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US & Canada:

  • Pandora Valentine’s Gift Sets: Starting from January 15th. All sets come with heart-shaped gift box. 1) From the Heart bracelet set: heart-clasp bracelet, two Steady Heart clips and Love all Around charm for $200 USD. 2) Forever Mine set: Essence bracelet with the Dedication charm for  $100 USD. 3) Always in my Heart set: Be My Valentine stud earrings plus new Heart-to-Heart necklace for $150 USD. 4) Sweetheart set: Sweetheart charm, available for limited-time only, with exclusive heart-shaped gift box for $75 USD.
  • Free Bracelet Promo: March 19th – 22nd. Free silver barrel clasp bracelet, bangle or Essence bracelet with purchase of $100 USD/$125 CAD or more. Free two tone bracelet with a purchase of $500 USD/$550 CAD or more; free 14kt gold bracelet with a purchase of $3,000 USD/$3,300 CAD or more.
  • Mother’s Day 2015 Gift Sets: April 9th – May 13th.
  • Free Leather Bracelet Promo: June 4th – 14th. Free leather bracelet with a $100 USD spend.
  • 3 for 2 on rings: July 2nd – 12th. Buy two rings, get the third (and cheapest) free!
  • Free Charm Promo: September 17th – 20th. Free charm of your choice of up to $65 USD ($75 CAD) value with a $100 USD or $125 CAD spend.
  • 3 for 2 on rings: September 25th – October 25th. Buy two rings, get the third (and cheapest) free!
  • Dainty Bow Bangle GWP: November 27th – 30th. Spend $125 USD and receive the LE Dainty Bow bangle for free.
  • Christmas Ornament GWP: December 1st – while stocks last. Spend $125 USD  ($150 CAD) and receive a porcelain Christmas ornament free.
  • Free Charm Promo: December 26th – 28th. Free charm with a spend of $125 USD or $150 CAD. The free charm must be chosen from a limited list of 180 charms, selected by Pandora – it will depend on what each individual retailer has in stock, too.


  • Valentine’s Jewellery Box GWP: January 15th – while stocks last. Free pink heart jewellery box with a spend of £125.
  • 3 for 2 on rings: 29th July – 2nd August. Buy two rings, get the third (and cheapest) free!
  • Free Bracelet Promo: 1st – 4th October. Spend £125 and receive a free silver bracelet – choose from the snake chain, bangle, Essence or heart-clasp.
  • Christmas Ornament GWP: 29th October – whilst stocks last. Spend £125 and receive this year’s porcelain Christmas snowflake ornament free.


  • Free Bracelet Promo: 1st – 11th October. Spend 125 euros and receive a free silver bracelet. To order online, check for international shipping (not a sponsored link).

 Australia & New Zealand:

  • Valentine’s Bracelet Gift Set15th January – 14th February. Heart-clasp bracelet and Tumbling Hearts charm for $149 AUD.
  • Valentine’s Jewellery Box: 29th January-14th February. Free pink heart jewellery box with a spend of $120 ($150 NZD).
  • Always in my Heart Bangle GWP: 23rd April – 10th May. Spend $150 AUD / $180 NZD and receive the Always in my Heart pavé bangle free.
  • 3 for 2 on rings: July 9th – 26th. Buy two rings, and get one sterling silver ring free (of value of $49 AUD / $59 NZD).
  • Essence GWP: 15th – 25th October. Buy a Pandora Essence bracelet and receive one Essence silver charm, valued at $39 AUD for free. Available both in-store and online.
  • Christmas Ornament GWP: November 19th – 29th. Spend $150 AUD ($180 NZD) in a single transaction and receive a free porcelain snowflake ornament.
  • Dainty Bow Bangle GWP: 10th – 20th December. Spend $150 AUD / $180 NZD and receive the LE Dainty Bow bangle for free.


  • Valentine’s Jewellery Box GWP: January 15th – February 14th. Free pink heart jewellery box with a spend of €175 or more.
  • Summer Sale: 25th June – 29th July. Up to 50% off selected retired items.
  • 3 for 2 on rings: 3rd September – 1st October. Buy three rings and get the cheapest free.
  • Jewellery Box GWP: 29th October – ? (possibly whilst stocks last). Spend 129 euros in a single transaction and receive a (gorgeous) leatherette travel box for free.


  • Half Price Bracelet Promo: 5th – 15th June. Spend 69 € or more on Pandora (not including the Club charm or the Essence line) and get the classic silver charm bracelet at a 50% discount.
  • Pandora Breast Cancer Awareness Bangle Promo: 27th September -12th October. Get the limited edition BCA awareness bangle (590725CZS) for only 39 euros – it usually retails for 69 euros, representing quite a saving!
  • Free Bracelet Promo: 20th – 30th November. Spend 89 € or more on Pandora (not including the Essence line) and get the silver barrel clasp bracelet for free.


  • Symbol Bracelet GWP: 27th June – 10th July. Spend 149 € or more on Pandora and get a pavé symbol bracelet (590505CZ, 590506CZ, 590507CZ, 590509CZ, in sizes 18cm or 20cm) plus a Pandora jewellery box, for free.
  • Essence Zodiac GWP: 31st October – 30th November. Spend 84 euros on the Pandora Essence collection and receive one of the star-sign Essence beads for free.


  • Valentine’s Jewellery Box GWP: January 15th – February 14th. Free pink heart jewellery box with the purchase of a bracelet (worth €59 or more) and a charm (worth €25 or more).


    • Jewellery Box GWP: 1st -20th December. Spend 15,000 Russian rubles and receive a leatherette travel box:
    • Cup & Saucer GWP:  21st – 31st December. Spend 20,000 Russian rubles and receive an Imperial Porcelain cup and saucer, with Pandora branding:


  • Free Bracelet Promo: 18th – 20th September. Spend $250 SGD in a single transaction and receive either the heart-clasp bracelet or the Pandora bangle.

356 Comments on Promotions for 2015

  1. Hi, i want buy the pandora necklace, and im waiting the promo, of free charm when you spend 100 or more, to get a good deal..

  2. Cause here in Puerto Rico the 14 necklace is about 128.00, and its better to buy with a promo, and get something free for the spend of 128 plus taxes…. Thanks a lot… I enjoy a lot your blog…

    • Hi Aisha, the upcoming promo for North America should be the free bracelet promo. The free charm promo just ran at the end of December and I don’t have any information as to when it will run again. :)
      Hope that helps, and thank you – glad to hear you enjoy the blog!

      • Hi Ellie,

        I found your update very useful thanks a lot!

        I am very interested in the free bracelet deal. Here in Hong Kong pandora are extremely expensive and their only offer tiny little deal. Do you know is this an instore deal only or can be applied online and ship to hk?

        • Hi Sunnie! Glad that it was useful. :) Unfortunately Pandora do not offer the free bracelet deal online, so you won’t be able to get it shipped to HK. Sorry that I don’t have better news :( I do understand, as we don’t get many promos in the UK either and our prices for Pandora are super high too!

  3. The store where I shop said the free bracelet promo is definitely March. She just didn’t know the exact dates yet.

    • Oh thank you for that! I just saw a listing online that has the March free bracelet promo starting on the 19th – if I get confirmation on that I will update the post. :)

  4. That’s the date that was in my mind but I tbought I had dreamed it! Maybe I heard the sales person say it…anyway, I’ll try to keep from buying so much until then!!

    • Haha! Well it does make sense as last year’s was on the 20th of March, which was also a Thursday. I also read that the September one is due to start on the 17th so I guess we’ll see!

  5. Perfect!! Sept 17 is my birthday!! And the 19th is my Anniversary so I’ll just tell my husband I’ve got it covered!!?

  6. Hi I was wondering is there a date set yet as to when the disney charms are coming to the uk they are gorgeous. Thank you x

    • Hi Lou, unfortunately as far as I’m aware there are no current plans to release the Disney collection in the UK. :( I hear this is because of licensing issues. It’s such a shame but hopefully they will make it here eventually x

  7. Hello! I was just wondering if the dates for the free bracelet promotion have been released as of yet. Thank you. Rachael

    • Hi Rachael! I don’t have the confirmed dates yet – for the US, you can probably expect it around the 19th of March. I’ll update this post when I get confirmation! :)

    • Hi Alex, I’ve heard that there’s going to be another UK promo in May – this is usually when the rings promo runs, so I would assume that it’s going to happen again this year. :) I’ll update this post whenever I hear more!

  8. When will the next buy $100 or more worth of charms and get a free bracelet start again? You guys should make the free bracelet, the essence ones. :)

  9. Hi I was wondering if the free bracelet promo that you
    have listed is for the US or just Canada as it states in the
    Thank you

  10. I’m so excited for the 3-4-2 ring promo for UK!
    I bought myself 2 rings the other week just because- and I’ve already got my eyes set on my next 3 so it would be amazing to have Pandora ‘buy’ my third ring :)
    My birthday is May so hopefully my partner and mum might get me a further 6!!!

    Ah I sound like a brat but I’ve never had anything I’ve bought for myself or had a love for before- I don’t do shoes or excessive clothes or makeup- my vice is Pandora.

    Love this page- it’s on my bookmarked and home pages!


    • Haha I’m really excited as well! I’m interested to get confirmation on what the dates will be for the upcoming UK promos – I’ve literally just bought my first Pandora ring and I’m already hooked haha. I’m hoping to get a few more in May, as they look so lovely stacked. Hope you get yours too :)

      Aha you don’t sound like a brat at all! Pandora is also my chief vice, haha, and most of us have something that we treat ourselves to :) I have always liked to collect things and Pandora is quite a fun hobby in that respect I think. ^^

      Yay, that’s so nice to hear! I’m so glad that you enjoy it. Thanks for commenting Sophy! xxx

  11. Hi! Would you know if the Pandora Rose Bracelet and the Heart Clasp Bracelet included in the Free bracelet promo on March?

    • Hi Amy, no I don’t have the official dates for the UK’s promos yet, sorry! The promotions usually run later in the year – in previous years, it ran in July, but last year they moved it to October. I’ll let you know if I hear anything concrete. Sorry for the late reply, I missed your comment!

  12. Are the promo’s only good at Pandora Stores? I have been debating about buying one – and this is a fantastic deal. I just have to know where to go to get the deal. Thank you!

    • Hello?? Is there no answer to my question? I really need to know so I can make some plans. The closest Pandora store to me is over 100 miles away – but there are jewelry stores that sell Pandora that are closer. Do ALL stores do the promo’s or ONLY the Pandora stores? Thank you!

      • Hi Amy, sorry I did miss your question. it’s been quite busy lately! The promos are good at any official Pandora retailer, not just the concept stores. I’d double-check with your individual store to make sure of exactly what they’re offering, but the deals aren’t limited to concept stores. Hope that helps and sorry for the late reply.

  13. Hi there, I was also wondering if you know whether the UK is likely to have a free bracelet promotion again? Many thanks!

  14. Hi, is there any limit to the number of free bracelet a shopper can get from a single retailer? Eg, if i make a $200 purchase, can i get 2 free bracelet?

  15. It’s the amount of Pandora that they can carry. A White store may carry one or two display shelves in total. They have to sell certain amounts to get to a level to carry more which then promotes them to a Silver Store. It really is the difference in the amount of Pandora they carry, and usually if they carry rings, etc. i think all concept stores are Gold level.

  16. Hello,

    I want to know if the leather bracelets are also included in the promotion of get a free bracelet after spending $100 or more that is coming up?


    • Hi Maria! I think officially the answer is no, the leathers are not included – but I have heard that some individual stores are prepared to be flexible. It’s best to double-check with your store to see whether they’d be prepared to do that for you. :) Hope that helps!

  17. Also, forgot to ask if the rumors that i have heard about Pandora releasing a nurse hat as a charm for summer 2015 is true?


    • Oh, no I’ve not heard that – this is the Pandora Summer 2015 collection:
      I’ll let you know if there’s one planned for any collections later in the year. :)

  18. Hi:)I have a question.”Free two tone bracelet with a purchase of $500 USD/$550 CAD or more”What’s “two tone” mean?Like rose clasp?I live in Taiwan.I don”t speak English very well.
    I love these beautiful picture so much.Thank you.

    • Hi! :) Two-tone means silver bracelets with a 14kt yellow gold clasp. So that includes the two-tone charm bracelet, bangle and Essence bracelet! Hope that helps, let me know if that’s not clear! :)

      • only 3000 or more can get bracelets with a 14kt yellow gold clasp, or 500?I love the bracelets with a rose clasp(No.580702).Is it included in two-tone bracelets?If i buy something more than 500 can I get a bracelets with a rose clasp for free?
        Thank you so much.

        • Right, so – if you spend $3000 you get a bracelet which is entirely 14kt gold – both the clasp and the chain. :)
          If you spend $500, you get a yellow gold two-tone bracelet, bangle or Essence bracelet – this is where the clasp is 14kt gold and the chain is silver. :)
          If you want the Rose-clasp bracelet, I think you have to spend $100 (and possibly pay a $15 dollar ‘upgrade’ fee) and then you get that one free. The Rose bracelet clasp is only plated, it’s not solid rose gold.
          I hope that helps, haha. I know it’s confusing! :)

  19. Hi i was wondering if the heart clasp bracelet will be included in this march 2015 free bracelet promo?

    • Hi Angela, yes the heart-clasp bracelet is included! :)
      You can see it in this poster:

  20. Hi
    Jus wondering because the free bracelet promo doesn’t apply to online purchase, I can call to order , is it from the pandora outlets or other only authorised retailers? which outlets or retailers accept phone orders? Based on my search the nearest pandora outlet to my friend’s house is at Oakbrook.

    Many thanks

  21. Hi, will you be updating the 2015 promotion list? Wondering when is the free bracelet promo in Australia and UK. Thank you.

    • Hi Hazel! I don’t have any info on the free bracelet promos for the UK or Australia yet, sorry :) when I do will update the list asap! The UK’s bracelet promo usually runs quite a lot later in the year- last year it was October :)

  22. Hi! I was wondering again. How do we come about the promotion for the free bracelet deal? Are there usually signs in the store or do we just go in an ask the employees? Or do we just pick out the stuff and they’ll tell us? Do you know how it works in the store? This is my first time investing in a Pandora product.

    • Hi Monica! Retailers usually have advertising in store when they’re running the promo, big posters etc :) you can just walk in and tell them that you want to do the promo, and then pick out your items and free bracelet – but often stores run pre-sale events, as the promo is very popular and the stores get very busy when it’s actually running. Most stores are holding them on the 12th and the 13th for this promo, I think. It might be an idea to get in touch with your local store and find out if they’re offering this as it is probably good to make sure that you’ve reserved the items that you want :)
      I hope that helps!

  23. Hi mora…. reg the free bracelet promo in d usa, is the $100 spent per receipt? Is it limited to one person one free bracelet?…. am just thinking if for example i spent $400 will i get 4 free bracelets? Tnx

    • Hi :) I think officially the rules are one bracelet per customer but some stores are flexible and will let you get more than one. It’s best to check with your individual store to see what they will allow!

  24. sorry if i write too often! i just wanted to give a big thanks to you :) i got me preorder today! thanks again!!

    • Haha of course you don’t write too often – you’re free to ask as many questions as you need! ^^ I’m glad that you got your pre-order all sorted out, a friend from Canada is helping me with the promo and I just put mine in too! Exciting :D

  25. Hi i wAnted to buy a Pandora bracees and wanted to see when is the promotion of when You waist $100 on one and get one free here in Miami¿..

  26. Hi, I wanted to thank you for your informative posts. I was able to get three free bracelets yesterday at the pre-sale. I had originally purchased a bracelet in February, which I had to return because the free bracelet deal was way better.

    • Wow, the store I went to wouldn’t even let my husband purchase a second one as a gift. Didn’t think that was quite fair, but it was “their rules”. :-(

      • I went to different stores. At the second store my total was almost $200, so the sales rep suggested that if I got another item, which put me over $200, I could get another bracelet. That’s good salesmanship.

  27. will buy charms again in sept to get free bracelets again :) :) just a quick share for my fellow pandora fans… its one free bracelet per customer. so just bring some friends along so u can get more free bracelets :)

  28. hi, I was away and missed the bracelet promotion and really need two for my nieces, before july… :( I am in Detroit MI near Canada border, is there any place were they still have the promotion? please……

    • Hi Monica, I’m really sorry but I think the promo has finished everywhere now :( the next free silver bracelet promo is not until September – but there may well be a leather bracelet promo before then. I’ll update the blog if I hear more!

  29. Hi, I keep checking back for promotions in the UK. Have you heard anything yet about a 3 for 2 on rings. I missed out on this last year but would love to take advantage of the offer if they have it this year!! fingers crossed.

    • Hi Maria, I’ve not heard anything concrete yet, I’m afraid :( I do keep hearing rumours that the 3-for-2 on rings will be happening this May though, so hopefully it will be going ahead! I’m hoping to get a few of the Spring rings myself. I will update when I hear more :)

  30. Hello Ellie! The mother’s day bangle promo started in Australia today. I managed to get the last one in my size from my store (even though I only got there half an hour after doors opened!)

    • Hi Stephanie! I just posted about this – thanks so much again for your info in the weeks leading up to it! <3 Wow, they must have them in pretty limited quantities – I don't know how they expect it to last until Mother's Day if they're already selling out. Enjoy your new piece though! ^^

      • I got mine here in Toronto for 145 plus 13% tax! come with cz heart pendent. A beautiful 3 tiers white round sharp jewellery box. Still have a lot here.

      • I returned the bangle because it is very hard to put on. I don’t like one side is paved and the other side is smaller, the heart is not balanced on both side. Save $ may be for the club charm.

  31. I got my bangle too! (early Mothers Day gift). I had no trouble putting it on but I do think the engraving will wear off as its on the bottom of the bangle which will rub against stuff and the engraving is not deep. Still love it though. The sparkling heart is pretty at night. I think I’ve finally been converted to Pandora bling!

  32. yes i looked at 2014 ring promo and it was:-
    US and Canada (June 12 – 30): Ring promotion – buy 2, get 1 free.
    However when i enquired from this week, after looking up your update, the store mgr told me its July!

    I would trust the period should be similar to past years! it should be june right?

    • Hi Ros – it’s possible that it’s been moved as you’re not the first person to mention that to me. I’ll try and find out which date is the current one :)

        • Hi Ros! Mystery solved – but unfortunately the rings promo for Noth America has been moved to July :( The new dates are as follows:-
          Free Leather Bracelet Promo: June 4th – 14th.
          3 for 2 on rings: July 2nd – 12th.
          I hope that helps! :)

  33. Recently, i’m planing to buy pandora rings.
    So, is there any chances Malaysia having 3 for 2 on ring promotion this year?

  34. Hi I’m in South Africa and we currently have the free bracelet promo. Will we also get the free bangle with pave heart promo? How can I purchase disney charms if I’m unable to get to the US?

    • Hi Annie! The bangle promo is usually an Australia-exclusive I’m afraid :( However you can get hold of Disney charms from the US Disney Store (it ships internationally, but at a high cost), or from Pandora Facebook selling pages, where there are a few reliable and reputable ladies willing to help out – Pandora’s Tribe is very good. :)

  35. I just received an email from Republic of Jewels saying they are having a sale starting Thursday 28th May at 9am with up to 70% off pandora :)

  36. hi :) I read that the september free bracelet may be changed to a free charm instead. Has anyone heard anything about it?

    • Hi Bonnie! Yes, I’ve also heard this and I’m pretty sure that it’s correct. In the advertising that I’ve seen for the upcoming leather bracelet promo, I saw a caption that stated it would be the last bracelet promo of the year for North America. Looks like they’ll be changing up September’s promo :)

      • is there any news yet of how it might work? As to the amount you spend or being able to choose the charm?

        • I’m hearing that it will still be a $100 spend and that the GWP will be a $65 charm (same value as the bracelet would have been). I don’t know whether you’ll be able to choose any charm, or whether there’ll be a pre-selected range to choose from. I’ll let you know if I find out more!

  37. Refer the Free Leather Bracelet Promo on 4 June, may I know which style for free, including new the blue leather bracelet?

    • the free leather bracelet includes those value up to $55 USD or $60 CAD so it should include the new ones.

  38. Hi I am new to pandora in all my time I have never heard of pandora until a month ago or so and then my searched began… I am in love, and I really want one so bad, I went to the store and got the spring 2015 collection book, the lady told me to look into it and then come back, in one of the pages I found a gift set for $140 and I want to get it to start with that, but then I am not sure if the gift set is still available or the price has changed, how can I find out? and about the promotion of spend $100 and get a bracelet for free the lady mention it but I am not sure what date she told me around sept. but again I was googling and your page came up and it looks like you know a lot so, will I be able to use that promo in the future? I really want to give one to my sister and start a new tradition between myself , my sister and my baby daughter… are you 100% sure that the promo will change in sept? I was looking at your page and found it quite interesting… thank you for your answer !

    • hi darling,
      yes this site is wonderful! i love it and often frequent Morapandora! All the updates! i love them all!

      Scroll up on this page there’s the ‘Free Leather Bracelet Promo: June 4th – 14th. Free leather bracelet with a $100 USD spend’ so you can get it right away this week

      If you are referring to the Pandora “Full of Heart” Bangle and charm Gift Set – Limited Edition – USB794117 its available in this link

      PANDORA “Bouquet of love” Bracelet, Clips and charm Gift Set -USB793119


    • Hi there! I think that the starter bracelet gift set you’re talking about is a permanent offer – it’s called the Iconic Gift set. It should still be running for the foreseeable future, but I’d check with your store though :)
      Regarding the $100 bracelet promo in September – I am 100% sure that that is no longer running. There will be a free charm promotion instead – but you could always buy a bracelet to make up the $100 spend and just get a charm for it free instead :)
      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.

      • thank you so much for your reply, I actually ended up calling the store and ask about the gift set that is on the e-store, something bundle, and they said they still have it, I am planing to go get that one and I may ask that if instead of getting the leather bracelet I could get the smallest barel bracelet for my daughter ofcorse doing a price match… I just hope they do it… I want to do this together but I will give it to her when she turns one… I have dreams of how I will put it together… jajajajaja.. well thank you…

  39. I prefer the new promotion in Sept, more flexibility. You can buy any bracelets (rose gold ) and one simple charm in order to get the free charm. Good marketing!

  40. i just wanted to share that i got a great deal today, i went in to get the bouquet of love gift set at the store and they indeed said that i would get a leather bracelet for free, so i went ahead and asked if i could exchange it for the smallest clamp bracelet and they said they were not supposed to but went ahead and did it anyways then when i went to pay she told me that if i spent 5 more dollars i could get another bracelet for free and so i did and got a black leather one… happy today cuz i ended up with a bracelet for my baby and my sister….

  41. Will Pandora be doing another silver barrel clasp bracelet promo? I looked in the 2014 promos, and they did one later in the year. Looking to get one around Christmas. I noticed they aren’t listed in advance anymore.

    • Are you in the US or Canada, Lia? If so, the usual September bracelet promo has been changed to a free charm promo instead and there are no current plans for a free bracelet promo this Christmas as far as I’m aware. :( Stores are advertising the current leather promo as the last bracelet GWP of the year.

  42. I am planning a vacation in EU, wondering besides the Greece 50% bracelet promo in June, are there any other EU countries promo happening in Aug, Sep?

    Also planning for a 1 month holiday in Australia! yipppeeee
    I’m looking forward to the launch of winter cz clasp closure PWP
    Any update please dearie!

    in 2014, for Australia (December 11 – 25) it was Free pavé star clasp bangle with any purchase of $150AUD.

    thank you inadvance for all your help :)

    • Hi ros, this is very much after the fact but I never saw this comment – I’m sorry! It’s to do with the way my phone notifies me for comments, I often use the app and it’s not always the most reliable. In any case my apologies!

      I’m not aware in advance of what promos will he going on in Europe yet, mainly as I’ve not had a chance to research it! I’m sure there will be some offers on tho in September and I’ll have a look around for you soon.

      I don’t think that the cz bracelet will be a gwp in Australia – it’s more likely that the dainty now bangle bracelet from winter 2015 will be :) I think there may be a breast cancer bangle gwp as well.

      I’ll let you know when I find out more!

    • Hi Anita! Yes, I have bought from them a few times and received genuine Pandora. They are not a current authorised retailer of Pandora, meaning that they do not receive new items from them – they are just selling off their old stock. Hope that helps!

  43. Thankyou for your reply.
    This is a good news for me, I want to buy the retired items, if you know where can buy the retired glass bead, please tell me, thankyou so much.

  44. I started my first bracelet at Xmas 2014. I live in Mexico and was just able to take advantage of the Free Leather Bracelet Promo, so I’m hoping they run the same promotions as the US and Canada year round being part of N. America. The only trouble is the minimum spend for the promos is a little higher, it works out as $130. Somehow I missed the Free Bracelet Promo in March even though I am subscribed to the mailing list. I saw the promo on your website and searched my inbox, and sure enough I did receive it so now I’m kicking myself! Maybe next year….
    Do you know if they run any promos in December in the UAE? I’m visiting Dubai for Xmas and am not too impressed by the N.American Christmas ornament w/purchase. I can’t hang that from my wrist!
    PS If any of you readers have a Mexican holiday planned, they also do the Disney Collection here!

  45. I went into my local Pandora store yesterday and two exciting things happened. I found the aventurescent murano AND I asked about any promos coming up and the lady said they’ve been given the dates 24th-26th of September for the silver bracelet £125 spend. Have you heard this on the grapevine too?

    • Ooh that’s exciting, thanks for the tip on the promo Michelle! I had heard September for the UK but no concrete dates. The 24th-26th sounds very plausible! It’s a shame that the spend is so high though. I found the Aventurescent in my local as well but I already have one from Australia – it would have been great to have picked one out in person though. Did you get one? :D

      • I did get the aventurescent – I picked one that had lots of sparkle in, but the pay off is that is very big in diameter and skinny in width. It’s very pretty though. I need a new bracelet before I can wear it though – I wish they would hurry up with the UK promos!!

        • Lovely!! I’m rather envious as I obviously couldn’t hand-pick mine and there is almost no glitter in parts of it :( I still love it though! It’s so pretty in the light. ^^
          Yes no kidding! We are promo-deprived ;) Hopefully September will bring that bracelet promo – and I’m looking forward to the rings promo at the end of July, too!

    • Well, I’m hearing rumours of a rings promo for the end of July – plus there is usually a silver bracelet promo in September. No confirmation on those yet tho.

      • Thanks for the reply, please keep us updated as soon as you find out, I really hope there are good promotions here in the UK pandora stores and or website.
        so pleased I found you’re site :)

  46. I spoke to a store in UK and they said there isn’t anything official to state 3-4-2 is in July, however they said ‘If not July, then defiantly August.’



  47. Hello!
    If I spend $600 US in the upcoming September promo, that gives me $390 to spend on charms. Do you know if I can use that amount to purchase ONE charm? Thanks for any info!

    • Hi Tammy, I don’t have the particulars but I’d predict that they will not allow you to do that unfortunately. Officially I think you are meant to only do the promo once per customer but they may let you split the transactions and get six free charms? With the bracelet promo, it did come to down to individual store policy as to what they’d allow in terms of bending the rules (multiple transactions, bracelet upgrades etc). I guess we’ll know closer to the time! :)

      • so what is that supposed to mean? like I am planing to buy $100 dollar worth for my baby and $100 dollar worth for me, it will be al little more if I get the charms I want, but I was under the assumption that I would get 2 free charms one for each $100 spent… can you find out more please?

      • This is the official marketing from Pandora – they state one per customer, which implies officially you are only allowed to do the promo once:
        However I have seen individual stores already saying that they will let you do it more than once so do check with your local to see what they will allow.

  48. Hi Ellie,

    I didn’t get a chance to read through all of the comments to see if this was answered; do you know if they’ll be doing a pre-sale for the free charm promo in September like they usually do with the bracelet promos? I think I’m going to use the promo to get the two-tone Evening Floral openwork for my nature bracelet :D I could never justify spending $65 on an openwork but if I’m going to buy myself a couple of cheaper charms plus a birthday gift for someone else, why not get it for free? Haha! It’s actually a nice change from the bracelet promos…those become dangerous because then you just keep getting bracelets to fill up! Clever marketing on their part haha!

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Kristen,
      I imagine that it will work very similarly to the usual bracelet promo so I expect that you will be able to pre-order, although I don’t know for sure. :) The Evening Floral is absolutely beautiful – I have always admired it but I’ve also found that it’s just too expensive for me to justify! The promo would be a great time to nab it. ^^
      Yes you’re spot on – the more bracelets they give away, the more they know that you’ll have to come back and fill them up haha. That was why I was a little surprised that they’ve changed it to a charm promo. Maybe they figure that everyone has had enough time to get enough bracelets by now! ^^

  49. So glad to hear theres going to be 3 for 2 on rings in the UK. I have got two for definite on my list and just need to make my mind up on the 3rd one i’d like to get.
    Have you heard whether there doing the free bracelet promo in September again this year in the UK?

    • Yay! I’m also planning out my purchases. ^^ It’s great that it’s finally going ahead!
      From what I hear in the rumour mill, there should be another free bracelet promo for the UK this autumn. I will let you know if I hear more! :)

      • Thats great to hear there is going to be a free bracelet promo, I would love to get some more bracelets. Its about time we had some promos in the UK for once, America always have loads.
        I’ve seen a picture of a pudsey bear charm for children in need, which is a UK exclusive. Unusual for us to get an exclusive.

        • I know, we have so few promos compared to other countries! It was bad enough before they stopped running the leather promo but now we have even fewer :(
          Yes, I’m rather excited for it! I have very fond memories of Children In Need as a kid ^^ It is rare indeed – and I wasn’t keen on the royal baby charm we had before either!

  50. Hi Ellie, I just did a check on to see if they had any more pandora and thought I’d let you know they do. They don’t have much much they have the lobster clasp bracelet for £28 instead of £45 so that may help some. Currently there are sizes 16,17,18,19,20 and 21cm available. There are also a few other things but not much.

  51. Hi Ellie! Any additional news on the September free charm promo? :) will we have to choose the free charm from selected charms? Or any charm in the catalogue (long as within the 75cad price) can be picked?

    Also, will this minimum spend be applicable to any pandora item? Like if I want to spend on rings to get a free charm or a bracelet :)

    Looking forward to this promo so much!!! <3

    • Hi! My understanding is that you will be able to pick any charm you like, so long as its value doesn’t exceed $75 CAD. You should also be able to spend your $125 CAD on any Pandora item you like to qualify! Glad to hear that you’re looking forward to it, it’s been a bit controversial as a promo haha. I’m hoping to get some help with it from a friend as it’ll be a good chance to pick up some North American exclusives I’ve been missing! ^^

      • same promition at USA, spend USD100 get free charm USD65. Do you know, may I get 2 charms and value not exceed USD65?

        • Hi Anita – the rules of the promotion officially state one charm per customer, so I don’t think that would technically be allowed. Sometimes individual stores are more flexible so it might be worth checking with your local. Hope that helps!

    • Thanks so much Ellie! I’m looking forward to this one cause I have bracelets that aren’t full yet :D sign that I should stock up on charms instead of bracelets haha..

      When you say North America exclusives, you mean from Canada? And which charms are you referring to :)

      • Aha, yes, I can see how a charm promo is better for you! The problem with the bracelet promo is that you then have to keep spending to fill up all your new bracelets – that’s how they get you ;)

        Yes, just general ones that I can’t get in the UK – I would really like the Disney pavé safety chain for my travel bracelet and the green looking glass murano for my planned Christmas design. So I figure this would be a good time to get them! :)

      • Ah I see, I see :) thanks a lot Ellie! just one more question that’s bugging me about the free charm promo.. for Canada it’s free 75CAD worth.. think that the promo will allow to pay 5CAD more to get an 80CAD charm? XD

        • You’re welcome ^^ Apparently Pandora have said absolutely no upgrades, which seems pretty harsh – especially considering the fact that they are raising the prices on their murano and pavé charms for North America, which will affect what qualifies for this promo! It may be that your local store is willing to bend the rules for you but as far as I’m aware Pandora have said no to upgrades. :/

      • aww that’s a shame :(

        But wait, you mean price increase for muranos??? including the petite facets?? D: and how much increase :((( </3 what's happening to Pandora :(

        • Regular & faceted muranos are up by $5 CAD, multi-coloured beads are up by $10 Cad, spacers are up by $5 CAD, the Petite Facets are up by $10 and all the pavé charms have seen increases of some kind.
          All price increases are now live on, from what I understand. I would have blogged about it but I’m currently on holiday and haven’t really had the time! :(

      • Aww that’s such sad news especially since the free charm promo is coming up :( so disappointed..

        But happy vacation Ellie! :)

        • I know – it’s fairly bad timing in terms of the promo. :(
          Thank you! :D I just got back last night, so I’m catching up on everything now. ^^

  52. I’m wondering about the free charm promo. If I spend several hundred dollars before tax, can I get charms for each $100 spend? I guess I should call my concept store. They are usually very flexible. But, the timing is awful because I am past ready for the Autumn release. And waiting another 3 weeks seems like torture. Any more info on this promo?

    • Well, this is what Pandora’s official marketing says – officially, it is meant to be one free charm per customer, no matter how much you spend or how many times:
      However I have already seen one store say that they will let you do the promo more than once. So some stores may be open to you spending $200 and getting two free charms. On the other hand, they said that they won’t let you spend $200 and get one charm worth $130. It’s probably worth checking with your local as you say, as I expect they will vary on what they allow!

      • I checked with the concept store I like to shop in about the details of the promo. You can only get 1 free charm per visit. But if you came back a few hours later that day or on another day, they would probably let you do another transaction with a free charm with the $100 spend. They said Pandora stepped in and was not allowing free charms for each $100 spend at one time. So I guess it depends on the lengths a person will go to as to how many charms they can get. The lady I spoke with said Essence was not releasing any new charms for Autumn. So hopefully the US will see them at the winter release. She had not heard of the new animal Autumn charms (I heard rumors that N. America might not get those). She was pretty sure the new pave bracelet would be available. The arabic coffee pot was not something she had heard of so it looks like no US release (at least not for Autumn). So it looks like the US may get left out of several fun pieces this time. But that’s ok, I suppose. I have plenty of other charms I’m after that will take my money. Haha. It’s possible this salesperson did not all the details, but I think she probably has the facts straight I mentioned.

        • This is incredibly useful, Pamela – thank you so much for double-checking and letting us know! I think she is right about the animals, coffee pot and Essence not coming to North America – I have been told that the Essence release will not be coming out for Autumn or Winter. I am rather sorry for my North American readers, as they are missing out on some lovely pieces this season – although you have had rather a nice run of it in the last year or so with the Disney line and a couple of other exclusive charms. Not that that’s much consolation now ofc!
          That’s good to know about the promo. Hopefully some stores will be a little more relaxed about it, as I am considering asking for help with the charm promo and I would need someone who would be able to order for me as well as for themselves! ^^
          Thanks again, Pamela!

  53. Hi
    I am new to the wonderful world of Pandora, and very shortly I want to invest in my first pieces, currently between bangke, orchid and 2 muranos or essence with peace, love and optimism, still undecided which? I am currently on holiday in Spain and wanted to know if it is worth getting them now or waiting to see if there definetly a promotion in the uk in september? I think the irchid isn’t available in Spain so would get that in the uk . Also I love all your inspirational ideas and photos of how to style the bracelets thanks

    • Hi Marie! Oh lovely, it’s always so fun choosing your first pieces! There should be a bracelet promo of some kind in September, but I have heard conflicting info as to whether it will be a leather or a silver bracelet promo – if it’s a leather promo then it probably won’t be of much use to you as neither the bangle or the Essence bracelet will be included. Unfortunately I still don’t official confirmation on that one. Pandora UK are way more tight-lipped about promos than North America!
      And thank you, that’s lovely to hear! <3

    • Oh, and if I were going for my very first bracelet, I’d be tempted to go for the bangle – as you can’t use the Moments charms with the Essence bracelet, and you have more options with the silver bangle or the snake chain. :)

      • Hiya,
        Thank you so much for your speedy reply,
        I went to a local department store that sells Pandora (in Spain), but they didn’t have neither the orchid or the two muranos and the bangles and bracelets were too large,said ethey would have to order, So think I am going to chance it for any promotions in the UK,where I can see the essence and bangle side by side in my sizing, and hopefully get a good offer, I don’t plan on overfilling them because I like the understated look so that I can wear them everyday.,I do love the look of the essence which seems more wearable. i so wanted to get them today as well, because I’ve been waiting quite a while to get them, suppose, I’ll just have to wait until september(urgh!)
        Thank you xx

        • Hey Marie, you’re welcome! That’s a shame about the Pandora store, I’ve heard from a couple of people that they don’t seem to be well-stocked in Spain. It is disappointing when you’re all geared up for a fun holiday purchase and then they don’t have what you want. At least you might be able to make a bit of a saving on the bracelet promo, fingers crossed. xx

  54. Would you know how to obtain a Pandora Murano glass bead that is specifically for France in red, white and blue stripes, like the French flag? I was in Paris recently and saw them in the Pandora shop window but did not get back to purchase one. If they are specific to France I know they might not be able to ship overseas but I don’t even see them on the French Pandora website…any ideas how to go about searching this bead out and where possibly to buy one?

  55. Ellie, a couple updates. The new pave bracelet will not be available until Winter after all (first as a set). My store got their Autumn silver and rose gold pieces in today. The pig and panda are available, but not the giraffe, cow, chick and horse.

  56. Store lady told me to pre order what I like before 17th Sept to avoid long line up. They are very helpful to customer here in Toronto, very sweet ! I have to spend time to try on what I really like now.

  57. The lady in the pandora store told me today that there will be a free bracelet promo for the UK coming up. You spend £125 to get a free silver bracelet. She went to check on the date and it starts on the 2nd October. I can’t wait.

  58. Ooh Great!, even though its 5 weeks away, I so want to start my collection now! I just hope that they have full availability on their pieces. I think I am going to opt for the Essence dignity bead set with 2 others, and then get the bangle to start another collection off, I think that 1 of the Essence beads that I should get should be Patience!
    Thanks so much Sarah for letting us know.

  59. Ellie, I’ve asked two stores here if the Essence charms will be available to choose for our free charm promo in September, and both have said they don’t know. Is that odd? Have you ever picked an Essence charm for your free charm during a charm promo?

    • Hi Lola, from what I have heard, Essence charms should be included in the promo. :) Some stores have not been briefed on the finer details yet, so may not be aware. This is the first free charm promo they have run, so no one has any prior experience with what’s allowed and what’s not. It’ll be interesting to see how it all works out with upgrades and multiple spends etc.

  60. Greetings,
    I was just at my local pandora concept store and they indicated, at least in Canada, that there will be NO upgrades! Your free charm is 75 CDN or less. I hope that helps everyone in their planning for this upcoming event.

  61. Hiya

    Im in the Uk & was told in my local store that there will be s free bracelet promotion end of sept, beginning of Oct.

    Just wondering…
    is it a st bundle?
    how long these promotions run for?
    whether they are available online?
    if i can include vouchers in the compulsory £125 spend?

    Sorry for all the questions…this is my first promo ?

    • Hi! The silver bracelet promo is usually a spend of £125 to get either the silver barrel clasp, silver bangle or silver Essence bracelet for free. They usually run for about three days, not long at all, and UK retailers offer them online as well! I’m not sure about the vouchers, however – it might be worth checking with your local to see if they’ll let you do that.
      Hope that helps! :)

      • Thank u so much for the reply!

        Relieved that it should be offered online as I probably won’t be able to get to the store.

        As it’s called a bracelet bundle does it include a charm…if so will it be a particular charm?

        Kind Regards

        • You’re welcome!
          The bracelet bundle? You’ve lost me a little there. The free bracelet promo is not called the bracelet bundle – it is simply a promotion wherein you spend a certain amount and get a silver bracelet for free. Pandora do offer bracelet bundles, where you can buy a bracelet and charm set for a certain amount off RRP but those are a separate offer. :)

  62. Hi Ellie,

    I read somewhere on this blog you have bought Pandora from Perlen in the past. I have a few questions: Do they sell genuine items? How reliable are they? How long does it take for your order to arrive in the UK? Thank you

    • Hi Hazel! Yes, Perlen are 100% authentic. They’re a Danish retailer who deal with a lot of different brands, including Trollbeads, Redbalifrog and Ohm etc, and they are perfectly legitimate. I have ordered a few times from them, using the free postage option, and found that it takes about a week usually for items to arrive in the UK. :)

  63. Hi! I was wondering if for the free charm promo, the free charm is from a selected group of charms or you can choose any charm under $65?

  64. I was able to choose the charms that I wanted $65 worth but I guess as those get sold out one will have to choose from lower prices; as with the leather promo I went on the last day and they were out of the $65 ones and offered the $45 to me but I got 2 so I was happy as well … I am just wondering since is my first time with pandora and its promotions how crazy it will get on that day!

  65. Singapore started the free bracelet promotions from today till Sunday. But it’s just the bangle and the heart clasp bracelet. But the spending is SGD250 for 1 bracelet.

  66. I lived in New Zealand where there is very limited Pandora concept store. The free bangle promo December wad it available in the authorised retailer or just the concept store??

    • Usually these promos are available from all authorised retailers! There is now an official estore online for Pandora Australia, so you never know, they might offer the promo too if you’re unable to get to a concept store.

    • Ooh thanks for the heads-up on the bigger discount Hazel. And yes, unfortunately I heard that JJ have lost their contract with Pandora – or at least, have agreed to go their separate ways. They didn’t offer the bracelet promo either :(

        • I have heard this mentioned before, and have checked my own items both from Republic of jewels and argento (another Irish retailer) and have had to actively look for the extra hallmarks… They are very small and don’t detract from the product at all for me!

  67. Promotion at Australia online and in-store (15-25 October):
    Purchase a PANDORA ESSENCE bracelet and choose an
    ESSENCE silver charm valued at $39 as your gift*.

  68. Thanks for this post! I’m currently located in Azerbaijan. I’ve noticed the Pandora concept stores here offer 20% off discount every few months, but don’t seem to have any other promotions (i.e. free bangle/bracelet, rings) after a purchase of a certain amount. I could be wrong though. I’m still quite new to the whole Pandora scene, but seriously addicted now. Teehee. Anyway I would appreciate it so much if you could include Azerbaijan or Switzerland promo updates on the blog as well, if that’s information you could have access to. :)

    • Oh well that’s still a good offer! We very rarely get promos of any kind here in the UK. :) I don’t have any particular inside line on those territories but I will keep an eye out for them. It’s always helpful if you see an offer to send me an email so I can update the post for other people too. :) This post is something of a collaborative effort haha. Welcome to the rather addictive world of Pandora too! ^^

  69. Hi again! :) Do you think the free bangle promo in Australia allows several free bangles if I purchase 1 items worth 500 aud? or just 1 free bangle :D

    • Hello! ^^ Usually it is one bangle per transaction, so I would have thought you’d only be entitled to one if you’re spending on a single item worth 500 AUD unfortunately.

    • Last free charm promotion in Toronto, one Pandora shop was so busy that they give free charm for every $125 spending. Pandora concept store is a franchase business in Canada, they all want customers business. You can check with different store to see their policy. I was very lucky to get a real free charm even I returned one of my transaction. Manage said Pandora gave this free charm, they don’t need it back.

    • I just saw the promotions from pandora orchard park.. Spend 150 get a free limited edition silver bangle… Spend 550 get the two tone one! :) do you think it’ll apply to Australia as well for dec 10-20 :)

  70. Sorry, I know it’s off topic, but is anybody else having problems with the Perlen website? I can’t see any items. Login does not seem to be available either. :(

  71. There is a free bangle promotion in Australia on 10th Dec-10th Dec.Does the shop allow customers multiple transactions per person?If I buy over $300 AUS, can I get TWO bangles for free? Or everyone only buys once a day?

    • It depends on the shop, tbh. Officially the answer is usually one per customer per transaction. But individual stores might be willing to bend the rules. It’s probably worth checking with the shop you want to buy from!

  72. Do you think that the Australia promo will be offered at the online e-store? I am thinking about asking my friend to help me buy.

  73. I have paid for some order in online store since yesterday. However, I have not received the confirmation email. I don’t know whether I have bought them successfully. Are there any similar situation as same as me?

  74. me too Rach! i ordered 2 sets and email came for only 1! i called my bank, they told me the amount is reflected so i wrote to Pandora online! no reply yet! But the 1set that went through, i got the email on tracking! I also tried to get some from stores but they charge shipping! range from $13.50 to $15! i am trying to avoid to pay shipping :)

    • Yes!Exactly!They still have not replied my email. I think too many online order so they cannot handle all the order. It’s quite disappointing!

  75. Rach, if you have any reply, keep me posted. meanwhile is there any other stores that takes order over email or phone and does shipping? I hope not too expensive as i need to pay for each order :( sigh

  76. Ros,I still have not received their reply. If you buy more than$120aus, it can deliever to your home . You don’t need to pay the shipping fee.

    • Yes Rach only pandora online provide complimentary shipping but it’s only 1 free bangle per customer! Rach they replied! pandora online cancelled my 2nd order!

        • no issues Mora Pandora, luckily the online informed us so we can still get to other stores to order them. Would anyone have a pic of Australia Limited Edition Bow Bangle pouch is like? I gathered Oz only give out pouch but in usa its LE bow Bangle box! ouch! why the difference.

          Rach, if you need details of the other branches you can get them but with shipping fees, do let me know

  77. Do you mean the little bag for the bangle? I have the pictures but don’t know how to show it on this website! Also.the bangle is out of stock in the AUS online store.?

  78. HI Ellie,
    We are having a boxing sale here in Australia. Quite a few charms this year including the ladybird, peace dove and safari which I think are fairly new releases to be retired.
    This year they are listing the sale prices on the website which is most helpful as they dont usually do this.

    • Hi Lozzie! Yes, I had a look myself – I was thinking that it might lend some clues as to what will be in the UK sales, haha. I was also surprised by how many new releases made it into the sale, especially the cute little ladybird and the mother’s rose! There are some good deals to be had. Are you getting anything?

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