Today brings one of the most fun previews of the AW17 season, with a sneak peek at the LE Pandora Christmas ornament for 2017! This gift with purchase is one of my favourite holiday traditions, which is why I’m still excited for this preview, even though we’re smack bang in the middle of summer, haha.

For the uninitiated, the Christmas ornament gift-with-purchase is a tradition that Pandora have been running for a few years now; it’s one of the most fun promos that Pandora run and it’s always fun to see what ornament design they’ve come up with each time. To see previous designs, have a look through the Pandora Christmas Ornament tag – otherwise, read on for a sneak peek at what this year has in store!

Pandora Christmas Ornament GWP 2017 Sneak Peek

The ornament for this year is a white porcelain bell, hanging from the usual white ribbon. :D It has some pretty little stars set all around it, and what looks to be the year embossed in silver.

Pandora Christmas Ornament 2017

The ornament is usually available as a GWP promotion, and historically has been available in a wide variety of regions including North America, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, it will be available from 16 November, but I’ll have more information closer to the time. You can typically expect it to run during December in North America.

For the past two years, Pandora have also been releasing a second white porcelain ornament, exclusive to Jared’s Galleria stores in the US. No news so far as to whether this is set to continue again in 2017, however. :)

My Comment

I always look forward to the Pandora Christmas ornament GWP, and it’s one of the things that never fails to make me feel festive when the time comes. :D Over the past couple of years, I’ve started trying to collect all the porcelain designs, so I’ll almost certainly be trying to get this one – and the Jared one, if there is one this year. <3

Do you collect the Pandora ornaments? Will you be getting this year’s?

44 Comments on Pandora Christmas Ornament 2017 Sneak Peek

  1. I’m excited for this I’ll definitely be taking part. I heard about it after it finished last year. Beautiful ornament <3 November is plenty of time to save for it.

  2. How do you get hold of the ornament?

    Free with a certain value purchase? Able to buy with a certain value purchase?

    We’ll be at WDW over Christmas and will no doubt buy a few charms. Will it be available in WDW?

    thanks all.

    • Sorry, I should have explained that – yes, you spend X amount (depending on your region) and get it for free. Stores in the Disney Parks don’t tend to offer these sorts of promos unfortunately :(

  3. Oooh aren’t they lovely!. So far they’ve never release one here but I’d take part in the promotion if they did. They are so gorgeous!!!!

  4. I don’t do Christmas — hence my lonely poor reindeer snow globe that never gets out — but my daughter would love this. It is a pretty piece.

  5. I’ve been waiting to see a preview of this, thanks for cheering up my day :) I’ve been hanging on to make a big purchase…Just so I can get the ornament and Christmas git wrap! I like the look of the necklace and blue star bead, are they part of the A/W release?

    • woops! I mean GiFt wrap! I only have the 2016 ornament but it’s so pretty and can’t wait for this years. Is the minimum spend the same as last years?

      • I’m afraid I don’t know what the spends are yet! I would have thought so but nothing confirmed.

  6. Thanks for another great post. Looking forward to Christmas promotions. Did you know that Pandora and Radio City Rocketts NYC are getting together for Christmas season. There are going to have pop up shop in lobby to purchase Pandora charms and special pieces. Sounds like a must for a Pandora addict lol ?. Thanks for keeping us posted on all Pandora.

      • Don’t tell me that! I saw the Rockettes on Christmas Day last year. I will be bummed if I miss out a special Pandora charm by one year….

      • Pandora just teamed up with the Radio City Rockettes last month. If you google Pandora jewelry Rockettes you can read the many articles posted. You didn’t miss out. Starts this November with Christmas show.

        • Thanks Susan. I did google after I read your post and got all the info. My visit to NYC was last year. Wont be visiting this Christmas. I look forward to Ellie’s post on this new charm at some point. I will admire from afar.

    • Hi Susan! I like the sound of special pieces, that sounds like it might fun! I did see that they’d teamed up, as they did a little show together at JCK I think? It’s fun when Pandora do collabs!

  7. Thanks for giving up your free time just to update us with wonderful Pandora news. It is such a lively ornament! With all the blue winter beads, I’m sure I will be broke as early as Black Friday. ?❄

    • You are welcome :D there’s so much I want as well, I’m not sure that I’m going to make it all happen haha.

  8. Hi Ellie this one looks really lovely I have collected the last two so I will probly get this one i usually hit the spend by getting some Christmas present for people or some Xmas charms I like.

  9. Thanks for the sneak peak! I have all of the ornaments and look forward to each new one and I love this! My tree is done in whites/ivories, metallics and crystals so these fit perfectly. I get excited every Christmas getting them all out. My hubby buys my gift so we can get the ornament as GWP. Of course I have dropped many hints for what I want! The top of my list this year is the new floating pendant with crystals around it with the Disney collection.
    Thanks for your blogs!

  10. :-) It’s so sad that we don’t get these specials.
    But it’s interesting to see what other countries will give their customers.
    Have a very HAPPY week :-)

  11. Hi Ellie,

    The Bell ornament is so lovely and I plan to add it to my collection. It’s always exciting to see what Pandora offers during the holiday season. I hope Jared’s will have another exclusive ornament this year, too. I will try to plan my winter purchases around the GWP offers. I’m looking forward to seeing the Black Friday charm for this year, as well as, the holiday gift sets. Thanks for the sneak peek!

    Hope your week got off to a good start!

  12. Hi Ellie,

    Well it is 34C with the Humidex so thinking about winter actually helps me to cool off a little. For the past four plus years I have indulged in the Ornament promo, managed to track down the ones I missed except for the Jared Christmas Tree exclusive that was out out a year or two ago.
    I think the draw for me is the white Porceline that really stand out on the tree, something Victorian about them and I associate Victorian design with Christmas. I guess I read Little Women one too many times as a teenager.
    The white with silver is both elegant & classic. I love the Bell design and was hoping for one to be released.
    I plan to take advantage of this promo. Thanks girl the sneak peak!

    Lisa K.

  13. Although I don’t collect the Pandora Christmas ornaments, I do like this year’s design. I’m interested to see what Jared’s has this year, assuming they have an ornament also.

    I really like the blue star necklace pendant in the first image. I may need to add that to my wish list!

  14. Yay this is so exciting! I love Christmas! It will be my first pandora ornament! Thanks for the information as usual :)

  15. The Christmas bell ornament looks lovely with silver stars on it, really pretty and so appropriate for the Christmas season. Hoping, though that there is another promotion before that as my daughter’s birthday is in November and I also have a number of more items I would like and need to save up for!

  16. Love the ornaments collect them all as well as the new bracelets out for the xmas gift with purchase , any idea when they will be coming out for australia

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