While we’ve known about the debut of the Pandora Spring 2014 collection for what seems like a long time now, what slipped under the radar was the March release of the new Pandora Essence fabric cord bracelets! These fabric cord bracelets are the new ‘affordable’ offering from Pandora, presumably with the aim of providing a more affordable entry point to the Essence collection.

I previously reported on seeing promotional cards for these fabric bracelets at my store (unofficially) at the end of February, leading me to wonder if they were going to be released with the Spring 2014 collection – this supposition seems to have been proven correct!

pandora essence fabric

The Bracelets

The bracelets are available in both grey and black, and will come in both single and double wrap.

The single leather bracelets are priced at £25, while the double leather bracelets are priced at £30.


pandora essence fabric cord single grey

pandora essence grey double wrap fabric


pandora essence fabric cord black single

pandora essence fabric cord black double

My Comment

I was initially somewhat sceptical of these fabric offerings, and still remain slightly so – while they are cheaper than the silver Essence bracelet, it still seems quite a lot of money to hand over for a very thin fabric cord. Despite being a big fan of Pandora (obviously! :P), I have yet to purchase an Essence bracelet, so I suppose I remain part of the camp that these new bracelets are primarily aimed at. Does it make me want to buy it when I didn’t before? Well, possibly.

I do quite like the grey versions of the bracelet, and spending £25 is significantly less of a challenge than spending £49! So, I’m still not ruling it out entirely. ;)

Do you like these fabric cord bracelets? Will you be buying one?

19 Comments on Pandora Essence Fabric Bracelets debut with the Spring 2014 collection

  1. No I don’t ;( it too thin to be fabric! It’s too easy to break while caught in some sharp or hard objects. I have the silver one from essence collections and love it very much

    • It is pretty thin, but I’d hope it wouldn’t break. :) I saw them today in store and I thought the grey was especially pretty, but not as pretty as the silver bracelet. Glad you love yours!

  2. I like the look of the grey, do the charms move around on the cord or are they able to stay in place like the bracelet?

  3. Argento have the cords on sale! My pandora store said they won’t be released until April and were very coy about talking about them. So was surprised to see them on argento already!

    • That’s weird – the Pandora fabric cords were already released with the Spring collection on the 13th! :S I’ve already seen them in my store and had a look at them.
      It’s the zodiac Essence charms that won’t be released until April – maybe your store is just a bit confused haha! Are you going to be buying a fabric bracelet?

      • Whaaaaaat?! Seriously, when I asked about it, it was like a top secret! She said oh no not until summer, then after checking she said April 10th when the other charms are released. I couldn’t see them on the pandora website either.

        I do like the grey double wrap, and quite like love and loyalty charms. I also like the single cord bracelet, but if I wear it against my moments bracelet I fear it will look a bit lost as they are so much smaller, and my moments bracelet is very full!

        I also have my eye on starting a bangle, quite fancy doing a black and white theme.

        So as you can see, totally undecided!!! Think I need to see the essence cords in person, but my nearest store is 45 minutes away and not somewhere I visit often so not sure when that will be.

        • Hmm, that’s very strange! I know that they’re not up Pandora.net yet, but they’re available on the official e-Store and from most online retailers. You should show your store next time you’re in there!
          As for the bracelets themselves, I thought the grey one was especially pretty when I saw it in person. However, they are very very thin and you’re possibly right – they might get a bit lost if stacked against a full Moments bracelet.
          Haha, it’ll be fun when you do get to go and decide what to get! You’ll have to let us know what you go for. :)

  4. I also want a 5 station clip bracelet! Haha! I want it ALLLL!!!!
    I feel I am bombarding your posts… Sorry! Think I have a slight issue – that being an obsession with Pandora.

    • Aha you’re totally not at all! Getting comments is one of the best things about running the blog, so please keep them coming. ;) We’re all obsessed with Pandora here!

  5. Hi, I just bought my first Pandora Essence bracelets, the silver one and the double grey one and combined the silver one with ‘wisdom’, ‘balance’ and ‘positivity’ (all grey or shinny). And I am loving them, they look great together. I just feel that I should have bought a larger version of the grey one, but may be I will by a second bigger one and combine it into a ‘double-double’ bracelet :-).

    • Hi! That sounds lovely – I prefer the grey fabric Essence bracelet myself, and I’m constantly tempted to go in and pick one up. <3 Do those beads have particular meaning for you? I also think the leather bracelets look great when you clip multiple ones together – I bet it would look good with the Essence cords too!

  6. has anyone had issues with the grey cord bracelet showing dirt? I like the look of the cords and like the price for a try out of an essence bead this summer to go with my bangle. I like the stability bead for its meaning and look, and also courage.

    • Hi Amy, I’ve not heard of any problems like that with the fabric bracelets. I think they’d be perfect for summer with their more casual look, especially stacked with the bangle!

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