Last October, Pandora announced a new range of charms in partnership with MLB, releasing a series of wood beads and engraved dangles. Today sees the release of additional charms in the Major League Baseball series.

pandora mlb 2014

These are engraved versions of the Pandora Baseball charms, which are priced at $75 each. There should also be a charm for the Miami Marlins, but the stock image for that doesn’t seem to be available yet.

pandora major league baseball charms

These will be US exclusives – you should check with your store to see if they’ll be carrying them.

Also available in the MLB range are a series of engraved wood beads and engraved Unforgettable Moments dangles, also representing team logos.

My Comment

I can’t really comment on the appeal of these, seeing as I’m a) British, and b) not all that into the sports that we play over here, let alone in other countries! Wimbledon is about my limit. ;) I do think that the engraved baseballs look prettier than the previous wood beads, however.

Are you a baseball fan? Will you be getting one of these?

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