It may be some time after the fact, but I’ve only just managed to get my hands on this particularly elusive charm. The I Love To Travel charm is Pandora’s first airline exclusive charm, and is only available as an on-board purchase. Read on for details on obtaining the charm, live shots and how I’ve styled it on my bracelet! :D

The Packaging

On-board purchases come in a different gift box to those bought in regular stores.

Pandora Airplane Gift Box

They have a clear plastic window on the front of them – presumably so that the airline staff know what they’re selling! ;)

The Charm

The charm is based on the existing Suitcase charm, which I have always very much liked:

pandora suitcase

However, I’m glad that I’ve never quite got around to purchasing it, as this LE version is just as cute. On one side is written ‘I Love To Travel’, with a deep red enamel heart and, on the other side, five continents are listed.

pandora airline exclusive charm

It lacks the more oxidised detail of the original suitcase, and is a lot more shiny. The travel charm is stamped with ‘S925 ALE’ on the bottom of it, as you can just about see in the second picture.

The red heart is also darker than the stock image suggests: it’s more wine-coloured. I prefer this, as it makes the charm look more sophisticated.


I don’t have a dedicated travel bracelet, so I’ve tried it on a couple of my bracelets. The charm is very versatile, in that its little red heart is a subtle use of colour, and it doesn’t clash with any colour scheme.

However, I think I’m keeping it on my original bracelet for now.

Pandora bracelet

I also very much like the styling in the original press release, where the charm looks very cute styled alongside the new purple and white Effervescence/Fizzle muranos:

pandora travel charm

Obtaining the Charm

The I Love To Travel charm always comes packaged with another charm: this can be the Airplane, the Passport dangle, the Canadian Maple Leaf, or a three charm set containing the Cow and the Camera. The set that I obtained came with the Pandora plane charm. You can only (officially) obtain this charm by purchasing it as an on-board purchase with an airline.

However, I did not obtain it by virtue of actually jetting off somewhere exotic. Instead, I was helped out and sent one by someone who could get one for me. In any case, I’m absolutely terrified of flying, so this method suits me better! ;) (This also means that I most certainly won’t be keeping the airplane charm!)

This ‘someone’ was a very kind lady in Germany, who discovered that TUI Fly are shipping the charm to people’s homes in Germany. If you live in Germany, you can go to their online shop and order it to your home from there. Unfortunately, they don’t ship outside of Germany, so international readers will have to find a German friend to help them out. If not, a list of airlines that are selling this charm is available in my original post on the charm.


This is a very cute limited edition charm, and worth obtaining in its own right. It’s the perfect charm for the travel enthusiast, and complements the rest of Pandora’s travel range very nicely.

Have you managed to get hold of the I Love To Travel charm? Or is it on your wishlist? Let me know!

19 Comments on Pandora I Love To Travel Airline Charm Live Shots and Review

  1. I just got one set from Thai Airways. The set comes with an elephant charm. I really love it.

  2. I am going to Cuba this Friday and have pre-ordered the I love to Travel set. With Air Transat you receive the I love to Travel suitcase, the airplane and the passport. My receipt also mentions a gift with purchase….a bracelet??? we will see :-)

  3. Dear, I love the suitcase charm very much, please let me know which airline sell it? I am in HongKong, thankyou.

    • Hi Anita! You can see the original list of airlines that carry the charm in this post here:
      However it may be available at more now. It’s worth checking with your airline if you’re flying! :)

    • I lee to the USA with British airways in July and pre-ordered the airplane and suitcase set for delivery onboard. It was £49.50 for the two, hope this helps

    • Hi Sierra! As Shelly says, the set is still available for purchase with certain airlines. :) £50-£60 is around the price I see for the I Love to Travel charm plus one other silver charm. Some airlines package it with two other charms, which pushes the price up a little!

  4. I really want to get this “I love to travel” charm! Is there anyway to order it to Canada without taking a trip somewhere?


    • I’m not aware of anywhere that will ship it to Canada unfortunately :( it’s quite hard to get hold of if you’re not actually flying. You could try the Pandora Facebook selling pages, there might be ladies who can get hold of one and post it to you. That is how I got mine :)

  5. I really really want to get this charm, is it still available? Is it must to pre-ordered before we flying or we just asking to stewardess?


    • Hi, I think some airlines still carry it – but perhaps not all of them. The procedure for buying it varies by airline as well. Some airlines allow you to pre-order it via their website, others don’t have that option. You’ll have to check with the airline you’re flying with :)


  6. Help, what should be the markings in Pandora Suitcase Charm? I have one with markings: S925 ALE. I got it from someone else. Is it fake?

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