I mentioned in my review of the new Fizzle/Effervescence muranos that the UK had yet to receive the Pink Fizzle. We now know the reason why; it was being held back for the UK’s October promotion for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

From the 17th October, Pandora will be offering the Pink Fizzle murano bundled with the single pink leather bracelet. The bundle was originally supposed to debut on the 1st of October, in time for the campaign, but issues with quantities have meant that its release has been delayed.

Breakthrough for Breast Cancer

The set will retail for £59 (RRP £75), with 20% of proceeds donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer (donation capped at £100,000). The bracelet is £40 on its own, while the murano would be £35, so this set does offer a £16 discount as well as being for a good cause!

For those who would like to own the murano, but do not wish to purchase the bracelet, I would expect that this murano would go on sale normally after the promotion has ended.

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