Today brings news of an additional sale on retired Pandora jewellery running on US discount shopping site Rue La la for the next week! This is another bonus sale that’s only accessible to Mora Pandora readers, and you’ll need to follow this link to access the sale!

The sale offers a selection of popular items at a higher rate of discounts, with 60% off for the first three days of the sale only. The sale will then continue for four more days, but at Rue La La’s regular level of discount. :) There aren’t any new styles, but the extra discount might convince you to go for something you hesitated on previously! There are lots of my personal favourites included – the two-tone braided heart clips, the Black Friday 2014 Christmas Wish bead and lots of murano glass.

I get asked this question a lot, and so I’ll answer it here to be clear: Rue La La are an authorised US Pandora retailer and only sell the genuine article! So you can buy with confidence – I have been doing so for years. They also now offer international shipping and accept international cards!

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you should be able to sign up via the link I’ve provided here. Comment if you have any problems, but otherwise – happy shopping!

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    • Thanks a bunch. I was able to get about 8 gold spacers and fillers and 2 gold Celtic circles, turquoise and orange Murano’s ( always 3) and a couple of Christmas charms. So disappointed that I did not see the gold gilded charm or the barrel lace gold charm with the pink sapphires that are shown on the sale image. Did they sell out that fast or were they simply not included in this sale.

      • Oh that’s so good! Glad you got some bargains. Sorry, I meant to mention that they gave me that image just for promo purposes and that it didn’t necessarily reflect everything in the sale :(

  1. Thanks so much for this link. I love Pandora and started collecting a couple years ago. However, I live in Trinidad W.I. and now I have to multiply the US prices by $9.00 of my money to purchase so I have not bought any for a year. It just so happens that I am travelling to Miami on Monday so I just ordered 15 charms to be delivered to where I am staying. Some are for birthday and Christmas presents for my 2 daughters ages 20 and 24. I cant believe the great timing.I had stopped reading the your post or looking at the items because I would just get sad that I could not order. Now I have to hide this purchase from my husband lol. Do you know if you order multiple ones if they come in pouches or anything for gifting? THANKS AGAIN.

    • No, unfortunately, they do not. each charm comes in its respective bar code labeled clear bag and they put all of them in one large generic black velveteen bag.

    • You are very welcome! :) haha, luckily my OH is fully aware of my various shopping addictions and I get too over excited with each new thing and so I have to tell him anyway haha. Rue don’t provide individual pouches these days – as Breanna says, you get a plastic zip bag with each bead. :)

  2. Thanks for the heads up! Mom has been wanting some more Christmas charms, and the prices were incredible. I picked up two fascinating orange Muranos and the green Looking Glass ones. The oranges go with my fruity cocktail, flamingo dangle, and the pink and orange sunset medallion. The green ones will go with my white orchids. Don’t know if you are back from holiday or not, but hope you are having / had a fantastic trip.

    • I got back last weekend, and I had such a nice time away thank you! English weather has been a shock to the system this week, haha. Glad to hear you got some lovely pieces, and I hope your mum enjoys her new Christmas beads! <3

  3. This is a really good sale! I ordered the London bus, black & white enamel mystic flower bead, Essence Optimism bead, two tone birds of a feather bead, and pink effervescence/fizzle murano. I bought them because the prices are so good. (So yes, the extra discount was enough to get me to buy more beads).

    • The two tone birds of a feather is lovely. It was my very first charm that I chose as I love green. My two girls always wanted it but it was too expensive. I just bought 2 of them to give them for Christmas. :-)

    • Ah that’s so good to hear! Love love love the London Bus :) it started my whole obsession proper with Pandora, it’s just so cute!

  4. Hi Ellie, I just ordered this past thursday the queen bee on Ruelala to celebrated my new job and because I love two tones charms plus it was %50 off.Thank you for the link I been eyeing the songbird two tone charm for a while and I just ordered it today!!!?

    • Hi Chriss! Yay that’s so nice to hear! I love the two-tones as well, and I’m so pleased to hear that the sale let you pick up the song bird, which is one of my absolute favourites <3

    • Hi Mads,

      Yes, you do need to sign up to get these amazing deals! 60% off lasts until 8/8 at 6 PM ET. The special boutique will be open until Saturday, but the prices will return to our regular discount, which is up to 50% off.

      Let us know if you have any additional questions!

      • I didn’t know that the 60% off was at 6pm only. When I tried to check out the items, from $27.99 it went back to 35.99, from 17.99 to 25.99 and I was about to get 2 items each. I was so disappointed because I got 1 day left for free shipping. ?

  5. Thanks Ellie! I bought two beads I’ve been waiting for bc they were too expensive and thanks to you I got them at a great price!!!

  6. Pandora’s been open on Rue since the last sale in July. I ordered on Thursday. It’s still open, if people go to the brands list and click Pandora, even if they don’t click your link they’ll get your sale items plus 80 or so other items that have been open since July.

    • Yes, I heard a couple of people say that pre this sale, but I couldn’t see anything, even under brands. i think it was another secret-type sale, as there wasn’t any Pandora on offer for me even when I checked after seeing your comment.

  7. Slightly incorrect. Your link leads to 110 items, at least for me, then clicking brands / P / Pandora, gets me your items plus 87 more items. I forgot to clear cache before trying it without using your link. Without using your link but going through brands I get the 87 items. More items anyway.

  8. Well, that was fun! I snagged the Japanese Doll, Double Happiness, Orange Fascinating and Tropical Flower muranos, and four small gold charms for accents. Thanks, Ellie!

    • Amazing haul! :D The Japanese Doll is one of my faves, and the Tropical Flower muranos were one of my favourite Rue buys last year as well. Enjoy!

    • Hi Lisa!

      Yes we do deliver to Canada. When you get to Rue’s site, you should see a Canadian flag in the top right corner. If you see a US flag, just flip it to Canada and you’ll be able to ship to your country!

      Let us know if you have any additional questions!

  9. Thank you so much for the link. I was able to get the tear drop safety chain and the yellow field of daisies murano plus the rue 365 (one year unlimited free standard shipping) which is on sale for $30 until Aug. 9th.

  10. Thanks for this as I was not able to access any Pandora w/o your link. I got the tear drop safety chain (another one because it is neutral IMO), the easter bunny because awww I love the little eggs in the basket, the peacock to represent taking my children to the zoo, a birthday bloom for my nephew, and two muranos. If I like them these will be my first ever muranos. I bought the field of daisies for my daughter who will be getting her first bracelet for her 5th birthday (her favorite colors are yellow and pink). I bought the blue looking glass for me; I loved the color. I have been unsure of the muranos because they seem a bit bigger and I like sleek bracelets but for the price I figured it’d give it a try…we shall see.

    • I couldn’t see any other Pandora either, but I’m glad this helped you out! Great choices – again, I have all the same charms and love them all! I absolutely love the muranos and can’t really design bracelets without them, but I know that a lot of people have similar issues with their size. I find they work best for me when I use them as focal points or as dividing points in a symmetrical bracelet design. :) hope you find a place for yours!

    • Very occasionally they do get the odd one or two! I found the garnet cabochon on there last year, and I think an older animal print murano too. <3

  11. You are my connection to everything Pandora with your excellent reporting on all that is going on with the brand. I order from Rue La La because of you but your link the past two months is even better. I hope this continue as I prefer the lowest prices thru you.

    • Such a lovely comment to read, Susan, thank you! Glad you’re enjoying the extra discount. I’m sure we’ll do more! :)

  12. Sorry this is off topic but does anyone know when the original hedgehog #790333 was released? I bought one second hand and it is stamped 925 ALE on the bottom between the four feet. Now I’m worried it is not authentic; like maybe it should be an S925. Anyone have any insite?

  13. Hi, do you know if I’ll get charged in Australian dollars, as postage it to Australia? Thanks for your help Melinda

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