Today brings news of an additional sale on retired Pandora jewellery running on US discount shopping site Rue La la for the next couple of days! This bonus sale is only accessible to Mora Pandora readers, and you’ll need to follow this link to access the sale! When you get on the site, you should see a Pandora ad on the front page that looks like this:

The sale doesn’t contain any new items, but the discounts offered this time around are at least 60% off every item, so you might get a better deal on a charm or bracelet that you were considering last time! There are 55 items up for grabs, including the honeysuckle limited edition Summer 2016 leather bracelet, the 2015 two-tone Black Friday charm and lots of festive charms, among other things!

I get asked this question a lot, and so I’ll answer it here to be clear: Rue La La are an authorised US Pandora retailer and only sell the genuine article! So you can buy with confidence – I have been doing so for years.

The sale is running for two days, and is scheduled to finish on Wednesday 7 June at 3pm ET. Just a reminder, also, Rue La La have started offering international shipping to a select number of countries, and offer proper integration with international credit cards now! Plus, for certain countries (not all, apparently), if you spend over $100 USD, then you only have to pay $9.95 USD to ship internationally.

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you should be able to sign up via the link I’ve provided here. Happy shopping!

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  1. Oh, no! The link I sn’t working for me! Are there extra steps we need to follow other than clicking on the link?

    • Have you scrolled down the sales list enough, Sandra? It appears for me at the end of the list, just before the ‘short time left’ section :) and you need to have signed up, too!

      • Sadly, I’ve logged in several times and the link still isn’t showing up for me. I’ve been a member of RueLaLa for years. . . And to you, too . . . So, I don’t know why the sale isn’t showing up for me. ?

        • Did you do it through a computer? When i do it through the computer it works. But if i do it through my phone it just opens the app and doesn’t appear there. Hope that helps!

      • Have you scrolled down the list of sales? For me it appears just before the ending soon section.

        • Where do you see this? I’ve gone through everything and it does’nt show ending soon anywhere.

      • Hi again both, I’ve just heard from Rue, who have made a couple of fixes – please check again and let me know if you’re still having problems :)

        • Still cannot get in. Very strange. I even clicked at th bottom categories to search for Pandora and nothing shows up. I’ve tried 15 times and 4 times since you responded to my last message.

  2. I always check in with them everyday and have shopped for years with them and always purchase when Pandora is having a sale. I clicked your link, scrolled down to the bottom where it takes you to closing in x amount of days and it’s just today’s sales and others that are about to expire. No Pandora.
    I’m frustrated.

    • Hi Christene, I am sorry – the sale is working for me via the link. I’ve emailed Rue again as they are behind all the technical details, and will let you know what they say.

        • I cannot find anything to do with Pandora. It’s unfortunate! I’ve tried all day and evening so far, and nothing thus far. It’s very disappointing. Oh well! Good luck to you.

    • Hi Christene!

      The links should be fixed now! There may have just been a bit of delay while the systems updated after I corrected the error. I’ve had several people on my team test it out and it seems to be working perfectly. Would you please try again?

      I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration! I hope you find something amazing in the sale!

      The Rue Team

      • Still doesn’t work. I’m a long time member and tried Morapandra link and checked every inch of your web site. Nothing is coming up Pandora. Feeling dissatisfaction and disappointment.

      • There are a few people this link isn’t working for. I’m curious, do you have different sites for different countries? I’m in the US and cannot access the sale via the link. I’m very disappointed. ?

        • Hi Sandra!

          We do not have different sites for different countries. If you were located outside of the US, we would default you to a local version of the site based on your IP address. The domain name and links would all work the same, however.

          Regarding this sale, I’ve updated the link to prevent it from opening the app. You should be able to access it now on mobile web or from a desktop computer.

          Apologies again for all of the frustration!

          -The Rue Team

  3. The link is working for me. Unfortunately, the items i want is not pn this sale. But I’m definitely tempted with some other staf….

      • Oh yes so many nice pieces & I had no problem accessing the site -but the pounds only stretch so far — I’ll keep doing the lottery:)

    • Yes, I can’t wait for the UK sale! I usually get help from a US friend with the Rue La La sales for the same reason. :)

      • Sometimes I cringe at Rue’s shipping costs, but then, with Thomas Sabo, within Canada, it’s 15.00 shipping for orders under 50.00. The other day I ordered just one retired bead from Rue, 31.00 for the bead and 16.00 shipping, which matches Sabo in-country, and overall the bead was 15.00 less than I would have paid for it here, when it was available. So sometimes the shipping is fine, other times it’s hideous. :-)

  4. Hi Ellie! Thanks for the link. I had no trouble getting in. It’s a great sale – did some early Christmas shopping. I was hoping the braided heart clips would be there, but no. I have had my eye on them for a while, was hoping they would be discounted a little further… Later!

    • Hi Deborah! You’re welcome – glad you found some pieces! I was very tempted by the Christmas beads, but then I made myself look at how many I have already, and how little space I have for new ones, haha. You should definitely pick up the Braided Heart clip before it goes – one of my absolute favourites! <3

  5. I can’t seem to find the pandora sale on Rue either. I’ve am a longtime member and tried every which way to find it with no luck. Very frustrating@

    • After further attempts to log in to the site I discovered that it wouldn’t go through on my smart phone but when I tried it on my PC it linked me right to it. Hope it helps anyone else having issues.

  6. To those who have not been able to access this, have you tried doing it on your computer vs mobile. This helped for me!

    • Thanks for advising people Sarah! :) I think it was to do with the mobile app derailing the link.

  7. Thanks Ellie for the link. It worked for me but I will skip this one since the frog prince is not there… really too would have been a great bargain.
    I was tempted by the Xmas sleigh and toy bag but I need to keep my $$$ for our leather bracelet promo coming up soon… I really hope it will be this weekend???

    • Guess what… I end up placing an order on my lunch hour… hahaha I should not have looked again at Rue Lala sales. So finally, the Santa’s sleigh and the Royal Carriage charms will be coming home. It was a great price for both.

      I was a bit disappointed though that Rue Lala was not offering the shipping cost special for orders above 100$… because I would have added a few more Xmas charms. Each time I was adding a charm and than checking the cost of my order, the shipping cost was rising so I decided to be more reasonable… which is not such a bad thing after all.:)

      Thanks again Ellie.

      • Aha, I so often end up doing the same as you Rachelle. I think that I’m out of danger and then suddenly I relapse ^^ The Royal Carriage and Sleigh are such beautiful choices though, you definitely broke your decision for a good reason!

  8. The link would not work for me on my iPhone but it worked on my iPad. I am in the US too. There are some great prices on there, thank you for posting this special sale for us. I grabbed the “He Loves Me” charm and the Christmas stocking.

    • Really pleased to hear you found a couple of pieces :) The He Loves Me charm is amazing, and such a good price compared to RRP. I saw it in an old UK booklet recently – £180…!

  9. got the mittens and two-toned botanique dangle.
    great sale thanks!
    FYI, link wouldnt work on smartphone, had to use tablet.

    • Ahh, I love the mittens! :D Can’t believe they’re retiring. Glad you found a couple of bargains!

  10. Hi Ellie, link worked on my iPhone! Great prices but I have most of the items! Thanks for the post!

    • Hi Marsha! Ah, often a problem when you collect Pandora in the way that we do. ^^ Maybe next time!

  11. Thank you Ellie!! I had ordered one of the purple Whimsical Lights in the last sale and when I received it instantly regretted not ordering 2! I ordered my second for less than the last sale!

  12. Hey everyone! Just woken up and am really sorry to read that some people are still having problems. I will ask Rue to look into it, but just in case this helps anyone:

    You need to use the link at the top of this post; any others won’t work. If it’s not working for you, try a different device and computer and see if that fixes it. It won’t work through the Rue app, I think, so that might also be your problem.

    I am working today, so I won’t be around in the comments section, but I’ve emailed Rue again to check into everything.

  13. I just click the link on my computer and it opens the Pandora items page, which at the top says “Just for you…” then I log in. It does not work on my phones or tabs.

    Fun thing, Ellie. And I see the ugly snow globe is still on offer. I’m tempted to hit the buy button until he’s all gone, and then give him as gifts at Christmas. Seeing the excitement my people will have unwrapping a Pandora box, and then seeing their faces fall when they pop the top to a reindeer globe is almost too tempting for me. LOL.

    • Aha, Lola, that’s terrible! That poor little reindeer ? I don’t own him, but you always make me want to go and buy him out of pity. ;)

  14. No problem getting into the site with smart phone. Sale price is great however i already have those charms that are interesting to me and bought during previous sale at unfortunately a higher price. The mittens, lace botanique are tempting. Think will save my money for pandora mid year sale.

    • I’m looking forward to the regular sales as well, hopefully there’ll be good bargains in there! It’s weird to see so many very new beads going straight into the sale. Pandora’s business model has changed so much!

  15. Thanks so much! Have had my eye on the Christmas pudding for forever. Got that, the holy family and the pinecone to complete my Christmas bangle. <3

    • Yay! :D I got the Christmas Pudding from a previous Rue sale, it’s adorable. and the Pinecone, come to think!

  16. I can’t access the Pandora sale either from my cell phone either. I don’t have time to login to my laptop so I guess I’ll check later. Bummer.

    • Hi Mary!

      I’ve updated the link to prevent it from opening the app. You should be able to access it now on mobile web or from a desktop computer.

      Apologies for any frustration!

      -The Rue Team

  17. Good morning, I too was not getting the pandora site on my iPhone or iPad. Ellie mentioned this morning that it probably won’t work through the Rue app so I deleted the app on my phone…I tried the link again and it opened the Pandora page directly…for those of you who have not been able to acess the site you might want to try this

    • Thanks Elisa! I thought that seemed to be the problem :) Rue did fix it in the end as well, I think!

  18. Good morning Ellie,
    I received an email from Pandora Canada; the leather bracelet promo is starting this Thursday June 8 until June 18. You just have to spend 125$. Youpi!??

    • Hi Rachelle! Yes, I’ll definitely be taking part :D going to pick up a couple of safety chains I think!

  19. I finally had success this am. It was limited with the charms I was looking for. I managed to buy 4 charms for two older bracelets. (I purchased the whimsical lights charm in purple, In My heart Charm, 14k/silver Majestic heart charm, and the 14k/silver Wonderland charm. All were very good prices. I spent $119.96 and saved $182.11. Not bad all in all.

  20. We went Pandora Outlet this afternoon for spend Can $125 get $60 free charms. I got 2 Effervescene light peach murano $35 each, one Forklare murano $30, two Dove $30 each, two toned Fairy $35, two toned Sea Shell $35, Skate $25. Free two toned Queen Bee and two toned Prince Frog. Total Can $300 tax in for 10 charms.

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