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We finally have news about the top secret Pandora Essence Collection – and a release date! The collection is slated to debut on the 4th of November, in select markets. It will also be a concept store exclusive for the time being.

The first image of the PANDORA Essence Collection
The first image of the PANDORA Essence Collection

The concept

The new bracelet features a much thinner silver chain, and has the new spherical Pandora clasp instead of the traditional barrel clasp. All the charms are lined inside with silicone, allowing you to fix the charms in place on the chain. Consequently, the traditional Pandora threading system won’t apply to this bracelet.

As far as I am aware, this bracelet concept is also moving away from more traditional types of charms. The beads that come with this bracelet are concentrated on a more subtle symbolism, representing your inner qualities, such as ‘joy, trust, passion, confidence, love, courage, faith and wisdom’. There will be 24 of these beads, in sterling silver. As for pricing, we’ve not had any confirmation yet.

My comment

It’s early days for Pandora Essence, and we haven’t really received enough information regarding it. I’d like to see more pictures of the individual charms. For now, I’m pretty much neutral as to the concept – it could go either way for me. I like the idea of being able to fix charms in place on the chain, but I’m not sure if it’s different enough from their traditional charm bracelet. Seeing how the charms will be priced will also be a big one for me.

However, I have to say, I find Pandora’s marketing rhetoric in general a bit ‘much’ – if I bought an Essence bracelet, I’d not be getting a bead because it represented ‘joy’ or ‘faith’. I don’t need too much focus on my ‘inner values’! However, you might feel differently.

Does this idea appeal to you? Are you excited for Pandora Essence? Let me know!


Since posting this, Pandora have posted something of a sneak peek of the Essence collection on their Facebook page. We don’t see any of the jewellery, but the video does contain some images encapsulating the philosophy behind Pandora’s new line. Moreover, if 100,000 people ‘like’ the new collection on Facebook, they will unveil it on October the 14th. So, if you want to see it, I guess you Facebook fans will have to get busy! ;)

The press release runs as follows:


On 4 November 2013, PANDORA launches the PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION.

PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION is a new charm bracelet concept featuring a slender sterling silver bracelet with an accompanying assortment of charms, hand-finished from precious metals and symbolic stones, each representing an inner value. The PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION taps into current trends for personal expression and emotional connection. The collection is founded on extensive research compiled with the help of thousands of women across the globe. The collection of 24 sterling silver charms features symbolic materials, colours and patterns that represent inner values such as joy, trust, passion, confidence, love, courage, faith and wisdom.

The PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION will be a supplement to PANDORA’s existing collection and employs a new, innovative and patented solution based on a flexible silicone grip inside the sterling silver core of each charm. The silicon core allows the charms to slide on to the bracelet and provides for individual customisation and styling.

“The PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION has been created to add a new dimension to our successful, existing collection of charms and bracelets by focusing on the meanings and values in life,” says Allan Leighton, President and CEO at PANDORA. “We are excited to offer this collection to our existing customers as well as new ones.

The PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION will be launched in Concept stores in select markets around the world on 4 November 2013.

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