads! I haven’t yet gotten the rose gold infinite shine bead, so that one is on my list.

    Thanks for the update!

    • Hi Judy! They’re kind of faceted, I think, as you suspect. :) I have been told a little bit about the Pandora Rose collection for this season and I think I’m safe, with the exception of the safety chain! Which is good as I’ve spent way too much on sales beads and stuff haha.

      You’re welcome! <3

  9. 2017 Club charm dangle for sure, keep collect tiny diamond club charm. I have to keep budget to buy Club charm, Cherise Heart murano next promotion.

  10. I really like the rose gold safety chain, I’m looking forwards to see what else there is Spring is one of my favourite collections. It’s normally filled with purple and pinks and flowers but it looks like they are going with something different from the stock image.

  11. This is just whetting my appetite! And hooray for a rose safety chain! I’ve started a rose bracelet as well!

  12. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for this update. Great to see a safety chain made for the threadless bracelet. I have the Dreamer handcuff safety Chain that is always paired with my threadless bracelet. Crawled under the bed one too many times chasing down charms from not putting a clip on the end, my bad of course.As much as I like the Rose gold version shown in this review I am hopeful that a two tone option will be forthcoming. I noticed Pandora is written on the safety chain clips, not a huge fan of branding beyond the clasp seems like overkill. Regardless I will most likely pick this up when it comes out to complete my rose gold bracket design.
    The club charm is nice, I will have to see it in person before I decide for sure. I haven’t been an avid collector of the club charm but I give them full marks for making it a dangle locket charm with out using pave on the bale! I like the silver hearts! I wonder what the price point will be?

    Thanks again,
    Hope you had a great weekend!

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Yes, the clip safety chains are the only good option for the threadless bracelets right now – I have the Pave Inspiration safety chain on mine, but with a clip in place to stop it flying off. I already had the other two clip safety chains on other bracelets! I’m not over keen on Pandora branding on things either, but I will take what I can get when it comes to Rose lol, much the same as you!

      The price point I think has been around $60-$70 USD in the past, so I imagine that they’ll stick with that for the Club charm.

      Hope you’re having a lovely week Lisa!

  13. I’m glad that the dangle charm won. Looking forward to rest of the spring collection. Nothing for me at the moment except club charm. I saw on pandora website that they are asking people to submit the design for 2018 club charm competition. Such a great idea to give collectors a chance to express their creativity on what we would like the new charm be.

    • I know, I thought that was a great idea re the 2018 charm too! I must go online and submit my own ideas when I remember ^^

  14. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks for the Spring 2017 Sneak Peeks! I’m anxiously awaiting the entire spring collection, as it’s usually my favorite. The Radiant Droplets look promising. I’ve been hoping for something in a lilac color for quite some time. Hopefully, Pandora will offer another stunning floral murano for spring.

    Your Pandora Rose bracelets are just lovely, Ellie. At first glance, I rather like the new rose safety chain. I’m not far enough along with my rose collection to need a safety chain yet, but I’m happy for you! It’s certainly been a long time coming.

    The Club charm turned out quite nice after all. I’m glad the locket won!

    I’ve yet to see the Valentine’s Day collection in person. I’m trying to tighten the reins on my Pandora spending for 2017. Last year was a real budget buster for me, so I’m trying to be more selective in my purchases this year. I think I’ve narrowed the VD down to the Cerise Hearts murano and two Lace Bow Hearts. I can’t wait to see what you ended up with this weekend!

    Looking forward to more posts and reviews. Hope you have a nice week ahead.

    • Where are preview of new disney charms coming out 4 spring!! I’m anxiously waiting to see new tinkerbell design

    • Hi Emily! Spring has historically been my favourite, too, although I find recent collections’ heavily reliance on the same floral motifs a little repetitive in most recent years. I hear that there are some beautiful new floral glass offerings, which should be exciting though! Pandora’s glass seems to be a reliable highlight, regardless of what else they do these days. :D

      Thank you Emily! I do love the Pandora Rose collection. I wish they still designed beads specifically for it. <3 This safety chain is rather nice, though, I agree!

      Have a lovely week too!

  15. Your new rose blet is gorgeous! I would have never thought to pair those beads. But they are stunning. Which clips are those?

    • They were a bit of an experimental combo but I think they look nice as well! :) Those are the Solaris clips, they recently retired – I got all these beads on sale from Rue La La!

  16. Yes the rue sale is going on now, I just looked at my emails and got one that said the sale started on the 16th, They have some gold charms again.

  17. What is up with the rue sale? I placed two orders from the sale and I deleted the email I had received alerting me to the sale. Anyway I remember it saying the sale had three days to go but I went back just now to look at the items again and it is gone! So what is up with that?

  18. Hi Ellie!

    I was lucky enough today to find the 2014 LE Circle of Love bangle and in my size!!! I’ve been kicking myself for passing it up years ago, so I jumped right on it! I’m beyond thrilled. I went ahead and got the matching pink pave’ heart charm, since it didn’t come as a set in NA. (So much for tightening the reins on my Pandora spending, but this spend was worth it to me). Took a look at the new VD collection while I was there. I tried the pink Open My Heart clips with the COL bangle. The clips are a shade lighter than the clasp on the bangle, but still have that same lilac hue. They are definitely going on my VD list. The Lace Bow Hearts are just as lovely as I expected and the Cerise Hearts murano looks absolutely de-
    licious! They both remain at the top of my list. I was surprised to find the Encased in Love charms already being sold individually, as well as, with the gift set. I thought they were very pretty, too! The Gift of Love was pretty, but very small, I thought. I keep reminding myself the spring re-
    lease is just around the corner and hopefully a good promo to take ad-
    vantage of.

    Hope this week got off to a good start for you. Can’t wait to see your new Sparkling Heart bracelet with the Lion Dance charm!

    • Hi Emily! Oh wow, what an amazing find! Did you just come across it in a store? :D I’m surprised that the Open Your Hearts clips didn’t match exactly, as I assumed they’d use the same stones. That’s a bit of a shame! I got the Cerise Hearts murano myself this weekend, and I agree that the colour is divine! Such a nice wine shade – not too pink, and very rich. That’s weird about the Encased in Love bead, as normally gift set items are not allowed to be sold separately on pain of death!

      Thanks Emily! :) I am in love with my new little Lion as well. As soon as I have the blog back in good health, reviews and everything will pick up again!

      • Ellie,

        I remembered seeing the Circle of Love bangle a good while back in my local Shop-in-Shop when searching for the Dainty Bow bangle. I passed on the COL and got the DB bangle instead. This year’s VD release of the pink Open Your Heart clip made me think about the COL bangle. Thinking the bangle was probably long gone by now, it was worth a call to make sure. To my surprise it was still there!

  19. Hey I have a question for you all: do you keep the little white boxes that they give when buy charms? I read somewhere that you shouldn’t store your charms in there so I just keep them in the white pouch/bag that they give you when you buy a bracelet. I don’t know what to do with them but they look too nice to throw out, seems like a waste.

    • I store my charms in my jewellery box, wrapped in small pieces of kitchen plastic film to protect them from tarnish-

    • The white charm and bracelet boxes are not tarnish proof, so you really shouldn’t store them in there alone, However, if you would like to store them in these boxes, you could always buy anti-tarnish strips from Amazon or use those silica gel packets that often come with new things and put them in the boxes. I have some nice Pandora jewelry boxes, and I use the anti-tarnish strips in them, and they work great! You should just try to replace the strips every few months or so. Otherwise, storing your jewelry in the white anti-tarnish pouches that Pandora makes or even in airtight plastic bags would work best.

      On a side note, I have so many extra little white boxes that I don’t know what to do with haha. I mostly use them to give out gifts, but every time I give some away, I get more from the things I buy! The other day, the SA asked me if I wanted separate boxes for all of the charms I bought, and even though one charm was a gift, I just got one box for all of them since I have so many extras to use!

    • Hi! No, I keep them in my jewellery box with some anti-tarnish strips. As other people have said, those charm boxes are not intended for storage and will actually speed up tarnish, so I wouldn’t advise it. :) I have started giving my boxes back to the store when I can as it does seem a shame to throw them out!

      • Ive too many pouches and boxes. Try to return to store but they don’t want it back. Sometimes i just put my new charm on the bracelet directly and forget about packaging. Those charms i bought online from pandora website came in individual boxes for each charm. Suddenly i have like 10 small white boxes!

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