Today’s the day, Pandora fans – the bi-annual free bracelet promotion for the US and Canada starts today! Making the spend shouldn’t be too hard, as the beautiful Spring 2014 collection debuted only last Thursday; I know that I certainly could. ;)pandora spring 2014

The Promotion

The promotion will run from March 20th to March 23rd – unless your store is shut on a Sunday, in which case the promotion may run until the 24th. The rules are pretty simple: spend $100 ($125 CAD) in a single transaction and receive either a free silver barrel clasp bracelet or bangle, worth $65. Spend $500 ($550 CAD) and receive a two tone barrel clasp bracelet, worth $325.

For any kind of substitutions, such as for the oxidised bracelet, you will have to ask your store to see if they will allow it. Some stores only allow one free bracelet per customer, some are more flexible; it all comes down to your store, really.

Unfortunately for international readers, stores in the US and Canada are not allowed to ship products abroad. If you want to take advantage of this promotion, you’ll have to find a US friend to help.

My Comment

Of course, I am extremely jealous of this promotion, as ever. In the UK, we will be getting a free bracelet promotion of our own in July; however, the spend will be £125, which is significantly steeper. Ah well, it’s probably a good thing, as I still have two unfinished bracelets as it is. ;) I really don’t need any more (but when is it ever about needing more? :P).

Are you going to be taking part? What will you be buying to make up your $100 (or maybe even $500!) spend? :D

11 Comments on Free bracelet GWP promotion in the US & Canada starts today!

  1. I’m pretty excited about this as I just got my first Pandora bracelet for my birthday in December. It’s a leather double wrap, so with just five charms it just wasn’t sitting right, so I’m really excited to transfer them (and add to) a regular bracelet.
    I ‘pre-shopped’ and got the lavender and multi-colour Paves last night plus the twinkle clip for the end.

  2. Hi, I just noticed on your promo info you have changed the dates for the free silver barrel clasp promo for the uk. Charms addict and endangered trolls still have the dates 3-6 July for the free silver bracelet. Im very confused! x

    • Hi Tracy! I’ve changed the dates, as I’m pretty sure that the silver bracelet promo for the UK has been pushed back to October, so as not to coincide with the end of the UK summer sale. I’ve been told that we’re getting a leather bracelet promo at the end of the month instead. :) I’ll let you know if I hear of any further changes to the schedule! x

  3. Hi Ellie,

    Greetings from Pandora newbie. Hehe.
    Is this free bangle promotions only happens once a year in each country? And what will be the black friday deals/sale?


    • Hi Ida, the free bracelet/bangle promo used to happen twice a year in North America. Pandora have stated that they are going to change it up from now on, however! As for other countries, it varies. :)
      If you head over to my recent Pandora news round-up for November, you will see a list of black friday promos :)

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