You might be thinking, ‘What? Pandora on YouTube?’, but hold on – it’s surprisingly entertaining! It’s a great way to see charms in the flesh without having to go to a store, and it’s also fun just to hear people talk about their bracelets and why they love them.

There isn’t exactly a plethora of Pandora YouTube videos out there, but, out of what there is, there are some very entertaining and informative ones. Many YouTubers offer informative videos on issues such as care or sizing, while others simply go for fun overviews of their collections.

Here’s a run down of some of the best Pandora-loving channels on YouTube.


Although she hasn’t updated her channel in some time, this YouTuber offered a range of informative Pandora videos. As an employee at Pandora, she has a lot of useful tips and tricks, including things that I hadn’t known previously – for example, how important the distribution of your charms on your bracelet is. Her videos are clear and crisp, offering a great showcase of the many charms she owns.


Her videos are excellent quality, and well-produced. Clearly enthusiastic about Pandora, Bettina shows off her own collection and also offers advice on issues such as sizing your bracelet correctly.

Whatever U Want Jordana

Probably the most prolific Pandora YouTuber, Jordana used to be a manager at a Pandora store.  She offers not only expert tips on Pandora jewellery, but also some interesting insights as to what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ at Pandora. She has somewhat slowed down with the Pandora videos over the last couple of months, but she has stacked up quite a catalogue of videos to watch. Her videos include innovative ideas on how to wear the Pandora leather bracelets, ‘how to’s on caring for your jewellery and designing your bracelets, and just shots of her own beautiful (and amazingly extensive!) collection.

Ask Natela

Natela also has worked for Pandora. Her posts range from collection reviews to suggestions on how to wear your Pandora. Her videos are often inventive – including ideas on how men can wear Pandora – and reveal her genuine enthusiasm for the product that she sells every day.


While Michele only has a handful of Pandora videos, they are cute and charm-filled! A more casual Pandora fan, she never the less has an impressive range of silver, leather and concept bracelets. She also has a much-coveted Christ charm – if only! ;)

There are still a lot of videos beside these out there, but these channels are a great starting point. Look at YouTube’s suggestions once you have watched these to see what else the video community has to offer!

I hope you enjoy my suggestions – do let me know who you’ve watched and enjoyed. :)

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