Today’s post brings a heads-up that US shopping site Rue La La are hosting another sale on Pandora on Saturday (25th March)! The sale offers significant discounts on retired Pandora products, and usually includes charms, jewellery and watches.

I’m not sure whether we’ll see any new styles this time around, but I am nevertheless admiring how pretty the banner is for this sale! I’ll definitely be having a mosey on Sunday to see what’s on offer. Is the gold Tropicana openwork new, perhaps?

I get this asked this question a lot, and so I’ll answer it here to be clear: Rue La La are an authorised US Pandora retailer and only sell the genuine article! So you can buy with confidence – I have been doing so for years.

The sale starts on Saturday (the 25th of March) at 11am ET. Just a reminder, also, Rue La La have started offering international shipping to a select number of countries, and offer proper integration with international credit cards now! Plus, for certain countries (not all, apparently), if you spend over $100 USD, then you only have to pay $9.95 USD to ship internationally.

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my affiliate invite link to access the website. Happy shopping!

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      • Love the Tropicana gold charm!! I have it in silver as well. Usually this time of year charms are getting retired, so I’m hoping to see some new ones.

        • I have it in silver as well :D no new beads this time, but hopefully soon. We’ve had the same pieces for some time now!

  1. Hi Ellie!

    Love to see new post on your blog! Always bringing lovely news <3! Hope to see a review soon from you! Heh maybe the new purple murano from the Instagram post and ur purchase from the US promotion!

    <3 Cindy!

    • Hi Cindy! Definitely, I have my first Spring review mostly written and ready to go! I was going to post today but didn’t quite make it. Hopefully tomorrow! <3

  2. I hope they have some new things. For their last sale, I went on right when it started and didn’t see the little cow bead I went on a few hours later and this bead was on there, but sold out. I’m hoping they get it in. I have a credit on that site I need to use. ;)

  3. They just had a sale which ended last night…I bought the gold knot, excited…and they are having another sale this coming Saturday only a few days later? Yes, the tropicana gold charm they had on sale a couple of sales ago…I bought one, very good value too. Do you know what time that will be in Australia when that sale starts? Thank you….Sheila

    • What was in the sale huni? And prices? I didnt manage to see the sale but in February i managed to purchase from a (pre) sale and when i went back on few days later everything was exactly the same xx

      • Emily….the sale had only 148 items and most were silver. I am a Pandora gold wearer and this time they had the retired solid gold knot charm, also had the diamond babbling brook clips and a few more openwork charms. Silver consisted of many charms and a few rings. There was not a huge amount to choose from in this recent sale so am hoping the one that starts Saturday will be better.

        • Sorry, forgot to mention, the prices were a bit higher than their previous sales…but compared to the RRP price, they were still good, you got a saving considering they are brand new charms.

    • They had an official sale on Pandora that just finished? I was aware that there were a few Pandora items in the ‘Still want it’ sale category but didn’t think thtere was a full Pandora sale! Maybe a secret one or something?
      You can always google and find global clock websites to find out when the sale starts in your time zone. Super helpful! :)

  4. I hope they have the Essence Strand Bracelets on again. I love them. The Strands weren’t offered at the Moonlight Madness sale.

    • I know there was more bracelet than last time but did not really look for any in particuliar. Happy shopping!

    • They did! I have an Essence strand bracelet but I don’t find that I ever wear it. Maybe I should try getting a couple of beads for it!

      • They’re gorgeous. I wear all of mine everyday. Pandora hit it out of the park when they designed these bracelets. I have other brands of cord bracelets (Thomas Sabo, Alex and Ani, etc.), but they fail terribly next to Pandora’s Essence strands. I do wish they’d bring them back and keep them available.

  5. Wow, today they had a charm that was described as clear pave ball charm, but I think it is actually that pastel purple that was retired a while back. So I bought it , don’t really care Witch one it is, they are both beautiful.

    • Yeah, I suspected that was actually the lavender pavé as well Sherry! I got two of those from them a little while back – the colour is subtle, but very pretty.

    • Thanks Sherry.
      I also want to add to look in all categories for your charm because I found some in the bracelet category twice. Must be a mixup when posting them. Hope so!!!!

  6. Doesnt seem to be much in the sale.. well not enough to spend 100usd for reduced delivery to UK anyway :( really wanted pandoras box but think ill wait…
    Does anyone know how often they have the moonlight madness sale’s?

  7. Yay! I loaded up on Essence Strands and Moments Multi-strings!!!!! So happy. I was there right at the 8am opening and the size selection was limited, so I think they haven’t got much new stock in bracelets. I peeked at the charms–the castle and all the fairy-tale charms are in supply, along with all the birthday blooms, which I didn’t see last sale. 200 charms available at the opening. I usually only see 60 or less.

    • Yay!! That’s great :D I am always tempted by the multi-strings, but I don’t wear the Essence strand bracelet I have and I fear that the multi-string Moments bracelets would find a similar fate with me :(

  8. This all sounds so wonderful, and there are a few I would get, but many red flags come up in reviews for their store, all saying they are not legitimate pieces. Even though you have stated that they are – THANKS! :-D – and I do see their name on Pandora’s website, how can so many write with this issue? Not meaning to start anything here, and I love your head’s up, just cautious. Thanks

    • No idea, tbh! But Pandora themselves have vouchsafed their authenticity and I’ve never received a fake from them. I think people just get paranoid and stores will often refuse to guarantee authenticity when they hear a chsrm has been bought from somewhere they’re not familiar with. I get asked this every sale and I really don’t know much more people can need than an official sale of approval from Pandora themselves! I’d buy with confidence, but it’s completely up to you :)

    • I honestly don’t know why people don’t just ask Pandora directly. Rue would not still be on Pandora’s list if so many complaints were real. On Rue’s Facebook page, in the post area, someone shouted about Rue selling knock-offs, and Rue replied:

      “We are so sorry for any confusion. In some cases we purchase merchandise from trusted independent suppliers and not directly from the brand owner. In all cases we stand by the authenticity of every product sold on our site.

      In an effort to bring the highest quality product to our Members, we have a buying team that specializes in sourcing our product. Our knowledgeable buyers work with these trusted independent suppliers to make sure we offer authentic product at a great value to our Members.”

      Rue is a US company selling openly and open to scrutiny by the BBB and other business watchdogs. Pandora would surely have shut them down by now if they were selling fakes. I’ve said here before, Rue buys from shops, and if those shops have received faulty items from Pandora, then Rue members will receive those items, and some people might think faulty items are fake. I have NEVER received a fake Pandora item from Rue.

  9. Ellie, I am so happy!!! The Forest Fairy was availble this time and the Celebration glasses for my Wedding anniversary bracelet…it was worth the wait.

    I also ordered for my mom the Peacock and the Swan. We started her bracelet last Fall.

    This is so exciting, feels like Christmas.

    • That’s great! It’s so nice to read how excited you are. There are some beautiful beads on offer at the moment!

  10. There wasn’t too much that was new, but I still picked up a couple of pieces from the sale. I hadn’t originally planned to until I received an email from Rue a couple of days ago that I would have free shipping for the next week or so, so I couldn’t resist! I bought the Vanity Mirror and the King of the Jungle (to represent the Beast) to add to my new Beauty and the Beast mini-design, which I have on the new bangle. Now I just need Belle’s Enchanted Rose (was sold out the other day) and the Shimmering Rose Dangle to complete it!

    • Joanne,
      I am happy for you. Good choice.

      The lion king looks so cute and the vanity mirror is so delicate and feminine (I use mine for my Snow White theme bracelet). My lion keeps company to my elephant for now. I have decided to wait for Belle’s dress since I did not get the B&B bangle this promo.

      I find it is so exciting to order from Rue Lala since it gives us the opportunity to get retired charms for our theme bracelets.

      • Yes Rahelle! Rue is definitely the best option for buying retired beads. There doesn’t seem to be as many older/retired charms available on the FB selling pages these days, and eBay is very unreliable. I did just discover that I have a new option for buying retired pieces though. I am so excited that a Pandora outlet is opening up about 30 minutes from me! I could be in trouble now haha!

    • I got the King of the Jungle & the vanity mirror from the last sale to add to my Beauty & Beast bracelet. When I was at WDW in October, they had done a cool BATB bracelet in their display case. At the time I would not have thought to use the book reading charm, vintage B charm or the royal crown to add to the BATB themed charms out at the time. they also used the blue fascinating iridence bead to represent the beast.

      • That sounds like a very interesting and different design! I actually have the fairytale book on my B&TB bracelet and love it. I have the Blue Fascinating Iridescence Bead as well but never through of using it to represent the Beast!

    • Excellent!! Love your picks for the Beauty & Beast theme – the King of the jungle is kind of perfect, I hadn’t thought of that before. Good luck getting the remaining Belle charms to finish it off! ^^

  11. I am so thrilled! I have been hunting the Folklore murano for a couple of years and never got my hands on it until now!
    Btw I love your blog! it is so informative and tasteful! I love your picks for the spring collection from your other post.
    How often are the moonlight madness sales? (I never seem to notice them)
    Now I just need to get my hands on the teal lattice murano and the silver tropicana…for another hunt pehaps

    • Hi Alice! Yay, I got two Folklores from Rue recently as well. They are gorgeous! They’re goign to go with my new Tinker Bell charms from the most recent Disney collection. The Moonlight Madness sales are maybe once every two or three months? Less regular than the normal sales, for sure! They come up pretty randomly.

      Thanks so much Alice, that’s lovely to hear! <3 Thank you for commenting, and I do hope you continue to enjoy :D

  12. I bought the two tone love bouquet, miss hedgehog, flora heart lock & pinecone. So happy to see all in stock and make up just $100 and a few cents. I’ve never been able to get them all available at the same time. Saw the vintage heart that was out of stock. Wish i have gotten on the website earlier to grab that. Its such a hard to find charm.

  13. I just received the big 5 safari charm from Rue La La. I don’t see the usual Pandora stamps anywhere. Please advise. Thanks

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