It’s finally here! The Pandora Spring 2018 collections have launched across the globe today, bringing us woodland creatures, all the colours of the rainbow, enchanted tea parties and only a small dose of flowers. This year Pandora has moved away from a heavy emphasis on floral patterns, thinking more creatively about nature with some beautiful water-themed designs.

Of course, today also saw the launch of the gold-plated Pandora Shine collection – as this is such a big new release for Pandora, I’ve written about this in a separate article. We have to wait until April for the release of the new Essence and Disney beads. :)

Pandora Spring 2018 collection live images

As is traditional, I have a wealth of lovely live shots for you to look through! If you’d like to see full stock images, pricing and other live shots, please do have a mosey through the Pandora Spring 2018 tag! :)

Image by Pandora Rosspark

The collection offers a mixture of different styles that will appeal to different tastes; Pandora has explicitly stated that their collections became too repetitive over 2016/17, and they’ve made a conscious effort to include pieces that cater to varying styles and designs.

You can see the three new charm bracelets in the next two shots. I actually really like the look of all three of these. The Signature padlock is much more versatile than the pink CZ Lock your Promise, and it looks nicely contemporary. I’d love to try the Sliding Bracelet as well.

Image by Pandora Bremer Jewelry

In this beautiful shot, we have the Wildflower Meadow charm bracelet, with the Spring Bird House charm and the beautiful Tea Pot. I love the little raised flower, and that beautiful ladybird detailing – apparently the purple of the ladybird isn’t vibrant in person, which is a shame, but it’s sweet nonetheless.

Image by sarinak

The next live images focus on the rainbow- and water-themed charms! I absolutely love Sarah’s (Sarinak) styling of the Iridescent Rainbow glass with some softer florals – it stops the rainbows from being too chirpy and softens them beautifully, making me think of a crisp spring day.

Image by sarinak

The Iridescent Rainbow glass is a must for me, and I’m actually quite tempted by the enamel Rainbow dangle after seeing how nice it looks with floral beads. Styled with the right things, I think it can err on the right side of fun without being too childish.

Now, my very favourite pieces of this collection are the beautiful Enchanted nature beads. The stand-out is the Enchanted Garden Glass murano, with two bumblebees hovering beneath the glass. They look lovely both with older Pandora charms and the other new Spring releases:

Image by sarinak

The others I adore are the Spring Bird pieces (the ring and the house charm), the tea party charms and all the sweet little animals. Pretty much everything pictured below, haha!

The Tassels are up next! I love the drama of them, but wonder how practical the Enchanted Tassel charm would prove to be on a bracelet. I type all day at work and suspect that I would annoy my coworkers no end with all the swishing. ?

Image by sarinak

Finally, we have the Bella Bots! I still can’t quite work out how I feel about the Bellas. On the one hand, they’re wonderfully quirky and fresh – on the other, I just have no idea what they’d go with!

Image by Pandora Columbia

In Asia, Australia & New Zealand, both the silver and the Rose versions of Bella will come with a special box. This is a bit bigger than your usual charm box but smaller than a bracelet box:

Image by pattywkr

Pandora Rose Spring 2018 collection live images

I’ve already showcased a couple of the Rose beads in the live shots above, but these photos focus more explicitly on the Rose beads. ? The new Rose beads are mainly floral based, although there is the little Cute Bunny bead as well!

The bunny received mixed reviews – I think it’s sweet, but would have been much improved without the CZ eyes. I get that they can’t really use oxidised detail in the same way for a Rose charm that they can with silver, though.

Pandora Easter 2018 charms

The US-exclusive Easter charms have also made their debut, for better or worse (the reaction they got from a lot of collectors was mixed, shall we say), and you can check them out in this live shot from Pandora Mall of Georgia:

Image by Pandora Mall of Georgia

My Comment

I like that Pandora has tried to cater to different tastes and moments with this collection – I find it hard to differentiate 2016 and 2017’s Spring collections in my head, but this one absolutely has its own character. My favourites are the Wildflower Meadow bracelet, the tea cup and tea pot, the safety chains, and the animals – particularly the Snail. He’s slowly crept up on me (as a snail will) but I’m now fully head over heels. It’s just too cute and silly, and I think he’s going to be one of my very first purchases!

I will be going to see the new collection on Saturday, and my day one buys will most probably include the Wildflower Meadow bracelet, the Enchanted Garden Glass and the Snail. :D

Have you seen any of the new pieces in person yet? What are you planning on getting?

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    • There’s been a problem with the manufacturing and delivering for most of the items in the Spring and Shine. Most stores don’t have them just yet. So if you’re looking to buy them, I’d suggest calling your local store, before making the journey.

      • I had the same problem! I bought three of the Shine collection charms and wanted the Shine heart clasp bangle but they had only been given a few in 21cm! I had to order it separately from the estore which meant that I missed out on the clutch promotion! So disappointed ?

        • That’s no good, Harley! You could try emailing customer service to explain what happened and see if they can do something for you? It doesn’t seem fair that supply issues should stop you from getting your freebie!

    • I hear that they just didn’t make enough of them in time for release – so some regions have mixed out on some or all of the finishes of that one (silver, Rose, Shine).

  1. I absolutely adore the new charm bracelet and murano I still am yet to buy a murano but I think this one is a must have for me! Thank you for your ever dedicated devotion to bringing us pandora updates. Unfortunately my local pandora supplier has just lost their sales licence as such I think your “live shots” are going to be the best way I get a good image of upcoming releases ad the next closed stores are both an hour away in either direction and not places I go :(

    • Ooh your first murano would be exciting! I absolutely love murano glass, I think almost all of my bracelets have at least one. :) What a shame about your local store. That happens all too often! :(

  2. There are so many pretty things here! Spring is always my favourite collection and as pink florals are my absolute love I have been delighted with past Pandora collections! I have now filled up my Poetic Blooms bracelet and I am wondering whether to start a new one with a new wildflower meadow bracelet – I wonder if the lilac will go with my pastel pink florals? I think it all depends on how vibrant a colour it is, so I will try to get to a shop today to have a look. I would love a new pink and lilac bracelet if the colours matched! Other must haves for me are the teapot and teacup and the enchanted heart clips, I must have a space for those somewhere they are so pretty! I agree with you, Ellie, these live shots make me warm to the rainbows – perhaps one of the little spacer clips could represent a rainbow in amongst my flowers! Thank you for such a lovely preview!

    • Made it to the shop and loved theWildflower Meadow bracelet! I will definitely get it, with the matching safety chain. The bracelet I saw was a lovely soft lilac, and the little ladybird is very sweet!

    • I definitely think that the lilac would go nicely with pink pastels! :) I am going for soft purples and maybe some pearl/MOP beads to go on mine, but pinks would also be really pretty. And I know, aren’t the rainwbows pretty with flowers? I love your idea of a touch of rainbow colour in amongst your flowers – a little more understated than a focal rainbow piece, but just as vibrant. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Thanks for the lovely review, I really appreciate the live shots and have changed my mind about the lovely little mouse. Since I can’t make it to a store today I decided to bite the bullet and order from the estore. We are out of town and I don’t know how quickly the local store runs out of things. I tried to log into my acct and once again can’t get in. They have been having estore problems for days. That aside, I am ordering the heart clips for my heart bracelet, the snail, the mouse and a couple of the aqua pieces. I’m sure since they’ll only be taking phone orders it might take awhile! Thanks again Ellie, your blog makes shopping so fun!

    • Here in Canada anyway the e-store has changed, and my sign-in no longer works. I have to sign up all over again with a new account. It’s ridiculous and I refuse to play that game. Lol.

      • I messaged Pandora on facebook because I could no longer access the club pages (or my club account) and they said that they are working through issues due to merging the club site and the estore. Hopefully they’ll get everything worked out.

      • I tried signing up again and it wouldn’t let me saying I already had an account. I finally did get through to customer service on the phone and they apologized saying they have been told every day that the changes would be complete by 5:00pm and every day it isn’t complete. The young lady I spoke with couldn’t give me a firm answer and suggested I just keep trying. I hesitate to place an order as a guest since I can’t track my order that way.

        • I have been having trouble with the Pandora Club website forever. It wouldn’t let me add any more charms to the ones I own, so I set up my inventory in an Excel spreadsheet. I keep my wishlist at a vendor e-site now. I gave up on the club site over a year ago.

      • It seems it’s happening all over the world, then. I was told at my store on Friday that they no longer could access their.

    • Ugh, sorry to hear that you’re having problems with the eStore! They’re doing a bit of jiggery pokery with the site, as they are closing their brand sites for countries that have an eStore. So I guess it’s causing problems! :(

      Lovely choices, Beth! :D The mouse is still on my ‘to get’ list, but so far I have picked up the Snail, the WF Meadow bracelet and that beautiful Enchanted Garden Glass murano. Lots still to go! ;) Thanks for commenting!

  4. THe new collection is stunning, a real return to form for PANDORA. Many more classical pieces like the Enchanted Tea pot and the bird house and new ideas like the Bella Bot which are fun.

    • I got a chance to see some of the beads yesterday at one of the concept stores and lots of beautiful things. The Bella Bot looks really cute on one of Pandora’s shorter smooth necklaces. Sorry to say, but the rainbow dangle bead looks cheaply made. I really wanted to like the Enchanted Garden murano, but the bees were so tiny, you needed a magnifying glass to make them out. Way disappointed, so that’s not coming home with me. The snail was adorable though. The bird house bead and all the related bird earrings, necklace and sweet ring will be coming home. The bee Shine beads were beautiful and the wide band Shine ring are stunning- much more beautiful in pictures.. The tassel is way too big for a bracelet, but will look gorgeous on a chain.

      • Oh really, I loved the Garden glass in person! I picked one with very defined bees that were a nice size. It’s not as vibrant as the stock image makes out, but it’s a nice bead imo. I also loved the Snail and the Spring Bird pieces, so cute!

  5. Hi Ellie!

    Busy busy busy with all the Pandora news! If I didn’t have your blog it would be impossible to stay focused.

    I agree with everyone that there is a lot to love in these releases. Today at the store I’m going to focus on the Shine collection, since it won’t be included in next week’s promo. But I have a large list for both existing designs and a couple of new bracelets. I think I’ll do the Smooth Clasp Shine Bracelet. I’ll get the sliding one in silver for now, since it may turn out to be more trendy. And the Wildflower Meadow is a must.

    Charm wise, I like the charm with the short tassel paired with the Heart Clips with the lovely scrollwork. The mouse and the snail. The rippled glass charm. The bird house. Uh oh, my credit card is cringing…

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. It makes shopping much easier when you have a game plan in mind when you enter the store.

    • HI Deborah! Haha, yes, very busy this past week. I am going to try and take it a bit slower for a few days! ;)

      My credit card felt similarly after my trip on Saturday lol! I got the Wildflower Meadow bracelet and the Enchanted Garden Glass, and then my boyfriend got me the Sparkling Snail. But I have more US promo purchases planned, too. I wanted to see the Sliding bracelet but my store didn’t have it! There is a shortage of it in the UK, which is a shame as I particularly wanted to see the Shine version.

      You are very welcome, Deborah! You know that I appreciate each and every one of your comments, too. :D

  6. Hi Ellie!
    This morning I went to buy the “tea set” but I came home with Bella bot and 2 chandelier droplets!!! Beautiful!!!
    Thank you for your updates!

  7. Hi Ellie,

    I just came home after a trip to my local store. They hadn’t received the birdhous, teapot and teacup so they ordered them for me. It’s a bummer because i want to use my birthdaydiscount for everything but i only can take everything home when the last 3 pieces are arrived at the store which can take up to 2 weeks. So i need a little more patient.

    • Hi Manon,

      Same thing in Belgium… no teapot, teacup or bird house. When ordering the Spring collection, neither the teapot nor the teacup figured on the list of items that my retailer could order, but the bird house did. However, I managed so secure the new booklet last week already (via another source), and both the teacup and the teapot were in the catalogue. My retailer ordered the teapot for me today and hopes to receive it by the end of next week. He had ordered the birdhouse ages ago but hasn’t received it yet – apparently it’s in backorder. I hope you get these charms quickly, to enable you to take the rest of your purchases home with you!

      • At my store in Breda (Netherlands) they can’t choose what they receive they just get somethings send. but luckely they could order them. i really hope they receive them soon.

        • My nearest store is a shop-in-shop and they simply receive a list of items to choose from, but not everything that is actually available is on that list. My local store had to wait until today to order the teapot for me because they weren’t allowed to place any new orders until the 15th.

          The Spring collection is very pretty and I can well imagine that you are looking forward to being able to take your goodies home with you. Good luck in receiving everything soonest!

    • Hi Manon, oh what a shame! Seems there are lots of different gaps in what retailers received. We didn’t get the sliding bracelet here in the UK. :( I hope your retailer gets them in soon!

  8. Hi girls,
    I went today to the store since I really couldn’t resists any longer. So much to comment on this new collections. I couldn’t stay long so I just focused on the rings and I got what I had in mind since the beginning, the Dreamy Dragonfly. It is beautiful but smaller than I thought. Also I was disappointed that they only had one size 60 and was in the ring display so I had to get that one (how can they have only one size 60 in the store the first day of the new collections!?!?!?).
    Anyway, I had a look at the shine collections but to make any purchase for the charms I will wait to see if here in Canada we’ll get the promo like in the States (worth to wait).
    The shine collections is really nice in person, despite my reserves and I was pleased that in Canadian dollars it didn’t turn out to be too expensive. Also some of the charms are much bigger than I originally thought. I have some reserves though about the plating, how long will it take before it wears out especially on charms that have a lot of friction?. For this reason I never purchase the Rose gold either, can someone tell me if in time they get discolored?
    About the spring collection there are so many charms that I love that I really cant’t decide where to start, but the Enchanted teapot and the Enchanted heart clip are a must. The chandelier drop is very nice in person and so different from any other spacer that I might get it (and really not expensive at 40CAD. I was a bit disappointed by the Enchanted tassel (the short one) because the tassels are all glued together so they don’t separate. The long tassel is beautiful but really not suited for a bracelet, way too long. Very nice for a necklace though.

    • Hi Sara I live in Canada and the promotion for us is March 20th to March 25th spend $150 get a jewellery item up to $65 for free and the shine collection is Not included.

      • Ah! Thank you Harley for the info, also now I understand the promotion, you have to spend 150$ and on top you receive something worth up to 65$. I was under the impression it could be if you spend 150$ you only pay 100$. Well, thanks, now I can plan better what to get :)

      • I was told by a SA in Ottawa ON that you can purchase anything from the Shine collection to make up the 150$ and choose an item at 65$ value from an other collection.

    • Hi Sara,

      I have a rather extensive Pandora Rose collection. I even have the Moments and Essence Smooth Clasp Bracelets. I wear them quite often, then give them a light rub with the polishing cloth when I take them off (I don’t take it apart, just a swipe on the outside of everything). Some of the charms have deepened slightly in color, but nothing has worn.

      Hope this helps.

      • Thanks Deborah,
        I appreciate your help, than maybe I’ll buy some rose charms in the future or at least I’ll look at them differently now :)

    • Hi Sara! Yes, it does seem that multiple stores have had stock level issues – either not receiving particular items or not enough of others. Hopefully they will catch up soon!

      I like the Shine collections, too! :) I have had my Rose charms for a long time now – some are four years old – and have not experienced any discolouration. They’ve worn very well. However, I don’t wear mine every day as I have a lot of bracelets to choose from (lol!) so they don’t experience as much wear and tear as someone who wears them on a daily basis. Mine look pristine, though! So on that basis, I would not worry about purchasing Shine.

      • Thanks Ellie for your help, it’s nice to have someone else experience so now I’m more confident about Rose and Shine collections, even though I think the silver remains my favourite!

  9. Thanks for all these lovely pictures:) Looking forwarding to see them in person, especially the murano and teapot

  10. Hi Ellie,

    I got my snail!! It is adorable, so we’ll done. I purchased one enchanted garden murano and plan to pick up another. The tea pot is very weighty, a lot of silver and it is gorgeous. It is what Pandora charms should aim for. I have some things set aside for the upcoming promo but had to come home with something, I just had too!!! My time was limited due to an Appointment this evening but my store didn’t have everything in yet so I will have to be patient. The water themed charms have not arrived but that’s ok, perhaps in time for the promo.
    My shop in shop isn’t getting the shine so I will have to wait a little longer until I can get to another city. I really just want to see it.
    Very happy about this release. I have added the murano & snail to my garden of flowers bracelet, I pulled out my little hedgehog to put opposite the snail. Live the mix of oxidized and shiny silver charms.

    I literally went through each murano, like choosing a fine wine.

    Thanks Ellie, looking forward to see how you design your new charms!

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa, I absolutely LUV snails so that charm is a must have for me! I’m glad you’re enjoying yours!

      • It is sooooo lovely. Very happy with it! The charm cost $60 Cdn I will be able to wear this on many of my themed bracelets so It was worth the price

        Lisa K

    • I am so anxious to get the snail. My favorite memory of my oldest grandson is of him at 3yoa squatting down watching a snail make its way across a sidewalk. He looked up with the biggest smile on his face and said “look, he’s leaking on the sidewalk”. The snail is a must! I just hope my store gets it in soon.

    • Hi Lisa! Yay, me too! :D I also got the Enchanted Garden Glass, and the Wildflower Meadow bracelet. So happy with those initial purchases. I felt exactly the same, lol – I just couldn’t wait for the promo, especially seeing as I have to wait for it to ship across the ocean to the UK. That would just be too cruel, haha. I chose my Enchanted Garden glass murano as well – a couple of them had very small/poorly defined bees. Definitely one to pick in person!

      Love the idea of putting the hedgehog with the snail! My hedgehog charm is married to another bracelet, so I won’t be able to put it with the snail, but maybe I’ll try that for a review styling.

      Thanks for commenting Lisa! :D

  11. When I went in my local concept store in the mall there was not one single customer in. Very surprised as it is release day.

    • That is surprising! Especially with the Shine launch. :) It was reasonably busy at Pandora when I went over the weekend, but then it usually is at that store.

  12. Hi Ellie! Thank you so much for all the posts over the last couple of days! I went to the store today to look at Pandora Shine (I posted about that on the Shine page), but I got to look at a lot of the other spring pieces as well. I changed my mind about some of the pieces, as I was originally planning to build a design around the Enachanted Teacup and Teapot. However, I was a bit turned off by the very pink enamel inside the Teacup charm and also know that I likely won’t be able to use the Cake charm that is upcoming due to the “Congrats” inscription. I do hope to get the Teapot in the future though. On the other hand, so many of the blue pieces are stunning. I am planning to get the Blue Ripples, Blue Swirls, Aqua Enchantment, and Blue Ribbon Heart Dangle. I am getting the Silver Sliding Clasp Bracelet to put these on (my store did have this bracelet). Even though I’m not really into rainbows, I also thought the Iridescent Rainbow Murano was very pretty IRL. Lastly, I want to get the Heart Swirls Choker. I can’t wait until the spend and save promo next week!

    As a side note, one of the most exciting things about today is that I received a new catalog, and it has the whole summer collection in it. It is very different, as it is not tropical-themed at all but is very “festival-y,” as I think someone described. I’m guessing a lot of people are going to be unhappy with it. It has new styles of leather bracelets in both the button closures (think last year’s cord bracelets) and sliding clasp closures in black, tan, turquoise, and orange as well as adjustable black and tan leather chokers with feather pendants. There are tassel dangles in four colors, a feather dangle charm, a dreamcatcher charm, a ferris wheel, an enamel burger and fries dangle (haha), a hands peace sign charm, and more. Two of my favorites from the collection are the Shape of Love charms in Orange CZ and Blue (turquoise) Crystal, and I love the Rainbow Moasaic charm as well. I also really like the Drink to Go cute coffee cup charm (I’m a coffee addict!), but I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a part of the Summer collection or not. It has light pink enamel, so it looks like it fits in with the MD collection, but I don’t recall seeing it in the preview. Ellie, do you have any info on this charm?

    • Hi Joanne, Fortunately, I was able to take a look at the store catalog and saw everything you’ve mentioned. I also saw a box of popcorn that has the same pink as the cup. I believe those were Summer releases. Initially, I was put off by the bright pink inside the teacup. The girls were taking the new charms out of bags when I arrived and I happened to notice some of the teacups were a much lighter pink. I had a softer shade put on hold until the sale next week. It might be worth a try.

      • Hi Emily! Thanks for the info on the coffee cup charm. For some reason, I was thinking the popcorn was part of the MD collection, but I must have mixed that up with seeing the popcorn in the early previews from the surveys. Also, thanks for the info about the color of the enamel on the teacups. I will definitely check into that!

      • Hi Emily,

        I have the catalog too. I love the popcorn, the coffee cup, the popcorn, and the burger and fries. The Ferris wheel is adorable, and there is a skateboard that will find its way onto my son’s childhood bracelet. I live inArizona, so the dream catcher and feather will both find their way to my Arizona bracelet. I didn’t care for the new leathers or the tassels; still, there’s a lot coming out that I do like.

    • In the CAN catalogue, the popcorn, drink to go and ferry wheel are coming in June. I love the ferry, it will go on my Disney bracelet.

      There is also a new maple leaf with red enamel which hold a small sign for Canada. Cute!

      Also a beautiful compass dangle which I added to my wish list ?

    • Hi Joanne! As I think others have commented, the pink enamel in the teacup does vary – when I get it, I’m going to try and pick through some examples to make sure that I get one with a very light pink enamel. I also didn’t care for the darker ones. I was surprised to see it vary quite so much and wonder if it’s due to changes in the manufacturing process. You’d never see this level of variation with, say, the Cherry Blossom clips back in the day. It’s interesting!

      Yes, the Drink to Go is a Summer release! :) It’s my favourite of that new collection and I was so excited to see it! I have had the Summer info since January, but I now have a preview schedule with Pandora that does not allow me to publish the pictures yet. I have been trying for weeks now to try and see whether we can bring forward the Summer preview date, seeing as I knew it would be in the US catalogue, but have not had a decision on that so far. :) I also love the Dreamcatcher and the Feather dangle. I’d love to be able to write about them and hopefully will be able to very soon!

  13. Hi Ellie,

    I got to see the Spring release today in store. The girls were taking everything out of bags when I arrived. So many pretty things to choose from this time around. The Wildflower bracelet had not come in yet, but I did get to see the Wildflower Meadow charm in the Pandora Rose and thought it was lovely. It doesn’t look as busy in person and the rosy colored stones were pretty with the Pandora Rose. I had my must haves put on hold until the sale next week. I didn’t go by my concept store to see the Shine collection tho’. I’m not planning to buy from this collection for a while and I already know from your fabulous introduction the pieces I’m interested in. Once again, I’d like to thank you for your dedication to this blog. It sure makes planning ahead much easier.

    • Hi Emily! What sale are you mentioning? I’m fairly new to Pandora and not familiar when the company has sales. Thanks!

      • Hi Victoria, I’m referring to the Spend More/Save More Event that runs March 22-25 here in the US. Spend 150/save 50, 350/125, 600/225, 1000/400. As you can see, the higher you spend the more you save. The spends are before taxes. Ellie keeps us informed of different promotions throughout the year!

        • I’ve never participated in a spend and save event and would like some clarification please. If I put $150 of product in my basket will I get $50 off that essentially only paying $100 for that $150 worth of product? Or, will I have to pay $150 for $200 worth of product? A couple of other answers elsewhere are contradictory and I’m confused.

        • Hi Beth, I’ve done the Spend/Save since we first started having them. You can select $150 in products and only pay $100.

    • Hi Emily! The Wildflower Meadow bracelet is very lovely in person, although the little dangling ladybird is not so vibrant as it looks in the stock image :) I can’t remember seeing the Rose charm but I must go and take another look, as it’s a bead I really wanted to like! It’s marked as a seasonal release in the UK book, however, so I’m wondering if it will end up on sale in the summer.

      It’s my pleasure, Emily – so glad it’s useful. Thank you for your lovely comments and support! :)

  14. I noticed in the Australian catalogue it describes the new sliding bracelets as having “interchangeable and adjustable clasps”. Interesting! Interchange them between the different metal finishes? Or will they bring out different clasps to buy?
    My local store also got the enchanted tassle charm in 2 distinct finishes, a bright silver finish, and another where the tassle strands were much more darker and oxidized.

    • That’s sounds g8. Get 2 different bracelets and have them both two tone. You’re on to something cool there.

    • Yes, it says that in our catalogue as well! What they mean is that you can swap the clips and closure between the different metal finishes, like you say – so you could put the silver closure on the Rose bracelet and vice versa, or mix Rose and Shine. It’s a cool concept!

      Hmm, it’s interesting that there’s such a difference! Perhaps the difference is between items that were manufactured at different locations.

  15. I loved the look of Bella Bot from the images and was so delighted when I saw her for real in my pandora shop yesterday. She’s tiny and super cute. I’ve got her on her own on the snake essence bracelet (I know, breaking the rules) and she makes a lovely jangley noise. She shop assistant said there will be more robots to come! ?

    • That’s intriguing. If there are indeed going to be more robots I might be interested. I just can’t see her styled with other charms available now. Three or so different ones on a bracelet by themselves might be nice though.

        • I hadn’t thought about that. My Grandkids laugh because I can’t quite get into the emojis. They’d laugh even more if I started a bracelet dedicated to them. It is almost worth doing to see the shock on the 15 year old’s face.

  16. Hi everyone. I am fairly new to Pandora. Only put together my first bracelet this past winter. I have a question about the sliding bracelets. If I were to put 3-6 charms on it would it get top heavy and the charm side spin towards the bottom of the wrist with the bracelet tassels on top? Or can you get it tight enough that the charms stay on top of the wrist? Or is it naturally balanced to keep the charms on top? Thanks in advance for the help!

    • Hi Victoria, I tried the bracelet on in store. I think the ends were so long it would be unlikely to want to spin. It may depend on your wrist size. If u have a large wrist the ends will be much smaller underneath and if your wrist is tiny much longer. This could change the weight point. It was very stiff as new bracelets are so I think as it softens it could be tightened more.

    • Hi Victoria! I haven’t had a chance to try this bracelet (my store in the UK didn’t have it) so I can’t answer your question for sure. I think you would have to be able to pull it quite tight for it not to spin, but again I’m not sure on that one!

  17. I had purchased today at my concept store of pandora, the teapot, cute bunny rosegold, silver version of Bellabot and promise of spring openwork. I also picked up the new catalogue which I am delighted to see so many more disney releases next month.

    • Excellent! :D Yes, I love that there are two more Disney safety chains – particularly the Climbing Mickey. Pandora’s safety chain game has been strong this season lol!

  18. Hi Ellie,
    I went to the local store to check out the Spring and Shine collection and I was completely blown away with the gorgeousness of Spring pieces. I want to try out the new Sliding Bracelet but it have not arrived. The Shine collection is not available too in that store. Apparently this collection only available in 4 selected stores across the country.

    • Hi Intan, me too! I went to see it all on Saturday and came away with a couple of things. It’s a very nice collection. We didn’t get the Sliding Bracelet yet either, which was a shame!

  19. I saw the spring collection today at the Concept store. I was surprised at how big some of the beads are (teapot, enchanted heart clip, mouse, glass heart dangles). I really like the teapot, but wish it had more oxidation. The pink enamel varied on the teacup as Emily noted. I agree the lighter pink enamel looks better. I like both enamel enchantment beads. The enchanted garden glass murano is pretty, but too busy for me. I do like the rainbow murano and will probably get that murano. The blue beads are all very nice. I’m not yet sure what I’m getting next week at the promo, but I like many of the new beads.

    • Yes, the stock image implies that the teapot has more oxidation but I guess it must be shadows. I did still really like that bead in person though! :) I noticed the enamel difference in the teacup as well – much prefer softer pink, which means that I will probably not get it in the US promo as planned as I would have to order it online. I’d rather be able to choose it!

  20. Is there anywhere online where I can view the new catalog? I sadly have to place my orders online. The item I ordered on release day arrived with the old catalog. I was so disappointed the new catalog was not included with my order. No telling when I will now be able to see the new catalog with all the new items everyone is talking about in the above comments.

  21. Today I purchased the rainbow and enchanted garden muranos along with the mouse, snail and birdhouse. The spring collection is so lovely and colourful, I imagine that it will be a very popular collection for all collectors,

  22. I went to the concept store 20 miles from me today to pick up an Enchanted Garden murano and left without one. I had been hopeful to get two but was disappointed with the quality of the seven they had in stock. Couldn’t tell the bee was a bee in any of them. They said four of them were exchanges from people who had ordered them online and wanted better quality. I am hesitant to order them online now.

  23. I’m thinking about getting Bella Bot for my granddaughter and I am wondering how it will work on a chain. If you’ve gotten Bella Bot how do you think she’d hang on a long neck chain?

    • Thank you! I think I will go ahead and get the rose gold for my granddaughter then. Some charms don’t look good on chains but this one looked like it might. I appreciate you taking the time to answer.

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