Today brings my next AW17 preview, with a sneak peek at the limited edition Pandora Children in Need charm for 2017! If you’re new to this, for the past two years Pandora UK have released an exclusive charm in support of the charity Children in Need. This is run by the BBC (our national television company) in support of disabled children and young people in Britain.

Read on to see how Pandora are supporting the charity this time around! :)

Pandora Children in Need Charm 2017

As in previous years, the charm represents the charity’s teddy bear mascot, Pudsey, who is known for his colourful bandana over one eye. The design is very similar to that of last year’s Pudsey, except this version is standing with one arm raised.

For reference, these were the two previous Pudsey charms:


This will be £40, and I’d expect it to have a release date falling in September or October. I’m told that Pandora is potentially switching charity next year, so this may well be the last Pandora CIN charm we see.

My Comment

I’m not sure whether I’ll get this charm, as it’s so similar to 2016’s! On the one hand, I think the PandoraxPudsey campaigns are wonderful, and I would like to support CIN; plus, the collector in me would kind of like to have the set. On the other, I’m just not sure I can justify it.

Off topic – I am now back from holiday and will be getting back into the swing of things (and comments!) next week. :)

What do you think of this year’s charm? Will you be getting it?

31 Comments on Pandora Children in Need Charm 2017 Preview

  1. ADORABLE!! I have the first 2 and would love to find a friend in Britain to get this one as well. ??

  2. Hi Elliie,

    I love the children’s charity idea and have been lucky to have friends travelling to the UK the past two years who were able to purchase them for me. As cute as they are I have found them difficult to style so they have spent most of their time in a plastic pouch. They are cute none the less and understand why you are tempted to collect the set. Since none of my friends or any of my husbands colleagues travelling to the U.K. I won’t be adding this charm to my collection. I will be curious to see what charity Pandora selects for next year. Lastly, I do like that this Pudsey is animated.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! Oh, that’s a shame about this year’s charm. Let me know if you decide you need it and would like some help, and I can point you in the right direction. :) I’m also curious to see what they go for next year!

  3. Oh my he is adorable again this year! it is my forever hope that eventually Pandora will allow us to buy charms at least online from across the planet instead of being limited to one region or another…

    • Ah, that would be the dream, but I don’t see it happening. There’s too much variation in pricing :(

  4. Hi Ellie!

    Glad you had a safe return from holiday and hope you enjoyed every minute of your get-a-way! The 2017 Pudsey charm is adorable. Wish we had something like this in the US. It will be interesting to see what charity Pandora selects for 2018.

    Have a nice week ahead.

    • Hi Emily! Yes I did thanks – it was so wonderful just to completely switch off for a week. This week back has been tricky, especially with the English weather haha.

      It would be nice to see charity releases specific to each country. They would do really well I’m sure! Have a lovely weekend and thanks for commenting :)

    • Hi Deborah! Thank you :) I am super behind on all my comments but going to try and do a blitz at various points this weekend haha. Although I’m at a wedding today so we’ll see how that goes!

      It is a shame – it’s for such a good cause that you think they’d drop the region locking for it, just to raise some extra money..

  5. I feel the same as you it’s very similar to last years but in a way I want the set, ohhh I don’t know.

    • I think I might end up getting it, as it’s for a really good cause and it would be weird not to have all three I guess!

  6. I will definitely getting this cute charm, I don’t think it’s too similar; this year Pudsey seems to be waving goodbye/farewell if Pandora goes ahead and changes charities! AND my excuse is that it’s for a good cause.

    • Yes a couple of people have made that point about him waving! ^^ I do find him too similar in design to last year’s, but I think I will end up with him too, on a collector’s basis and as the money supports a very worthy charity.:)

  7. This is a great charm :) I have the first two Pudseys but lost my UK contact to get this next one. I have asked for help on Pandora’ s Angels before and could never get a reply. Any help would be greatly appreciated!:))

    • Hey, there are a couple of people who have commented here (see Jess’s comment) who can help out. I’ve seen them in action on the FB pages and they often help out, so maybe take another look? :)

  8. Hi Ellie,
    I am sure your trip was well deserved. Hope you had a great time. It’s so nice to have you back though?

    I find the Pudsey CIN charm very cute and would have bought it if only it was available in Canada.

    For those of you who have been so lucky to get the other two, I would gather all CIN charms on a leather bracelet and add hearts in between.?

    Have a wonderful day!

    • Hi Rachelle! :) Aw, thank you! It’s nice to be back although I’ve not been as back as I would like as I’ve also been majorly playing catch-up this week at work so it’s been busy. Hopefully this weekend will prove more productive. You can trust I’ve been wearing my Pandora though :D

      That sounds like an adorable combo! I think I tried styling my two Pudseys on a bangle with some heart charms and that was very cute. The colour of the leather would be a nice contrast though <3 have a lovely weekend!

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