There are a number of exciting Pandora promotions and offers coming up for this year’s Black Friday event, but one of the ones I always most look forward to is US shopping site Rue La La‘s Pandora sale! It’s back again this year, starting from this Friday.

The sale will offer discounts of up to 50% on retired Pandora products; there are new styles included this time around, and in the banner I can spot last year’s Black Friday charm (the Poinsettia) and the pretty pink enamel Wrapped up in Pandora present charm. For those who missed out on the 2016 Unique Snowflake bangle, it looks to be coming back again, too! :) I just love the colour-appropriate banner they’ve put together for this month’s sale.

I get asked this question a lot, and so I’ll answer it here to be clear: Rue La La are an authorised US Pandora retailer and only sell the genuine article! So you can buy with confidence – I have been doing so for years.

The sale starts on Friday (24 November) at 11am ET and is scheduled to run until 11 December – so you’ll have a good while to take advance of the deals! For shoppers outside the US, there’ll be a promo code running until Monday 27 November for free international shipping when you spend $100 USD or more – enter HOLIDAYSHIP at the checkout.

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my affiliate invite link to access the website. Happy shopping!

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    • Ah, the pink present isn’t the one that was released for Black Friday. The 2012 Black Friday bead was red :)

  1. Of topic: I live in Holland and we have a pre-sale here. I just bought the origami crane! So happy with it.

    • Thanks for the heads-up Nellie! The crane is beautiful, what a lovely choice :) I saw the Lock of Longevity, which I’d be quite tempted by, it’s so frustrating that retailers don’t ship internationally!

      • The Origami crane is on my wish list as well, such a lovely charm.
        I agree with you about international sales. I would love love to have the Fairytale Fish for my fairy bracelet, he would be a perfect addition.
        Sadly, he is only sold in Russia. :(

  2. How to choose? Holiday gift sets and jewellery boxes come out tomorrow in Australia. Now ruelala have a sale starting the same day! (Brain explodes) I have been unable to view gift sets online.

    • Hi Fiona I”m in australia what gift sets and jewerly boxes are you refering to wasn’t aware of any promos except for the xmas ornament

      • Hey Debbie,
        Theres about 12 new gift sets available, mostly earring/necklace combos & bracelet starter sets (ie std moments + one charm or 2 clips). The jewellery boxes were also launched but from what I saw they weren’t available online and all stores had very little stock (under 10 allocated per store). Dissappointing but hopefully the popularity will kick Pandora into gear to actually launch them as a standard item! We want permanent jewellery boxes!! Check out the black Friday sale though, about 100 items seriously discounted that is instore & online until Monday I think. ☺️

  3. That’s a great banner. But ugh, I don’t even know if I should go look at Rue on Friday, my credit cards have taken a beating the last week. I might dig out my husband’s cards, see what damage I can do there. Lol.

    • I know, so shiny! I think I’ll hold off on taking part in any Black Friday sales until I’ve checked Rue out. I get the feeling there might be some nice beads on there that I’d prefer to get!

  4. The UK black Friday offer was announced yesterday (at least it was in my Cities paper) The ‘Bright ornament’ is billed as the black Friday charm and GWP is £99 spend! which is great as I walked away yesterday without getting my safety chain as I couldn’t decide there and then. Now I have an excuse to go back & purchase the charms I talked myself out of buying but really want. Hopefully they will launch the festive packaging soon too.

    • Aha, excellent – that’s the spirit! ? what charms are you getting? I’m still deciding whether to go and take part or not too! I did hear that the festive packaging is launching with the bangle promo tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be able to go and get a Christmas bag at least on the weekend :)

      • The candy cane & wreath-they were so much cuter IRL than I tough they wold be. Also Wintry delight is a must. I will have to decide on another one when I get there.Sadly the only Disney ones I liked were Bambi & thumper and I purchased them the other day.

  5. The candy cane & wreath-they were so much cuter IRL than I tough they wold be. Also Wintry delight is a must. I will have to decide on another one when I get there.Sadly the only Disney ones I liked were Bambi & thumper and I purchased them the other day.

  6. I’m bummed there isn’t a free bracelet this year. I took advantage of a few sales this year and put the charms up until I could get another free bracelet. Any idea on the next promotion?

  7. I think I’m currently having my first return issue from rue la la from my last order. I dropped my return into a post office drop box over a week ago and haven’t had any update from the company. Has anyone had issues like this in the past? Did you ever get your money back (I wanted a merchandise credit)?

  8. I don’t see robe able to find The Pandora Black Friday sale I can only see the same items and prices they had before. Am I using the wrong link? Thanks

  9. All I bought this time was a royal blue eternity spacer. I needed it to complete my family’s birth months! BUT I was tempted by a few other new ones too.

    • Ah, well I’m glad you found something! I got three charms – not as much on offer as I was expecting, but I’m pleased with what I got. The bells dangle I have wanted for a little while!

  10. I managed to have a look at the sale but due to the poor exchange rate to the pound and taxes/duties it would have cost too much to get them shipped to the UK even with the free shipping offer. The taxes alone cost as much as a single charm. Shame as there were a couple I liked, bit I imagine if you are in the States it’s a great sale. Thank you as always for bringing us all the Pandora promotions

    • I didn’t buy either, haven’t bought from Rue for a very long time now. Even to Canada, Borderfree shipping is crazy high and there’s no way I can justify it anymore, especially since all other jewelry sites I shop internationally have free shipping, which balances duties, brokerage fees + taxes. And the free international shipping from Rue with 100USD is probably good if somebody wants items to that price point, but I only want the Korean doll. Spending on unwanted items just to get free shipping for one item is no deal. :-)

  11. Yea! I ordered the Edelweiss and Winter Mittens charms. Thanks to the buy 2, get 1 free, I’ve extended my Pandora collection to include the Essence collection – I also ordered Obsidian Belief and the Lapis Lazuli Peace charms!

    • Oh, fab, I got the Edelweiss as well :) I think I’m going to put it on my two-tone bangle! The yellow and the gold should look nice together.

  12. Thanks for the update, Ellie! I bought the Letter to Santa charm at Rue, and also bought the new Christmas Polar Bear at a local Pandora store today. My Christmas bracelet is filling up – with all the quirky silver charms that I love! It was a tough choice between the letter and the stocking, but there have been other Pandora stocking charms. I haven’t seen another Santa letter!

    I’d love to see how your Christmas bracelet looks these days. I know you had several older charms on it.

    • Snap, I got the Christmas Polar Bear last weekend – it’s adorable! <3 I have the Letter to Santa as well, but it's on not on my dedicated Christmas bracelet - it's on my special occasions bracelet. I am going to review the Christmas Polar Bear and am planning on showcasing my whole Pandora Christmas collection as part of that post, so I'll show my Christmas bracelet again then! :)

  13. I don’t see many of the new styles at all on Rue La la anymore (not even to add to the “Still Want It” list). Are they gone for good? :(

    • Oh, I don’t know about that! I imagine they’ll be back in stock again at some point, they usually restock things between sales – it would be unusual if they didn’t! :)

      • Thanks for the response! It’s my first year using RLL so I’m not sure how things go with new styles. Keeping my fingers crossed that they come back next sale.

  14. I bought the forever in my heard silver and gold heart as I have the double silver with gold heart charm on my mesh bracelet and it looked lonely. I plan to buy and silver gold heart at some point but waiting to see about future promos. Waiting to receive charm in mail as long with other ru items.

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