Today sees the global release of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2014 collection! I’ll be taking a look at Pandora’s campaign images and some more live shots of the collection to celebrate! <3

I’ll admit, I can be a real girly girl: I love bows, lace and soft pinks, so this collection really appeals. However, I do feel a little bit that Pandora are relying heavily on stock motifs that they know are guaranteed to sell: hearts and flowers. I’d like to see a few more designs off the beaten track, ideally.


For a full overview of the jewellery released today and its pricing, click here for charms and here for accompanying jewellery pieces. The UK already received a lot of the collection back in February – we are receiving the rest of the collection today, but it will be marketed as the second part of the Spring 2014 release.

Campaign Images

The campaign images uploaded to focus on the new rings for Mother’s Day 2014. I’ve noticed that they’ve been pushing the new Mother’s Day rings a lot on social media such as Instagram – rings have lately been taking off with the current vogue for stacking them, and Pandora are capitalising on this with their ‘Year of the Ring’ campaign. I have to say, I see so many girls on my university campus with Pandora rings as well as bracelets. It’s an area in which they seem to be doing well.

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Mother’s Day 2014 Lookbook

The lookbook for Mother’s Day 2014 features all my favourite pieces from the Mother’s Day collection: the Sparkling Bow set, the Vintage Heart charms, the Rose Garden collection and the statement Shimmering Lace set. These are definitely the most fashion-forward items being released for Mother’s Day, and it’s no surprise that the lookbook focuses on them.

The lookbook moves away from the sweet pink pastels of the campaign shots, and instead emphasises the florals of the previous Spring 2014 collection.

pandora mother's day lookbook 2014 sparkling bow pandora mother's day campaign 2014 vintage heart pandora mother's day lookbook 2014 rose garden pandora mother's day lookbook 2014 shimmering lace

Live Shots

I’ll say again that I am loving the Sparkling Bow set from the live images, especially the rings. I think that the silver version of the ring will definitely be a popular choice for the UK ring promo in May! The new 30 and 40 dangles look quite large to me, however – that might prove disappointing to some.

US Mother’s Day Gift Sets

Pandora are offering shoppers in the US a number of enticing gift sets for Mother’s Day, featuring a couple of limited edition pieces and a bracelet starter set. Each box set will come with a limited edition porcelain box, too. These will be available officially from tomorrow, April 11th – you can see this post for more details.


I slightly find that this is a collection where overall I love the general look and feel of it but, when it comes to picking out individual pieces that I’d like to buy, I’m a little thrown. The Vintage Heart and the LE bangle are undoubtedly beautiful pieces and the Sparkling Bow series is also adorable – I think that the ring may have to make its way on to my finger at some point! That, however, is all I think that I want from this collection.

How about you? Is anything from Mother’s Day 2014 going to be making its way into your collection?

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  1. Absolutely in LOVE with the happy anniversary charm and the vintage lace dangle! Decisions, decisions.. must hint to my OH ;)

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