Today brings a fresh promotion alert, as the Pandora summer sales hit Australia and New Zealand! The sale, both in store and online at the eStore, is due to run until the 2nd of July, but, going on previous sales, I imagine the best pieces will sell out way before then!

Included are a number of Disney pieces, including Jasmine’s Dress, Murano and Shoe (I guess they must be going to retire her collection in AU/NZ at least – it would be weird to have a princess missing, though!).

And other great picks include some really new pieces from last year’s collections – the Origami Crane, for example, and the Heart & Crown two-tone safety chain!

Pandora actually started a special VIP preview of the sale for those subscribed to the Pandora Club newsletter a day or so ago, which meant that I was able to get the pieces I most wanted already. ? I checked out with the Pave Pear (which was originally a very pricey Asian exclusive – I’m amazed to be able to get it at this price now!) and two of the classic silver S clips. My brother is currently in Australia and can bring back my pieces in a month or so, which is handy!

Are you shopping the sale today? If so, what’s caught your eye?

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    • No, unfortunately retailers can’t ship internationally :( you’d have to find a forwarding service or a friend to help.

  1. Nice for Australia! I’m still waiting for Canada to get a sale. Lol. And waiting, and waiting…

    But I just saw Rue will have Pandora on beginning June 23. They have two little Pandora sales on right now, the Just For You and the Canada Day sales, both featuring the same items, and nothing I want, so I hope Friday brings items I DO want. :-)

    • Oh nice! I’ve got a couple of things I’d perhaps like to get from Rue. :) I hope the sales come to Canada next time!

      • I think we’ll never see a sale here, at least not online, and I only care about the online because my store is too far away. The reason I think we won’t is because our e-store ships from the US and not from within Canada, so an e-store sale for Canada takes stock away from the US, and maybe they don’t have stock enough in the US to supply both countries.

        I’d so like to be wrong on this though! Pandora can prove me wrong anytime it likes. :-)

        • Haha, here’s hoping that you are very wrong about it and they offer you some nice discounts in Canada soon! :)

  2. I was tempted by the pink present charm! I’m saving to see the locket promotion details now. Also I’ve spent a bit on pandora over last couple of months .

      • I gave in !! I purchased the pink enamel present charm after all! The charm had been on my wish list and I decided I couldn’t miss out and have it retire. I also purchased another charm that wasn’t in the sale. I bought the lucky elephant charm I’d read about on your blog. So adorable , I probably shouldn’t of but I’ve been very unwell this week its cheered me up. So spoilt with promotions here lately. I did regret not purchasing the pink enamel bracelets.

  3. After experiencing the USA sale last week (as a New Zealand resident), I wish I’d purchased more there! The Hearts of Pandora silver bracelet was US$25 (plus tax) – compared to NZ$45. Nothing is particularly “cheap”and a lot of the stock was offered in the US too. By NZ standards it’s an ok sale but I won’t be rushing to open my wallet.

    • I did notice that the bracelets were a bit pricey! The oxidised bracelet is $60 AUD, which doesn’t come that close to the £25 it went down to in the UK sale. There are still some good deals though! I was pleased with my buys :)

  4. Hello Ellie

    I shopped the sale 2 days ago as I’m a Pandora member, so you get exclusive access in store and online. I got myself the floral mother of pearl 2 tone ring, just beautiful. Little disappointed with the sale, not as many items as past sales and definitely not discounted as much. But saying that still walked away with a massive smile on my face?

    • Hi Janelle, I shopped it early as well and got my beads! Not that I needed to as nothing sold out that fast but it was good to get everything locked down. That’s such a pretty ring, I have the pendant equivalent and it’s a favourite of mine. If the ring weren’t so expensive I’d go for that one too!

  5. Gutted that the two tone safety chain wasn’t available here :'(. I saw it on the NL e-store and now in Australia but it’s still full price here in the UK :-/.

    • Aw, it’ll probably go in the sale at some future point if it gets discontinued worldwide though :)

  6. Any news on the US free bracelet promo? Will it be available online? Also can we upgrade to a silver bracelet? Or is it just leather? Side note: I saw ur review on the filled with romance heart charm, do u think it looks nicer in silver or in Rose? Thanks in advance! ~Lena

    • I think I saw in the T&Cs for the US promo that there aren’t going to be upgrades allowed – there will be a few different things you can get for free as per my promos round up, but you can’t swap to anything else per Pandora’s official rules.

      I love both versions of the Filled with Romance! I think that the silver design is probably my favourite as it has that oxidised detailing that really brings out all the patterning, but the Rose is really beautiful in person as well. Can’t go wrong with either :)

  7. I shopped in store as a Pandora Club member 2 days ago. Disappointed by what was on offer. A lunchtime visit on the first day of the sale and the store was very quiet. Had lots of time to look at the sale items but nothing that I really needed. The choice in the online sale was better.

    Btw, Santa’s House, Mrs Clause and the Christmas ornament dangle with red writing were not included in the sale (from previous post). There is alternative Christmas dangle though.

  8. Is there anyone who can help me to get the crane and pear. I’m in Hawaii and it so sad pandora don’t ship outside there regions. Pls anyone willing to

  9. Do you think they will be discontinuing the S clips? I am in Canada so there is no sale here, but I have only one S clip and I was planning on getting another one eventually. I am wondering if I should just get it before they discontinue it. It is such a classic piece though, I never though they would discontinue it.

  10. I got my pieces from local jeweller yesterday as presale for vip. I’m happy with what i got but 3 out of 5 are actually on sale by jeweller and not pandora. Star murano, pink cupcakes & Tinkerbell dress are just overstock and decided to sell those with pandora sale at 30% off. The other i bought is the bow chain and pink present. The bow chain is rather large and feels tight in my full bracelet. Hope it lossen eventually. All in all, quite dissapointed with the sale as checked online. Not very discounted which might be why it seems quite slow going. Most pieces i saw in morning still there. Not like boxing day sale last year. However i did managed to get the seated fairy, elsa Snowflake and blush pink murano (which i don’t know what to do with it yet). The first two are orders from my sister in Singapore. They are generally $5-$10 more expensive than previous sale on items of equal value.

    • I found a spot for the blush pink murano on my rose bracelet. Its so beautiful sitting there as the center piece. The colour looks more rosy and prettier under sunlight. I’m so glad i did not miss out on such a beautiful charm. Did not thought of getting it earlier as the colour seems dull in store. I did went back to my jeweller and bought the shimmering medallion and fairytale bloom. I’m done for a while. Spending too much on pandora in the past 1 week. Oh dear…. bangle sale and these…. But then i don’t see myself liking the coming collection.

  11. I’m so excited to have got my first Pandora bracelet (rather unexpectedly due to the sale)! I was eyeing on Jasmine murano glass for some time and suddenly the sale came so I had to grab it. As I didn’t have any Pandora bracelet, I ended up buying a starter set with row of hearts clips! And while I was waiting, I spotted a Mickey Mouse charm and asked for the price and it was only $30 so I got it too. It’s not on the website but found that it’s called Mickey solid icon. Your blog is so informative that helped me choose my first bracelet right, as I was going to buy an oxidised bracelet as it was on sale as well as bow clips and safety chain, but after reading your review, I decided not to buy and I’m happy with my purchase! Thanks! I’m going to work on a Disney themed bracelet!

    • Just to clarify, there’s nothing wrong with the oxidised bracelet and bow clips and safety chain, but I just realised that they were not for me ? I needed to fill in the gap of my bracelet so just ordered 2 more charms using frequent flyer points (I just realised you could do that) – a fairytale carriage (read your review on that too) and an apple blossom open work charm. Very excited ?

  12. Hi Ellie,
    There were a lot of things I wanted to buy, like the cherries and pear, but I decided to get the oxidized bracelet and the Korean Doll charm. I was trying to stay in my budget. :) It doesn’t seem like bracelets go on sale or are part of promotions here except for the bangles. I had a safety chain and almost enough charms to fill it already. :) I love the doll charms and I found the Japanese one on sale at Rue La La a couple of sales ago. Now I just need to find the Chinese doll on sale.

    • I got that email too. Would be upset if I paid full price for the Jasmine charms – they are now further discounted. Lots of sale stock left in my closest store.

      • I wasn’t too upset either , I had a feeling it was going to end up with further reductions, but I ordered anyway. My charm arrived today I’m happy.

  13. Hey just received Jasmine Princess, Murano & shoe from my beautiful cousin in Australia….she knew i couldn’t get any Disney in the UK so bought all 3 for me…will now try & get my friend to find the tinker bell when she visits Disney Florida next month. Feeling very very happy as they are gorgeous :)

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