Today brings a fresh piece of information regarding two mystery Pandora charms! When I published my complete preview of the Summer 2014 collection, listed amongst the charms were two that hadn’t been seen previously. They weren’t listed in the US Spring/Summer 2014 catalogue, and so there was some confusion as to what exactly they were intended for.

These charms were the Paris Amour charm, and the Kangaroo & Southern Cross charm, as shown in the image below.

pandora summer 2014 around the world watermarked



I have since discovered them on a French retailer’s site, which lists upcoming releases from Pandora. According to this website, they are scheduled to debut (in France, at least) with the rest of the Summer 2014 charms on the 28th May. This suggests that they will be part of the Summer 2014 release, and I would expect that they would be released then globally.

Furthermore, none of the other destination dangles were listed – this two-tone revamp appears to be exclusively for the Paris dangle!

The fact that they’ve (apparently) not appeared in the US Spring/Summer booklet suggests that they may not be released in the US or, possibly, that they may end up being distributed as exclusive charms.

I haven’t personally seen any catalogue for Spring/Summer 2014, as the UK version is not distributed until later, unfortunately (I don’t know why – it’s annoying how late we get it compared to other regions!). Consequently, I’m unaware if these charms are listed in the catalogues of any other regions. If anyone has more information, please feel free to share!


It looks like these charms will be making their debut with the Summer 2014 collection; although, their exclusion from the US booklet does cast some confusion as to their release there.

Do you like these charms? I personally love the Paris charm, but I won’t be getting it sadly, as I already have the plain silver version! It’s a shame, as the little gold heart makes it extra chic. ;)

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  1. I like the Paris charm too, and the Australia one. I currently done have any charms that represent countries, not even a GB one. I have added the pandora GB stamp to my wish list, I like the engraved Union Jack on the back of it. With regards to the others I think they are ones I would indulge in if I were visiting the country – never been to Paris! But I did spend some time is Australia some time ago, and I do really like that charm, so maybe!

    • I have the original Paris dangle, which I actually bought in Paris – consequently I could never sell it and get this new version, as it has a lot of meaning for me. I also have the London bus with the Union Flag on it, which I adore! The stamp is really cute too – there are a lot of British charms, they must sell well. ;)
      That’s a great reason to get the Australia charm, although it is always nice to get the charms when you’re actually visiting the country ofc. :)

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