With Mother’s Day approaching for many regions, there are a few promotions and special incentives being offered in various countries by Pandora! This post collates all those that are currently running or that will be shortly. I’ve already covered the US Mother’s Day gift sets, so this post will detail other regions’ promotions. I would also advise readers to check the Promotions for 2014 page, which I update regularly.

Promotions have been listed in date order:


For those in Denmark, the 3 for 2 on rings deal will be ending today – this is your last chance to take advantage of the deal:

denmark 3 for 2 rings


In Portugal, you will receive a limited edition pink charm box when you purchase the LE Vintage Heart charm from the Mother’s Day 2014 collection:

pandora portugal mothers day box

I love all limited edition packaging, so I’m very jealous of this one! I wish that the UK would offer more in the way of fancy boxes. ;)


Pandora Spain is offering a Mother’s Day gift set for €79. The set comes with limited edition gift packaging, and includes the silver barrel clasp Pandora bracelet and the Mothers of the World charm. The set will be available until the 4th of May.

pandora espana dia de la madre 2

I think the most appealing part of this deal for me would be the cute packaging, which features a pretty floral design:

pandora espana dia de la madre

Australia & New Zealand

Australia has perhaps the most exciting promotion for Mother’s Day! Starting from the 24th of April and running until the 11th of May, Pandora are offering the limited edition Circle of Love bangle free with a spend of $150 AUD ($180 AUD). The set will also be accompanied by a limited edition butterfly gift box:

butterfly box promotion

This is an amazingly good deal, and well worth the extra wait to obtain the bangle, IMO.

The UK

Mother’s Day has already passed us by in the UK, so we already know that there were no promotions for Mother’s Day.  However, we have a few staple promotions approaching in the upcoming months: we can expect a 3 for 2 rings promotion in May; a free silver bracelet promotion in July; and the usual leather bracelet promotion, which this year is occurring in October, not September. For more details on spends etc, see the Promotions for 2014 page.

Pandora UK appear to have scaled back their promotions for the UK market, and are instead just sticking to their core bracelet and ring promotions. I’m a little sad to see them go, but I will say that the spends were always disproportionately high for the GWPs they were offering. The only promotion that I ever took part in was back in 2012, where a keyring was offered for a spend of £75.


If you collect Pandora packaging, then there are quite a few to hunt down this month! However, Pandora retailers are not allowed to ship outside of their geographical region – if you live internationally, you’ll have to find a local friend who can help you out.

If you know of any promotions that I’ve missed out, please do let me know.

Will you be taking part in any of these promotions? Are you happy with the promotions that Pandora offer in your area?

16 Comments on Promotions Round-Up: Current and Upcoming Promotions

  1. Will there be any promotions for Ireland? Or are they the same as the UK? We never seem to get any extraordinary deals like Portugal! :O

    • I don’t think Ireland promotions are the same as the UK, as they have separate head offices – I could be wrong, though! I’ve not heard of any promotions for Ireland, but I’ll be sure to update the blog if I do. :)
      No, we don’t either… all I’d really like is a nice box or something special for the limited edition releases, to be honest. I feel like the limited pieces don’t get much fanfare over here, and I love the porcelain boxes that the US got this time, or even the little heart box for Portugal.

  2. Hmmm.. I am still a new Pandorian thus I would prefer the LE Round butterfly gift box than the LE Pink Heart shape gift box. Reason being the butterfly gift box has two tiers. The bottom tier has 12 charm holders around it with a huge charm holder in the middle. The upper tier I can place my bracelet with 2 clip beads ;) I bought the ‘To Mum With Love’ bracelet set consists of a silver bracelet with 2 head over heels clips , and a special edition Mother’s day jewelry box. It’s a good starter set for new Pandorian. Then you may add on any charms you like. Top up to MYR1,200 and get another jewelry box. So that explains why I have gotten 2 boxes! :D

    • Oh wow, I didn’t know that – we’ve not received the butterfly gift box here in the UK so I’ve not seen it. Thanks!
      Yay, enjoy your lovely boxes! ^^ Is that a set exclusive to Malaysia, then? I’ve not seen any advertising for it online. :)
      I don’t actually own a Pandora jewellery box… the spends are always very high to get them over here, so I’ve never bitten the bullet and got one. I should really get around to getting at least one haha. ;)

  3. Apologies. I missed out your question. Not sure whether it’s exclusively for Malaysia or not but the butterfly box is exclusively for Mother’s Day promotion which you may find it on the Unforgettable Moments-Malaysia :D They gave me another box, the heart shape box perhaps they have had leftover boxes from the Valentine’s promotion methinks ;) tee~hee…

    • Ah, thank you – I did look on the Facebook page but I must have missed it! Wish they had released it in the UK too; it looks so pretty in your pictures. :) Lucky you to get both boxes!

      • LOL you are most welcome :)) The Pandora LE Vintage Heart charm is really pretty that I had to use it on the Thomas Sabo karma bracelet if I feel like wearing the karma bracelet during weekdays. When I feel like wearing the Pandora during weekends, I will place it back again :D That said, can’t wait to see your review on this Vintage Heart charm :)) xoxo, Ann :D

        • I can totally understand you wanting to wear it all the time… I’ve got my Vintage Heart on my two tone Pandora bracelet and I haven’t worn any of my other bracelets since I got it on Thursday haha. My review of the Vintage Heart should be up early next week. ^^

  4. Hahaha! Finally you have gotten the Vintage Heart! Yay!! Can’t wait to see your two tone bracelet with it :)) xoxo, Ann

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