Today I’m reviewing the new Pink Pavé Heart charm from the upcoming Mother’s Day 2014 collection. I already posted my thoughts on the matching limited edition pavé bangle but, with the Mother’s Day 2014 collection debuting in two days, I thought it was worth showcasing the beautiful charm that matches the bangle.

This is my first charm from the Pavé Heart range, which was first released with the Valentine’s Day 2013 collection. Also available are clear, black and red (although in person more of a hot pink) versions of the charm.

pandora pavé heart range

The Charm

Like all of Pandora’s pavé charms, the Pink Pavé heart is an openwork, meaning that it does not thread on to the bracelet.

This charm is supposed to be a light pink, but in person it’s more of a light lilac colour – a very, very pretty lilac colour, but not pink nonetheless. I would also say that the heart shape of this charm is not that clearly defined. It’s quite tall and the curves of the heart at the top are a little vague. I imagine that the pavé settings are hard to shape.

pandora pink pave heart  2nd take mark
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For comparison, I’ve taken a shot of it alongside the original Pink Pavé Lights charm. As you can see, the Pavé Lights is more of a true pink.

pandora pink pave heart comparison 2nd take
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The new pavé heart looks really pretty with other white charms, creating a delicate, soft aesthetic. However, I can be something of a girly girl, and I’ll admit that I often love pink designs. Consequently, I added the delightful Cherry Blossom murano to add a little pop of pink.

pandora pink pave heart blossom 2nd take
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The lilac tones in the Pavé Heart also bring out the purple hues in the Butterfly Kisses murano very nicely.

pandora pink pave heart butterfly 2nd take
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The way I’m wearing it for now, however, is with the matching Circle of Love bangle. The clasp matches the pavé heart exactly in shade. I’m not sure whether I want to add anything else to it – I’m actually really enjoying the lightness of the bangle with only one charm.

pandora pink pave heart bangle 2nd take mark
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This charm is a gorgeous shade, and it makes a nice, subtler complement to the other colours in the Pavé Heart range, which are much more bold in tone. It’s been one of my favourites from the Spring releases in its own right – understandably, however, it has been somewhat overshadowed by the matching Circle of Love bangle.

However, if you’re not a fan of the heart motif, you can also buy a version of the spherical Pavé Lights series in the same pink shade – this was released with the Spring 2014 collection:


The Pink Pavé Heart is currently available in the UK as part of a gift set with the Circle of Love bangle for £99. It will retail in the US for $65.

Are you excited for the upcoming release of the Mother’s Day collection? Will this charm be going on your wish list?

20 Comments on Review: New Pink Pavé Heart from Pandora Mother’s Day 2014

  1. I’ve been waiting for this heart to be released on it’s own, it’s going to sit on the same section of my bracelet as the pink looking glass murano, white heart pavé pendant charm and my purple sparkling forest flower spacer. I am also debating in getting the pink sparkles ball for that section too.

    • Wow, that sounds gorgeous! I love pink and white as a combination, plus the purple spacer will really bring out the purple tones of this charm. :) Which pink pavé ball were you looking at?

      • The pink with purple sparkle bits? I have the purple pavé ball and the valentines pavé ball with pink hearts
        This bracelet was originally purple themed but pink has crept in along the way!

        • Ah, the new one! :) That one would be great for a pink and purple theme.
          I always find that some purple or pink creeps into my bracelets! I just love those colours. I’m going to try and branch out a bit more in any future designs haha.

        • Yes even my silver / 2 tone has a splash of pink. It’s why I would like to try a black and white theme on a bangle, using silver heart clips then muranos like the black cherry blossom / white fizzle / white looking glass / black faceted or even the grey heart.

        • Sounds beautiful, and so elegant. I especially love all the Blossom muranos; they’re so exquisitely-made! I want to make a teal-themed bracelet for summer, if possible – with a couple of teal and white faceted muranos on an oxidised chain. Summery, but with an oxidised twist! Still gutted that I didn’t go for the oxidised chain in the ROJ sale in the end. Grrrr. Will have to find one discounted elsewhere, if possible!

        • Sounds lovely! You’ll be taking advantage of the new summer collection then?

          I am really chuffed with my ROJ purchase! Currently has the British heart foundation charm in memory of my dad and my sons initials, with 2 pandora clips. Problem is that it hangs under my wrist all the time so I have decided to fill it up a bit more, but want to keep with a heart theme. I am thinking of making the new vintage heart charm the centre piece then purchasing another heart foundation charm so they sit on opposite sections. Who knows – love all the hearts!!!

        • Well… I’m thinking about it! I’ve always been tempted by the teal faceted muranos, and the little seahorse from Summer 2014 is growing on me. ^^ Anything for you in the Summer collection?

          Yes, such a good buy. Can’t understand why I didn’t just go for it – this is what comes of trying to be sensible! ;) It is annoying when a new bracelet hangs on your wrist… you always want to build the middle up first, but it does make all the charms fall where no one can see them. :/ It can help if you space out the charms more but then it doesn’t always look as good.

          Pandora is perfect if you love hearts – they have so many of them! ;) I’m also after the Vintage Heart for my fairy-tale bracelet, but I’ve got to recover from my Spring 2014 purchases first! Would make a great centrepiece, though.

        • I’m not sure yet, I quite like the dangly love charm and the intricate lace charm but think I need to see this collection in the flesh as it’s just not grabbing me at the moment.
          Do you know if there are any new clips for summer? I want a 5 clip bracelet and still pondering on what clips I would use, I don’t want to duplicate what I have already. I’m possibly heading toward the butterfly clip and silver daisy clip (not the new daisy one) and alternating them round the bracelet.

        • No, I’m not as keen on the Summer collection – but I never do like summer releases as much. I’m not so much of a fan of all the bright colours! Certain pieces are growing on me, though…
          As far as I’m aware, the only pieces that are being released for Summer 2014 are the ones that I’ve posted – no clips, I’m afraid. It’s a much smaller release for summer, when compared with last year’s.
          Butterflies and daisies are very in for Spring, so you’d definitely be on trend! ;)

  2. I’ve just contacted my nearest store who have told me the pink pavé heart is only available as part of the starter bracelet ?

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