Today is, in fact, Mothering Sunday here in the UK – so happy Mother’s Day to all who celebrate it today! I don’t have my own kids yet, as I’m in my early twenties, but I certainly adore  my own mother and love Mother’s Day for her sake. However, this does mean that I don’t really have any maternal charms or charm designs to show you!

Consequently, instead, I’m just going to go ahead and introduce a new monthly Pandora haul feature for the blog. This is basically where I’ll share what additions I’ve made to my collection in the past month, and the projects I’m currently working on. It would be great to hear from you guys, too. :)

Since this is a new feature to the blog, I thought I’d just do January, February and March for 2014 as one post!


My first addition for January was the LE Sparkling Snake charm, which was released for the Chinese New Year in 2013. This was my only purchase from the amazing 50 – 70% off Republic of Jewels sale that ran in early January; I managed to get it for £12, which I’m still gobsmacked about tbh!

pandora new to my cz snake mark

As you can see, this limited edition version of the snake charm has cubic zirconia running up his belly. I’ve used him on my fairy tale bracelet for now, as snakes are pretty heavily embedded in mythology and Biblical tales – close enough to fairy tale for me!

The 16th of January is my anniversary with my OH, and he got me the Language of Love charm. That finished off my pink and white romantic bracelet:

romantic pandora bracelet
Image by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

This was actually my first Pandora puffy heart charm – I can’t quite understand how I haven’t bought one before, as there are so many of them. ;)


I got the Raindrops safety chain. This finished off my oxidised bracelet, which you can see in this bracelet showcase here! This means that I now have all the screw-on safety chains (except for the 14 carat gold one, ofc!). I would really love to see some more designs released from Pandora, as I’m not too keen on the clip-on safety chains.

pandora oxidised
Image by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

On a complete whim, I bought myself the Camel charm, from Autumn 2013. I’ve always really liked this one because of how incredibly detailed it is – I’ve put together a collage showcasing all the various aspects of the charm. It reminds me of a holiday I went on in India years ago, where we rode camels in the desert! He has a very sweet little face, don’t you think? Camels are also known for being stubborn creatures – much like myself…

Image by Mora Pandora - please do not reproduce without credit
Image by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

The Love Note (or Love Letter, as it is known in other territories) was my OH’s pick from the new Valentine’s Day 2014 collection for me.

pandora valentine's 2014
Image by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

Finally, and possibly most exciting of all, was the Circle of Love LE Bangle. This was released early in the UK, but won’t be available in other territories until the 10th of April. This is probably my favourite acquisition of the year – I’ve worn it practically every day since my OH bought it for me. The colour of the stones is just beautiful, and it’s so light in comparison to my traditional Pandora bracelets. You can read a full review of the piece here!

pandora new to my bangle mark


March was a very good month for me, with all the exciting new releases about. However, I think I was (relatively!) restrained in my purchases. I bought myself the Club charm and the pretty new Butterfly Kisses murano. I was also given the new Darling Daisy clip, but I’d already done all the photography for this haul, so it won’t be featured in this month’s post – you can see my review of it here.

pandora new to my butterfly mark

I don’t quite know what I’m going to be doing with this latest bracelet project, as you can probably tell! I think it’s probably going to end up as a blue and white all-silver bracelet, with no particular theme. We’ll see!


I’ve done pretty well so far this year, with two bracelets finished! My fairy tale bracelet has been a little neglected, as I’ve been adding most of my new purchases to my new blue-themed bracelet. I’m looking to add the Vintage Heart from the Mother’s Day 2014 collection to it, when funds permit!

What have you added to your collection this year? Are you hunting any retired pieces? Do you have a bracelet that you’re working on? Let me know!

7 Comments on Pandora Haul: What’s new to your collection this month?

  1. Love your bracelets; the designs are so pretty. I got the Club Charm, a butterfly murano, and a daisy murano. I received a free bangle in the US promotion. What color is your OPI nailpolish in the background? Very pretty; I love Pandora’s pink ribbon color.

    • Thank you! It sounds like you got a pretty similar haul to me this month – with the nice addition of a free bangle! ;)
      The OPI nail polish is called (somewhat oddly!) ‘You callin’ me a lyre?’. It’s a pearlescent pink, but you have to apply quite a few layers for it to look the same colour on your nails as it does in the bottle.

  2. So far i have this month ( a very low bank balance lol) the Mothers day set Pink pave with heart bangle which i LOVE, my hubby bought me the Artist Palette which is adorable & the Purple stone Set butterfly, very subtle colours but boy does it sparkle in the light. I have the Vintage Heart en route, i just couldn’t wait its too pretty!!

    I really want the Butterfly Muranos they look so lovely. There is so much i want from the new collections i need to rob a bank!!

    But we are travelling to Vegas in Sep so i might need to slow down & save a bit buying them over there!

    • Aww, lovely choices. The Mother’s Day limited edition pieces are just stunning this year. The Artist’s Palette is so pretty, too, and I think it must be one of the most popular pieces from the collection. I’m still thinking about getting it at some point to represent ‘creativity’, although that is probably a bit tenuous. ;)

      I know, I’m the same. I’ve had to be extremely ruthless and ask myself, ‘What do I actually HAVE to have?’ As a result, the only thing that I’m allowing myself this month is the Vintage Heart. It’s limited edition, and therefore justified haha.

      Wow, how exciting! You should definitely stock up when you’re there – US prices are so much better than ours, it’s criminal. I bought a couple of things when I was on holiday in Antigua last year, and the amount I saved was amazing. I also got the US exclusive Sea Glass murano; you should check out some of the pieces that we can’t get over here. :)

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