There’s a nice bonus for UK collectors today, as the Pandora mid-season SS18 sale is now on! Running both online and in store, the sale offers discounts of up to 50% on a variety of pieces.

Pandora UK mid-season sale

There are a significant number of festive beads up for grabs, which implies there’ll be lots more coming out later in the year, plus the zodiac openworks and the letter openworks. Some of my favourites of these are the adorable Christmas Kitten and Mrs Claus charms:

The other notable addition is the two-tone charm bracelet, which has gone down from £275 to £175!

My Comment

Pandora used to only run two sales a year, one in the summer and one after Christmas. They’ve definitely started changing things up over the past year or so, making the promotional schedule less predictable and increasing the number of bargains available throughout the year. Products retire so much more quickly as well, so I guess a greater number of sales helps to shift the retired stock. It’s certainly nice for dedicated collectors to be able to get more discounts!

I’ve seen a couple of things I might like to get, including the very pretty Locked Hearts two-tone openwork, and maybe a couple of the Braided clips. I’m still mostly focused on my Spring 2018 wish list though, which is so pleasantly long this season. :D

Are you getting anything on sale?

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    • I seek for the same question too hihihi
      I wanna swap my pink field charm to disney pink or shimmer pink lol. Do u want it? Hahaha

    • Hi Ilana, I’m afraid I’ve not heard! It’s been tricky to get promo info for Australia this year, they seem to be doing a good job of keeping things quiet.

      • There was mid year sale in AU last year and I hope they will do the same again this year. Locked heart charm also in my wish list for long actually.

        OMG the signature two tone bracelet is going to be discontinued. It seems like they would dicontinued majority of two tones 14ct and focus on shine collection:(

        • Yes, the timing of the two-tone bracelet retirement and Shine coming out seems more than a little coincidental! :( Maybe they’re going to replace it with a Shine two-tone barrel clasp.

  1. Hi Ellie! I’m not in the UK, so this one’s not for me. But I have a lot of new things to wear from our promo here and Rue.

    Hope all of you find lots of bargains!

    • Hi Deborah! Haha, yes, there have been so many promos to choose from lately! I went for the Locked Hearts and the clips in the end. I always just end up regretting it if I don’t – and it was payday! Sneaky Pandora! ;)

  2. Hi Ellie,

    In Canada we get less of these sales and our last sale was for 30% off retired items; the sale before that was our Christmas sale was 40% off. Yup, I am envious of Uzk and continental European promos. I feel a little sheepish complaining since I know readers from some other countries get zero sale promos. It has improved from when Canada didn’t get any discount promos what so ever, who knows perhaps next year we will see 50%.
    On another note I encourage you to buy the locked hearts. My husband bought it for me a while back and it is a lovely charm, so much gold in it too. I wear it quite a bit, very much a classic. I know you like the Victoruan era, this charm definitely has a Victorian feel. This is perhaps my favourite of all the hear designs Pandora has offered and I am happy to enable you on this purchase. It would look lovely on you fairytale bracelet, secret garden theme, Valentines or do many other designs.
    Happy shopping!!

    Lisa K

    • My same thoughts Lisa, I guess we can’t complain too much here in Canada, we just got a promotion but the sales are much better, I’d rather have that. When they had the 40% off last year it has been the best. The recent sale on the retiring charms didn’t happen here in Montreal, I was so disappointed. On this note, is there a way to know a bit in advance which charms will retire soon? So many that I wanted have disappeared so fast and I missed them. As Ellie says the turnover is so much faster now. I cannot spend too much at the same time so I wait in between purchases but I missed so many charms :(
      Have a good day everyone!

      • Hi Sara,

        The shop in shop that I deal with usually get a list of what can’t be reordered which is the same as what is going to be re-tired. Then a last call tray would be assembled. Whenever I go to a concept store or my local shop in shop the first thing I ask is to see the last call tray. I noticed recently, in my shop in shop the charms were not put on a retired or last call tray until just before the sale. If you have a preferred Pandora store you deal with I would ask if they still do any of what I mentioned. Ellie might have have a few ideas on this one.

        Lisa K.

        • Thanks Lisa! That’s a very useful information. I think though it also depends on how good the shop assistants are because one time I tried to ask one of them and she told me that they don’t know either. I suppose the store I go to has a very high number of SA and some of them might not be very well informed. Anyway, I will ask.
          Thanks again!

    • Hi Lisa! We do get a lot of sales here in the UK,but then we don’t get as many promos such as the spend & save, like you say. I do understand people’s frustration though, and it’s a bit odd that the offering can be so unfairly weighted among regions, especially considering how globalised we are these days. People are going to realise if they are not getting the same deals as everyone else!

      And yes, I did go for the Locked Hearts in the end! It’s such a beautiful bead and it was only the original price point that put me off. It does have that beautiful Victorian aesthetic to it, and I will have fun deciding where to put it :D

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  3. Hi. Could you tell me please what is ą price now charms 791740 locked heart? In uk pandora website is inaccessible now. In polish shop price is still the same, without any discount

  4. I’m surprised at a mid season sale! A few things look like they will be good to put away as presents. Will we still be getting the summer sale?

    • Yes, I would be surprised if we didn’t get the summer! This sale wasn’t very big really, I think it’s just a bonus.

  5. Hi Ellie and everyone,
    You kinda touch on a question that I have wondering about. What do you think is the “shelf life of a charm”? For instance the new spring collection that just came out do
    you think that will be on the market for 1 year, 2 years? I guess what I am asking is if I see a new charm should I look to purchase it within a year or two?

    • Hi Heather, you touch on a question that would have had a very different answer only a couple of years ago! Back in the day, you could expect new releases to be around for a long time, unless it sold very poorly. It would be very unusual for something to retire within the year. In the last couple of years or so, however,Pandora have completely changed their tactics – if something doesn’t sell well, you can expect it to be retired even within the same year. There is no set shelf life – if a charm sells well, it’ll continue to be sold indefinitely, but if it really doesn’t, it could be gone within months and on sale. The Shimmer muranos came out in Autumn 2017 but were in the post-Christmas sales! :)

      The good thing is that, once a charm is announced as retiring or put in the sale, you do normally have enough warning to buy it before it’s gone for good.

  6. Nice sale for those that can participate . I can’t so I just took a look at what could be making it’s way to Rue La La in the future haha.

    I have the braided clips and I love them. I think of them as love knots. I have a soft spot for them because they were my first clips!

  7. Hi Ellie,

    When I have seen your post about the sale I took a look on the website but I couldn’t find anything what is on my wishlist. Luckily I have two stores near to me so I had a quick look if there is any other charms on sale. There is actually much more on sale so I was able to pick up the Christmas Polar Bear charm, which is so adorable. :)

    The other thing is that I have been looking around on Rue La La’s website many times, but I never purchased anything. I am so disappointed now that they no longer ship to the UK. When I got my driving licence last year I wanted to get the little car charm, but I realized it is retired already. (I am new to Pandora, got my first bracelet in June 2017) Now I bought my first car and I was so happy that I have seen the car charm on Rue La La, but they stopped the international shipping. I don’t want to buy a used one and I am afraid to buy any Pandora from Ebay because I want to make sure it is original. How unlucky I am. :(

    • Hi Mara, I’m going to have a mosey down to the store over the weekend as well to see if there’s anything else I’m after. I shouldn’t, as I just bought the Locked Hearts and the clips I mentioned above, but nevertheless…! The Polar Bear is so sweet, that’s a lovely choice! They seem to be treating their Christmas beads as temporary, seasonal releases these days.

      What a shame about the car charm! I had a quick look and Beadazzle seem to have it in stock, but at full RRP:
      Or you could try joining Facebook groups for Pandora, e.g.Pandora’s Angels or Pandora’s Tribe, and see if there are any for sale there. I get a lot of older charms that way! :) Rue La La is not the be all and end all, and there’s a really lovely community out there helping each other get the beads they want.

      • So many temptation these days.. Spring collection, shine, mid season sale… If I would buy everything what I like….. :D >.<
        Thanks for the recommendations, I will check them definitely! x

  8. I’m glad you’re getting the Locked Hearts bead. It’s a nice one! When I got the Locked Hearts bead I got the two tone Magnificent Heart dangle to go with it. Let’s hope we see more two tone beads this year.

    • It’s really pretty! I am thinking that I might put it and a couple of other two-tone beads on the Mother’s Day 2017 bangle I’m getting from Rue. Or it’s tempting to start another two-tone design. We’ll see!

      It’ll also be interesting to see what happens with two-tone beads going forward. There haven’t been any previewed so far, and I wonder if they’ll not want to distract from Shine with any solid gold for a while.

  9. I finally got my items from the US bmsm event and I loooove them! The snow white muranos are a gorgeous red and are going on a Mickey/Minnie theme! Happy to get them too since I think they are retired/retiring. The aurora muranos are the perfect pink for my fairy tale bracelet. And a few others I got I love too! Just wanted to share since you have helped me with the pink debate haha

    • Oh yay! :D So glad your Aurora muranos were a good fit in the end. I don’t have them but they are lovely!

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