I know that the grass is always greener on the other side, but I’ll say it: the US get some nice promotions. Several US retailers (Rottermond and Kings Jewelry) have updated their websites with details of the gift sets that will be offered to promote Mother’s Day 2014, and there’s a selection here to tempt established Pandora collectors and those who are looking to buy their loved ones a gift. The gift sets will be available with porcelain boxes; however, I do not currently have details of what that box will look like. The limited edition Vintage Heart and Pavé Heart Bangle will each be getting their own set and box.

Note to international readers – retailers cannot ship outside of their region, so you will not be able to order these sets from the US. You’ll have to find a friend in the US who can help  you out!

These gift sets will be available from April 11th to May 11th. 

pandora mother's day 2014

Vintage Heart

The limited edition Vintage Heart charm will be available for $85 in a porcelain charm box:

pandora spring 2014

porcelain charm box vintage heartt

Pavé Heart Bangle

The limited edition Circle of Love bangle (pavé heart bangle) will be available for $75 in a porcelain box:

pandora pave heart bangle

porcelain box pandora gift set

Forever in my Heart Bracelet Gift Set

The Forever in my Heart bracelet gift set will be available for $200 in a porcelain box, representing a saving of $50. This will include two of the clear Cosmic clips, the Mother’s Heart charm and the barrel clasp Pandora silver bracelet.

pandora mother's day 2014

porcelain box pandora gift set

Iconic Bracelet Gift Set

Finally, there will be a two tone Iconic bracelet gift set for $400, representing a saving of $50. This will include the two tone barrel clasp bracelet, two Sunburst clips and a charm of your choice up to the value of $35. This doesn’t come with a limited edition box.

pandora mother's day 2014


My Comment

For US fans looking to acquire the LE Vintage Heart charm or LE Pavé Heart Bangle, I imagine these sets are looking very tempting indeed! As for other regions, I do not have any information as to whether they will also be receiving special boxes to accompany these limited edition pieces. I would expect that regions such as the UK will not; we didn’t with the LE Bear My Heart charm released in the UK, and it does seem to be a nice bonus that is limited to the US market.

Unfortunately, for those who have been asking, I don’t know of any upcoming promotions for the UK, aside from the Pavé Heart Bangle gift set.

Are you excited for these sets? Will you be purchasing any of the limited edition pieces? Let me know!

7 Comments on Promotion Alert: Pandora Mother’s Day 2014 Gift Sets for the US

  1. I would LOVE to have the vintage heart charm with th porcelain box. The bangle is another must! I love to buy LE pieces. I also love the special boxes❤️

    • Those are both on my wish list – I love the LE pieces and special boxes too! Unfortunately we don’t get so many special boxes in the UK, so I’m always really jealous of the ones available in the US – my only special one is the one that came with the 2013 BF charm. ♥

  2. I really want the Vintage Heart charm to go with my two tone bracelet! It’s not very often Pandora releases two tone charms so when they do I have to have them! ♥♥♥

    • Me too! I love the two tone charms as well – I’m currently working on a vaguely fairy-tale themed two tone bracelet, which the Vintage Heart would be perfect for. There are much fewer two tone charms so far this year compared to last year :(

  3. I would also like to thank you because even though you are in the UK you still keep us updated about What’s New with Pandora in the U.S. and also the special offers and promotions. Thank you! We Pandora fans really appreciate it! :-)

    • No problem! ♥ I’m always pretty interested in what’s going on in other regions, so it’s essentially a labour of love for me anyway ;) Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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