Today’s post brings a little update on the process of obtaining the much-awaited limited edition Pandora Club charm, an exclusive charm which will only be available to Pandora Club members. Pandora Club members have been told that they will receive an e-mail with a voucher, allowing them to redeem the charm from a Pandora concept store. I’ve had a couple of queries regarding when Pandora club members can expect the vouchers to be sent out, and yesterday a number of Pandora retailers updated their Facebook pages with some more details. For more on the Club charm itself, see my post here for all the details, including pricing!

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Several Pandora retailers have updated their Facebook pages with some more details regarding the process of getting the Club charm:

In early March, PANDORA Club members will receive an email with a link to the PANDORA website. To purchase this limited edition charm a member will click on the link in the email, log-in to PANDORA Club & print a voucher and bring it in our store.

As the charm itself makes its official debut on the 13th of March, this suggests that we will receive the voucher before the day the charm is available to purchase, although it still doesn’t mention a specific date. Pandora retailers have also suggested that the charm will be strictly one per club member – so no multiples of this one!


My Comment

I’m very excited to see this charm in person; I love the idea of a special charm for Club collectors. The fact that the date is inscribed on the lid does make me wonder if they will come out with more LE club releases in the future – perhaps depending on how well this one does.

The Pandora Club charm is due to debut on the 13th of March, the same date for the release of the Spring 2014 collection – my bank account is already crying! ;) Especially as we have the Mother’s Day collection coming out tomorrow in the UK!

What are you going to be most excited for on the 13th – this or the Spring collection? I know that I’m going to have to some serious prioritizing to do. Let me know! ;)

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  1. I’ve been waiting for this ever since I saw it! I think it’s such a neat idea, makes us clubbers (well me anyways) feel special I don’t care what I have to do get this, I am totally getting it! Can’t wait!!

    • I think it’s a great idea – it certainly is a nice little reward for all the dedicated Pandora collectors. They’re also hinting that this could be the first of many; this might become a regular special release for us Club members in the future. :D

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