Just in case you weren’t shopped out enough already with all the promotions going on, today’s post brings a heads-up that US shopping site Rue La La are hosting another sale on Pandora on Friday (23rd June)! The sale will offer discounts on retired Pandora products, and usually includes charms and other jewellery.

As far as I’m aware, there won’t be new styles, but it does give you an opportunity if you hesitated over something in the last sale. They’ve also been running a secret ‘Just for you’ sale over the past week or so that should be available to people who have bought Pandora from their website before (go to ‘Brands’, and if ‘Pandora’ is listed there, then you have access to it). I just got the ballet shoes charm from it, as I’ve been umming and ahhing over that one for ages! It’s super pretty. :D

I’m sure you all know the drill by now, but I do still get asked this question a lot: Rue La La are an authorised US Pandora retailer and only sell the genuine article! So you can buy with confidence – I have been doing so for years.

The sale is currently listed on their website as starting on Friday (the 23rd of June) at 11am ET. Just a reminder, also, that Rue La La have started offering international shipping to a select number of countries, and offer proper integration with international credit cards now! Plus, for certain countries (not all, apparently), if you spend over $100 USD, then you only have to pay $9.95 USD to ship internationally.

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my affiliate invite link to access the website. Happy shopping!

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  1. Thanks for always letting us know what’s up!! I looked for the secret sale, but didn’t get it. I’ve spent a fortune there over the past few months, especially the last couple, so wonder why I couldn’t see it! Love and appreciate all your pictures and info!

    • I can’t access the secret sale either, and I also spent a lot on their site in the past few months.

      • It seems to have been pretty random then! I assumed it was because I’d spent on Pandora before :S

    • I spent a fortune too. Dislike the Disney stuff bought. You can’t even see what they are. Waited too long for first two, this one is going back!

    • Yeah, not everyone has been included it seems, I don’t get what criteria they used. I assumed it was because I’d spent on Pandora recently, but I guess not everybody was included.

  2. Hi Ellie!!!

    Thank you for informing us on upcoming Rue Lala promotions. Though I have yet to partake, I am excited to finally try this time. ? I have a bucket list of charms to acquire before Pandora decides to retire them AND a whole list of retired charms as well!

    Those ballet shoes you recently bought is just darling! ❤️These character and hobby charms are some of my favs; I know that charm will look lovely on your bracelets! ?

    Margaret ?

    • Hi Margaret! You are very welcome. I hope you have been shopping today! :D The ballet shoes are beautiful, but I’ve never bought them before as I felt vaguely guilty as I haven’t done ballet since I was very little. But then I thought that I could use them to remind me of a favourite book I used to love when I was younger, so that justified it a little bit ;)

      Happy shopping! :)

  3. Exciting….I always look forward to the Rue La La Pandora sales. Yes, if you are in Australia and purchase $100 USD or over of items, you only pay $9.95 USD in shipping. I suggest, if you only want one item and it does not add up to the amount of $100 USD, then pool with a friend or two, to make use of the discounted shipping cost. Sheila.

  4. Thanks for letting us know, I cant believe they are having a rue sale now with all the promos going on. Wow Pandora is really trying to get rid of stock, I have been so busy shopping and deciding bracelet designs this week, I have not had much time for anything else. LOL I received one order today and got shipment notice on two others, but I have four other orders that I have not received shipment notice on. I kept going back to the sells cause I was planning bracelets while shopping hence the multiple orders. I really would like to know what is going to ship before Friday rue sell in case I get the item there if my orders don’t go thru. I am happy for the sales but geesh we need a break in between!!

    • They have one every month these days, but I was wondering whether they’d hold off with all the other sales going on. I guess they’ve got nothing to lose! :) I definitely need a sales break as well though aha!

  5. My fingers are crossed I’ll be able to grab a few more Essence strands and zodiac beads as gifts. I ordered a few of the zodiac beads at your sale, and just received them on Tuesday. I love them.

  6. I tried the brands search, but pandora is not listed. Dont get it, I buy pandora from them all the time.

    • The same thing happened to me. I don’t understand why I wasn’t given access to this sale as I am an RLL frequent flyer. There may be some other criteria involved in choosing participants. Perhaps, it is merely a random sampling of customers chosen to participate.

    • I think there must have been some luck involved. I assumed it was just people who had bought Pandora but apparently not!

  7. Same here. I’m kinda disappointed because I shop regularly on Rue La La. Good thing there’s a lot of sales going on in the Pandora world! Sending good vibes to everyone — happy shopping!❤

    • Haha, I know, it’s not like I haven’t had a million opportunities to spend my money over the past couple of weeks (and I’ve taken advantage of most of them :P). Happy shopping to you too!

  8. Thanks for the heads up! It is not available to me yet either. I actually mentioned to a rue customer service rep that there was frustration with pandora customers due to seeing private sales going on that they can’t access (when we clearly “hear” that they are happening). He said they do private sales bc they like to give buyers a more relaxed shopping experience. Whatever! I want a chance to those products too. Oh well. I really shouldn’t buy from there this time but I’m going to look anyway. Some retired pieces are hard to find otherwise! My husband is not gonna be happy with me lol.

    • I received the private sale email, but given I’m not buying from it, I likely won’t receive the next one. :-) You’re probably not missing anything — 88 items, all the same as we see every sale — the camel, the safari, whimsical lights, the five and single clip bracelets… Then Rue put up a Canada Day sale featuring the same 88 items. I’m guessing only Canadians can see that.

      I’m more hopeful for today’s sale.

    • I guess they mean because you know that only a limited few people can see the beads – but stuff doesn’t sell out too fast in the normal sales these days, either. They must get a lot of stock from Pandora as there are some amazing deals on there!

  9. Thanks Ellie!
    Just received an email and for Eastern time Canada it starts at 11:00 AM Friday. My husband won’t be happy if I buy again so soon. I did not get my last order yet.?
    Happy shopping everyone!??

    • Orders take forever to Canada. :-( My last one took 2 full weeks, which isn’t unusual, but the address label had been cut wrong and was missing part of my address, and under that mess was another person’s address. I sent photos of the mishap to Rue International, and they forwarded them to Borderfree. But I’m happy I received my order regardless of the mess!

      • Hi Lola,
        Do you always get charge the same price for shipping? My previous order Rue Lala did not offer the special after spending more than 100$ US. I was charged 20.66$ (free border) plus taxes of my order. I placed an order a week later and got the special again.

        • It varies by purchase amount; spend 30.00, pay 16.00 shipping; spend 40, pay 17, spend 50, pay 20 — I pulled those from my last orders. This aggravation encourages people to spend more to hit the free shipping, even though they don’t want more items. Also, I think the giant packaging Rue uses for tiny items increases the cost.

          Pandora ships items from the US to Canada for 9.95 using UPS and Purolator Post. I wish Rue and Borderfree would do the same.

    • Hi Rachelle! Haha, my OH long ago resigned himself to the proliferation of charms and other pretty useless things I have around the place. I’m a magpie!

      Happy shopping too!

      • And I meant useless pretty things, rather than things that are pretty useless haha! If you get the distinction..

        • I hear you.? Useless things are usually pretty, that’s why we buy them in the first place. Hahahaha My friends don’t understand why I get so many charms. Simple! I NEED TO FILL MY BRACELETS. They are my little treasures.? I will have to order more trays though for my safe.?

  10. I got two of the silver turquoise sea stars and two of the silver seashell charms for my beach bracelet. (I love my bracelets to have some symmetry!)

  11. Hi Ellie,
    I could not resist to buy more retired charms.?
    I needed another safety chain and the Raindrop is cute and does not take too much space.
    I bought another Butterfly clip charm because I like symmetry too.
    For my Christmas bracelet, I choose the little Gingerbread man and the Penguin family since it reminds me of spending time with my family during the holidays. Also got the Vintage allure spinel to match with my peacock and my future Tinker bell ?
    Last of all I was tempted by the red scooter but does not know yet where it will go.?

    I am so happy today I had a package from Rue La la in my mailbox. The Frogprince is finally sitting on my Fairy bracelet and I also added the purple effervescence murano glass. My purple CZ butterfly dangling will go on my other purple bracelet for now.

    I have been trying to make new design with my beads. I look forward to read your reviews and design with old and new charms.
    Have a great weekend!

  12. I got the Faith Hope & Love charm as I did not have one yet to represent my faith and it was pretty cheap! I recently went to a pandora outlet for the sale they ran that was ‘buy 2 charms, get one retired charm free’. So I stocked up on the fairy tale two toned charms and some silver ones for a pretty good deal! I also would have liked the tendrils clips on Rue but I was too slow to decide. I also took too long to decide on the sunburst clip in the US sale and am regretting that.

  13. Dear Mora, do you know if retired charms from the previous Rue sale missing in the current one might reappear in some future? It wasn’t sold out as far as I am aware, just missing this time. Or maybe it is part of that secret sale… I am after silver and gold Christmas sleigh charm which is impossible to find in my own country. And I know it is over 50% off on UK e-store, but unfortunately I have no one over there to grab it for me! :(
    So I can just hope and wait for the sleigh to reappear on Rue, in your experience what are the chances? I can afford shipping costs only once.

    • Dear Natasa, keep faith that your two tone Christmas sleigh will eventually reappear. Wishes do come true!?

    • Thank you Rachelle!
      My last sentence is a bit confusing, what I ment was – there are other retired pieces on Rue I wish to order, so I’m afraid waiting to long for the slaigh might make me miss those equally wanted charms. Need to decide wheather to risk it, that’s why I would appreciate Mora’s (or others’) insight.

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