Today’s post brings some news for Pandora collectors in the US, with a preview of two new Easter designs, live shots of some recent US-exclusive releases and a little item of Pandora Disney Parks news! 

Pandora US are really capitalising on the ability of engraved charms to let them release beads in honour of more niche events and celebrations – they’ve released a huge number of engraved charms over the past couple of months.  Read on to see the latest!

Pandora Easter 2018 charms for the US *UPDATED*

Following the success of their engraved Halloween charms last year, Pandora US are now releasing two similar designs for Easter. Both of these are heavy on the enamel, featuring the bright, primary colours you’d expect for Easter. They’re also very cartoon-like in style.

The first is the You’re my Favourite Chick charm, which features a beribboned yellow chick on one side and an inscription on the other – giving Easter charms a romantic twist! It will be priced at $65 USD.

Pandora Easter charms

Image by tiedyedeb

The next is more straight-forward in theme, with no romantic message on the back. This is a sweet enamel basket of Easter eggs. The pavé makes this one a little more expensive at $75 USD.Pandora Easter charms

Image by tiedyedeb

Both these beads are scheduled for release with the Pandora Spring 2018 collection on 15 March. 

Other Pandora US exclusives

The first of the other US exclusive engraved designs is the Lucky Charm. I previewed this a few weeks ago, and it has now been released. You can see it on the US eStore and elsewhere! Pandora’s original blurb for this charm linked it to St Patrick’s Day, but there’s no mention of it now in their advertising. A couple of readers pointed out that it should be a shamrock (☘), not a four-leaf clover (?), for St Patrick’s Day, so I guess that they realised their error before marketing it!

Pandora Lucky Charm

I don’t usually go in for the engraved dangles, but this one really caught my fancy – so I bought one, and now have a couple of live shots to show you!

The writing is darkly defined, which makes it easier to read than some of the other engraved pendants – and the enamel is a very pretty green. This picture was taken by my friend in the US who helps me out with exclusives, and I am waiting for mine to wing its way across the ocean to me her win the UK. ^^

I also got my Trillium dangle from tiedyedeb, which is a Canadian exclusive – I featured it in my Canada exclusive post. ^^

Next, a bunch of sports-related designs have been released alongside the Lucky charm. I posted stock images in a previous article, but now we have some live shots of the new beads courtesy of tiedyedeb.

Finally for new designs, we have the Western Cowgirl charm! This is not going to be sold across the country, but will be a regional exclusive, from what I understand.

Image by tiedyedeb

Other notable US exclusive beads have included the inspirational set of dangles and the professions (nurse, firefighter, police, teacher), which I featured in my December News Round-Up. The So Many Reasons to be Happy charm in particular has attracted a lot of attention – I featured it in my post to celebrate the Lunar New Year:

Pandora Disney Princess Half-Marathon Charm 2018

Finally, we have a little bit of Pandora Disney Parks news! The 2018 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend will be taking place at Walt Disney World Resort in the US from 22–25 February.

To celebrate the marathon, Pandora will be releasing a new engraved Unforgettable Moments dangle, which will come in a set with the double silver leather bracelet. Unfortunately the picture Disney uploaded is a bit cropped, but you can see all the details!

Pandora Disney Half Marathon bracelet

This will be a US Disney Parks exclusive, of course.

My Comment

I am hopeful that, if some of these engraved charms are successful, Pandora might commit to doing some proper new designs along the same lines. The engraved Halloween charms seemed to do very well indeed, and, if Pandora can see the demand is there, they might be more willing to take a punt on something more official globally! It would be nice to see some proper Halloween and Easter designs.

In the meantime, I like the Lucky Charm dangle and am going to wear it with the Kiss Me I’m Irish bead (from the Rue La La sale) on a black leather. I will post some inspiration either here or on my Instagram! ?

People seemed to enjoy the Canada-related post I did – if you’d like to see more content on country exclusives like that, please do let me know and I will see if I can dig up some more. :) It was a fun article to write!

Are you planning on getting any of these beads? Do either of the Easter designs tickle your fancy?

99 Comments on Pandora for Easter 2018 & other US exclusives

  1. I would love the lucky charm dangle,my sister died 8 years ago and her birthday was on17th March,I’m in the uk,have you got any idea how I could get this please,it would meen the world to me.

  2. OMG, what are they doing, its all my little pony and kiddy toys all over again, trying to find a new market. Seems on the whole they have lost their way for my age group.
    Sorry to those out that love these, but I would not be seen dead in this range coming, they will be bring out the rainbows next.
    Wait for the coloured unicorn.
    All the girls found it hard to find some thing in this years Mums range, and chose an older charm for this years gift.
    This time last year spoilt for choice, so disapointed.

    • I totally agree. Love the my little pony reference. I do like all of the Canadian engraved charms. And thanks to tiedyedeb for the availability of them. I agree, purchase the older charms.

    • I agree! Pandora is not what it used to be AT ALL!! Each reveal triggers new disappointment. Not all of us ladies are into the colorful bling. Besides I think all the color makes it look cheap. Like something you can pick up at the Dollar Store. They need to go back to the basics! Also I’m not paying for gold with cubic zirconium! If I am paying for gold I want diamonds!

      • I agree! Pandora is not what it used to be AT ALL!! Each reveal triggers new disappointment. Not all of us ladies are into the colorful bling. Besides I think all the color makes it look cheap. Like something you can pick up at the Dollar Store. They need to go back to the basics! Also I’m not paying for gold with cubic zirconium! If I am paying for gold I want diamonds

      • I totally agree, my sentiments exactly! I’m glad I splurged on the discontinued and retired charms because these new charms are not my thing!:(

      • I don’t think you’ll have to worry about gold with czars anymore. They will put it with the new shine plating, where it belongs.

    • You may be disappointed with the Spring Launch. The Spring Collection has many rainbows. It looks like the Care Bears designed some of the collection.

    • Oh really, I quite liked this year’s mother’s day collection in comparison with last year’s. It’s a shame there wasn’t anything you liked though. Hopefully there’ll be a better selection for you next year! :)

  3. Hi Ellie, thanks for all your updates. Can you please tell me if you have heard anything about a charm being released for the Commonwealth Games in April in Australia? Thanks

  4. I do not fancy these new Easter charms. Much prefer the old Easter bunny charm and I’m so glad I got it before it was retired. I agree with Karen that there doesn’t seem to be that many choices for this year “mums range” and I’m one of those who had chosen an older charm for this year’s gift. ?

    • Absolutely, I love that older Easter bunny charm too. I also quite like the older Easter egg charm, with the pink CZs. These are not so much my cup of tea, I’d prefer proper new designs rather than the engraved beads :)

  5. I already got the Lucky Charm dangle and really like it. It’s a simple, classic design and I love that it has no CZ.

    I do not like the Easter beads, but I’m glad because the engraved charms are pretty expensive. I think the sports related dangles are fun, and would be good for moms whose kids play those sports.

    Although there aren’t many engraved charms I’m interested in, I’m glad to see Pandora releasing a variety of designs.

    • I think the lucky charm is really pretty as well! One of the nicer engraved designs. The Easter charms are too heavy on primary colours for me.

  6. I am so disappointed in the Easter designs. Why can’t Pandora bring back silver charms like a new Easter Bunny (not another head) a new chick, Easter egg, etc. The Canadian exclusives are so much more to my liking.
    I got the light house, the wealth dangle and the inuksuk heart dangle. I have several others on my wish list.
    I still can’t believe Pandora is coming out with a bot (it reminds me of a leggo guy).

  7. My God, what do I have to see! Pandora has not thought of creating Easter charms for women over 50. These are good for girls but I would be ashamed to wear them. Nice lucky clover and I would like to have the pendant with the ball because my son practices soccer. For the rest nothing to open the purse.

    • They are very cartoony, I can’t imagine how I would go about styling these very easily! The Lucky charm is nice, and I have one on its way to me :)

  8. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for this post. I have my fingers crossed that Pandora is using these engravable designs as a lead into actual Easter charms for next year. I have some of their older bunny & basket charms. Wouldn’t a silver Easter egg be grand! The trillium & four leaf clover are lovely. I lived in Toronto, Ontario for five years a long time ago and would love a trillium or CN a Tower button charm.

    Your idea to put the Kiss Me I’m Irish on a black leather bracelet is a good one.

    • Hi Lisa! I have the older bunny as well, he’s a funny little charm. I quite like the original pink CZ Easter egg as well, but never got it while it was easily obtainable!

  9. Ok, so Pandora’s new market is primary school children? First country exclusive that I am not upset about missing out on.

  10. Ok, so Pandora’s new market is primary school children? First country exclusive that I am not upset about missing out on. You are my forever chick?? The cowboy boot charm is cute though.

    • I do supply work in a lot of schools and there are sooooooooooo many teenagers who have Pandora bracelets, so maybe they do out-number us :-/.

      • True but teens only have one Pandora bracelet. Most of us who are fans of Pandora have several bracelet and more spending power so Pandora should be listening to our requests for more subtle classic designs.

        • so true. i buy for my daughter, but i am also a serious collector and bunches of printed button charms or dangles is very disappointing.

    • I don’t even really count them as proper country exclusives – they’re just engraved charms commissioned by Pandora US to fill a gap rather than Pandora actively trying to market them as something exciting and exclusive… these designs don’t work half so well as the Halloween ones!

  11. Hi Ellie!

    My Easter bracelet is done, with the long retired Easter Bunny in the center, the bunny dangle, and the remarkable rabbit head along with flowered beads and some glass from another company that look just like Easter eggs we died as children with the speckles on them. I also have a mini design with a cross and a bible, and music charms pulled temporarily from another bracelet added for the religious aspect. I call that one The Messiah Bracelet.

    I don’t like either of the new charms enough to redesign an oldie but a goodie, so to speak.

    The sports ones I do like, and may end up with some of those. My baseball one is done, but my football and basketball ones could handle another charm or two.

    I might do the Lucky Charm one, but again my St. Patricks bracelet looks perfect as it is. I think I’ll save my pennies for the Spring collection.

    By the way, for Presidents Day weekend, all the on line stores have the Valentines Day 2018 Gift sets for an additional 20% off. I did get the Tree of Love one.

    Thanks for your preview. I think more previews of country exclusives would be informative and interesting to see. Or anything else you would like to feature. You do such a good job of showcasing the charms that it makes it easy to decide what will and won’t work on an existing design. Or when we absolutely must start a new bracelet!!

    Still waiting on “the lips” review!!?

    • Hi Deborah, Your Easter bracelets sound beautiful and I love that you chose the Bible, Cross and musical charms for your Messiah bracelet. I missed the Bible and Cross early on in my collecting and keep hoping to see new ones released.

      How is your husband coming along? Each time I see your comments, I send up a little prayer. Hope all is well.

      • Thank you so much for your prayers. He is doing really well. The upcoming week is filled with doctors follow up appointments, and his cardiac rehab orientation.

    • Hi Deborah! Oh that sounds lovely! I don’t have an Easter bracelet, but I do have the Easter Bunny tucked away on my special occasions bracelet. If they did more Easter charms, I’d be up for making a mini design on a leather or a bangle perhaps :)

      Glad to hear you’d also be interested in more country exclusive posts! I’ve noticed that there are some interesting ones for Brazil and Hawaii to start with, but I’ll have to do some research.

      Haha…. I won’t give you false hope on that one! ?

  12. I was excited to see the cheerleading charm but then the back says “Go Team” which means I’m instantly put off since I do Allstar Cheer, and the connotations with being a sideline cheerleader are really a depressing stereotype since most cheerleaders also compete in our own right.

    I kind of think that lots of these engraved buttons and dangles are a bit of a cop out from designing anything original. May stick to Disney charms for a bit.

    • Ah I see, I can see where you’re coming from. I guess they were just trying to have something to write like the other beads, but I can see why that would put you off. There are some nice non-Disney charms coming out in the regular spring collection, if you’re interested! as far as I’m concerned, these engraved charms are just bonuses in my eyes – I like the odd one or two of them, but am not too worried about the rest. :)

  13. I really love your ‘So many reasons to be happy’ charm, I am trying to get that one now. It looks lovely on the bracelet you showed. For Easter, I would love Pandora to do some little Faberge style eggs with tiny gems and enamelling, that would be so cute!

  14. Pandora has not thought of creating Easter charms at all. They have mass produced dangles and button charms, they have enamel stickers and CZ, they have crazy glue — and that’s the new Pandora for every season. I am so embarrassed for them, and I am so done. I can’t even look at this trash anymore.

    • I’m just embarrassed for them too. Even though I like a couple of the spring things I’m not setting foot in a pandora store for a good long while??

    • These might not be my cup of tea, but I really like the Spring 2018 collection and am looking forward to what else is coming out this year based on that!

  15. Only a couple of charms that are nice. What is happening to Pandora?!! So tacky now with enamel and plating. I have so many bracelets and charms but would not be enticed to buy hardly any if the charms recently. Pandora has lost the high class polished look and other brands now are way better.

    • Sorry to hear you feel that way! I have felt a bit uninspired over the past year or so by the huge number of button charms and CZ, but feel like the Spring collection this year is definitely something of a return to character designs… I’m optimistic based on that :)

  16. Greetings Ms. Ellie, I know that Spring is around the corner and I already have a favorite charm which is the Easter basket charm which I already have a beautiful spring dress on hand. So I will wish you a early Happy Easter to you.

  17. Hi Ellie! I’m Portuguese, and there are culturally relevant charms for Portugal in the Brazillian collection (for exemple, Our Lady of Fatima), that I never managed to get hold off. That I know of, Brazil also has religious charms relevant to them, profession charms (hearts, I believe), city dangles, among other exclusives. So, it’s my suggestion for a future post.

    I don’t comment often, but read most of your posts. Thank you for your work.

    • Hi Lily! Yes, Brazil was one of the countries I was thinking of. I was looking on the eStore there and saw quite a few interesting designs. Thank you for commenting, it’s lovely to hear that you read regularly :)

    • Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that charm missed the mark.
      I have to say given the recent movement to protest the objectification of women and teach our boys and men about respecting the female gender, this “favorite chick” slogan is seriously misplaced. Ugh! Is anyone at Pandora paying attention to world trends? Very sad Pandora! My husband would never refer to me as “chick.” What about that sentiment shows strong, intelligent, and classy – nothing.

      Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought it was inappropriate.

      Lisa K

  18. The Easter bunny is cute, as well as the lucky charm dangle. I enjoyed reading the Canadian exclusives and liked besonders that trillium you chose. I’m with you, Pandora should have a more global view. I don’t understand that I could get the Chinese New Year charm here in my country but not the clover or the trillium or the so many reasons to be happy dangles. It’s a bit crazy! For my part I’ll get the former Bunny. It’s not full bodied but anyway cute. Thank you, as always, for letting us know what is in Pandora’s world!

      • The Trillium and Canadian Winter (The Red Mitten) are my favorites from the group. The detailing is beautiful as well as the texture.

      • Thank you Rachelle, bit I realized that the bunny above might not be a US exclusive, as I first thought whilr I was skimming Ellie’s report on the tube home. So I think I’ll wait to see what happens. Anyway, the bunny head has nor been retired in my country and I’ve always liked it, so no problem.

    • Yes, as someone else said, that Easter Bunny is an old one! I just wanted a cute campaign image for the post :) the bunny head bead is also cute!

  19. Hello Ellie,

    I thought Pandora was back on track after seeing the upcoming Spring release and some of the Mother’s Day charms only to be soooooo disappointed with the Easter charms. I would have loved a cute full bodied Easter Bunny or Chick, Easter Basket, Fabergé Eggs with different enamel colors and stones or tiny pearls…the sky was the limit. How hard would it have been? Instead, we get the same engraved buttons with what looks like a stuck on design again. It’s just a thoughtless way to make a quick buck, IMO. How cute a little silver cowgirl boot would have been. And this comes from someone who’s not opposed to button charms or pave’ done right! On a brighter note, I like your Lucky Charm and Trillium dangles…so cute with the Kiss Me I’m Irish murano and the so many reasons to be happy dangle is lovely.

    Thank you, Ellie, for the continued updates. You do such an amazing job keeping us all well informed. Hope your weekend is great!

    • Hi Emily! Well, there is a distinction between these little engraved ones commissioned by Pandora US and proper designs from Pandora in Copenhagen… I understand people’s anger more if they think that this is the global Pandora’s answer to Easter charms! I see these designs more as Pandora US trying to fill a gap in the market with more limited resources (although they are charging a lot for these engraved designs!). I hope that Pandora decide to launch some proper Easter designs globally :)

      Thank you Emily! It’s always lovely to hear from you, and thank you for reading!

  20. Hi Ellie, No for me for the Easter colored charms, or the lips, or the emojis, or any more charms with tiny words. We need more charms like the Easter Bunny pictured above. I am all for Pandora developing more meaningful silver classic styled charms, but in a tasteful modern way! I don’t want to become embarrassed to step foot into a Pandora store. Or embarrassed to even wear my Pandora jewelry.

    I came across your blog in 2016 when I was looking for Pandora styling ideas before they changed the charms for a younger crowd. I like your previews too. No for me for summer 2017. What’s coming for summer 2018? I’m still holding out hope Pandora will have new bead charms to balance my One of a Kind White Pearl and Oceanic Starfish.

    I like individual meaningful charms to put on a bracelet. For example, instead of getting the words, Forever Family, on a charm, I would get individual charms that represent my family from all over the world. By the way, Happy CNY! I would consider the Western Cowgirl for family in Texas. Is there a silver St. Patrick’s Day bead charm? Is there a Trillium bead charm? When Pandora makes dangles, I wish they offer the bead version also and vice versa. We need to charms to be available globally because after all aren’t we becoming or already a global family?

    • There are several retired sea themed charms that I used with my oceanic starfish. There is the sea star, which is silver starfish all around the bead with a tiny sea green crystal in each center. Also, there is a sea shell two toned bead with a gold starfish on the top left. I know they were still on Rue La La during the last boutique. Too, there is an older retired mermaid; she is all silver with oxidized detail. And the sea glass and frosty mint Muranos work well too. Hope this helps with your design.

    • Hi Kin! There are some great silver characters in the Spring collection, and I can only hope that we’ll see more in AW18. I am encouraged, and hopefully that trend will continue for the time being! I think both hardcore and casual collectors became tired of the more generic button beads.

      Summer 2018 is less about ocean themes and more about travel. There’s a big focus on festivals, and touristy things. :)

  21. I so admire your Blog, your photos and stylings, and all the Pandora news and insights you share. I always learn more from you than I do from Pandora , and I enjoy sharing with our customers. Most of them are avid followers and we love to talk about your posts.
    I rarely read the comments anymore because I find the majority of them to be so negative.
    I love the way Pandora’s designs have changed and evolved over the years. The workmanship and beauty of the jewellery is stellar and I always find a few new pieces from each release which I want and must have. Most collectors embrace change, innovation, exquisite attention to details. If Pandora simply produced the same sort of charms and jewellery year after year, collectors would be certainly lose interest.
    I will always read your posts, as I have for 8 years, but will not read any more comments, as there’s just so much negativity! Your excellent work and passion is so appreciated and I truly look forward to each new post.
    On a final note; I have worked in a Pandora shop for 8 years. Our customers range in age from 5 to 95, male and female, and I love that there is always something to please and excite everyone. I so enjoy sharing in their enthusiasm and passion for the brand, and all of the heartfelt stories which we exchange. Thank-you for sharing your own time, talent, expertise and passion. I will continue to send our treasured customers your way!

    • Like you and many others, I really enjoy Ellie’s blog. Her posts are so informative and she’s puts a lot of time and effort into her blog, which is appreciated by so many readers. I, too, think there’s too much negativity in the comments, which is a shame. I can understand readers not liking certain designs, but I think they should soften their criticism (or simply not comment). It’s got to be frustrating and disappointing for Ellie to take the time to write up a blog post and then have lots of negative comments. Even if I don’t like many beads from a particular release, there’s always a new release around the corner and I always see a few beads I like. I, too, have been collecting Pandora for a long time, having gotten my first bracelet in 2009.

      • ‘Soften their criticism or simply not comment.’

        So women who have received faulty jewelry repeatedly should stay silent and not alert others? That’s nice. :-/ But Ellie does a wonderful service by posting faulty products in her comment section so others can see it and recognize it. I’ve sent her some. Frustration over shoddy products fuels a lot of the harsher criticism here lately, as it did when Essence was so faulty. Too many women have lost too much money lately. I think Ellie knows this.

        Criticism is never against Ellie or her work, unlike when I did artwork people didn’t like and they said so; that was direct criticism agaisnt me, and I took it gladly and used what struck me as honest. That’s how we improve. I wanted criticism of my original work, and now I want criticism of the work I promote for others, and it can be as harsh as harsh can be, as long as it’s honest. The best criticism is given the moment someone sees something, because that’s as honest as anyone can get. Open communication is healthy for artists and businesses, however harsh; it should never be silenced, or even softened by overthinking and self-censorship. Censorship of any kind destroys art, visual and literary.

        • I’m with Lola. I sent quite a number of negative comments myself over the past year and the current Valentin’s collection. I did realise back then and now that it could be dissapointing for Ellie to get so many negative comments, but they weren’t directed at HER, but at Pandora. I think all of us readers appreciate the time and effort Ellie put in keeping us informed and let her know. I always enjoy reading this blog, that’s why I subscribed and, in my view, ( of course, this is very personal) if someone makes the effort to provide me with an information that I find useful and entertaining, she deserves, at the very least, get a response from me. And if I have nothing positive to say, then I can’t pretend I have. I remember being softer sometimes ( only sometimes) out of respect for Ellie. For example in my comment below I have only said what I like but not what I totally dislike. Criticism is towards Pandora and they should accept it and change their designs if the want to keep their customers happy. It’s never been against Ellie, whose work is highly appreciated by all of us. And if we had not commented at all because we didn’t have anything positive to say, I’m afraid that Ellie would have taken the time to review, preview etc and got no comments at all. Sorry for the tirade.

        • I love this blog and have a deep appreciation for all of Ellies work. No one here is criticizing her.
          That being said, I strongly agree with Lola and Marie here. I really don’t understand this mentality some people seem to have that you can’t say anything negative about a brand. This is a blog dedicated to Pandora. Clearly the people commenting are fans/regular customers. That doesn’t mean we have to like everything about Pandora and it certainly doesn’t mean we can’t criticize the things we don’t like and wish to see changed. If you don’t want to read about our bad experiences or negative opinions then no one is forcing you to, but don’t tell people they can’t criticize things.

        • Judy, I think that when you don´t like something and say so, the comment sound obviously negative. All of us are Pandora lovers, we just need to vent when we are dissappointed. For my part, I´ve never intended to offend any lady who might like things I don´t. Our styles, tastes and opinions are personal and all of them are very respectable.

    • Hi Sarah! Firstly – thank you! That’s so lovely of you to tell me, and I am so pleased and tickled that you discuss the blog with your customers. You are kind to let me know. Secondly, I am sorry to hear that you’ve found the comments section dispiriting lately. People are passionate about their Pandora and sometimes it comes out rather strongly! However, there has been rather a lot of positivity too lately – for example, the Club charm 2018 review or my preview of the Spring 2018 collection:-

      I would hate to think that anyone was put off commenting or even just reading the comments because of this, and I would encourage anyone who liked a design about which that people seemed negative to comment anyway to let us know. :)

      Sarah, thank you for telling your customers about the blog – this was a really sweet comment to get, and I hope that you find the comments section a more fun place if you happen to dip in going forward :)

  22. Ok so Pandora designers had a stroke… eeh is this where all the crappy designers went? Did they hire 2 sets of designers? Good ones to make enchanted teapot and the other guys obsessed with Pavé and buttons to do this crazy work? Did non designers designed this? Maybe they took in kids doodles and made these into reality?
    This is all a big mystery for me! What is going on???

    • By the way if it’s done by kids as a part of some event I’m not even mad! Ir would be a really nice idea to have kids create some charms. I really hope I’m right here.

  23. Regarding the negative comments, I don’t believe anyone is knocking Ellie’s work. She does a fantastic job!! Ellie shows us what new collections that are coming and then asks us for our feedback:) To lie would not be appropriate and perhaps Pandora is paying attention and taking notes ;). I also think a lot is lost in the written comment, as all sorts of non verbal communication is present that we can’t see when someone comments. Anyways, YAY to Ellie! Your work is excellent!

  24. ok, this must be there way of being more mass reproducing. I’m not a fan for me. The chick charm is silly and cheap looking. I would buy the easter basket for my daughter, but I would much prefer a silver charm made in the shape of a basket, like the retired basket of flowers two-tone. They could have even added a two-tone affect by painting one golden egg. If they want to make cutesy common shaped charms for kids thats fine, but also they need to make something great for us adults and serious collectors. Pandora please dont give up on great design for the sake of saving money!

    • I think this is just Pandora US trying to fill a gap in their market. I hope Pandora’s design team in Copenhagen follow their lead and design something proper!

  25. It would be important to note that the recent Halloween and upcoming Easter holiday, US & Canada location specific, sport and other engraved styles do NOT come out of Denmark. They have come about because of so many US or North America requests for such a charm and the only way NA PANDORA can accommodate is via the engraved design route. Design requests may not meet a global market desire for such charms. Even US PANDORA corporate realizes they are not on target with these current engraved designs, but it is all that is available until they can convince global PANDORA corporate that such a syle is in demand on an almost global level.
    Those voicing their opinions here in hope of seeing a change in styles would likely have much more impact if you sent your feedback directly to PANDORA through their corporate communications and social networks.
    Please keep in mind that jewelry styles are a personal choice. What you hate may have done very well with test marketing and in-market sales. Who would have thought that the emoji Valentine’s Day charm would be one the most popular self-purchase from the Valentine’s Day collection? It’s certainly not my style, but for an incredible number of women, they loved it. I don’t need to bash their taste and style for the sake of getting my wishful designs. They have every right to have their style and I hope they fall in love with the sentiment and unique style anyone can create with PANDORA, just as I have.

    • This was a really interesting comment to get Jenna – thank you for the insights. Your explanation for Pandora NA’s recent reliance on engraved designs makes a lot of sense to me.

      You also make a good point in making explicit the distinction between these engraved US designs and Pandora’s global releases. I had assumed that people understood that these designs do not originate from the global Pandora team, and people’s anger makes a lot more sense to me if they think that this is Pandora in Copenhagen’s definitive offering for Easter. I hope that Pandora global do produce some Halloween/Easter designs going forward, as surely the demand is there! I hear from people all over the world just through the blog saying that they would like designs like these.

  26. Very disappointed in the Easter collection. I may be alone here but I just don’t like enamel charms. They just don’t live up to the Pandora standards in my opinion. I’ll ask my personal Easter Bunny to just choose an older charm for my prize egg.

  27. Hi! Love your blog.
    Do you know if Bracelet Events are going to happen in 2018? It seems like it’s been a long time.

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