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It’s been all a-go for the Pandora Essence collection lately: Pandora have abandoned their previously advertised date of October the 14th and published high quality images of the new collection today on Facebook.

The company had previously stated that 100,000 likes would be required to unveil the images of the new collection. However, I assume the combination of the early reveal by the British press and the failure to gather enough likes on their Facebook page has led Pandora to publish the images early.

All images are courtesy of Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit.

The charms have their respective ‘values’ engraved on the silver core, as demonstrated in these stock images of ‘Faith’ and ‘Passion’. I personally think this is quite a nice touch – although, I could imagine some people who like a bead being put off by it having a value that they don’t particularly believe in.



Pandora’s campaign video also revealed some live shots of the bracelets being worn, and how the charms (which are silicone lined to fix them in place on the chain) sit on the bracelet chain. We can also see the bracelet itself in more detail; it appears to be very similar in design to the existing Pandora snake chain bracelet.


campaign 3campaign2

Pandora’s campaign images also feature a little explanation of the ethos behind each charm. Click on the images to enlarge them and to cycle through them.

Pandora Essence is scheduled to debut on November 4th, and will be a concept store exclusive until January 2014. How do you feel about the Essence concept? Is it a must-have, or are you still on the fence?

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