Happy news this Friday, as Rue La La are having a flash sale with increased discount on Pandora this evening! All existing Pandora styles will be at 60% off across the next two days, starting from 8PM ET (4 May). The increased discount will finish at 8PM ET on 6 May.

There are no new styles this time around, but the reduced price might make some of the existing pieces a little more tempting! :)

Unfortunately, Rue La La is not able to directly ship Pandora internationally. However, they do still accept international credit cards, and you could opt for a freight forwarding service to get your purchases.

I get asked this question a lot, and so I’ll answer it here to be clear: Rue La La are an authorised US Pandora retailer and only sell the genuine article.

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my affiliate invite link to access the website. Happy shopping!

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  1. Oh my, I ordered several things this morning. The reassuring thing is if prices drop below what they were this morning I’ll just get a credit. I ordered a bunch of Christmas charms to start Christmas bracelets for my daughters and granddaughters.

  2. I’m in the U.S. and Rue LA LA says they hove NO PANDORA!!! I have checked several times over the course of months. I used to see them there.


    • Teresa,
      I’m in the US and there’s lots of Pandora on Rue La La right now! (I purchased too much!) Go there by 5/6/18, because the sale will close.

  3. Hello Ellie, thank you for the update. This is a question not only for you, but for everybody on this forum who has ever used this kind of service. Could somebody recommend/ comment on the use of these freight forwarding services? I am at a loss here and I would like to be able to still order from them. And I imagine I am not the only one on this forum who could benefit from this kind of information. Thank you.

  4. When are we going to be able to see the new summer pandora jewelry? It’s already May and still no pictures. Thanks!

    • Images are on the ‘Art of Pandora’ blog and have been posted to Instagram by a few people. I’m looking forward to the post appearing here though, I do enjoy the blog’s posts about upcoming collections very much & to read other collectors opinions. It’s a bit baffling how other bloggers are allowed to talk about upcoming collections before others can.

    • Unfortunately Ellie is not able to post previews now until Pandora permits her too. If you are on insta, aussiebeadfreak has some clear images. Certainly a different release for Pandora. The random charm for the upcoming release has to be the skateboard!

      • It’s a bit of an odd collection, clearly targeting younger markets. Nothing I really want, which is okay as there is a lot I love from the spring collection & it will make me feel less guilty about splurging on the winter collection later in the year. I’ve got to get my sister the deck of cards though! It would also make a great addition to the Mad Hatter themed bracelet I’ve been considering.. we shall see.

        • Love the sound of your themed bracelet. Agree it does seem to be aimed at a younger market. I like the colours of the new leather bracelets and a couple of the travel charms.

        • The leather bracelets look good enough to wear without charms(great casual look)or in a stack of bracelets to break up all the metal or even as a way to wear a few charms that are hard to style.

      • I will definitely have to get the skateboard for my son’s childhood bracelet. He lived on his for a few of his tween years. ?

  5. Ellie thanks so much for the notice. I’m afraid what i needed is not there! So I got off easy today.

  6. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks for the heads up. I ordered a few things to start “present bracelets”.

  7. Hi!
    Took a peek but not really much of what I was hoping to see.
    How about you? Did you pick up a charm or 2?
    Have a great day!

  8. I got the two tone seashell that I’ve been eyeing for a while. And I bought my potential first ring. The silver stars one.

    • I just returned my star trail ring. It’s beautiful but I didn’t like how thick it was. I’m not a fan of how it looked on my already chubby fingers. I like m9re delicate/petite rings. Oh well…I’ll try with another one someday.

    • Lol I wish! Though I did order from the 60%. I purchased the Loving Heart bangle, Winter Wonderland clips, and the Cherry Blossom Murano. The bangle and clips I have looked at for a while now and decided it was time to just get them lol.
      I’m hoping the Cherry Blossom Murano will work well on the Poetic Blooms bracelet.
      I do see Pandora is back on Rue(which I could only see through Facebook on my phone yesterday. So strange.)and am considering another pair of the Jasmine Murano. I’m thinking a bracelet of just the princess Murano beads would be nice.

  9. Oh no! I just four new chams this morning! I think it’s a nice haul for the time being. I’ll be on a ban till next month.

  10. Oh my, I just ordered charms thanks to my husband for the birthday and Mother’s Day money. I’ve wanted a Christmas bracelet for quite awhile and with all the Christmas charms they have on sale I am well on my way. I can’t wait to get them in. I know it is not Christmas but I may just have to wear it a time or two anyway. I am so blessed that my husband enables my Pandora addiction.

  11. I’m from Australia and it won’t accept my credit card details with a forwarding service. So disappointed because they have a lot of stuff Australia doesn’t have (even the Jasmine murano which I have been hunting down!)

  12. It sucks that I get an error everytime I try to place an order even with the freight forwarding address. I just want the Jasmine murano which is completelt sold out in Australia

    • Same with me. I tried with MyUS address, got notice at Rue’s checkout that something went wrong.

    • I think something was just wrong with their system. I’m in the US with an US address and tried to check out twice and got an error message both times. I contacted concierge and they said to just keep trying. I was afraid I’d make multiple orders. It did finally go through though.

    • I wonder if there are different sales for the area you are in. I did not see the Jasmine Murano in the sale that I ordered from yesterday.
      Do you remember how many items were listed in your sale? Just curious.
      Thank you.

      • How strange. I just looked and the Jasmine murano is showing available. However, the prices have gone up from the 60% off they were yesterday to 40-50% off. Several of the things I ordered Saturday are considerable more expensive today. The number available Saturday were also much greater than the number available today.

        • Very strange. I did see Pandora on Rue. But I can only see it through my Facebook. If I go to the Rue page directly, Pandora is not there.
          There are about 180 items which is actually more than I was able to see on the 60% sale(I had about 130 on the 2 day sale.). And of course a few items I had hoped to see in the 60% and weren’t, are now in the current offering. Darn.

        • I’m so bummed I couldn’t get on site at opening time. Saw a few pieces i would have liked to purchase and of course sold out lol…
          Hopefully there will be restocking before this boutique closes.

  13. Rue La La just opened the Pandora boutique again. There are a few new charms (I was able to snap up the St Bernard/mountain dog). Only the normal discount but still some fabulous deals.

    • I was just thinking the same… ? I really hope you are alright, Ellie. I’ve been checking the blog daily for weeks now and I haven’t seen any new posts or comments from you. Sending hugs and good wishes!

  14. To echo the sentiment posted by others, I hope all is well. I have rather missed your blog posts and have constantly been checking back for updates.

  15. I’ve been concerned for a number of weeks now. I’m checking multiple times a day to see if we have any news from you, Ellie, and to know you’re alright. My mind keeps going back to you saying you would be using the Patterns of Love bangle for something rather special that you would reveal later, so I’m hoping it’s all good.

  16. I echo the sentiments of others! Ellie, I have been checking the blog daily just to make sure you are OK! Please update us soon!

  17. As many have said, Ellie you have been in my thoughts and prayers. As I begin each day with those I pray for you are on that list. Hope all is well for you.

  18. Hi Ellie,

    Radio silence for 17 days. You have us so spoiled lately with all the activity that we are worried. Hopefully, it’s just that you are really busy, and we’ll hear from you soon. Know that you are loved and sorely missed.

  19. Hi everybody, thanks for your kind messages – I’m absolutely fine, just taking some time out from the blog that has become longer than I initially expected. I’ll post an update soon. :)

    • Glad to hear from you Ellie. I’m glad to hear you are taking care of yourself. We all so enjoy you giving of your time to us. You add to our knowledge, our pleasure and the enjoyment of our day. Ultimately though you have to take care of yourself. This blog is only a small portion of who you are and I’m glad to hear you are taking care of the whole you. Blessings on you my friend.

      • Oh, thank God you´re all right!!! Take the time you need and excuse us if we have disturbed your well earned rest. As Deborah above says we are so spoiled that our minds seem to have been racing in the wrong direction. Glad everything is ok! xoxo

  20. Glad to hear you are ok Ellie. Was concerned but didn’t want to bother you. Liked to think you were invited to the Royal Wedding and you were busy getting ready?????

  21. It’s so good to finally read a comment from you, Ellie! I understand there’s a lot you have to take care of, besides this blog, and I’m glad you’ve been taking some time for yourself. However, I (and many others) was preoccupied about not having heard from you in a while. I’m really happy to know you’re perfectly fine and look forward to reading some Pandora news when you get back to it. Warmest regards!

  22. Hi Ellie!

    It’s good to hear from you. I can totally understand how overwhelming this task must be. Glad you are okay.

  23. Hi Ellie, you did the right thing to take a step back. Enjoy Life with your family and friends. We will be here when you are ready. Take care my Pandora friend.xoxo

  24. Does anyone know if there is going to be a Pandora summer sale or promo in the US? Remember, it was last year that they had their first online sale (50% off of three or more select items). I was hoping for something this year!

    Also, I have noticed a “sale” section on the US website…interesting.

  25. Ruelala has a 48 hour 60% off sale starting at 7:00pm CDT in the us on 6-5-18. I just ordered two charms.

    • Missed a couple as usual lol. Did finally pick up the blush crystal charms.
      Read on another page that there will be a promotion coming for June. No details as to what it will be yet. I remember the one last June, wonder if it will be a similar one.

      I do miss the updates, comments from Ellie. Hope all is going well with her and she will pop in soon to say “”Hi”.

    • I got a few too! The laurel branch that I’ve been wanting forever, the red nautical pave, and the love note valentines one. I also got the petites set for a future gift bc my sister was talking about starting a floating locket.

  26. Thank goodness you are alright. After a month with no updates, my mind instantly went to oh no something happened to her, I have become my mother. I finally had the idea to check the comments, thanks for checking in. Happy shopping!

  27. I haven’t been able to use a Canadian credit card with Rue LaLa despite having contacted them to ask how to do this. I see no option to enter a Canadian billing address. If you could get them to clarify how this can be done (the drop down menu only has States and the zip code format is restricted to US zip codes), that would be very helpful!

    • From Ruelala’s website:
      International credit cards
      Valid international credit cards are accepted for payment with a U.S.-based shipping address. During checkout for international credit card orders, please use your preferred U.S-based shipping address for both billing and shipping information to ensure proper processing.

  28. Am I the only one thinking here that pandora itself asked Ellie to take a break? They asked her to take preview images off before but I don’t see the art of pandora taking her preview images off. Is this the end of the blog?
    Sorry Ellie I must be totally wrong but a conspiracy theory is brewing in my head.
    Anyway I can’t wait for autumn preview if there will be any! It’s the most exciting one and I want to plan my spending.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen a few blogs/instagrammers posting previews of collections and it’s sad to see this blog restricted as I enjoy it very much. I had read comments from some of these bloggers, questioning why it seems Pandora are restricting European blogs showing content when those outside are able to show up and coming collections and information- especially when it was founded in Europe.

    • No you’re not the only one Laura. Which is sad because it has ruined this blog. There’s been whole collection drops and sales that haven’t even been covered here. Something I like to read about BEFORE the collection or sale comes out. If Ellie is going through something personal and quiting this blog then I’m sorry for her. If it was Pandora that ruined this blog then, I’m just sorry in general. This blog was awesome and now it’s not on my radar much these days.

      Come back to us, Ellie! Please, at least let us know if this is the end of this blog.

    • I keep checking the blog hoping Ellie is among us again. I pray all is well with her and she just threw up her hands and said I have to take some time for me. There hasn’t been a single blog out there as good as this one and I miss all the updates

      If Pandora is being pissy it is truly a shame. The advance notice Ellie was able to give us on promotions and sales were so helpful. The loss of previews don’t bother me so much but advance notice of GWP and sales is very helpful to me. I have a very limited Pandora budget so the more I can get for my dollars the better.

      I pray all is well with Ellie and that she will be back with us soon. Please Ellie if you need to tell us al it’s been fun but it is over it is okay but just let us hear from you so our imaginations will stop running away.

    • Echoing the concerns of everyone here. Hope all is well with you.
      Hopefully the silence we are experiencing is indeed Pandora related and nothing else.
      A heartfelt hug sent your way…

  29. Hope everything is ok. Missing the heads up news on upcoming promotions and releases. I’m thinking that Pandora has put a stop to this. I guess Pandora wants us to make those in store impulse purchases and not know about any of the releases in advance.

    • Yea that’s not gonna happen (impulsive purchases). I’m here for a reason because I’m a collector and I carefully plan if I’m buying exclusive from China or Europe etc.
      if they are trying to clean up their fan base from bad apples that’s not gonna happen too. People either like or hate the designs and this blog has nothing to do with it. We have plenty of communities to discuss the designs and banning this blog will do nothing (if this is what’s happening).
      Ellie is just a collector like all of us and she’s a strong pandora promoter. (So are we with our money). It’s absolutely normal not to like 100% of the collection and I see no shame in speaking if out.
      If I don’t like something you might find it adorable.
      Pandora is starting to improve their designs but it’s such a pity Ellie can’t share them with us. Now I don’t have time to anticipate and pandora is becoming a brand that just spits out designs like any other brand :/

    • I never impulse purchase anything (okay maybe chocolate…) My Pandora purchases are carefully researched and thought out, It can take me weeks even months to decide on a purchase- I research price, quality, offers ect sometimes even waiting for sales. I read others reviews of products before I buy. Blogs provide a great array of feedback and I make decisions accordingly- example, the queen bee charm that was released with the shine collection. I loved it when I first saw it (I love bees) so naturally wanted it but, I considered it a lot of money to spend on a single charm, I had very little gold in my collection (I’ve always preferred silver) and I didn’t know how well it would hold up. Ultimately as much I liked it, I wasn’t convinced to purchase it based off Pandora’s promotion of the item. I read several bloggers posts, including Ellie’s about the charm and discussed options for styling the bee in the comments with other people who frequent the blog. After a conversation about styling the Bee on black cord/leather and even mixing metals, the next time I was in the store I bought the Bee. I doubt I would have ever bought the bee, as much as I’d wanted it if I hadn’t had the opportunity to have a discussion about it that wasn’t a sales pitch by an SA.

  30. Hi Ellie, I wanted to share some ideas…

    1) Pandora should be treating this blog like any other blogs… given it is free promotion for their products.

    2) General information & reviews that people can look up themselves and share.

    3) But most of all, it is not necessary to reply to everyone’s comments which is very time consuming and takes a lot of effort from you. Everyone can join in to reply and exchange ideas, opinions and expertise.

    4) I love this blog and hope it will continue in some ways that will be benefit for everyone.

    Have a great week!

  31. Hi Ellie and everyone else,

    I have sorely missed new updates and posts on this blog. I find it to be a big coincidence that shortly after Ellie received her “ Mora Pandora “ engraved bead from John Greed the reviews stopped. It’s possible Pandora did not like the fact that most of us came to Ellie as our source rather than Pandora themselves. Perhaps they felt we associate pandora with Ellie and mora Pandora rather than on its own. Who knows? I’m just speculating at this point. Mora Pandora is what got me into pandora to begin with. Hopefully we will hear soon on here…

    • I agree with Ashley, I have done the same and since I have been reading this blog, I have been more and more thanks to Ellie’s beautiful preview. I think she should be hired or paid somehow by Pandora LOL.

    • Fingers crossed here!
      I also think something strange is happening. Since Ellie’s last post I’ve lost interest and gone on strike. No new Pandora babies for some time. Well, at least she’s all right.

  32. Hi Ellie,

    Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say we miss you! No pressure, and no reply necessary, just thinking about you today…

  33. Hi everyone out there. I also keep checking from time to time to see if new comments have been added to the blog. Not from Ellie because I don´t expect her to start answering all the comments and concerns left here. It would take her a lifetime, poor thing :). My guess is that when she comes back it will be with a new post ( fingers “very” crossed). Why then do I keep checking here instead of waiting for it to appear in my inbox?. Easy, I miss this wonderful community she has created and need to know that I´m not the only one.
    Now to my dissertation. At first I was in two minds about what was goning on. On the one hand, I suspected Pandora was behind it. On the other, I feared something was wrong with Ellie. In the end, the second option won over and I was checking here like mad several times a day. The day I saw that some people had added comments expressing MY own concerns I Worried more. And kept checking. More comments and best wishes were sent to Ellie. The more people sharing my concerns the more concerned I became. My mind is terribly creative when it comes to bad things so I forgot about Pandora and my thoughts were with Ellie every day. Then, I happened to come across some pics on insta featuring charms from the summer collection. So I turned to other blogs for information and saw that The Art of Pandora has previewed the whole release. And yet not a word from Ellie and more people had joined the comments above showing being concerned, too. At that point I was convinced that something was wrong with you, Ellie and was sick worried. Just a couple of days later you told us you were fine and taking some time off. Thank you. I was really glad to hear that my mind had overreacted ( as usual). However we still haven´t had any word from you and there is a pre- autum preview has been published by The Art of Pandora, so here I am guessing again.
    This time I´m convinced of a Pandora conspiracy. I have read all the comments above and I can only say that I totally agree with Ashley, Laura, Rachelle and the rest ( sorry, ladies but I can´t remember all the names and I don´t feel like scrolling up right now to mention everybody, this is already tooooo long). My statement: this blog means the world to many of us not only because it help us planning our purchases, but because it provides us with a place where we can share our enthusiasm, dissapointment, thrill, expectations, ideas, designs…. Seeing in advance is part of the game. Nothing else but nothing less. If Pandora change that I may not be interesting in playing along under their rules. I said above that I haven´t bought anything from Pandora since this last post and it is true. I still wanted some things from Spring but somehow I´ve lost interest.
    Well Ellie, I really hope you are fine and that very soon you´ll be back with making our day with a review or preview, whatever you fancy best, lol. Remember that this is YOUR blog, YOUR house and NOBODY can´t take that from you. And of course that there are many of us behind you, thinking of you, supporting you, wishing you the best and waiting that you come back soon.
    Take care <3

    • PS. Sorry for the grammar mistakes. It seems that several times I have erased part of a sentence or changed my mind before ending it. Dammed keyboards. Anyway I hope you can understand this tirade if you have the patience to go through it.

  34. The blog has always been a source of joy andere inspiration tot me. I hope you are ok Ellie. Love from the Netherlands.

  35. Ellie!!!!! <3 I haven't been around for a while, having received too many faulty Pandora products in too short a time, I had to step away in disgust, and now I look in to see how you're doing, and you're NOT doing!!!!!

    I don't know why you're not doing, but let me speak a few things, in true Lola-fashion.

    I actually peeked at the latest collection….it's Thomas Sabo on tainted speed. I can understand why you wouldn't want to cover it, and why Pandora may want it hidden.

    On that score, maybe Pandora can't take the heated opinions on their collections, and nowhere do you find more varied opinions than right here on this blog, where people feel at home, talking over tea. On other blogs you get nothing but gushing praise, and it rings false to those of us who have different vision, and a wider vocabulary.

    Maybe you're sick. If so, I feel for you (new cancer diagnosis here), and I hope you take care, and get good care. Or maybe you're just sick of Pandora for a while, and I feel for you there too. :-)

    You've missed me, I know. Lol. Everybody misses YOU.

  36. Like the rest of the people commenting, of course I hope Ellie is feeling alright.
    The conspiracy theories on here are a bit much though lol. Ellie is just on a break or simply lost interest and those crazy comments probably aren’t helping ;)

    • Can you just imagine how much work it is to keep up with and post all the collections and promos for all the countries she keeps up with? And then respond to all our comments? I don’t blame her for wanting a time out. And, like you, I think that’s all it is.

    • To have a prominent blog though means she should offer some heads up for an absence. I don’t expect a response to every comment. A quick post saying she’s going on a break would have been better than nothing. And therefore no “crazy comments” would have been posted by readers who are really just concerned (because of the no explanation thing).

      • Meh, imho she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation and she’s already stated she’s just taking a break. Besides, I think we’ve all had it happen that we didn’t really mean to disappear/stop doing something, but we lost interest or didn’t have the time or energy and it just kinda happened ;)

        • Of course she doesn´t owe us anything. Everyone is entitled to their own privacy. But it just came out of the blue and many of us worried about her. In my view, that is just normal and human. Of course, that doesn´t mean that she ows us an explanation. By no means!

  37. Lots and lots of love to you Ellie, you have given us all so much happiness with your blogs. I have lost so much interest in Pandora without you to guide me! Hope everything is well with you xx

  38. Hi Everyone,

    The US Summer sale will run June 14th-24th. It will be another Buy More Save More Event, but only on select items this time. Buy 1 Select Item 25% Off, Buy 2 Select Items 35% Off and Buy 3+ Select Items 45% Off. This sale includes bracelets, charms, clips, safety chains, Essence, Disney and Pandora Rose. You can see a complete list of sale items on My Xpressions. Jahndra has been nice enough to list each individual item. Happy shopping!

    Missing you , Ellie!!!

    • Thank you for taking a moment to post this. There are several things on my want list. I quite saying wish list, they are all simply want items. I will be waiting for the sale on Thursday and will be ordering a few items. I was unaware of this blog and have subscribed. Thanks for the head up.

      • You’re most welcome, Beth. Jahndra is still working on the list of sale items. I read on The Art of Pandora there would be over 600 pieces included.

    • Thank you Emily for this post also a big thank you to Jahndra at My Xpressions for taking the time to list the sale items. I always like a heads up so I can plan. That is why I fell in love the Mora Pandora blog!
      I am joining everyone else with a big, missing you Ellie :)

      • You’re welcome, Heather. Can you imagine how long it takes to post this list? Especially with item numbers!

    • It was so kind of Jahndra to do this. I can’t imagine the amount of time it took to put the list together. But am so happy see did. Printed the list and have an expanding list of items I hope to pick up. She also has a great YouTube channel. I have enjoyed her videos as much as I have Ellie’s page here. Hope everyone will take a peek.

    • This sale has been changed from Buy More Save More on select items to 45% off on select items. Even better!

  39. For Canadians, Pandora is having also a sale as follow:

    This weekend only (June 14th-18th) at PANDORA the more you spend, the more you SAVE! Buy 1, Save 20%! Buy 2, Save 30%! Buy 3, Save 40%! Selected styles. No Disney and no Shine products.

    Happy shopping!

  40. I have been away and really missed you Ellie and all your comments and tedious follow ups that you are so well known for. Now i find you are on a “sabbatical” and I do hope you are having a lovely summer. You deserve a break from us and I am sure all of these comments bring a smile to you. Just reviewed the P sale list of items and that was some job for “j” to put together for us all. I really enjoyed reading all of the comments and styling decions from all of you girls. I have made many sale purchases thru Rue and have not had the time to put them all together. I confess that unlike “Beth” i don’t always have a plan but love a charm and buy it! The open bangle has saved me on many of those occasions when one, three or five look just great!

    • JJnAZ lol. I am the same. Sometimes have an idea in mind for a piece, but more often than not I purchase because I like the piece. Then of course there is another project in progress lol.
      I am considering the open bangle now. Have seen so many lovely idea for styling here. I was hesitant to purchase because of fear of losing it. Reading so many positives on this page and of course Ellie’s has helped to sway my thoughts on this piece.
      Did you shop the 45% sale?
      I visited the local store with list in hand to hopefully get close to completing a few projects. Unfortunately my store had a limit of 15 pieces per person, and that is for the duration of the sale. Not 15 per visit. But for the entire run of sale. Needless to say I was a bit surprised at that. I do understand limits but this one was a bit of a surprise to me. Of course I was over by 2 items lol.
      Have a good day and happy styling with your pretties.

  41. UPDATE: The US Buy More Save More sale on select items has been changed to 45% off select items. No tier spending which is even better!

  42. Missing you Ellie. Hope that all is well with you. Look forward to you coming back to this blog. Take care.

  43. Okay for U.S. Pandora Lovers Only :( there are 180 items on Rue La La the two I bought look to be 60% off.it’s not listed as a boutique you have to just type in the word Pandora.

    • Thank you for posting.
      Unfortunately not everyone can see this sale. :(
      I spoke to a concierge a few minutes ago as to why I wasn’t able to see the sale.
      This is the response:
      “The Pandora boutique is a Private Boutique. We limit access for our Private Boutiques to maintain their private nature. From time to time we like to surprise Members in many different ways – from a special note to a surprise gift to access to a Private Boutique like this one. Please know that we value all of our Members – and who knows where the magic will land the next time”

      I wonder how they determine who should be able to shop in any particular boutique?

      I find this a bit distasteful. I do like shopping on Rue, but if members are restricted on what they can and cannot have access to, what was the point of signing up(to be a member and be able to shop)and paying for shipping for a year?

      • I often don’t see it if I look under the Brands heading so I usually just type in Pandora in the search field and it pops up. I’ve also discovered if I type in Pandora I see items that don’t show up if I simply open the boutique.

        • Typing in search on Rue page didn’t bring anything up but surprisingly a Rue ad showed on my Facebook page and when I clicked on it I am able to see the sale page.
          Very quirky lol
          Maybe because Pandora has an active sale Rue can’t advertise?

  44. Missing you too Ellie. Look forward to an update from you down the track when you are ready, no matter how long it takes (not about Pandora). Take care of yourself. Lozzie.

  45. TeriK.. so sorry had no idea it was some private sort of thing.I just stumbled on to it by typing in the word Pandora. they didn’t send me any notification. I never knew that they were showing different sales to different customers at different times I find it distasteful also. If it also turns out that Pandora was unfair to Ellie this is going to Major League sour me on the brand. There are numerous Pandora collectors in our family with way over a hundred completed Pandora bracelets Among Us.

    • No worries there Anne. It was very kind of you to let us know that there was an offering.
      As I posted above, maybe because there is an active sale Rue can’t advertise.
      But, I have had this happen a few times recently with Rue where someone was able to see an offering that others could not.
      I just find it odd that a site that requires you to register to shop then restricts you from doing so.
      The odd thing is that a Rue ad showed up in my Facebook page and clicking on let me see a sale page. Yet I cannot see it if I just go to the Rue page and search for Pandora.
      Definitely strange Pandora shopping of late lol.

    • I agree with on last comment.
      I also just realized about your last sentence. 100!?!? That is pretty amazing collection in your family. ?

  46. Finally managed to get in store and see the summer sale. A disappointing visit. Saw the Sparkling bow bangle on sale for £49, my store had never had this in stock when it came out so I had given up trying to buy it (I loathe online shopping). The SA said they only had a large size in and that would be too big for me, said to go online and buy a “Size one ” for small wrists. She was to busy talking about other shops sales to answer my question on what on earth is a size one? They are listed at 16CM, 17.5CM and 19CM online. She wasn’t much help. Tiny selection of sale charms and tiny selection of new stuff, The store was unusually bare. I’m thinking about just leaving the bangle, as well as the size confusion, UPS never deliver to my door. Has anyone made any sales purchases this year? I hope your doing Okay Ellie!

    • I wear a 18cm in a chain bracelet and get the 17cm or the 17.5cm in a bangle. The 17cm fits very snuggly and the 17.5cm a little looser. I order almost all of my Pandora on line because my local store has very limited stock.

    • I find sizing is a problem with bangles – if I go in store and can try on different sizes I can easily see which one I prefer, but I can never match this to the sizes I see online. With bangles I usually get the first size as I prefer my bangles not to come down over my hand., this is obviously a personal preference though as well as depending on the size of your wrist. I would highly recommend the bow bangle if you can sort out the sizing though, as I bought one when it was full price because I thought it looked stunning, yet it is a very simple classic bow. You could try ordering different sizes and sending back the one you don’t want? I know this is a bit of a hassle. I have made loads of sale purchases this year, I have really got to economise! The thing is though, I haven’t really liked much of the latest collections, I have only bought new from the Spring collection. But there are lots of charms from a year or so ago still on my wishlist, and they are so well priced in the sale! I got the small heart locket charm, the elsa murano and dress, a starry sky clasp bracelet, the teal parrot (which is a gorgeous little charm, much nicer than its photo) and the little girl and palm tree petites. All of these will fit nicely into my existing bracelet designs so I am very happy! Luckily I live within travelling distance of a few stores, so I am making my way round each one and inspecting their sale trays!

      • You added some lovely pieces to your collection. I’m thinking to pick up the Starry Sky clasp bracelet. I already have 2 but…It is just so pretty. And we can never have enough stars in our lives right?

      • They sound like great pieces! Enjoy wearing them. I’ve taken the plunge and bought the sparkling bow bangle in the smallest size, I really hope it fits. I also got the Night sky charm, Ice Drops Murano and the Twinkling Christmas tree charm(never too early to think about Christmas!) The Night Sky and Ice Drops are great for adding to my blue theme. I just have to impatiently wait for them to arrive now!

    • Can’t help with your bracelet size issue but re sale items I reluctantly do all my sale purchases online now simply because each store carries different sale stock and id rather pay the delivery fee than have to spend my weekends traveling to different stores/suburbs to get the sale charms I want. I was $1 short of the free delivery this time around. Lol.

  47. I was able to find one Vintage N charm for my young daughters bracelet and I bought a few petites as gifts: Mickey glove and Mickey icon enamel. Then I started loving the petites so much that I caved and bought a Mickey glove and Minnie enamel for me (I don’t even have a floating locket yet). Smh

  48. I just had a message for Tiedyedeb, a seller on ebay who sells authentic Pandora. I’ve bought from her many times and all of her Pandora comes in the small plastic bags with the Pandora label on them. Ellie has said many times you can buy from her with confidence. This is what Deb said….

    “FYI- I am buying the Fall/Winter collection before I leave town and it is STUNNING! Far and away the BEST collection in 5 years. I almost cried when I saw it…almost no CZ’s. All beautiful detailed charms taking inspiration from lots of fun places including Renaissance art. It launches 8/30. Stay tuned and save your money. It is that awesome.”


    • Oh wow I’m excited, I actually had a job interview at Pandora this week and they asked how I got into pandora. I told them from this blog. The manager had said she knows of this blog and I love the products so I can feel confident selling them. I was in a group interview and I was one of the only ones wearing Pandora as well as the only one that knew the history of the company… I am attracted to working there part time for the discount lol but I did not say that.

      • Good luck I hope you get the job! I so love having a salesperson who knows every aspect of the product I am buying. I lucked out with the young sales lady I had for my first purchase, she was so knowledgeable and excited about Pandora. I have been back to that store a few times and have had several different people but no one like her – never saw the original SA again. The discount was the main reason I worked retail!

      • Ashley good luck! Working at Pandora must be a dream come true! Well, or a pain in the neck when they release collections like this summer’s, lol.

        • Hi Marie!

          Thank you. I’m definitely going to be sooooo excited if I get it. I think it would be exciting and fun. Love the products and the chance to be creative with them.

      • Good wishes to you Ashley, hope that you get/got the job! Let us know.
        I,on the other hand, could not work there…would never receive a paycheck lol

        • That would be me too! I would spend my paycheck every time! ? Hope you get the job!

    • Oh this does sound promising! More silver and less cz’s. That will be great! Hopefully something very vintage looking.
      Dilemmas…not in a hurry for summer to be over but so want to have a look…lol

      Thank you Beth for posting.

      I think it is so wonderful everyone here is keeping this thread alive.

      • Thanks Beth for posting that information. I am really looking forward to the autumn and winter releases. Hope to see some catalogues or pictures online soon! Ashely, all the best with your interview and sending good wishes your way. That would be such an amazing job! :)

      • Thanks for the heads up! I’ve seen a few of the things too. Three words come to mind. Rose. Mesh. Bracelet! I’m looking forward to the release too!

  49. Good luck I hope you get the job! I so love having a salesperson who knows every aspect of the product I am buying. I lucked out with the young sales lady I had for my first purchase, she was so knowledgeable and excited about Pandora. I have been back to that store a few times and have had several different people but no one like her – never saw the original SA again. The discount was the main reason I worked retail!

    • We are so lucky here, the ladies at the Scottsdale Quarter store are very knowledgeable and are collectors themselves. It’s always so exciting to collaborate with them in a new bracelet design.

      • you are lucky to have a great store nearby! it is okay I do most of my ordering online, I started collecting for Disney and so far I have been able to stick to that but my wish list is starting to step outside the Disney box. I see how this can become a problem:)

  50. Why is everyone hating on the Summer collection? I LOVE it.
    Turquoise is my favourite colour, that heart charm, the feather earrings and the turquoise leather bracelet are all on my wish list! If only I had the cash, but I guess if everyone else hates it then it will land in the Sale quickly, fingers crossed.

    • Fingers crossed for you, Marina. It´s not my style at all, but then again we all have different tastes. I´m glad that I don´t like it, loved the Spring one and thus got several pieces plus some more from past collections that for some reason I never came to buy, so this summer release gives me a much needed time off Pandora and save money for my upcomming holidays and hopefully for A/W.

      • Yes, me too. I wasn’t tempted at all. It seemed to Hippie/boho. I like collecting the ocean charms during the summer. I did love the Spring release, and I’m with you, I can’t wait for fall.

    • I too love a lot of the summer collection. The turquoise color is stunning, and I love the Ferris wheel, the skateboard, the feather, the compass rose, the dreamcatcher… I wasn’t sold on the tassels, but the turquoise one will look cute on a necklace. Not sure how they would hold up on a bracelet…

    • Thanks Sherry, I wondered if there would be one soon since they’ve not added anything new in a couple of weeks. Maybe they will have some of the recently retired items I saw in the Outlet store last week.

      It was my first visit to the outlet store and I have to say I probably won’t go back. It is 325 miles from us but definitely not worth the round trip. They had maybe 100 retired charms and the rest were all current stock. If I watch Rue I can get things cheaper than what they were at the outlet store. Their biggest discount was 33% off.

      • Beth, I’m sorry your outlet trip was so disappointing. I have visited one and shopped online a few more. I have found the discount to be pretty good. For example, I bought Mrs. Hedgehog, with the discount she was $10.99, Vintage Allure (w/14k and green stone) $21.99. I put together a list and message the store for availability and pricing.
        I hope you will give them another try. The outlets do ship as well. They charge $20.00 for shipping. When there is an additional discount, it’s a little easier to bear the shipping cost.
        I have a trip coming up in July and the outlet store is on the list of to places to visit lol.

      • Saw a few new things at the boutique opening. I was safe this time lol. Nothing that was a must have for me this time.
        How about you? Did anyone find a want/wish list item?

        • I didn’t see anything new that wasn’t on the boutique before. Everything is 50% off as is usual. I’m safe this time, I too didn’t see anything I can’t live without.

        • Wonder if Rue will do a “Moonlight Madness” soon. I do like those sales lol. I’m pretty sure I could find a pretty or 2 to purchase. ;)

          Happy Saturday everyone…

  51. Miss you Ellie! Aloha from Hawaii btw! Hope everything is going good for you.

    Is it just me or does anyone else feels lost with the pandora world?
    I love collecting pandora but lately without Ellie’s post I’ve been late at the pandora game ? I miss seeing upcoming collections, reviews and ways she would style her pandora jewelry.

    Ellie if you see this, please let us know how you’re doing and if we will be hearing from you soon! Blessings to you and your Ohana!

    • Lyn S., you have touched on how everyone feels I believe.
      Hope Ellie will pop in to say “hi” soon.

      • I agree with you Lyn! I am used to seeing upcoming collections and having info on promos at least a month ahead of time. I really miss being able to plan my purchases ahead. There are a bunch of items I want from the summer collection, but I am waiting to find out if there is going to be a free leather bracelet promo, as there typically is a in July. I know Pandora had been shutting Ellie down, but she is still by far the best source of Pandora, so I am definitely feeling lost! Ellie, if you are reading this, I hope you are doing well!

        • Sorry, I didn’t mean shutting her site down. I just meant that Pandora hadn’t been allowing Ellie to release info about the collections until right before they were due to come out in store.

    • I agree with you Lyn! I am used to seeing upcoming collections and having info on promos at least a month ahead of time. I really miss being able to plan my purchases ahead. There are a bunch of items I want from the summer collection, but I am waiting to find out if there is going to be a free leather bracelet promo, as there typically is a in July. I know Pandora had been shutting Ellie down, but she is still by far the best source of Pandora, so I am definitely feeling lost! Ellie, if you are reading this, I hope you are doing well!

  52. Hi Ellie,

    You are greatly missed.?

    Have a great Summer everyone and enjoy Pandora’s beautiful colors this season.?

  53. Im just glad Ellie hasn’t turned off comments on this post. It’s nice to hear from everyone while Ellie is taking a leave of absence and nice for Ellie i hope to hear how much she is missed.

  54. I know there’s other Pandora blogs that are excellently researched an written, and provide an amazing source of information – but unfortunately for me they’re just not MoraPandora.. I think what I’ve loved about this blog is it’s simple style- it’s so easy to navigate, not too many frills just the new blog posts front and center! I love the little countdowns to the new collections, as well as the fact-sheets and pages about HTF and limited editions!

    And full disclosure – I was a SA for a few years, and even Ellie’s blog taught me about the product and helped me to fully develop my own opinions and insights better because of both her analyses and everyone’s comments. I’ve learnt a lot about older collections too, which helped me when my customers would come in with old products- I could bond with them and understand their journey with the brand even more. I can definitely say that Ellie’s blog helped me to better serve my customers during my time as a SA, so thank you Ellie- I just hope you come back soon! <3

  55. Not sure if you guys know but the US is having a fourth of July Promo. Spend $100 get a free leather bracelet, ring, or earring up to $65.

    • Thanks for sharing Sarah! I was just coming here to post this. Also, upgrades over $65 are allowed. Unfortunately, the free/upgraded item cannot be Disney or Pandora Shine.

      • Joanne,
        This will be my first promo like this. When you say upgradeable, does that mean instead of a leather one, I could chose a different bracelet and just pay the difference?
        Thank you.

        • Yes, Teri, you should be able to do this as long as it’s a bracelet that you can put charms on (which is most of them!).

        • Thank you for response Joanne.
          I have been considering the Open Bangle, seems this would be the perfect time to add it.

        • Hi Teri. I didn’t mean to steer you in the wrong direction, but it seems that Pandora is not allowing substitutions for different types of bracelet
          s this time and is only allowing leather bracelets. In the past, Pandora always allowed upgrades to different bracelets, even during those marked as leather bracelet promos, so I assumed it would be the same this time. I’m sorry.

        • Hi Joanne,
          Thank you for the update. I was just here to post that same information. Can only upgrade the ring/earring.
          I will be passing on this promo as it was the bracelet upgrade I was interested in.
          Maybe a bracelet promo that isn’t limited to a specific piece will pop up later this year.
          Have a Happy 4th of July…

      • You’re welcome! Starts the 3rd. I’m probably not participating as I just spent a lot on Rue La La (including 2 oxidized bracelets). But for those who partake, enjoy!

        I would probably get the new teal leather bracelet or upgrade to a silver snake chain with a cute clasp.

        • I may take advantage. If I can upgrade the bracelet, I would like to get the Open Bangle. I have finally decided, with the help of so many positive comments on this page, to give it a go. My fear was that it would come off the wrist.
          So glad you found wish/want items on Rue, including the bracelets. I really like the Oxidized Bracelet too. I got my 3rd one from the recent 45% sale. :)
          I didn’t purchase anything from the current Rue sale. Nothing that was a must have for me (yet, lol) this time.
          Thanks again for posting!

  56. What is everyone’s thoughts on the new lovepod collection?

    Been following Ellie for 5 years, can’t help checking in on morapondora frequently.

    • Hi Lozzie. I´m in two minds about the love pods. Maybe the rings and bracelets are ok, but I must see them in person before. I personally don´t like the spacers, I think they look very much like other spacers and I´m curious about that barrel-like movable charm. I need to have a proper look at it before deciding whether I like it or not. If it´s huge I already know I´ll hate it. Otherwise, I might love it. Ellie´s opinions and reviews are very much missed here!

      • I purchased the earrings yesterday. They are small hoops with a removable pod dangle, so like 2 sets in one. I got the silver and Rose ones. The pendants are equally dainty, and quite pretty. The bracelet I’m still undecided on. The rings are beautiful, but I found the all-round pattern to be uncomfortable between my fingers. My friend didn’t mind that, so she bought a ring. I was prepared to dislike the spacers, but in person they are lovely. So on my wishlist they went!

  57. Hi Lozzie. I´m in two minds about the love pods. Maybe the rings and bracelets are ok, but I must see them in person before. I personally don´t like the spacers, I think they look very much like other spacers and I´m curious about that barrel-like movable charm. I need to have a proper look at it before deciding whether I like it or not. If it´s huge I already know I´ll hate it. Otherwise, I might love it. Ellie´s opinions and reviews are very much missed here!

  58. Sale question for those of you in the US. I have only been collecting for a little more than a year. I have read Ellie’s “old” links and am still left with questions that maybe someone can answer. How often does Pandora have a buy more and save sale? I remember the one last Christmas and I DEFINITELY participated in the spring sale. Do they have one in August or September? Or is every sale just random? I am passing on the July sale. Thanks!

    • Hi Heather. This can be a difficult question to answer because Pandora has drastically changed its Pandora promos over the last couple of years. In fact, they never used to have buy more, save more sales and only did promos for free bracelets, rings, or charms. The best answer I can give you is that the next spend and save sale will probably be held in September. Pandora has done a promo of some kind every September (usually the second or third week of the month) since I started collecting in 2013, and the last two Septembers have been spend and save promos. Mid- to late-March is another time when Pandora ALWAYS has a promo, and this year it was a spend and save promo. In 2017, there was a free bracelet promo held in March, but a a spend and save promo was held in Memorial Day. The Memorial Day promo was replaced this year with a free bangle promo. Basically, it seems like you can count on two spend and save promos per year during which you can select from all items in the store.

      Now, there are also other spend and saved promos where you can only select from certain items in the store. The promo that was just held last month was an example of that. In June 2017, this type of promo was held as well, so it’s a safe bet that this may be an ongoing June promo. There was been some type of promo right after Christmas the last few years, and last year’s was a spend and save promo that allowed you to choose from select items. Last October, Pandora also offered 40 percent off a range of items. Therefore, you can probably expect two to three Pandora spend and save promos where you have to select from certain items per year.

      To sum up, it seems like Pandora is offering four or five of these promos per year—some where you can choose from all items in the store (though possibly excluding Disney and Pandora Shine) and some that only make certain items available. This obviously doesn’t count the other assorted promos throughout the year, such as the one starting tomorrow. Of course, Pandora has been undergoing many changes and the promos have been getting more and more random, it seems. I hope all of this make sense and is helpful!

      • Thanks Joanne!
        Your answer was very helpful and does make sense! I just have to learn to save up and spend when the sales hit. I had a feeling there was some sort of sales/promo schedule. The last spring spend and save I was a bit conservative and did not get all the items I wanted, which if I did I think my husband would have had a heart attack! As of right now I collect only Disney and know that they are excluded from some of the sales, which stinks for me.
        Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

        • Yes, Heather. Thankfully, it seems like these sales are happening more regularly. It’s a shame that Disney is often excluded from promos, but some of the Disney pieces have been retired, so you may find these discounted soon or already. Are you familiar with Rue La La? They recently had some Disney items on sale there.

      • I think you can count on Pandora USA running some sort of special to correspond with our major holidays in addition to the promos Joanne listed. They seem to be marketing more along the lines of other retailers in the US. Then there is Rue La La, which sells only discontinued items, and they are 45-65% off, depending on how long they have had an item. They seem to get new stuff right after a group of jewelry is retired. It’s a good way to score Disney on sale. Hope this helps!

  59. My husband will be traveling from the US to both the Philippines and Singapore in the next six weeks. Are there any charms exclusive to those countries I can ask him to buy? Are there any promotions coming up for those countries?

    • I am an Australian so I can’t advise you re non US exclusives but what I found helpful before I went to Singapore last month, was to go online and compare the charms available in their collection to what we have at home.

      Picked up a few charms that I didn’t have that were already retired here and a Murano and bracelet that were never released in my country. Luckily the sale was on when I arrived in Singapore and was still on when I arrived back home. So a win all round for me.

    • Hi Beth,
      There is a safety chain you might like and I do believe it is available there. It is the Star ? safety chain that was not released in the US. I think it is very pretty from the photos I have seen.
      Have you looked on the Pandora page for those areas? It could help with your search of pieces not available here.
      Would love to hear what pieces your hubby brings back for you ?

      • Sorry I forgot to add that there is a November 1, 2015 review by Ellie of this piece if that helps ?

  60. Hello all! I have been checking for any new posts on the blog for a while now, I miss it terribly. I am a pandora sales associate in the U.S. and avid collector (prior to the job and even more so now haha). Glad to see others were worried too. I enjoy this blog so much, and it also helped me connect with my collecting customers as well. I hope to hear from you soon Ellie!

    • Hi Meg. I am getting a bit worried that Ellie is not coming back. Sincerely hope it is not the case. Not aware of any blogs anywhere as good as morapandora.

      • I supposse Ellie needs time off for whatever reason. I don´t think she would abandoned her blog out of the blue. When you create something as big as this blog, with a community of die-hard followers from all over the world you are not likely to simply fade away, like old soldiers. I´m confident that she will come back eventually and I hope that she´s alright and we´ll hear from her soon.

      • I am so hoping Ellie returns to the blog after she takes the time off she needs. I am getting worried, though, that Pandora trying to control Ellie’s blog posts is the reason she has not returned to the blog. I noticed today that The Art of Pandora blog’s preview for the Pre-Autumn collection has been taken down (it been up for a while and was recently updated). So, it seems Pandora is making everyone take down previews for upcoming collections. :(

  61. I hope Ellie checks in soon and hasn’t become too discouraged to continue the blog. I hope her health and well being aren’t what is keeping her away. Either way she is definitely on the heart of many of us.

    The previews are only a small part of what this blog represents. If she can’t do previews anymore until Pandora releases photos I’m okay with that.

    Part of the thrill of this blog is the advance notice of specials and deals all over the world. The best part of this blog though is the community of the members. I so enjoy everyone’s comments about all of the Pandora items after they’ve been released and the stories of what Pandora means to everyone.

    I think the continued posts on this line is indicative of how much of a community we are and how we celebrate each others company.

    Please Ellie, if you are checking in at all know your time and energy to keep this blog going is so much more than previews. It is a whole realm of possibilities.

  62. In my opinion the previews and heads up to know what is coming out next arouse the interest of collectors like myself. I feel excited about it and look forward to the release. Now that Ellie is not posting any updates, I’m just not so excited about the release anymore.

  63. I feel the same way. This blog was the key to success for Pandora but theu do not seem to understand us collectors… and will find their sales decreasing more each season.

  64. I’m disappointed with Pandora in general right now. I did not get the position I applied for. I had a group interview with two college girls, I’m 32. When asked about Pandora and it’s history the girls could not even state one fact. I was able to go into the history of the company no problem. The girls showed up unprepared. But they got it over me. I also not to brag have an impressive resume so I feel sort of miffed. I have over fifteen years of banking, customer service and I’ve worked in law enforcement and doing dockets for judges but I’m not fit to work at Pandora? Right. I’m about to just be done with them and go back to Trollbeads and James Avery.

    • So sorry to hear about that Ashley. Someone like you is exactly the sort of person I want to see when I go into Pandora stores! So often I know more than the sales assistants and it is disappointing when they can’t help with queries, although they are always very nice. I expect it is cheaper to employ college students than more experienced staff, but it seems a shame to turn down such a qualified candidate.

    • I am so sorry to hear that Ashley. I too prefer a store that has experienced staff. Wish Pandora would value someone enthusiastic and knowledgeable such as yourself and Ellie online.

      • Sorry to hear that you did not get the job Ashley. When I go to a Pandora store I definitely prefer sales assistants to be knowledgeable on the history of the company and know their product well, such as retired and current charms. It is part of the whole experience of going to Pandora, discussing charms, bracelets and designs. I think Pandora missed out by not hiring you

    • Typical. They want youth over experience and knowledge. And I thought that happens only in my country! Cheer up, Ashley! Pandora ‘s lost.

    • I feel your pain Ashley. I, too, interviewed at a Pandora store and knew more about the product and everything about Pandora more than the Store Manager! And I didn’t get the job, despite have numerous years of customer service experience and being an avid Pandora collector and knowing so much about their product line. The Store Manager was transferred from another Pandora Store and was promoted to Manager and only 20!! She had only been working at Pandora for a little over a year and I have been shopping with them probably before she even knew about Pandora!

  65. Thank you Debbie j, Pauline and Lozzie for trying to make me feel better. It was not meant to be I guess. I miss this blog and Ellie. Thankfully the community on here is strong at the moment. I will be curious to see what the autumn collection will bring. I’m probably going to continue to collect. Maybe. Once I get over my pity party lol

  66. I heard from an authorized dealer that the pre-autumn collection is wonderful. She said there are very few CZs in the collection and reminds her of the releases 5 years ago. She has already ordered the collection.

    Since I have more than one bracelet not complete I’m hoping there will be something I can use. She told me to save my pennies.

    She sells on ebay so anyone can order from her. All of her Pandora is authentic and she sells it 10-15% off Pandora retail. Unless you live in NJ you don’t have to pay sales tax either.

  67. I don’t know how to handle new collections without Ellie! Before I found this blog, I just used to wait until something new was out, go in the shop and pick up a brochure, then go home and look at it and decide what I liked best to get someone to show me in-store. Because you never get to see the full collection in the display in-store, there’s always things they don’t have, and the assistants don’t know. But now the brochures are all weird as well – the new stuff is all mixed in with the old stuff and the last brochure didn’t even group them by theme or colour it was all mixed in together so you couldn’t find anything (in the UK one anyway). I like to see the whole collection to decide what to buy, and it is lovely to get to see the whole collection in advance as well,I think it creates excitement. I wish Pandora would be more forthcoming with information – I noticed the other day that the only preview on Art of Pandora had disappeared as well. It’s like Pandora don’t want me to buy anything! Does anyone feel the same?

    • Debbie J. I feel exactly the same. I miss Ellie’s incredible insight terribly. What an absolute gem she is. I started collecting Pandora just eleven months ago. I’ve been telling the beautiful story of my relationship with my partner (he encouraged me to always wear my heart on my sleeve with him) I waited 24 years for him to find me. After my divorce, I’d never dated. I’m now 53. Our paths crossed a little over a year ago. In the past eleven months I’ve now purchased 3 bangles 1 chain and 25 charms (no two are the same) And it was a Pandora sales associate in Australia that recommended Ellie’s Blog to me. I also noticed that the post on The Art of Pandora had been removed. I’m not entirely certain what Pandora’s problem is, but alienating loyal customers does not appear to be sound business sense to me. I too appreciated the ability to preview new collections and pre-plan my purchases. Especially given that every charm I have, pairs back to a beautiful moment my partner and I have shared. A memory we’ve made. For that spontaneous shopping is out of the question. I much prefer to go in store knowing exactly what I want and not to feel rushed to make a quick sale for their staff. Whatever Pandora’s problem is, I hope they resolve it quickly before they do lose the loyalty of their customers who do have an incredible passion for their products. Ellie iI hope this finds you well, you are sorely and dearly missed by us all. Your knowledge and honesty are an asset to Pandora and not a liability.

    • I so agree with both of you! Ellie’s blog really creates buzz and excitement about upcoming collections, so I don’t understand why Pandora would try to stifle that. Also, Ellie has been doing this for years, so I don’t get why it’s suddenly a problem now. I also noticed The Art of Pandora took down its preview of the Pre-autumn collection. Part of the fun of Pandora was coming to Ellie’s blog to view the images and her descriptions of upcoming items. I loved to plan my purchases months in advance. I normally would be coming here at this time to preview the upcoming Christmas collection, which is usually my favorite! It’s definitely a downer.

    • I also feel the same. I found this blog soon after I started collecting and grew on me almost inmediately. Now I, too, fell a bit lost. Seeing in advance is part of the thrill. I´m a controller, so trying to boost me into quick purchasing is not going to work. Quite the contrary. I haven´t got any new pieces since this post and there are still some left from Spring that had caught my eye, but somehow I have lost interest. I think it´s due to the fact that I am missing the updates and reviews and even previews here. None of my friends are into Pandora, so apart from this blog ( and my poor sister, who always listens to me) I haven´t got anybody to talk about new collections or next releases. And that is an important part to keep hooked. Without sharing, life becomes boring. And Pandora too.
      Best wishes Ellie. And a very big thank you. We hold the fort for you ;)

  68. Yep! I feel the same way.

    I am spending my money on old retired two tone charms since they look special to me.

    Have a great week everyone.

  69. Pandora should be ashamed in
    Shutting Ellie down it seem that
    Maybe they won’t let her say
    Why she can’t explain why
    She can’t say anything anymore
    Pandora need to get over
    Everything being a secret
    And take a bit of criticism
    When required after all
    Without the customers they
    Would not be around it seems
    Ellie has been silenced
    For all the wrong reasons
    And a lot of people are annoyed

  70. I’m as passionate about collecting Pandora as anyone and very much appreciate the previews etc from Ellie and her take on the world of Pandora. I love her blog. We know that a few things have changed recently with rue la la not sending outside usa and bloggers having previews taken down. I do know if i was Ellie and what she is going through is personal and not so much Pandora related than attacking something she loves and has spent hours upon hours blogging about may also be hurting her. We love u Ellie, we appreciate you opening up to us in past blogs and if we can be of any help please reach out.

  71. Hi all! The only way I know of right now to see the new items in a given collection is to go to an online retailers website. For i stance, Be Charming as a “new” category where you can choose the collection. Of course, you have to wait until the collection is available. ?

    • Thanks Deborah. This option shows you the new Modern Lovepods collection, which is actually available on a few sites that I’ve seen, including the official US Pandora eStore, already. Bloomingdales’ website appears to have most (if not all) of the Pre-autumn Collection available. You just have to go under Pandora and sort by newest arrivals.

      • Ooo, and Bloomie’s has a lot of Pandora 20% off with a free bangle for $100+. Only through today with the 20%!

        • And the bangle offer, while on the site, doesn’t exist. 45 minutes chatting with an associate got me nowhere.

  72. Hello, everyone!

    I miss Ellie’s updates and insights so so much and I, like everyone here, wish she is well. I’m sure many of
    you have already seen some leaked images of the upcoming collections. I just wanted to share with you that I’m very excited about both the pre autumn and the autumn collections. There are many lovely pieces coming, in addition to the lovepod jewelry. Some interesting charms: pizza, pasta, articulated Pinocchio (and three more related charms), a 90 aniversary Mickey charm, a pink love potion, a new fairytale book (dangle), a lovely bird cage that opens to let the bird out, a scarecrow, lovely keys, heart shaped padlocks, and more. There will also be a new open bangle with Mickey and Minnie end caps! The rose and shine version of some bangles and bracelets will also come out, as well as new padlock bracelet designs. I can’t wait to see the full collections and to get a glimpse of what the winter collection will bring.

    • I’ve seen preview’s of the lovepod collection, not really to my taste. I do like the descriptions of other upcoming pieces though! The open bangle with Mickey and Minnie end caps sounds adorable! I like the sound of the birdcage too. I don’t suppose anyone could point me in the general direction of where I could see some leaked images?

      • I have seen photos of the new charms on various Instagram accounts. They pop up on my insta feed. aussiebeadfreak had some of them. The new lock bangle is very pretty.
        I hope Pandora start selling these locks individually as I already have the current limited edition lock bangle and it would be nice to be able to swap the locks around rather than have to buy another whole lock bangle.
        My SA said Pandora were planning on doing this. the birdcage charm is intriguing, the new lock charm appeals to me and I think the fairytale book charm will be popular. There is a new Pandora rose bracelet too.

        • Thanks for the info! I’ve just looked and wow! The birdcage is on my list! I didn’t get the other padlock bracelet but I’m getting this one, it would make a great fairytale/secret garden bracelet. It would be great to be able to buy the locks individually, the creative opportunities would be endless. I see what looks like a Rose Gold padlock too?

      • Try Pinterest and Instagram. Even though the blogs have taken down, they have been shared on those sites.

        • Autumn has been already leaked?! I´ll take a look. Thanks for sharing. Miss you so much Ellie.

        • Saw them already. Interesting. Bird cage and fairy tale absolute must- haves. I also like that new bracelet concept, though it reminds me very much of By Biehl´s and even Tous. The former doesn´t sell in my town and I´ve always hated the latter, so I might buy into it (thanks Pandora). I´ve seen some other charms I also could be interested in. So, for the moment I´m going to start saving. Thank you for the tipp, ladies.

  73. I bought the love pod earrings and pendants to wear on a necklace. The bracelets didn’t necessarily appeal to me until someone said anklet. They are really cute around the ankle. The ring wasn’t comfortable between my fingers, but the spacers are gorgeous in person, and they are now on my wish list.

  74. Rue La La has a 60% sale starting Thursday 07/12/2018.
    Maybe some new pieces will be added.
    Though I am hoping a couple items I missed in previous sales may be back in stock.

  75. I hope to get the Rapunzel murano or Disney murano from the rue la la sale and possibly other Disney charms too

  76. The new release on the 19th includes new reversable letter charms and quite a few charms/jewellery with the Pandora logo. For any Aussies, there is a promo at the moment, spend $250 and get a medium floating locket (does not include petites).

  77. For anyone interested, The Art of Pandora blog’s latest post now has high quality images of everything in the Pre-Autumn collection up.

  78. Very disappointed in Ruelala’s 60% off sale this time. I did manage to pick up three charms that sold out very quickly but there weren’t any charms but those I was interested in.

    On another note I sent Pandora customer service a scathing email over what they’ve done to Ellie and received a response this afternoon. They said they weren’t associated with Mora Pandora and didn’t know anything about it. If I was upset over the way the blog is being handled I need to take it up with the blog owner. Further more they told me to frequently check in on the Pandora website to get the most up to date info on Pandora. So there you have it. Either the particular customer service person I got hold of truly doesn’t know what has happened or as a general rule it doesn’t matter what their buyers think it is business as usual.

    • I understand your frustration however we have had no confirmation from Ellie that Pandora’s interference is the main reason she has taken time out from the blog. It could be a variety of reasons. I don’t think we should be attacking Pandora. Ellie has taken timeout from this blog previously due to a heavy workload in her daytime job. Running such an extensive, informative and popular blog such as this would be incredibly time-consuming for one person who also holds down a busy full-time job.

      • I appreciate what you are saying but I spoke with someone who corresponds with Ellie regularly and she is the one who suggested contacting customer service. If her information was incorrect then I apologize to Pandora.

        • Just remember there is a human person on the other end of the customer service line/email. :) They are just doing their job and it would be very unlikely they (as people who deal with product issues and customer service complaints) would be aware of any decisions by higher up to limit the content released in this particular blog (if that is in fact the case).
          Whilst we all enjoy our sneak peeks of new collections, and i can understand and empathise how we as customers value being able to plan our purchases, its simply not how retail works. Pandora is undertaking massive positive changes in their business model-because retail is really tough at the moment and their stocks are falling year by year. I think we need to trust Pandora is doing everything they can do keep their business as successful as it has been in the past – so that we can have our several collections released each year! We all miss Ellie!! But don’t throw the brand thats brought us all together (and through Ellie’s blog too), under the bus until we have more information. :)

        • Mel, it´s Ellie who brought us all together with her hard work, not Pandora. As I see it, we were a bunch of Pandora fans scathered all over the world who happened to have a common hobby and found someone who had put her heart in sharing her experience, knowledge and time with whoever was out there, providing valuable information on everything related to Pandora, from reviews to sneak peas. But it´s more than. I personally have a feeling of belonging. Silly as it may sound to many, my impression is that Ellie has created something big, from a human point of view. Sometimes I wonder if my interest in Pandora would have lasted this long if it hasn´t been for Mora Pandora. I acknowledge I have been fuelled by this community and that is due to Ellie´s priceless dedication. So Pandora is doing things very bad. They may have improved their designs but they are not ” hygge” any more. Are you still Danish Pandora?

  79. My summer sale purchases arrived. I settled on the Night sky charm, Ice Drops Murano and the Twinkling Christmas tree charm, The Night sky charm is lovely when the light hits it. I also ordered the Sparkling Bow bangle I debated about so much.Thanks to all those who gave me opinions on sizing! I ordered the smallest size, 16CM and it’s actually too big but I’m going to keep it as I really do like it- I tried stacking it today and it moves a Little less in a stack. If only they came in smaller size options! I think at full price I would have had to sadly sent it back. I’ve noticed on Pandora’s social media that people were unhappy about receiving their sale items in cardboard and tissue paper. Pandora stated this is a new policy for their sale items from the Estore but I wonder if they will keep it considering the amount of unhappiness it’s causing? I was surprised to receive my sale items in the usual boxes and bags after seeing the posts & pictures.

    • I don’t think I’d be upset about not getting the usual hinged boxes because I probably have 30 boxes just gathering dust in a bag. I don’t know why I save them or what I will ever use them for but it just seems a waste to get rid of them. Maybe something will come along some day. When I buy things in my local concept store they no longer give the hinged boxes and only give the collapsible boxes.

      Your purchases sound great! I hope you enjoy them.

      • Love your purchases. I just ask for the small pouches when I purchase for myself in store. My online purchases still come with a gift bag and gift box or two. I also have too many white boxes. I gave up collecting the gift bags ages ago.

        • I like getting the little pouches too. I have enough boxes to wrap presents for decades! When I order on line I get a polishing cloth in lieu of packaging. The items come in the original plastic baggies. The whole thing is wrapped on layers of bubble wrap.

    • I find it weird that morapandora which has been ad free for most of its existence until the very recent promo of John Greed and the online discount place, received heavy interference yet Art of Pandora which is ad heavy has not. Morapandora is based in the UK and the other in US I think. Wonder if that makes a difference? I only found the other recently when Ellie stopped posting.

      Ellie – hope you are doing ok – you really are missed xx

      • I second what you say, Lozzie. My guess is that Pandora went hard against Ellie and she´s refusing to do them more free publicity, which I can only understand and support. I would suggest putting ourselves on a Pandora ban “en masse” and start chatting about books, make-up, films, knitting, horoscopes or the weather, lol. Or rather go trollies.

    • I am not sure about that. Although it looked like it received no interference for a while, I noticed The Art of Pandora recently took down a blog post from early May that had previewed the Pre-Autumn Collection. They only just put the post back up in the last day or two now that the collection has been slowly popping up in stores.

    • Ashley, I can´t say for sure because I have popped in at the Art of Pandora only very occasionally. However, used as I am to this blog, I´ve always found it a bit weird that they mention Becharming. So …

  80. http://www.pandora-jewelryoutlet.us.com Is this a fake site? They say it is authorized but it isn’t on the list of authorized dealers. Also, I noticed an eBay seller selling their “Pandora” with a round black hang tag that says Pandora. Is this a real Pandora tag? I have never seen it before. I basically only trust the bar-coded baggies. Can anyone help me sort this?

    Thank you in advance! DD

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