Today is an exciting one for Pandora collectors, as the anticipated Pandora Spring 2014 collection makes its global debut today! The collection is known as Spring Paradise, or Spring Takes Flight in the US. Stock has been trickling into stores for the last week in many regions, and I’ve already seen some gorgeous photos from ladies who have been lucky enough to get the new Spring charms already. Some new fabric cord bracelets are also being released in the Pandora Essence collection – see this post for more details!

Today also marks the official debut of the Pandora Club charm, although it was released last Thursday in many regions. To see reviews and ordering details, check the Pandora Club charm tag.

To celebrate the new collection’s release, I’m looking at my top five favourite charms for Spring 2014, and showcasing some beautiful campaign and live shots of the collection! For a full overview of all the charms coming out today, see my Spring collection overview here.

pandora spring banner

Campaign Images

Pandora have chosen a delicate purple pastel shade to market their Spring 2014 collection, reflecting the fashionable status of purple following Pantone declaring it their colour of the year. Butterflies, lace designs and floral motifs are also prominent in the collection; perfect for spring!

Click on any image to enlarge it and cycle through the gallery!

The Charms

These shots of the charms in their trays from various Pandora retailers give you a good idea of what many of the charms look like – I personally can’t wait to see them in person myself!

Image by boxtijewellery
Image by boxtijewellery
Image by pandoraharborplace
Image by gullsmedrasmussen

Top Five Spring 2014 Charms

To celebrate the new release, I’m running through my favourites from the Spring 2014 release!

1. Darling Daisy clip

pandora darling daisy

Although the design is extremely similar in concept to last year’s Cherry Blossom clip, this year’s take on it is pretty enough, IMO, to warrant a top five spot. It’s great for me too, as I’ve been considering starting a white-themed bracelet for some time!

2. Butterfly Kisses muranos

pandora butterfly kisses

These represent, for me, the prettiest of Pandora’s various takes on the butterfly for this year – both colours included! I’m definitely after at least one of these for my collection, but the question is – which one? They’re both so beautiful!

3. Artist’s Palette

pandora artist's palette

The Artist’s Palette was one of the charms that got everyone talking when it was first revealed. With its adorable coloured stones, it’s the perfect execution of a long-requested charm for artists. It’s just such a shame that I can’t draw a thing (you should see my attempt at a horse), and know no one special who does – I have no real reason to get this one. :( ;)

4. Bicycle

pandora bicycle

I love the vintage feel of this pretty bicycle charm!

5. Home, Sweet Home

pandora home sweet home

While I very much like the original house charm, the level of detail on this charm is just lovely. The little bird and the sweet little flowers remind me of the kind of houses you’d drawn when you were little. My only complaint is the high price point here in the UK – £35!

I do have other favourites, including the new Field of Daisies murano and the Floral Brilliance – they are both beautiful pieces, and are sure to add an elegance to any bracelet design. However, I’ve picked the more charm-y charms, simply because I’m always glad to see completely new and original designs.

Speaking of which, if I were to make a criticism of this collection, it would be that many of the charms remain very seasonal in theme; a themed collection is great and it’s much preferable to have an overall theme or tone to give coherence to a collection. Having said that, basing that theme primarily on the seasons inevitably becomes predictable. Moreover, I think there’s a strong case to be heard that there are already many floral charms available in Pandora’s collections – obviously they sell, but why not change it up a bit, too?

My Comment

I’ll certainly be down to my store later on today to have a look at all the new charms! I’m very excited, after all this wait; spring releases are always my favourite, so this is probably going to be my most anticipated Pandora release of the year.

Are you going to be buying any new Pandora Spring charms? Which are your favourites?

5 Comments on Pandora Spring 2014 collection hits the stores!

  1. I love this collection! Really want the butterfly murano, I also like the yellow daisy murano, it’s lovely. I also have my eye on the hear clips that came out recently, think they would be nice on a bangle!
    I see you posted the essence cords on Pinterest, any idea of release date or price?! Thanks

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