The summer of promos continues for Pandora collectors, with a much-anticipated bracelet promo starting for the UK today! This is available both in stores and online, and offers a selection of different bracelets as a free gift, depending on how much you spend.

It’s very nice to see this bracelet promo crop up, as I was told that originally Pandora UK had decided to scrap it for this year. I’m very glad to see this turnaround!

The offer runs from today until 6 August, and the rules are as follows:-

  • Spend at least £125 in one transaction and receive your choice of the classic silver barrel clasp, the silver heart clasp or the silver charm bangle
  • Spend £145 or more and receive your choice of any of the previously mentioned bracelets, plus the Pandora Rose barrel clasp bracelet, the pave heart clasp bracelet, or the Pandora Rose charm bangle

So there’s quite a variety up for grabs! :D

I probably won’t be taking part as I’m still slightly licking my wounds after all my sales spending – and I’m off on holiday tomorrow, and was hoping to be able to hit up the Pandora duty free at the airport on my way out. :D I doubt the duty free will be participating in the bracelet promo, however.

Are you going to take part in the promo? If so, what are you getting?

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  1. Hiya!
    I will defo be taking part in this promo – probably more than once! I really want the poetic blooms clasp bracelet so I’ll make that part of my spend. I haven’t decided whether I want to spend a bit more to get the rose clasp bracelet or just get the classic barrel clasp bracelet (against all logic I haven’t got a traditional one yet lol as I started with essence then got a moments smooth bracelet).

    I’ll get a couple of clips and the poetic blooms heart charm too – I’m so excited it’ll be my first moments bracelet promo! Thanks for the heads up!

    Enjoy your holiday!


    • The poetic blooms heart is gorgeous! It’s a heart made of flowers and each petal in each flower is a heart where the center is a CZ, I love it so much especially because my mom picked it out for me ♥️

  2. Gutted!!!!!!!!! I want the Poetic Blooms as my free bracelet! I really don’t need any of the others so I’m afraid I won’t be bothering with this one!

  3. Hi ellie have an amazing holiday I was hoping the pave barrel clasp would be included so I will have to see. Hope you gets some bargain in the duty free.

  4. Hi Ellie! I’m thrilled for everyone that the free bracelet promo there happened after all. I always look forward to the one here in the US every year. Hope you have a fantastic holiday!

  5. Nothing for me…all spent out. Will wait for November Black Friday. Whatever that should be??

  6. I will be taking part. I haven’t fully decided for definite on what pieces I want to get and I’m thinking of doing the higher spend, so I can get another pave heart clasp bracelet.
    Hope you have a good holiday.

  7. I do not understand why this promotion is so soon after the sales! I am sure it was later last year….. I feel I have spent too much already but wonderfully so in the sales on various items, but this bracelet promotion is very tempting although spending between £125 and £145 is rather a lot just now with all my sales purchases…….

    • I changed my mind and have done the bracelet promotion, too tempting! Spending £125 on an essence happiness charm for my sister, but also buying pink encased in love charm (looks lovely and similar to the radiance charms which I like), a silver hearts safety chain and the free silver heart clasp bracelet.

  8. Hi Ellie
    I was online before work this morning! I was expecting the moments smooth bracelet to be free and only realised once I tried to put it in my shopping basket that it wasn’t! I had done my research all week to chose my optimum purchase and didn’t consider for a minute that this one wasn’t included as I got it in the promo last September. I chose the bangle instead (my second choice of moments bracelet). I bought two galaxy spacers, one “Hope” essence dangle and a pair of darling daisy earrings as I already have the matching daisy clip and dangle charm. My Pandora fund was fully depleted after my recent holiday during which I bought the (long awaited) purple shimmer Murano, the new open bangle (plain) and the white orchid dangle in duty free and in Pandora in Athens. They were lovely to wear with my holiday outfits on the cruise. I was surprised the see the message about the promo when I got home as I thought is was scrapped for this year (I had missed your recent line in your blog saying is was back on). It would have been rude to not participate so my promo purchases are either (very) early Christmas presents from my family (but they don’t know yet)or “Pandora in waiting” until my fund recovers and I can justify having them in my jewellery box.

  9. I’ve taken part and I’ve gone for free pave heart clasp. I’m going to use it to make a two tone up. I’ve bought the Prince and Princess heads, rose gold safety chain and 2 dangle dasies.

  10. Hi Ellie,

    I’m happy for everyone in the UK getting the bracelet promo. Pandora seems to be shaking things up a bit these days with all the recent sales. I’m hoping for a spend/save promo in September. I’d like to get some of my favorites from the Autumn release during that sale.

    I hope you have a lovely holiday in Spain and good luck with duty free shopping!

    • Hi Ellie!

      I see your Pandora collection is growing while on holiday! The La Sagrada Familia dangle is perfect to commemorate your visit to Barcelona. I believe this one is retired. Can’t wait to see what else you pick up on your travels!

  11. I used this promo to do some Christmas shopping! I bought myself a rose clasp bangle (been after one for months) then purchased a few charms from the outlet section online and got a free bangle to start my mums collection!

  12. Does anyone have the tiffanys small beaded bracelet and how often do they wear it? Do you wear it with other bracelets? My husband got me one and I am scared of it getting scratched by other bracelets and he desk at work when I type any suggestions?

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