I say this every year, but I really don’t know where the time has gone! It’s that time of the year again, and spring has sprung in Pandora stores worldwide with the launch of the Pandora Spring 2017 collections! We have new releases for the regular collections, Pandora Rose, Pandora Essence, and Pandora Disney – plus the latest limited edition Club charm – all launching today, with so much to choose from. There are the usual pretty florals in the regular release, but also some amazing character beads coming with the Disney range.

Image by Pandora Harborplace

As usual, I’m rounding up the new releases with a whole host of beautiful live shots – read on to get a feel for all the pretty Spring jewellery!

Pandora Spring 2017 Release

The regular Pandora Spring 2017 collections feature a mix of Pandora’s traditional florals, with new pink Magnolia beads and some absolutely beautiful murano glass, but also some really fun pops of colour that are more unusual for their spring launch.

Image by Pandora Columbia

I cannot get over how beautiful the Field of Flowers muranos look in these live shots; the new bracelet is also very pretty. I can’t make up my mind which shade of the muranos I prefer – not that it matters, as I definitely plan on getting both. ;)

The blue version of the Field of Flowers murano has only launched in some regions, by the look of it – the UK has received it, and we have these absolutely stunning live images of it, thanks to Sue Lloyd. Please do not reproduce them without credit! :D

Pandora Disney Spring 2017 Release

Undoubtedly the highlight of the new launches for me is the Pandora Disney Spring 2017 collection! There are some amazing new character beads, which are we lack so sorely in the regular collections. It’s a shame that those of us in Europe and the UK can’t indulge in this collection so easily.

The highlights for me are the new Tigger and Piglet charms, while the deep mossy-green of the new Tinker Bell charms are also beautiful. For a full overview of the launch, please see my post here!

Pandora have got an extra high-profile collaboration with their limited edition Beauty and the Beast gift set, which has been available since Monday.

pandora disney beauty beast gift set
Image by Pandora Palisades Centre

The charms included in it are all available separately, but you do get the beautiful gift packaging if you buy the set. ^^ These lovely pictures show off it off perfectly, courtesy of Morgan Stanford:

There are also new Pandora Disney Parks beads coming out for Spring (including an amazing new Dumbo charm) and I’d expect at least some of the new collection to appear today – so keep an eye on the US Disney Store online to see what’s available!

Pandora Rose Spring 2017 Release

Usually the Pandora Rose Spring collection comes out a little later in the year (usually April with the Mother’s Day launch), but for 2017 we’ve been treated to all the new pieces with the other Spring 2017 launches! For a full overview, please see my post here!

My favourite by far of the new beads is the brand-new Pandora Rose Insignia safety chain – how long have we been asking for a Rose safety chain ☺️ and the Rose-ified Filled with Romance openwork is also lovely.

Pandora Essence Spring 2017 Release

There are a few new styles coming to the Pandora Essence collection this season, with spacers and dangle-style beads being added to the charms on offer for the first time. There’s also a heavy amount of pave, which has (as usual) proven controversial with collectors.

Luckily, there’s nothing to tempt me from this collection (I’m in love with my Essence bracelets as they stand, thankfully!). Just one that I’m safe from ?

Pandora Club Charm 2017 Release

Finally, we have the release of this year’s limited edition collector’s Club charm – a locket-style bead with the usual engraved date and genuine diamond accent. It comes (in North America at least) with a pretty heart-shaped box:

Image by Pandora Palisades Centre

This will most probably be coming home with me at some point, but it’s not a priority for me. As there’s not much I want from the Mother’s Day 2017 collection, I can space my spring purchases a little more! To be honest, I prefer when the Club charms launch in summer, as there’s usually less I want from that launch and I can afford to get this one more then.

My Comment

I’ll be going to see the new pieces this weekend and I am so excited! I probably won’t be buying anything on the actual weekend itself as I’m planning on hitting the US free bracelet promo pretty hard for some of the new Pandora Disney Spring 2017 pieces, but it’ll be fun to see everything in person.

My wish list is now much longer than I originally intended (it happens every year, despite best intentions) – I’d love to get, sooner or later, Tigger, Piglet, Tinker Bell’s Dress & Shoe, the pink and purple Field of Flowers muranos, the Poetic Blooms bracelet, the Club Charm 2017, and the new Insignia safety chain – in both silver and Rose finishes. Oh my! I also love the new silver daisies ring, and plan on getting that at some point.

If you’re in the UK and looking to go shopping for any of these beautiful charms (including the absolutely stunning blue shade of the new Field of Flowers murano), then authorised UK retailer The Jewel Hut have the whole collection live and ready to go on their website! <3

Are you going to be purchasing anything this week? :D

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  1. Hi Ellie
    Fantastic, can’t wait to get my hands on some of these beauties, so exciting, I love the florals
    When you buy the charms from the US do you have to pay import tax ?

    • Shipping is expensive, and at least in Holland you have to pay heavy import taxes. And you would need to find someone to ship the Pandora beads to you, as Pandora has shipping restrictions. You could look at Facebook for some help. I’m sure people here could give you some tips, where to look, as I don’t have (or want ?) Facebook.

      Good luck!!!

      • Thanks Marikaisa
        I have an Aunt in California so if I got them shipped to her she could send them to me in France but
        Just wondered about the import charges really. I’ve tried the Facebook pages but I don’t get a response from them

        • Having a contact in the US is probably the best way to do it – but you will get charged import taxes almost certainly if you declare the package at its full value. Customs in the UK are stringent!

    • Hi Kay! Yes, you do have to pay import tax if you declare the full value of your package. It can get pretty pricey!

  2. Last night I was trying to find out how much the new bracelet and field of flowers cost, to no avail, but I did discover that the e-store in the UK has a spring sale on :-D. I got 9 charms for £137, plus the free jewellery box plus a free £20 off voucher to spend between 31st of March and 9th of April :-D. I hadn’t heard anything about that happening :-O.

    • I took part in the promotion too! It was really value for money as the gifts were included even for sale items! The essence horoscopes were only 10 pounds per piece! But I had to save for the US free bracelet promotion so I didnt get the box!

      • I don’t know what the deal is with the £20 voucher, if there is a minimum spend or what, but I’m hoping to get 2 of the purple field of flowers with £20 off :-D. I was on my laptop in bed last night and the Pandora website is pretty awful at the best of times so when I had another look on my PC this morning I noticed they had the clip safety chain too, so if they still have that when I’m able to spend this voucher I’ll get that too :-).

        I got the free box on Tuesday from Beadazzled, so I’m going to end up with 2 of them :-O. I had to get the forget me not button charm as they were the only place that still had for £55, it’s gone up to £60 everywhere else, so I thought I might as well get the 2 black faceted ones that I’ve been wanting for a while to get the box. But now I’ll have to wait for anything else and save up for the free bracelet promo here in September/October, lol ;-).

        • Just had a scout around and you have to spend £120 in order to use the £20 voucher :-/. The 2 field of flowers would be £80, so……………

        • Yeah, you do have to spend £120 – there are more details on the actual voucher itself. :) I suppose I could make that spend if you consider how expensive all the latest Spring collection is in the UK, but as I’m planning on doing the US bracelet promo, I don’t think I can justify it!

    • Been to the local shop today and got the new bracelet and magnolia button charm no free box but did get £20 voucher. Then read your comment so went online got some charms I wanted free box and £20 voucher so thank you for mentioning it. Lots more I want so will wait to 30 the March one

    • I saw that too! I had no idea it was running. It seems to just be a sale on the eStore itself rather than across everywhere. I found the Up & Away hot air balloon for £15 (finally!!) and I got the green ladybird murano, too, which will go so nicely with my Tinker Bell pieces. Really exciting!

      The voucher they’re giving away with both online spends and in stores with purchases this month – I doubt I’ll be spend another £120 in that time, but it’s an interesting little promo!

  3. I bought new essence charm “love” with second essence bracelet (essence is my favourite Pandora collection’s) and the lavish heart on estore. I’m so exciting and waiting :)

    P.S. blue murano and dazzling daisies pendant are beautiful.
    I’m planning to buy mothers day bangle, family clip and mother&daughter pendant. And my money for Pandora this year will gone… ;>

    • Oh lovely!! The blue murano looks stunning in all the photos I’ve seen, but I can’t wait to see it for myself in person tomorrow. Bring on the weekend! ^^

  4. Hi Ellie the collection is not yet available in Mauritius stores but guess what my local Pandora store called me the other day and invited me to a cocktail where the spring collection will be launched.. as i good customer?i cant wait it’s the 23rd march and i’ll be able to see in person all these so pretty new goodies.. i want the pink and purple muranos,the daisies spacer and the ring of daisies. I’ll be completely broke this month haha. Thanks for this lovely post and images.take care..?

    • Hi Christelle! Ooh, that sounds like so much fun – worth the extra wait! I am completely broke this month as well as I’m doing the US bracelet promo not once but twice to get my Disney beads, but it’ll be so worth it to get those lovely Winnie the Pooh and Tinker Bell charms. The TB dress charm looks so beautiful in all the photos!

  5. Greetings Ms. Mora, the charms for spring looks fantastic, I will check those out at the Pandora store. May God bless you

  6. Hi Elli,
    Yes, time flies! I´m planning on hitting the mall today, as I get to leave work earlier as usual and I have a 10 euro voucher for Father´s Day promos, which, I intend to use at Pandora´s boutique, of course. However it still remains a mistery to me is if I will be comming home with something new or somthing old, lol!. I´ve been all at see since I first saw this collection. Anyway, I´ll find out soon. Thanks for posting!

      • Ys, of course but it was a couple of oldies for my still unfinished wintry night design: two galaxy charms. I´m plan to get the galaxy spacers and ring, which I love and then I will wait to see what´s comming up for next Xmas.
        As for this newest collection I wasn´t tempted by anything. Thus, I will spend my money on rings and Essence, as well as some discontinued charms I really like and which happen to be still for sale at he boutique. So, no rest from Pandora. And NO bracelet, ring or whatever promo from Pandora here grrrh! Only a 10 Euro voucher from the mall to spend at any shop in it.

  7. I’d like to buy the new Essence Joy bead today, but I’m afraid of Pandora Canada’s online shop at the moment. They (the abysmal Purolator Post the shop is using now instead of UPS) sent my last order to the wrong province, and there my order has been stuck since March 6th. :-( No joy for me today!

    • It’s been launched in the UK, Asia and some European countries as well, e.g. Spain. North America and Australia have not received it. (

  8. FYI…
    The US Pandora site is also selling a georgous Disney 80th Anniversary Snow White charm and the Chinese dancing lion is also on the site, but currently out of stock.

    • I did preview the Snow White bead in my Disney post – it’s very pretty! And in Australia it comes with fun LE gift packaging as well. I love all the little extras!

      • Oh! Must have missed that. Just so much has been released. Also, the Dancing lion was in stock for a full 5 minutes and was depleted! lol!!!

  9. Hi Ellie the collection is so pretty I can’t wait to see it in person, is it me or has Pandora up their prices the murano are now £40. The lovely pink button flower charm is £70 and so is the silver safety chain. For those pieces I might wait, I’m going to the airport end of May so hopefully they might have them a little cheaper.??

    • Hi Nicola! Yes, the whole collection seems hugely expensive to me as well :( I’m tempted to get my brother in Australia to just bulk buy some things for me once I’ve recovered from my US promo spends, as the UK RRPs are eye watering. Hope you find some bargains at the airport!

  10. The Disney store online has most of the new charms but not Alice in the teacup or Dumbo but I will continue to check today

  11. Hi ellie today i visited my pandora store.i purchased the magnolia ring and matching earrings and also the charm.i also got the poetic bloom petites.i was going 2 get the blue flower murano but was more in love with the magnolia charm.got a 20pound voucher 2 use in march/april so will use this 2 get the poetic bloom bracelet and birthstone petites.hope u enjoy ur shopping trip at the weekend.i cant stop smiling at my haul today.☺☺

    • Hi Kerry! Oh I’m so envious! The Pandora store near me shuts just before I get back from work, so I have to wait until the weekend to go. I got that voucher last weekend, but don’t think i’ll be able to use it as I’ll be cleaned out from doing the US bracelet promo twice, haha. Can’t wait for that, though!

  12. Hey Ellie,
    Do you know if the dancing lion charm is being sold on the he us now? It’s in our catalogues. Or why it’s cheaper now? It says 60 USD but in China I bought mine for 599 cyn which was 86usd. Thanks.

    • Hi Morgan, I’m not actually sure! It’s appeared on the US store at $60 USD but is listed as OOS. I’ve not heard of anyone being able to pick one up ins tore yet, either so Im not sure.

      You’ll always get those variations in prices between regions, too. Regions set their RRPs autonomously, so some charms are more expensive in some regions than others.

      • I called every store around me and the closest one that received the Dancing Lion charm was about an hour and half away. Every other store took my name down in case they received it. Hopefully a store closer to me gets it soon!

        • Hi Mel,

          Thanks for this info! I called earlier today and was told they don’t actually have this charm yet, but have placed an order. The manufacturer is actually out of stock, but did accept their order. The rep said they have no idea when stock will be shipped.

        • I ordered the lion dance charm on the advice of Mel as soon as I saw her post. I called to follow up with Elisa Iliana just after placing the order and received the Same feedback as Emily. But this evening I have received a shipping notification from Elisa Iliana for the lion dance charm! So excited to get it and to be able to buy beads on the promo to style it!

        • Hi Mel and Shelivestoshop.

          I placed my order on the 17th and hoped for the best. I received notification of shipment on the 21st. So excited to get the Lion Dance!!!

  13. Thanks Ellie for the lovely pictures.

    I just love the purple murano so it will go on my whishlist. I see the cup and tea pot has lilac..mmm… might go on my list too (I do love tea.. and purple & lilac are my favorite color) OMG my list is getting long. Love the magnolia charms but not coming home since pink is not my priority right now.

    For this promo, I will be getting the ballet slipper and ballerina with the orchid before they retire. Unfortunately, our Disney friends and Belle’s dress will have to wait until next promo (lack of money of course). I do want some other beads from Rue Lala to complete my fairy bracelet so I am still waiting for the greatest sale!

    Enjoy shopping girls!

    • Yep, the floral muranos are top of my list as well! Pink is my favourite colour for Pandora, but even I’m not ready to commit to a whole new floral range of pinks, so the magnolias are not for me. Nothing can quite top the original cherry blossom collection for me either :) but I will definitely get the pink and purple Field of Flowers muranos to do a soft of edgier pastel theme on an oxidised bracelet (one of my favourite stylings to do).

      Good choices picking up the retired beads! I’m hoping Rue are going to get some new stock in soon, it’s always fun to see what gems they get in. So much good stuff is retiring these days.

  14. Hi Ellie

    Thankyou for all your fantastic reviews of the spring collection, and I was for sure not disappointed in seeing them in store. Really, where do I begin, so many beautiful pieces. My list definitely got bigger after my trip to Pandora, but I was able to bring some home yesturday like pearlescent hearts band ring and matching bangle. The poetic bloom petites and the purple field of flowers murano. I just love my purchases. New to my list is the Disney collection, I will be purchasing the limited edition beauty and the beast bangle and limited edition Snow White anniversary charm, and of course all the new releases of Disney, how cute are they?. Australia also has 3 new releases in the Disney collection, Rapunzel which includes murano, Maximus and Rapunzel dress the soft purple is beautiful. Thankfully for me I have a few must haves with the Mother’s Day collection, which I’m hoping will be my gift from my son? nothing for me with the Summer collection, so will be looking forward to seeing what’s ahead with the Autumn/ Winter collection. Happy shopping?

    • Hi Janelle,
      How much is the limited edition snow white charm? Does it stands out among others charms?

      • Hello Rachelle,

        The Snow White charm celebrates its 80th anniversary. I think the charm is simple and elegant. It’s a button style charm all silver with cz around the outside. If you go on Australia e – store you will see it on there. Oh nearly forgot it retails for $99. Hope the info helps?

    • Hi Janelle! Ah, it’s making me so excited and yet so impatient reading about everyone’s purchases. I desperately want the Poetic Blooms bracelet, and the Field of Flowers muranos – glad to hear you got the purple one! I think that the LE packaging for the Disney Australia releases are adorable – it’s a shame that cute little touches like that don’t make it out everywhere. Although I’d settle for having the Disney collection in any shape or form here in the UK!

      Haha, don’t say autumn/winter already! I am nowhere near ready to even think about future collections, whether that be previewing them or shopping them. I have such a long wish list from spring, haha.

  15. Hi Pandora funs
    Can anybody help me ? I am trying to find out when was the seaside blue topaz #790538 released .
    I have came across one but I have funy feeling about it , it is hallmarked S925 ALE shouldn’t it be just 925 ALE . I would greatly appreciate your help .

    • Hi Bozena, I can’t actually remember when that one retired, but I have a feeling that it was still produced after the beginning of 2012, which is when Pandora made the switch to S925 ALE. So it’s possible that it could have been made with the newer ALE mark as well as the older one. Where have you seen this spacer advertised?

  16. Hi Ellie,

    All three muranos pictured together are gorgeous! I’m imagining bunnies, chicks and ducks mixed with them for a stunning Easter design.

    I made some calls today inquiring the eligibility of bracelet upgrades for the bracelet promo next week. We have three places to shop for Pandora in my town and I got three different answers when I called. My Pandora shop is allowing upgrades for the Poetic Bloom and the Beauty and the Beast bangle. Jared’s had a list of eligible bracelets for upgrades, but neither of these two were on the list. My local Shop-in-Shop wasn’t sure and was told to call back on Monday. I’m curious to find out how these upgrades go for everyone on the blog. I know you are planning to get the Poetic Bloom for your forest green design during the promo next week. Hope it’s eligible for upgrade where your US friend shops. If I miss out on these two bracelets waiting for the promo, my list will definitely change.

    Thanks for the post and enjoy seeing everything in person this weekend.

    • Hi Emily! Yes, Easter would be such a great way to style these three together! I absolutely love that idea.

      Good job researching the promo! As you seem to have found, it seems to me that the rules are kind of woolly from Pandora and that the terms of upgrades etc often vary from store to store. My helper in the US seems to think that i’ll be able to get the Poetic Blooms bracelet, so fingers crossed! I would be gutted if I couldn’t get it. :(

      Thanks Emily! I cannot wait to go tomorrow morning. This week has gone so slowly!! Have a lovely weekend too!

  17. Hi Ellie, i went home with the purple murano yesterday. Very beautiful. As my pink bracelet is all filled up, not getting the pink till opportunity arises. I would like to indulge in either the beauty & the beast rose or the pink button dazzling daisy. Such a tough choice. Maybe you can help me out? I was so tempted to take daisy open ring home too. But manage some self restraint to wait till promotion. Have a wonderful time shopping this weekend.

    • Hi Cyndi, yes I loved seeing your picture on Facebook! I particularly love the pink Dazzling Daisy Meadow, but of course I’ve not seen either in person – I’ll be able to see the Daisy Meadow for myself tomorrow and see if it’s as pretty in person. :D

  18. Oh all are so beautiful I want them all! I went on to Pandora estore and was diverted to their sale so spent my money on two charms for my essence bracelet, two pave charms, earring barrels and earring hoops A diversion from my original plan but total cost £78 and another two weeks to pay day oops. The twenty pound voucher is issued on any spend so no minimum spend required – but needs to be used by 1st week in April. I will be putting it towards a bracelet – after pay day.! Thanks again for the great pictures and blog

    • Yeah, I saw the sale as well! I got the Hot Air Balloon and a ladybird murano. And then I spent on the spring collection as well, both in the bracelet promo in the US and just in store here! I had budgeted to spend a little more but not quite so much, aha.

  19. OMG, I saw the collection today and of course some damage to my wallet occurred. As is the case with Pandora, the charms are much better looking in person.

    I ended up getting the poetic blooms bracelet (the star of this collection in my view), the club charm (only because I collect them) and the Mrs. Potts charm (so cute!). I will probably eventually go back for the Pandora clip safety chain and the blue and red radiant droplets. The radiant droplets surprised me in person, they are so nice and the colours are vivid.

    • I completely agree! I went into store and was wowed by all the pretty flowers. What I felt it was lacking was just some character beads, too. But I guess you guys have the Disney collection to make up for that! So pleased to hear you got Mrs Potts, that one is very cute.

  20. Hi Ellie

    Just came from the store :-)
    The new collection is absolutely beautiful even more I expected. I was afraid there will be to much flower again in this spring collection. And yes there are a lot of flowers and I literally fell in love with the magnolias pieces and even it I tried to resist some of them came back home with me. I really love the soft pink and white color of the magnolias. It is really delicate and these pieces catch my eyes at first sight. I did not expect to like them so much.. So I purchased clips, spacers and the magnolia bloom…. I have to say that the magnolia is one of my favorites flowers :-;
    I am planning to add the spacer and the magnolia bloom on my “zen/no stress” bracelet along with my little buddha, my lucky elephant and my cherry blossom and field of daisies muranos. I think it will be a really good match.
    I also get the poetic bloom clasp bracelet. I knew I want it since I saw photo shots of it. When I saw it at the store, there was no doubt at all :-). I also get the pink field of flowers murano. I am thinking to put them together to begin a new bracelet on a floral theme.
    I took a good look at all the pieces and unfortunately there are now more charms on my wishlist… :-;
    The pink radiant droplet is really nice but I prefer the icy green one. I have already a lot of pink in my collection…. I also find the new dazzling daisies spacer really cute. And surprisingly, I also like a lot the glittering hearts of Pandora. It’s weird because I did not like it at all in photos but in the store It was not the same story. It was showed in a combo with the icy green radiant droplet and I have to say that It has quit an effect on me… The combo was really cute and fresh… so the glittering hearts of Pandora made its way on my wishlist too….
    So now I have to make some magical tricks on my budget :-))) to be able to get all these beauties :-;
    Finally for the info, in Belgium the purple and the blue field of flowers murano are not available. And the radiant droplet are only available in icy green, pink and clear.
    Take care and have a beautiful weekend.

    • Same situation in Holland, radiant droplets only in that three colours, so frustrating… Ellie, do you know if the other colours will be released later this year? I really wanted the aqua blue one :(

      • We didn’t get all the colours here either – I suspect that we’ll be getting them later in the year, but don’t know for sure!

    • Hi Valerie! Aw, I’m glad to hear you got some magnolias! I loved them in store as well, but the Field of Flowers and the Poetic Blooms bracelet were what really got me. It was so hard to resist buying everything though!

      Love the idea of adding the magnolias to your little zen bracelet. Pink is my favourite colour, and I particularly love a beautiful soft pink, so even the sound of your bracelet is making me feel quite zen. ;)

      Sorry to hear that Belgium didn’t get the blue or the purple muranos! That’s so strange. I don’t get why Pandora makes some of these decisions :S have a great week also!

  21. FYI, in the Philippines we got the complete collection including the blue murano. I will have to check if we got the Snow White anniversary charm too.

  22. My friend will give me 2017 Club charm as my gift so I skip free bracelet promotion this time. 2017 Club charm is the only piece I want.

  23. I went to my store today for the bracelet promo pre sale. I was able to get the charms I wanted as well as upgrade to the poetic blooms bracelet and the Beauty & Beast bangle. I was happy as this was the first time they had all the charms I went in with the intention of purchasing. Usually they are out of one or two on my list. I did snag the last Mrs. Potts charm in the store.

    • I was able to upgrade to the Poetic Blooms bracelet as well! I’m so excited for all my loot to make it across the pond to me :D glad you managed to get everything you wanted too!

  24. Hi
    Lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing. Do you know which European countries have the blue field of flowers? I will be in Europe during Easter but my only stop in the UK will be Heathrow, sadly.

    • They do have a Pandora pop-up at Heathrow, depending on which terminal you’re in, I think. Otherwise, it does vary a lot in Europe – where are you visiting? If you go to Pandora.net, you can change the country to the places you’re going and it’ll show you which pieces from the spring collection each regions to :)

  25. Did I see a new clip safety chain for the essence bracelet on your blog awhile back? I was thinking it was identical to the new clip one out for the regular bracelets in the silver and rose gold. Was just wondering if I was imagining it! Thanks for any info you can give me.

  26. Have just tried on the poetic blooms bracelet instore. Fell in love with it. Love that the detail is on both sides of the clasp. It’s going on my birthday wish list for sure.

    • I have that one on its way to me from the US as well! I was eyeing it up in store, too, and it is just lovely. That’ll be a priority for review <3

  27. I went to the store today to take part in the bracelet promo presale. I was able to take my purchases home right away since I paid with a Pandora credit card, which worked out perfectly since I saw the Beauty and the Beast movie right after. I got two of the new B&B bangles (one for me and one for my mom for Mother’s Day) as my “free” (upgraded) bracelets. They are lovely! I had to change my plan a bit because, unfortunately, Belle’s Radiant Rose was all sold out. I didn’t like the Magnolia Bloom Charm or Tinker Bell’s Dress quite as much IRL, but I still got them; however, I may exchange one or both for Belle’s Radiant Rose once/if it comes back in stock. Finally, although I was initially unhappy that the Hearts of Pandora Bangles didn’t have matching enamel and pave colors, I changed my mind and really loved the bright colors of these bangles, and if you don’t want to wear the bright color one day, you can always flip it around with the silver pave facing up, which can be stacked with virtually anything! I got it in the mint color. I can’t wait to buy some of the matching rings, but I’m hoping there will be a ring promo later in the year. To round out what I received from the spring collections, my friend had already bought me the adorable Mrs. Potts/Chip charm as a gift, and today, I received the Blue Field of Flowers Murano from a lovely FB seller from Spain. The color is gorgeous and quite different from Pandora’s usual offerings. Overall, I am very happy with my purchases.

    • Aw, lucky you – I’ve yet to go and see the new B&B film, but I’m hoping I might be able to go after work tomorrow! My bracelet promo haul has to make it here over the ocean, however, so I doubt it’ll be here in time for me to wear there ;)

      What a shame that your B&B rose charm was sold out! However, I’m glad you got a few other pretty bits instead, though. Tinker Bell’s Dress is one of the beads I chose for my haul, what didn’t you like about it in person? It looks gorgeous in all the photos, so hopefully I’ll love it as much as I thought I would when it gets here!

      • Ellie, I hope you will be able to make it to Beauty and the Beast soon. It was a fantastic movie! It’s not that I didn’t like the Tinker Bell Dress; it’s just that I’m trying to really be more selective about what I buy, and if it’s something I don’t absolutely love and don’t see a fit for in my collection, I try not to buy it. The dress is really cute, but it’s a little small, so I don’t see it fitting on my Disney bracelet to balance out the Cinderella Dress that is already on there (I removed my B&B charms and created a mini design on my new bangle). I’m sure that you will love it and it will work on one of your designs! If it was a year ago, I probably would have kept it, but I’m trying to be more frugal now. Beauty and the Beast is one of my absolute favorites, but I don’t want to shell out another $90 for that charm when it comes back in stock, so I will probably end up exchanging the Magnolia Bloom and Tinker Bell’s Dress for it. I hope your purchases make it to you soon!

  28. Lovely reading everyone’s purchases. I put a whole new bracelet design on lay-by. Got the smooth moments bracelet with 2 Pandora logo insignia clips, insignia clip safety chain, club charm, & 2 forever Pandora sphere charms. Can’t wait to pay it off. Also desperate to get the blue field of flowers, but will have to get a friend for that. I have not previously got any Pandora Disney, but the Tink dress is so sweet, am considering a Tink bracelet. No promos in Australia ATM, hope we get a Mother’s Day GWP.

    • Tinkerbell’s Dress looks so cute from the pictures! I got that one as part of my promo spend, so I’m very excited for that. :D You should be getting a Mother’s Day GWP in Australia, I’ll try and track down dates for it.

  29. Went in store yesterday and it’s a lovely collection. I got the poetic bloom bracelet and the dazzling daisy spacer. I loved the magnolia bloom pieces and can’t wait to add them to my collection. The magnolia bloom and plain silver daisy ring, look cute stacked together. I got the £20 voucher. With that voucher I am going to get another one of the bracelet, as I love that and both of the rings, which are getting put away for Easter and my Birthday in May. Then I need to save for the magnolia bloom spacers and clips. I’ve got Tigger coming as well.
    I got the Mother’s Day bag as well. They didn’t have any catalogues left, so will get one next time.
    What did you think of the collection Ellie?

    • I absolutely loved the collection in person, Sarah, more than I thought I would. All the florals looked beautiful in person, although I could take or leave the other beads such as the hearts etc. But the magnolias, the muranos, the new bracelet – all absolutely lovely!

  30. Hello Ellie, I went yesterday to the store for the bracelet promo presale, they had all the spring collection, but I preferred to buy some charms that are going to be retired, and got the barrel blue cz and pink cz bracelets for free. I bought the Mickey silhouette bracelet, the reindeer dangle, the Green looking glass murano, the shell with the pearl, the plain silver forget me-knot, the everlasting love charm and the abstract-Tropicana charm. The poetic bloom bracelet is amazing but it wasn’t part of the promo, so I will wait for the next promo o maybe I can get it as a birthday present next month. :) Inhave a friend who’s planning to travel to the U.K. In April, so I hope she can buy the blue flower murano. Have a nice week!

    • Hi Pris, good shout going for the retiring beads :) there are so many lovely older beads going at the moment, and they can be surprisingly hard to find after the fact, so that’s a very good plan. The shell with the pearl and the green looking glass beads are particular favourites of mine, but all of those are lovely choices! My friend in the US was able to get me the Poetic Blooms bracelet as part of the promo (I paid the difference in price), so it’s a shame that you couldn’t get it.

  31. I did the presale on Saturday also got most of the magnolia pieces the heart dangle in the essence collection and the lilac droplet charm they were allowing you to upgrade to any!pandora bracelet and giving you 65 dollars to do so this was at a Pandora concept store may go back and get another bracelet since when I got home and looked at my receipt saw that I was 25 dollars short from qualifying for another free bracelet.

  32. Whoa…I now have to redo my purchase list. Tigger has got me thinking. I never thought that I would love Disney items but Tigger is too charming and beautiful to pass up. Help…what should I do?

    • Tigger is adorable! I got him as part of my bracelet promo haul. I don’t get a lot of the Disney beads, but for me the Winnie the Pooh charms are must-haves – if you love him, go for it and get him! <3

  33. Has pandora had another price increase. I was looking though the catalog and saw that the eternal clouds rings for example was $40 CAD… I’m pretty sure it was only $30 CAD last time I checked :(

  34. Bought my very first Pandora bracelet today and of course it had to be the field of flowers one. It’s gorgeous! I also fell in love with the blue murano, the color is simply stunning in person. May have to get that one too (we have all three muranos and all the radiant droplet colors available in Estonia).

    Now I just have to find the older finish flag pendant… sold out here :(

    • Ooh congratulations on your first Pandora! That’s so exciting :) I got the blue muranos for a friend in the US who can’t purchase them there and they are stunning. You should definitely go back for that one!

  35. I’m currently in Cancun and I’m waiting for the bracelet promotion to start tomorrow! There’s a Pandora store right across the street from my hotel. They have 2 charms that say Cancun ones a dangle and the other one is a blue murano. They’re so beautiful but sadly they haven’t received the spring collection yet.

  36. Hi all,
    Was in my concept store in the US today to pick up my 2 poetic bloom bracelets for the promotion and the collection pieces I had on hold , and to my surprise and delight my store just got in the Lion Dance charm today so I bought it for my memory bracelet. I was glad to see it as the Pandora online store had it out of stock and then in stock for a red hot minute but is out of stock again.

  37. Does anyone have any idea as to how I can get hold of the new pandora Dumbo Charm? I believe he is a disney park exclusive in Hong Kong, how do people find other people to buy the charm for them??

    Can anyone help, I am desperate to have him

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