With the arrival of the US bracelet promo tomorrow, I thought it would be appropriate to post a little shopping inspiration with a review of one of the new pieces from the Pandora Spring 2014 collection! The blue Butterfly Kisses murano is so far my only Spring 2014 purchase, and represents one of my favourite pieces from the new collection.

Introduction – choosing the right colour

The Butterfly Kisses muranos come in two colours, blue and pink: pandora butterfly kisses After seeing them both in person, the blue seemed the more striking to me. The pink version was very beautiful too, but it was softer and less vibrant.

I’ve never created a blue-themed Pandora bracelet, primarily as I don’t want to build a bracelet based on aquatic themes. This blue murano, with its purple tones and spring theme, seemed to be the perfect place to start; it features beautiful blue hues without being at all nautical!

It looks particularly gorgeous in the sunshine, as you can see in this live shot from my personal Instagram. :)

Image by Mora Pandora - please do not reproduce without credit
Image by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

The Charm

This charm has a lot of variation as, like every Pandora murano, it is hand-painted; this shows especially in this murano, as the butterflies can be very different in shape and size. I’d advise picking out your charms in person when you’re looking to buy any murano, but even more so with this one. I picked out one of the more regular ones!

pandora spring 2014
Image by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

The charm consists of clear glass laid over a pale blue core, with the butterfly detailing painted on top of the glass. The butterfly itself is a dark purple shade, with blue and white accents. The murano also features the new, smaller Pandora murano core.

pandora spring 2014
Image by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit


When it came to styling the murano with my other charms, I had to think a little harder, as I don’t have really have any other blue charms. Instead, I’ve paired with the charm with some pretty pastels and some darker purple shades. In the end, I found that these combinations really helped give more texture to the bracelet, and brought out the more subtle purple in the wings of the butterflies themselves.


I picked out some muranos that were a slightly bluer purple: the purple Fascinating murano and the purple Flowers For You murano. These, I thought, complemented the mixture of blue and purple in the Butterfly Kisses murano itself. I also included a little hint of white with mother of pearl and white agate charms, which look great against the darker purples.

pandora spring 2014
Image by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

Circle of Love Bangle

Surprisingly, I also really loved the murano with the new Circle of Love limited edition bangle. The soft lilac tones contrasted nicely with the baby blue of the butterfly.

pandora spring 2014
Image by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit
pandora spring 2014
Image by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit


Pandora have placed a lot of emphasis on pastel colours in their marketing for the Spring 2014 collection and, consequently, I’ve put this charm also with my two favourite muranos – the pink and white Looking Glass muranos.

Image by Mora Pandora - please do not reproduce without credit
Image by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

I particularly like the combination of the Butterfly Kisses and the white Looking Glass murano; the Butterfly looks great with other white pieces, especially the new Darling Daisy clip from the new Spring collection.


This charm was my favourite from the new Spring 2014 collection and, if I don’t manage to get any others, I’d be content with this one. It may not be particularly original in design, but it’s wonderfully executed. I loved butterfly jewellery when I was a teenager, and it’s a nice throwback to that too! I will reiterate, however, that I think it’s important to pick out this murano in person, as it varies so much. 

The Butterfly Kisses muranos are £30 in the UK and $35 in the US. To see other charms from the Spring 2014 collection, see here!

What do you think of the new butterfly range from Pandora? What was your first Spring 2014 buy?

11 Comments on Review: Pandora Butterfly Kisses Murano from Spring 2014

  1. I love this charm, was originally going to order a pink one online but from what you have said I need to take a trip to the store and choose one, and possibly the blue now! It will sit with my other purple charms – one of which is actually the pink looking glass charm but loved it so had to have it. I have quite a varied range of purple on the bracelet, so not going to know which to go for until I can get to a store :-/
    Havnt bought a charm for a few weeks – getting withdrawal symptoms!! (Payday Friday :-)))

    • Yes, definitely go and choose one in person! Some of the ones I saw were actually quite wonky in shape, so you should look to find one that you like. :) That sounds just gorgeous, too; I’ve seen some lovely shots of the pink butterfly with purple charms!
      As for me, I liked the pink one a lot, but I have a lot of pink charms already, so I decided to do something a bit different and get the blue. I think that I’m going to put it with a couple of white muranos ultimately…
      Aha, I know that feeling! Enjoy your pay day ;)

  2. Hi!
    I purchased the blue butterfly murano today! Goes really well with my purple charms, it sits next to my angle fish which actually had a blue eye so all ties in well. When I visited the store I was going with the intention to have a major splurge but once I saw them in person I changed my mind… The lavender pavé ball is almost the same colour as the white pavé ball, was gutted as I really wanted it but the colour was so pale. The dangly CZ charms with butterfly’s on them are really lovely but quite big! Was nice to see it all in person though, buying online isn’t the same. Just came out with the murano charm, and 2 spacers ?

    • Hi Sarah! Great choice, the blue butterfly is definitely my favourite of this collection, and it looks really good with purple too. <3
      You're right, the lavender pavé lights is really pale… I think that the pavé lights series is so popular that they just keep on releasing new shades even though there's not a lot of difference between them all! I did like quite a lot of this collection in person, however; the ones that I'd still like to get are the Darling Daisy clip and the Bicycle. Do you think that you'll get any more from Spring?
      I find shopping online a struggle too… for one thing I hate waiting to get my charms once I've bought them! ;) It's why I'm rubbish at waiting for online sales or ordering things from abroad at a discount… going into the shop and seeing them all and getting them up front is just too tempting!

      • Yes I do really like the dangly vintage butterfly, hoping if I drop enough hints I can have it for Mother’s Day ?
        I also like the GB dangly stamp, I like the Union Jack on the back.
        The pink / purple mixed pavé ball is nice and would sit nice on my bracelet, I didn’t like it in the catalogue but when I saw it today I changed my mind!

  3. I also love the pink pavé heart that’s on the bangle and I am hoping they release that on it’s own soon too!!

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