Today we have a little bit of a Pandora Disney news round-up, with a few updates for January 2018! There are some new exclusives for Pandora collectors in the US, including a Rock the Dots Minnie Mouse gift set. I also have good news for Disney Parks fans in Europe, as Disneyland Paris have massively expanded their Parks exclusive offering!

pandora disney gift set

Read on for some Pandora Disney news!

Pandora Disney Rock the Dots gift set

This  exclusive gift set has just launched in the US in concept stores and online – entitled Rock the Dots, it’s in celebration of Minnie Mouse’s iconic polka dot style!

The set includes two engraved button charms and the Minnie headband dangle, retailing for $200 USD (RRP $225):


To make the set feel extra special, it comes in a pretty polka dot sleeve:

And with a free scarf:

You can see the scarf in person thanks to this cute live shot:

Image by pandorasimall

Pandora Disney Parks Passholders’ charms 

In addition to the Minnie gift set, two other new Pandora Disney charms have launched in the US recently. These are Parks exclusives, however, and won’t be available from regular concept stores. These are available exclusively for Disney Annual Passholders, offering one design for Disneyland and one for Walt Disney World – however they are just engraved versions of the usual stock pavé button charm.

The charms feature the AP logo on one side, and a castle design on the other. Pictured below is the Disneyland version, which is available from  Elias & Co. on Buena Vista Street and La Mascarade d’Orleans in New Orleans.

Pandora DIsney Parks Disneyland passholders charm

The Walt Disney World version is very similar, but with its corresponding castle design on one side. It’s available from Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom.

Image by shopthemeparks

Both charms are priced at $85 USD.

Pandora @ Disneyland Paris 2018

When Pandora Disney first launched in Europe last year, the Disneyland Paris stock wasn’t all that exciting – it effectively just matched what was on offer in regular stores. However, since then, Disneyland Paris’s Pandora Disney offering has grown substantially and there are some exciting beads to be had!

Image by Disneyland Paris Personal Shopper by Lilie

Alongside the regular Pandora Disney charms that are available in stores, Disneyland Paris have a great range of the Parks exclusives. If you go now, you can get the Disney Parks exclusive charm bracelet, the adorable Sorcerer’s Hat, the Disney exclusive Carousel, the pink Disney Parks Mickey murano, and more. The one I didn’t see that I was hoping to was Dumbo, though! He would be a great one to have at Disneyland Paris.

Thanks to Lilie at Disneyland Paris Personal Shopper, we have a good selection of images & prices:

You can see more pictures at her Facebook page here.

There will also be at least one Disneyland Paris exclusive charm released for SS18, which is exciting! :D

My Comment

I love all the packaging around the Minnie Rock the Dots gift set – the sleeve is really cute – it’s just a bit of a shame that the charms don’t offer a more unique design. The Disney buttons are getting quite numerous at this point, and they must be going to hit saturation at some point soon! They’re just too similar.

On the other hand, I’m so excited by the idea that I could get so many of the Parks exclusives from Paris – for years the idea that I could ever go into a store and actually pick them out for myself has been very remote (I’m not likely to be brave enough to get on a plane to the US, Shanghai, etc. any time soon haha). I hope that Disneyland Paris continue to get the exclusives going forward too! :)

Are you planning on getting any of these charms, or on a trip to Disneyland Paris maybe…? ;)

48 Comments on Pandora Disney updates: Rock the Dots gift set, Disneyland Paris & more

  1. Oh how i wish NZ would get a Disney GWP promotion! I loved the clutch bags UK and USA got at the end of last year . I really like that Minnie Mouse scarf !! I love Disney hopefully one day I’ll go a Disney Park

    • Aw, fingers crossed that you guys get one soon! I’d love to go to a Disney park and be able to buy Pandora there too, one day – now that Disneyland Paris has opened, that’s become much more possible for me! :)

  2. I love the fact that I can get something to remember our family’s 1 day visit to DLP! (Thank you for sharing this…I’m so glad I found your website.) We visited DLP in 2015, and had a FANTASTIC time. But I could not find a charm that I liked to commemorate our trip. Now I have a reason to buy one, yay!

  3. I think the Annual Passholder charm is quite cute. If I were an annual passholder I would buy it, but I go to the parks about every 5 years instead of every year. I’m glad the Disney jewelry pieces are available in more regions now (finally!).

    • It’s one of the nicer of the stock engraved designs, but I do think that they’re a tad over used at the moment!

  4. Thank you for the update Ellie! I think the scarf looks absolutely adorable :) It is nice to see accessories come out with the new Pandora exclusives! I am not into the button charms too much, I have to say.. they look very similar in my view and not a big fan of CZs. But I have a few charms from previous collections like the Minnie Cupcake and a few others. Would love to see more character sterling silver charms and am sooo waiting for the Disney summer collection.

    • The scarf is sweet, and I particularly like the charm box sleeve! I have a soft spot for collecting those, for some reason. ^^ And they’re easier to store than boxes lol. I’m also not a big fan of the large number of stock engraved beads that have just come on to the US market, as I feel like the better designs amongst them get a bit lost as there are so many.

  5. The whole “Rock the Dots” is in honor of Minnie Mouse getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in case anyone is wondering

  6. Hi Ellie!

    Good news for all. I like the promotional gift sets and gift with purchase offers like the make up bag for Valentines Day and the Minnie scarf from Pandora US. I will pass on the lips coin purse however. Lol!

    Nothing for me in the Disney Collection this time. But I’m glad Paris is getting a more extensive collection. Now, Pandora, we need Star Wars!

    Hope the New Year finds you happy and prosperous.

    • Hi Deborah! Oh yay, glad to hear you like them :) I do not like any of the lip stuff, charm wise or promo wise haha. I saw them again this weekend and I just don’t get on with them. Star Wars would be great! I can just imagine Pandora struggling to know how to market beads like that, haha.

      Thanks, Deborah, and the same to you. Thank you for commenting! <3

      • Saw a bunch of designer purses, YSL comes to mind, with red lip appliqués. Crazy. I guess lips are the new mustaches!! Lol!

  7. Wow Disneyland have a great offering the shoe clip Alice in the tea cup. When did Pandora release at Disney land I didn’t realise. I think I might have to go sometime this year.

    • It launched there around the same time that Pandora Disney did all over Europe and the UK but they’ve got a better selection now :) I’d love to go!

      • I really want to go too, I went in November and didn’t see any of it clearly not looking hard enough or looking in the wrong shops lol.

        • I went at the end of October and there was absolutely nothing! I was so disappointed as I got the bracelet and Disney charms for my birthday and had some money to buy a charm to commemorate the trip! Instead I’ve concerted it to dollars for my summer visit to the states! Cast members didn’t know anything about pandora at the time! Glad it’s now made it but it will be some time before I return to Paris :(

  8. the best castle charm Pandora has ever made is the one recently retired in their regular line called Happily ever after. Thats the one I have on my Disney bracelet. It much better than an etched picture of one.

  9. I love the scarf. Hopefully it will somehow travel down to the southern hemisphere. I just went to disney store and have a look. Found that pandora have made a minnie mouse shoe and bow charm that i have not seen before. The shoe is especially cute.

  10. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks for the update. The Minnie Rock the Dots gift set is such a cute idea. The scarf is absolutely adorable and I would love to have one, but I don’t like the charms enough to pay the $200. Hopefully, Pandora will run out of these button charms sooner rather than later.

    • Hi Emily! Yes, my thoughts exactly. Such a nicely presented gift set, but the charms themselves needed a bit more oomph.

  11. So many lovely Pandora Disney items but Im not going to the States or DLP anytime soon so will just have to admire from afar. Do you think we will ever get the Sorcerer Mickey Hat charm here in the UK? That is my most wanted Pandora Disney charm, I really hope it comes here someday x

    • I would be surprised if we ever got the Sorcerer’s Hat as it’s a Parks exclusive and isn’t available in concept stores. I can’t imagine it getting a concept store release anywhere on that basis :( but it is available in Disneyland Paris now, if you can ever make your way there :) x

      • Thanks for replying Ellie that makes me sad as I would really love that hat. I don’t see me getting to DLP any time soon, sadly. Oh well something to dream about

  12. The Disney Rock the Dot Minnie scarf is quite pretty but very cheaply made. It is a very thin polyester and the fabric had run on store a bit of places even after opening up another package. Also note that the charms are one sided so once they flips it just a silver circle. I purchased anyway as I am taking my daughter Hollywood, California (we live close by) January 22 when she receives her star ⭐️ . Can’t wait to build out Minnie bracelets !!

    • I often never really use my promo items, so I could probably preserve the scarf reasonably well (provided it didn’t arrive damaged!) but that’s a shame for anyone who wanted to use it properly. Enjoy your new gift set anyway, and your trip to Hollywood tomorrow! <3

      • You know what too, you can frame scarves. I have a Ducati scarf and a Harley Davidson scarf both framed on my rec room wall. I’d frame the Minnie scarf. Anything can be wall art!!

  13. Since we’re talking about Pandora Disney charms, I have a question. Disney owns whatever has to do with Star Wars right now. Pandora releases Disney charms. So, my question is: when are the Pandora Star Wars charms coming out??? Just imagine a spherical Pandora Deathstar charm among other beautiful Star Wars dangle charms. I have seen similar things on the internet, but I would like something related to Star Wars released by Pandora. (I hope someone from the company is reading this).

    • Kay’s Jewelers had some sterling Star Wars beads in their Precious Memories Collection. I picked up Darth Vader and an R2D2 for my son’s childhood bracelet last year. I try to stay loyal to Pandora, but they didn’t have what I needed. I would gladly change them out if Pandora would release a Star Wars Collection!

  14. I am looking forward to the magic words that you have got the pictures of the uk disney releases to see which ones are being released and the prices of them.

  15. I can just ask you if the disney uk releases is still being released on 15th february or is it now part of the spring collection being released on 15th march instead.

  16. I will go to Disneyland Paris in April this year. Will the Rock the dots set then still be available?

    • It isn’t available at all in Disneyland Paris as far as I’m aware, unfortunately – this was a US Parks release :(

  17. Please can anyone tell me where the shop is in Disney land Paris that sells pandora? I am there tomorrow and Tuesday and wish to get some charms.

    • Hi Louise – I hope you found some Pandora charms in DLP, I have only just seen your question so answering after you have been! I have visited too and picked up a couple, from a shop near the Lego store in the DLP Village and also a shop on the main USA street sells a smaller selection too. What did you get if you did buy something:)

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